[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 Min-ho, what was the story about going to water skiing and getting hurt?20180530

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 Min-ho, what was the story about going to water skiing and getting hurt?20180530

Key, I heard you guessed that other member think of you as greedy, selfish, self-centered, and snobby.
– Yes. Nobody said anything like that. Really ? It’s because the question… The writer asked, ” Can you guess what other members think of you ? ” So I just made some exaggerated assumptions. To be honest, I think his personality has changed. He was selfish, greedy in the past. Taemin is not a baby boy anymore. Are you Hwayi ?
(See the movie Hwayi: A monster Boy) – He’s the monster boy.
– We should call him Hwayi. He really has changed. He was still weird back when he stole my wine. – I was very self-centered.
– Back then, yes. Taemin is like a nurse sticking in a needle, while hugging you. ” It’s okay. You won’t feel a thing. ” (He smoothly criticises others !) – Key and Minho are the same age.
– Yes, we are. I heard you guys have a sens of rivalry. Well, I really love sports. But he doesn’t. If I tell him that I had fun playing soccer and basketball, Key is always like, ” Soccer ? That’s lame. Why would you do that ? This is not fun. ” Since I enjoy it, I king of force him to think the same. He won’t agree still and that’s where we see differences. Is there any hobby both of you enjoy ? – We don’t have any.
– You don’t. Adding on my point of view of this story, he wants to finish practice early when he has a soccer game. But I still have a lot of things to do, and we still haven’t finished learning our choreography. But he can only think of his soccer game. He’ll make us finish early. You know that ca really demotivate us to practice more at the end. You have totally different hobbies. – It’s really different.
– Key what do you like ? I like clothes. And I love water-ski. But I’m not interested in something like soccer and basketball I’ve done water-ski with him once. One day, he asked me what I’m doing the next day. I said I didn’t have much. He suggested going water-skiing together at Han River. So we did. I left home, without any makeup. I jumped straight of my bed. But he was wearing some foundation makeup and started shooting me. He brought his personal camera to film his own reality show with me. Normally, if you want to do that, you would let your friend know that. Like, ” I’m going to film my reality show. ” ” You might want to put some makeup on. ” – But he didn’t say anything !
– Why did you not say anything ? I was just wearing my sweat suit. I asked, ” what’s going on ? ” He said ” Well, I’ll film it, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it or not. ” Anyway, we were there for about an hour and he used that full hour for the show. It was actually really fun.I enjoyed water-skiing.


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