Radio Presenters Caught Out By Webcam!

– I don’t wanna be here.
– I left after… Well, just before Sarah… – Can you pass me the bin?
I think I’m going to be sick in the bin. – Oh, don’t.
– I’m gonna be sick in the bin. Pass me the bin. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here at all I don’t either now but… Just try and pull
it… Just hold it together for this one. – This is the last place I want to be.
– I know, just the first link at least. Four seconds. I’m gonna be sick. Good morning everyone
it’s Larry and Paul here! Feeling great on a Tuesday, we’re hoping
you’re feeling great this morning as well. – Really great to be here, Larry!
– Yeah, I’m in a great mood – – – Have you tried this?
– Hmm. Jay, did you just show the teabag to
this mug? Where did you learn how to make tea? …chance to win. Give us a call now: 0112 72 72 78. Remember: all calls are charged at your standard network rate – Good luck! …It’s like warm milk. It’s weaker than witches’ piss, Jay. …Travel news where you are on the way shortly. 8:22. Good morning. This story…Oh….Where are you going? Hotel California, isn’t it? Oh. – Make sure you flush this time.
– Yeah yeah. Absolute animal… Have we had any calls yet, or…? No. …I don’t think she’s coming back.Oh, mate. …The one thing I learned when I started
out in radio was how to make a decent cup of tea. Those photos better not see the light of day. Or you… you’ll get a lawyer on… You
will be sued. You will be sued! Public interest, my arse! MY ARSE! Yeah, okay. See you Tuesday, Mum. Bye. – Is she alright?
– Yeah – – …It’s a terrible song.
It’s an absolutely dreadful song. – I agree.
– Tell me there is one person out there going “Oh yeah I’m really glad they played that song, it’s probably my favourite song.” – The thing is, it’s not even a good Corrs song – –
– I don’t know why we still play it. – Never mind a good song,
it’s not even a good Corrs song. – It’s absolutely rubbish. Absolutely rubbish. – Love that one there: The Corrs – – – You’ve got, essentially, as a producer, one job: – And that’s make a tea.
– It’s the brew.I’m every woman – it’s all in me! – No, no, no. Meeeeeee! – Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved. – Good morning, this is Larry and Paul.
– And let’s give away 50 quid, shall we? – Let’s go to line one… and let’s find out who’s there. – Who’s on line one? Hello? – Hello! – Hi, who’s that? – It’s me. – Geoff. – Hello Geoff, you’ve won fifty quid mate!
– Oh, great! – Wonderful stuff. – And what are you doing the rest of today Geoff? – Err…Just listening to you two.
You’re my favourite presenters and you’re better than all
the other radio presenters …and I’m a target listener and I both think you do a wonderful job and I’m a target listener …and you’re great. – Alright thanks, Geoff.
– Cheers Geoff, mate. – Okay, bye.
– See you soon. Bye. – See you, Geoff. – It’s Larry & Paul. – We got away with that?
– I think so, yeah. – I didn’t over-egg it with the ‘target listener’ bit, did I? – Nah. …I think he’s the worst producer
I’ve ever worked with. – He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
– He’s an absolute idiot. – He’s a fool. – He fiddles with everything and knows nothing.
– And he’s got that walk… – Oh, and the “sounding slick, guys. Sounding slick.” – “Y’alright guys? Sounding slick?” – We’d be better off producing ourse – – – Morning, Charlie!
– Hey mate, how are you doing? Are you alright? – Everything alright, guys? – Good, yeah.
– Good cheers mate, yeah. – Just saying, yeah.
– Sounding slick! – Cheers, yeah.
– When you’ve got a good producer…it just… – you make our job easy, mate. – We were just saying how good it is to have such a good producer. – Go to travel and I’ll just go and sort out the guest, okay? – Yeah, okay mate. Cheers. – Cheers, Charlie! – What a tool.
– Put a teabag in it.
– Yeah. – Let it brew for a little bit.
– Yeah. – Take the teabag out of it.
– Yes. – Add a little bit of milk.
– Yes. – Sugar if applicable. – Okay, the thing about the golf swing, yeah… …is it’s all in the hips.
All right? So sway those hips. – All right? There we go… – I thought that was a good show by the end, wasn’t it? …and the guests were really good.
That woman at 8:30 was excellent. – Oh, she was brilliant. Yeah. Is she, er…. …are you going to clip that and put it on
Facebook and Twitter and stuff? – Oh I don’t need to, it’s all on the webcam. …On the what?


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