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  • Madcow went to the Goebell's school of Journalism at the CIA. The quote, which reads “Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it,” is attributed to the Third Reich's propaganda supremo, Dr Joseph Goebbels.
    Mata Madcow is the most notorious propaganda, traitor of the day.

  • Gordon has some answers. He bought his way into the diplomatic stage by donating a million to Trumps "inaugural". Should be an interesting afternoon for him.

  • Even the President's men –
    can no longer put Trumpty together again!!
    So many lies, so much corruption is simply not American.

  • Wow no wonder MSNBCs ratings are tanking. Nothing but conspiracy theories here.

    Seems to me the American Public has 1st hand knowledge now that the transcript has been released. So the point of the 2nd and beyond is?!??

  • The end reminded me of my father ❤️ showing such a simple thing as speeding up an audiobook like it’s the coolest/funniest thing on the planet. Such a Dad joke

  • I have the feeling that all the present and future "whistleblowers" are going to be mad democrats working in tandem with📝pencil neck for lossig the election in 2016, all of them hiding behind a desk in D.C.🤦👎😆😆😆

  • All of you mad dog socialists who replied to Biggus Dickus' post need to get over your denial about what is going on. The President asked the President of Ukraine if he could look into what went on in 2016 because he's seeking information on who was involved in spying on him and trying to arrange a coup on the "Russian collusion" false charges. He has every right to do so, and more. Quite frankly, if he does arrest the bulk of the Democrats in Congress pushing this attack (along with many in the CIA & FBI), then I really hope you sorry excuses for Americans will start violence. That will give the rest of us the proper justification we need to exile your dead butts forever.

  • …for the end of this week we will have millions of "whistleblowers"=democrats mad because they lost the election !!!😂 As always abusing the system to get their way, one way or other with different wording still the same😆😆😆

  • William Wolski says:

    Wow! Did you catch the piece fox just did with all the mounting evidence that Biden can't avoid? Actual people, pictures with Berismos Executives and his own statements how he withheld 1 billion dollars to get the prosecutor from the Ukraine that was investigating Biden??

  • the truth about this opinion YT channel is, it has been made for the sole purpose of causing the 2 major US parties to hate on each other.
    It's about lying to infuriate the other side & vice versa. Why you ask?
    Because if you can only focus hatred, you cannot compromise, and can't think of solutions.
    So don't play the game, we are all being manipulated.
    When you think about it, if either side wins, only hatred remains to the point that nothing can get done that would matter in the long run.
    Politics is not real life.
    When did hatred & violence do anything but caused wars and fear and death?
    When has racism (from both sides) helped any one?

    Look what happened in South Africa, it is only a shadow of itself.
    Where there were racist whites that were corrupt, now has been replaced with corrupt black leaders.
    How many people were killed?
    Ultimately, you still have the same problems.
    If you cannot see this, i'm sorry.
    If you say but the blacks are paying back the whites, then revenge is the true motive.
    That is evil & counterproductive.
    If it's social justice then how were the whites included in a compromise?
    Both races (all races) were put here for a purpose and that purpose was not for killing each other.
    To grow the world societies, will take us all of us to cooperate, otherwise chaos and anarchy wins. Then we all lose.

  • Trump is as negatively impactful to the world as 9/11 was. The longer he is in power the harder it will be for things to stabilize

  • You folks here on the radical socialist liberal party and your MS NBC talking mouth, need to switch over to Fox news where the viewership is 10 fold of what MSNBC has, get the facts the truth!

  • I am an independent voter and I have had it with the Democrats! They are wasting time
    and our taxpayer money and yet have done nothing for middle class families like
    mine! Like him or Not, Trump is president. Dems' unwarranted behavior to impeachment
    sullies the Democratic party that my deceased hard-working parents voted for
    their whole lives! I will NOT be voting for my Democratic congressman in 2020!

  • Yeah, more and more Republicans coming out against Trump.
    Rick Perry. Lindsey Graham. Ben Sasse. Bill Weld. Mitt Romney. Adam Sanford. Adam
    Kinzinger. Joe Walsh. Chuck Grassley. Joni Ernst. Joseph Maguire. Colin Powell.
    Even Moscow Mitch is starting to distance himself from Trump. And now the
    Inspector General at the State Department is saying he’s not going to put up
    with Trump’s nonsense. Pompeo and Pence will be next. Also more and more
    ordinary Republican voters are saying that Trump has to go. Just heard that
    Tucker Carlsen’s come out against Trump too. Karl Rove too!

  • So let's see – The Dems drag in Special Envoy to Ukraine Volker for a private interrogation, salivating that he will "expose" Trump! Like EVERYTHING else they try, it blows up on them! READ the testimony folks, it's online.

    1. Volker says that Ukraine never felt pressured to do anything by Trump.

    2. The Ukrainians said there was not anything inappropriate on the call between Trump and Zelensky.

    3. The Ukranians did not know of the hold on financial aid until a month after the call with Trump.

    4. In fact, the Ukrainians and Trump AGREED that the withholding of financial aid to Ukraine was used as a negotiating tool in order to get other Euro countries to pay more of their fair share to help Ukraine.

    One more point – did you see where even the Washington Post has come out and called Adam Schiff a liar for not admitting that he set this whole thing up with the whistleblower? That the whistleblower – who thanks to the Dems themselves has now been exposed – was a former employee of the Obama administration?

    Nice job Dems. You're getting Trump re-elected. What a joke.

