100 thoughts on “R. Kelly Accuser Opens Up About Abuse Allegations | TODAY”

  • Just like M.J. when y'all going to learn. Hateful as women.R .Kelly been set up all for money. Just want to see Kelly fall. Take the money…run out of it go tell your white master. Real men and women in the family  would have dealt  with this year's ago. It's about the money. When he's dead watch his music on t.v. and movies etc…

  • Two years seems to be the lucky number for these women tolerance of R Kelly; why did you hang around for two years and didn't leave after two minutes, two hours, or two days!!! This is starting to sound like bitter women to me!!! IJS

  • TLC has a show that called Sister Wives that promotes polygamy. It's been on successful for years. This women wasn't chained up or HELD HOSTAGE. She did what she wanted to to and got paid afterward. No harm no foul. Go after president Trump please!!!

  • Everyone who thinks he's not guilty, he settled because he is!!! As 4 the girl she was young and very dumb but that doesn't mean she is lying!!!

  • she just wants some money and a few minutes in the spotlight. It was a consensual relationship and now almost 2 decades later she comes on TV in a miniskirt sticking her thigh out pretending she is a victim

  • Its a written the wall long time ago..there is no secret of that, when you do evil things it often end up this way, you can run and manipulate people forever..

  • Those who think she's too young to know better are the same people who think children should be able to decide their gender. Just saying …

  • I’m not taking any sides but if someone paid me off I woulda kept my mouth closed. He wrong for abusing them but these girls were old enough (16 and up) to know better.

  • Thanks NBC for shining a light on this story and giving Tracy a platform to share her story. I really acknowledge Tracy's courage, vulnerability and strength to reveal her identity and speak about her experience of abuse and relive the experience in front of us. I hope people would listen from a place of empathy and compassion.

  • Those who enjoyed the good ride will take that same ride down memory lane. I guess their money buddy is not giving up anything else!!!!! My opinion!!!
    . Also after watching the NBC special on January 18th, the one that said he was creepy and she didn't know if adults acted like that, my question is why didn't you go and tell the boss or somebody at that point? Ummmmmm. The other one who got paid 1.5 milion dollars said she was a virgin, then she turns around and says she was abused at the age of 4, 5 and 8. Which one was it? And how was she abused? And, she was the same one prancing around him, in his face, looking for fame and money in all the wrong places. Something in the milk ain't clean!!!! Also, some of them doing these interviews, writing books and doing other things, are making money because R Kelly is no longer providing them with any. If this hurt me so bad, I wouldn't be showing my face out there. This all tells me one thing, that somebody is not telling the truth and the whole truth!. I didn't watch the documentary, but I am glad I didn't because the bits and pieces I heard, I already made up my mind. Foremost, R. Kelly gives concerts which is considered Adult language, my question is why were these young girls prancing around this man, and I wonder who paid for tickets for them to see him in concert! People can have there own opinions on this situation, and I definetly have mine!!! And why did the one that was a DJ give up her day job? She was older enough to know better. I guess she thought she was going to milk this man and instead the opposite happened. A lot of this mess also starts in the home, and it is my belief that some of these parents knew what was going on because they wanted to fattened their pockets… My opinion, and it counts!

  • I will still listen to his music, and buy any songs he makes even he sells them out of the backk of his jeep like when he first started out! I'm in it for the long haul!!! Are you?

  • Those who enjoyed the good ride down memory lane,, will take that same ride down memory lane because their buddy don't have anything else to offer them!! BYE!!!

  • And the MEDIA will push and push this issue until they try to push R Kelly out the door! Why is her legs up like that, she should have worn a longer skirt and looked like a young lady on TV.

  • DavidWilliamsENTERTAINMENT says:

    I firmly support the me too movement but things have gotten out of hand. Women can accuse you of a crime without evidence or you being charged with any crime and everyone believes them. What happen to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?! Not the court the court of public opinion. R.Kelly hasn't been charged with anything new and nor has he been convicted of any crime. People need to stay neutral and be fair to both sides.

