Rafale Scam - Is the government hiding something ? - Current affairs 2018


44 thoughts on “Rafale Scam – Is the government hiding something ? – Current affairs 2018”

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  • chore to hue hai..bas fark itna hai jisne paise diye usk hisse me aya maal..agr congrss paisa dete to unk hisse me ata maal..itne bde deal me koi ghotala na ho to ye indian ki bezti hai..uper ki kamai krna hm indian me hai he..

  • Qatar has paid very less amount comparing India, And it was aired in details on Jazeera news channel and all the world it aired only Paid channels in India not aired….

  • vinod subhash says:

    Biggest question is why did Anil Ambani get the deal over HAL. Would have liked if you covered that point in detail

  • You are great sir thank god i got this video now my all confusions and questions are clear. Dhruv Tatti ๐Ÿ’ฉ should watch this video

  • sandeep sharma says:

    Eurofighter is not choosen bcs eurofighter is made by 3 countries england Italy Germany..in future it will be costlier to upgarde and bcs uk is making BRIXT and we forced to buy parts individualy..same like russia and Ukraine after USSR we r in trouble buying gas turbine engine from Ukraine for navy ships and eurofighter is more costlier then Rafael..450 crore is just a joke.which is always done by Congress..


    Technology dusro se kharid kar bol rahe ho secret.. rakhna ……secret vo rakhte hai jinki apni khud ki technology created hoti hai……..unlogical baat kar rahe ho prashant…BJP Supporter lag rahe ho bhai

  • The Dark Clasher says:

    Big amount of Tax compensation for reliance in France after the rafael deal, recently news of French newspaper , this is not a co incidence this is planned scam, and lots of facts still hidden from us

  • Thank you all for all the info about the deal. It took more than an hour to read the comment session. Thanks.

  • Manish Singh says:

    Iam not competing for any exam but i like to watch Prashant Dhawan's videos …they have much information than any news channel or other youtube videos…..

  • What about transfer of technology, it is foremost very important, which must not be cancelled, as it makes india more technologically capable.

  • rajpal kumar says:

    Prashan Dhawan till today 16 may 2019, No Agency, SC or others have not proved about Rafale, no avidence etc, so why u have made this type of Title SCAM on image and Topic Name. if you cant support then pls dont brainwash people with this type of Word SCAM. pls choose topic very carefully,, bcoz MODI IS COMING AGAIN, and you are doing business not charity. finally pls be careful when choose topic. thanks

  • Meenakshi Sharma says:

    Sir Itne Acche se smjaye hai apni kbi nhi bule j best channel hai ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


    Qatar took, Rafael at the higher price bcz it is customised still less than what NDA paying , so now u think what NDA negotiated?? ๐Ÿ˜‘and sir u sounded pro NDA and by the way u know now how Bjp played in suprime court? Stolen paper& HAL will make it costly and Reliance will make it cheap ๐Ÿค” logic kahan?

  • sir mera ek doubt hain qatar and Egypt pehle rafel karidi hain tho rafel ke bare complete patha oga na uske advantages fir india govt ne kyun chupa rakan hain about rafel jet reliance ku kyun dena chahtha hain HAL tho govt ke under atha hain tho france ke madad se hum india mein manufacture kiya tho kya problem, hum bi france jo technology use karke rafel thayar kiya uske bareme hamare indian HAL engineers ko bi patha chaltha our hum bi naya tharahaka fighting jet bana sakthethe isme expance pada tho kya problem hain kayse bi bahuth payse paysa falthu mein west kar rahe hain HAL ko dene se future mein humbi naye fighting jet bana sakthethe,

  • 65 sal ho gya aazadi ka congress sale av tak 70 percent hathiyar khud kharid raha tha . Madharchod sirf parivar ka sarkar hona chahiye . Vishesh niti sabse ghatiya . Desh me bharstachar high . Chor party sale

  • Amit Upadhyay says:

    my father once told me that a person learns speaking within 12 to 13 months of his birth,but it takes him the entire life to learn what to speak,where to speak and how to speak.
    same is case with rahul gandhi ,but actually he dont want to.

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