47 thoughts on “Rafale Aircraft Deal और Official Secrets Act विवाद क्या है ? Current Affairs 2019”

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  • shakti mishra says:

    The Hindu ek biased news paper hai desh hit mein bo ta kabhi koi baat karegi hi nehi unaka kaam he shirf bjb ko target karna desh hit bhad mein jae aise niws paper kato license hi radh kardena chahiye

  • shakti mishra says:

    The Hindu ek biased news paper hai desh hit mein bo ta kabhi koi baat karegi hi nehi unaka kaam he shirf bjb ko target karna desh hit bhad mein jae aise niws paper kato license hi radh kardena chahiye

  • Bhagwan Geeta ke anusar aapko Apne achche karni ke phal se bure karm maaf nahi hote, bure karm ka Bura phal bhugatana padta hai. Hindu khatm hai sir

  • Sir,

    Log bewkoof hai India ke, aur auditor general of India bhi bahut badi cheez Hoti hai. Criminal actions lelo. Me to keh rhaa hoon lelo. Kar do me to keh Raha hoon. Jurm hua hai to ye jhelna padega. Defence ke jitne bhi kharche hote hai, ya phir Uske audits nahi hote as per constitution, same RAW KE BHI HAI SIR.

  • Lalita Thakur says:

    our fundamental rights are not absolute, reasonable restrictions are imposed on these rights. when we join any organisation we have to oblige the law and orders so that integrity of the nation can be maintained.

  • Deepika Chaudhary says:

    This is absolutely wrong which is done by the Hindu. Officials secrets are not published like that manner. This is harmful to our national integrity.

  • krna chahiye act use nhi to future mai foreign agencies ke SPY iska istemal kr hmari country ko bhut nuksan phucha skte hai ……..
    or phir unhe bachane ke liye phir se kuch lawyer aajyengye

  • Using the act would put our government in the same ship as that of USA,(even worse)
    who have been trying to suppress wikileals.
    Moreover The hindu haven't used this information for any kind of benifit.


    National security should never come under freedom of expression

    Govt should make strict law against it..
    And yes.
    For transparency we can take help of various institutions.
    But should never b disclosed in pubic domain..

    Enquiry should be done on The Hindu

  • Utkarsh Pathak says:

    1. I think yes this act should be imopsed on the hindu newspaper because this matter is very sensitive matter and it is related to the security of india. Inspite of publishing this information in the newspaper, this information by the hindu newspaper can be provided to the court through another medium. You simply cannot risk the security of the country just because you are a newspaper agency and you are doing the bussiness. I am sure this newspaper the hindu is not only read in india but to many countries all over the world.
    What I believe that if the government impose this act on the hindu newspaper then it will not be the violation of fundamental right i.e Right to speech and expression, as it will come under restriction on right to speech and expression, i.e the matter should not not be against the sovereignty and integrity of india.

  • pinaki das khan says:

    They will definitely pursue this course of action only if the supreme court gives the govt a clean chit on the rafale case….

  • The Hindu did it in national interest because now a days no institution is credible. The way CBI, ED, EC , IT, PRESS AGENCIES LIKE ANI etc working it puts the question mark on them.
    If The Hindu had provided it in sealed cover then it would have not known to public that this kind of irregularities are there in deal.
    People who are saying that The Hindu should be punished first need to understand that the same kind of things happen in other countries also i.e. wikileaks had revealed sensitive information number of time in past and it had not been questioned.

  • Harshit Sharma says:

    Yes government should use the act and to share the sensitive information in public and even stolen by the defence ministry can't be said a valid step..

  • metta dhanasuresh says:

    Yes of course government has to act againsts this under espionage

    They not followed wright way

    Just acted as Indian newspaper which lay down Indian image in front of world

  • Sir, my humble request to you when you have full information about any case then only you should make video otherwise you don't. You are talking about irregularities of deal but didn't discussed about what actual irregularities are?
    the Irregularities was parallel negotiation which was going through other than defense ministry. Prime Minister office was also discussing the same matter meanwhile Defence ministry was cunduct the deal the main point is that only defense ministry has lawfully right to pursue the deal not the PRIME MINISTER OFFICE ok sir. Please when you know something then only make video. You sell only your PEN DRIVE COURSE do not make people fools.
    I am aspecting your reply with apology…

  • Rachit Pandey says:

    The Hindu is totally anti bjp government newspaper, they always publish the articles to critically degrade the government, the hindu should oppose the policies but not blindly. They always try to praise congress and rahul gandhi and they claim they are secular.

  • Priyajit Bera says:

    The Hindu dalali kar raha hai, election gimic hai bss Rafale deal, congress k bass ka kuch hai nahi bakwas kar raha hai

  • Mast raho re madarchodo मरना सब को एक din h

    Atal bihari chala gaya kya lekar gaya …

    Kuch bi pata nahi h ….mast raho bhut choti life h …..

  • Azhar Siddiqui says:

    if the information provided by the Hindu falls into the category of being confidential which can be handy for other countries then you can't blame government for taking action but at the same time the apex court should look at the details and punish the guilty if there are any kind of irregularities.

  • दुनिया के हर धुर्थ नाम बदल कर ही आये थे
    रावण आया था साधु बन कर,
    मारिच आया हिरन बन कर,
    कालनेमी आया ऋषी बन कर,
    और अब एक चोर आया है चोकीदार बन कर 🙌🙌

  • Chaitali Nirgun says:

    Sir according to me the action is done by The Hindu is right. Because the act is colonial act and is made in 1923 now we are living in democratic India now every citizen of India havd right to know what is happening in our country who are the frauds,what kind of corruption has being done. So there is no need to GoI to use this act in 2019


    instead of publishing the secrets publicly if THE HINDU has filed a review petition in supreme court then it was OK but now I think such newspapers should be punished.

  • Surochan Patil says:

    Muje lagta hai ki iss act ko Hindi ke against use karna chahiye kyuki yea ek defence deal hai aur isko secret rakhna sahi hoga..humhare dushmano ko nai pata chalna chahiye

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