Radio the Universe – Black Heap

Radio the Universe – Black Heap

swapping cloak for heal this area used to be the hub the lift is vestigial in that sense got too close and woke them up they are the weak but they can overwhelm you used too much ammo this becomes an issue later the auto scattergun rates high in dps but has poor range and control hold-heal is mechanically superior to press-heal need to make that ledge jut out more reds are characterized by hp and coverage but their damage is not great i blew all of my resources earlier so i opted not to fight them the enemies in this area are not difficult but the terrain greatly complicates encounters bad timing the linear shot is not the best tool for these enemies fast forward did not go crazy with the auto this time i should reposition those boxes tracking missiles not smart that one has some kind of an elevation issue will have to address at some point i knew light would be good to me

so i let everything else die

but i should have realized

that light depended on me just as much as i depended on it

this would have been obvious to anyone else cant sedate cant commit this is a good place to stop thank you for watching n


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