Racismo em Portugal: Um ângulo-morto para os media?

Racismo em Portugal: Um ângulo-morto para os media?


21 thoughts on “Racismo em Portugal: Um ângulo-morto para os media?”

  • Carlos Miguel Sousa says:

    Joacine Katar Moreira, is not the first black women elected in Portugal


  • it start with a Lie in the first phrase…. first black woman elected to parlament > Sinclética Soares Santos (1974) …Media are really one big problem…

  • maria ines gaya albuquerque says:

    omg and he says 'we're all racists, it's part of human nature.' !!! wtf such ignorance! Every child is non-racist! we are born free of any prejudices. all prejudices are given to us from our environment and close adults. #montessori

  • Domingues Tania says:

    Ela é própria a espalhar o racismo .
    Ela é o mamadou são anedota maior que um parlamento pode ter .
    Especialmente o Sr.Mamadou deve dinheiro ao estado português .
    Uns ladroes !

  • 6 languages and 4 degrees says:

    04:10 RACISM????
    those where cops arresting a criminal who didnt wanted to go to jail…Imagen that happening in other countries…
    the family including the 63 year old person hit the cop and didnt want to let the POLICE arrest is son…
    what do you expect??? IF you are a criminal you must go to jail…what did they expect???POLICE did talk to him he was running from the police…

    Imagen your car has be stolen and then the cops come to you and say we cant arrest him because is family didnt want him to go to jail.
    IN any normal country all those persons who attacked the POLICE would be arrested as well…

  • There is no racism in Portugal all my black friends and university colleagues achieved good jobs, some have a better life than mine and that's ok as long it's fair. It is not fair to give money to useless that do not want to adapt and work. Finally I'm proud of my country colonial past but of course you must be honest to understand it. Aljazeera you are not

  • Well technically the first was Sinclética Soares Santos in 1974.
    Then why would the journalist forget about Nilza de Sena elected in 2011 and 2015?
    Joacine Moreira is the only elected lawmaker claiming for racial discrimination, in fact she is playing the racism card as a victimisation strategy, because the truth is that she is proving to be a rather weak and easily resented lawmaker. Now even her own party wants to oust her.
    If she was white she would be considered one of the biggest jokes elected for the parliament but since she is black and stutters you better not make fun of her you racist white colonialist.

  • Sadly, there is still racism in Portugal as there is all over the world. The notion that the color of one's skin makes us different is wrong and sad. When the police was called to go to the Jamaica neighborhood by the locals and was received with stones, because they think that their skin color makes them above the law, that too is racism. Joacine not the first black elected to parliament seemed a great bet and had the support of many, but as soon as she abstained from voting a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in occupied Palestin territories, something very dear to her party I lost I lost trust in her. If she only cares about the race card good luck with that. But she's doing more harm than good.

  • To all viewers of this video please check on wikipedia "Prime-Minister of Portugal". This video carefully ommited this fact!

  • A Luz do Mundo Jesus o Rei says:

    Why is here so many portuguese writing the comments in English….palhaçada assumam Que o racismo esta la a maioria dos portugueses sao racistas extremos é mais fácil admitir😂

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