  • Thomas William says:

    Hey Rachel Maddow were are Trumps tax returns you promised us?? Were is the collusion (not a crime) you promised us with the Russians?? Hey Rachel Maddow were did all your viewers go??? Trump 2020 for the win.

  • Kathleen Kelly says:

    As bad as all this is, if a democrat is elected, all USA's efforts against communism will be lost. They are not "liberals". They are communists. Listen to what they say. If any of this goes through, USA won't be a free country anymore.

  • Rachel will need a safe bunker when Trump wins 2020. I cant wait for them to see that Americans still voted Trump a 2nd time. It will be amazing!

  • menotyou notyoume says:

    This is the place place to come for the dregs of #resist and #stillweither.
    The propogandized.
    Yes I'm a Russian putin paid troll

  • That's funny (RE speeding up audio), I actually listen to Rachel Maddow's show on Google Podcasts at 2X speed. She has a crystal clear voice. Plus, if you select "Trim Silence" you can skip silent pauses and get through the program even faster!

  • Facts are below and they are widely verifiable.

    In 2014-
    Devon Archer friend of Biden and Hunter joins board of Burisma gas company, the largest in Ukraine
    Apr 16 Devon Archer visits Biden at White House
    Apr 18 Hunter joins Burisma board (even though he has no gas or mining background and receives USD $50,000 annually).
    Apr 21 Biden Promises US Tax payers Billion dollars to Ukraine gas industry

    Bidens, Obama camp and Democrats are in Ukraine way more than they are willing to tell.

  • You people commenting here: are you really buying this B.S.? Are you all really THAT stupid? There was no Russian collusion – no obstruction, so let's just move onto the next narrative that might work to unseat this duly elected President. You're all delusional!

  • Gee, why would they be openly encouraging ppl to testify and getting them in there quickly? 🤔
    Come on Rachel, if you strain a little harder, you might make that little light bulb glow just enough to get a clue. Or you'll just pass some gas and the thought will fizzle out.
    Think about it. Why would someone who's not guilty of what they're being accused of be pushing ppl involved to testify?

    Better question though is, why is Schiff allowed to run the investigation and ask questions when he is a witness to the situation? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Bill Clinton was impeached for receiving some knob. Donald Trump had an affair with multiple women and paid them off proven! Not to mention…. Ukraine.. Putin's an awesome man, he convinced me cuz he was really serious. Are CIA FBI and all that govern to protect and secure America need to settle down cuz Putin's my man! That's who Donald Trump is..😢

  • Whistleblowhard! Every American already has first hand knowledge by reading the transcript of the call. Nothing there idiots but keep drinking that Koolaid until the next Fake News Story!

  • Patrick Doherty says:

    God how stupid do you think American people are. You will be in gitmo by this time next year. Its all going down finally. Crisis. Fear bs lies for years. Climate change hahahaha. You tell what we are and we are silent and unstoppable. Rachael madcow your a disgrace to a human.

  • .*Trump's working for Putin* RUSSIANS not USA Trump Traitor pResident* must be impeached* immediately Indicted ASAP lock up..* Putin and Trump* must be held accountable*"! In time of cyber war. NATO must Support USA and place a NATO law on cyber war… by each country placing Sanctions on Russia this will stop Putin once and for all!!! Amen 😇 God Bless love Rachael Show very smart lady indeed ♥️ thank you CNN and YouTube ur the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • christopher carrier says:

    The right and the far right and the moderates and conservatives probably have children…They have a vested interest in the future of THE USA… Their motives are geniune…not vainglorious.

  • 2 of the biggest paid conspiracy theory nut jobs in the same segment! How exciting!
    No wonder msnbc's ratings are sinking faster than the titanic.

  • A great broadcast team👍 With what’s going on in this Trump Administration, it takes these two professionals to sort it all out‼️Thanks❗️

  • At this point your average Rick and Morty episode has more informational value and real life relevance than anything the parody of a journalist Rachel Maddow says.
    I am not sure, but maybe she has mental health problems. No healthy person would actually believe this BS … but then again there are
    religions, which kinda shows that people will believe the most insane BS anybody could possibly come up with.

  • I think Russia did it.  At least that is what the F.B.I, inspection and investigation of the hacked server proved right?

  • Can't stand this woman. The sarcastic grin, on that Frankenstein face, as she spewd out propaganda as if it were gospel truth, was sickening to watch. For two and a half years during the Russian Collusion investigation she pretended and lied about Trump's guilt. She had no embarrassment and no appologies when nothing was found. Her whole show is a hoax. The onlything real abot this woman is this artice written about her: "Rachel Maddow, done in by her own fane news mouth."

  • Janet Kortright says:

    Hey be sure to tell your audience that the so called whistleblower has a relationship with one of the 2020 candidates….Obama gave a cushy ambassador position who donated big bucks to his campaign….

  • Janet Kortright says:

    Clapper just threw Obama under the bus saying he only did what he was instructed to do from the administration!!! Wow

  • Rachel wants NO borders and us to be flooded wirh uncontrolled poor illegals all put on government dough, our taxes, Oh except for her millions she has stashed in the bank, and oh the upscale gated community she lives which will protect her.

  • Mr. Maddow doesn't seem to realize that A) Trump released the transcript of the phone call for anyone to read, and B) the President of Ukraine already said there was no pressure (of course he must be lying, right Dems? lol), and C) Ukraine started investigating Biden and Burisma in February 2019. As Trump said, keep climbing this ladder … we want to watch you fall, flailing and sputtering on your way to sweet oblivion. God this is going to be fun.

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