  • Lol ya President trump is living that life too , he get away from
    It but why y’all wanna hurt a man because his a black

  • And to the women out there being sympathetic to this hungry fools. You wonder why men still treat us like second class citizens?? well there you go. Young females who could be dreaming of being a lawyer, Doctor… found nothing smarter than shamelessly selling themselves to the first crazy deep pocket with the blessing of their families (arghhhh). He moves to the next piece of meat, we here all this mess. You are enabling this…

  • Celine DION….that s a good one!! ???. How old was she when she started sleeping with her late husband then producer n broke his marriage. SMH…

  • The funny thing is there's many black American girls that look young for their age. It's not something people should ignore with these allegations. And that Faith girl is a clear liar.
    You don't keep telling the same story for three years, yet not get tested and show the evidence. Like ffs it's 2019 and you ain't showing the evidence to prove Kelly gave you an std? Come on!

  • I'm just having a hard time believing what she's saying, she just doesn't seem emotionally distraught, and why now are you complaining about this?…, Something recently must've went down between them..

  • If R. was "a creep," why would anybody in their right mind go in for a 2nd time, alone.. She got her money, her story is irrelevant.

  • SneakerTeen 1504 says:

    Everyone around R.kelly is lame all tryna blame something that “happened” along time ago and singers and rapper hopping on the bandwagon and going against him gtfo. R.kelly keep doing yo thang?

  • But in Europe the age of consent is between 14-16. Most of these women were around 16-20 and in the US, most teens are already sexually active before the age of 16 so what is the big deal. American laws are so Hippocratic and ridiculous. Consensual adult prostitution is criminalized and yet pornography and homosexual behavior is legal, so where is the morality there?

  • You can literally see the lies in his lawyers eyes. When the checks stop coming in, I expect a whole lot of people to start talking. Same happened to Charlie Sheen.

  • Maybe I missed something but has he did anything against any of these girls wills? Seems like they were used but that they also got paid so I dont see the problem. It was their choice. Doesn't even sound like he promised them a true loving long-term faithful relationship. Not very nice but defiantly not illegal in my opinion. Im sure they all knew exactly where he was coming from. Maybe they should create a CREEP law.

  • We all know R. Kelly is a known pedophile but, I don't get it what's the point of settling out of court if you can just turn around still accuse him? Can't he sue for the settlement money?

  • Look at all the girls they look liked little girls no booty no breast no attraction to a normal man because they not developed yet. Only R. Kelly wants them he a pedophile should be on the dam list. He is guilty as sin. Now men on this channel would you want that girl Seriously. Then he marries the very opposite of all them girls Drea with Booty for days… Come on you have to see it.

  • R. Kelly: Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ????? Lock Him Up ?????

  • You've got to be kidding me. Why didn't she have the audacity to complain about this at the exact time it happened ? Why years later ? Plus she claimed she was in love, but all of a sudden 6 days ago you didn't know what to do ? Fake just fake… if I was in front of her I'd tell her if you want money work for it because that's all she's trying to get.

  • All of these women can’t be lying something happened to them despite what R-Kelly and his stupid defense lawyer and they will all go down together

  • Mayebe not all accusations are real yes but let's be honest some of those accusations must be the truth atleast his ex wife words should matter !
    He isn't an Angel. Money & fame could easyli destroy him

  • You see the mini skirt she has on, she's still at it…Just sayin'. She said,
    I was in love with him, REALLY! someone you don't even know! So, do you love the mailman? These kids are brainwashing themselves, & The Pied Piper is just,
    Blowing away!

  • I am a body language specialist for the past 23 years 99.9% of this is LIES .
    FACT: The illuminati is angry with R kelly so they decided to ruin his career and legacy with all this fake news. That’s what happens when these celebrities don’t do as told.
    People don’t be sheep’s the:
    media multi – entertainment – demons
    – in -action. The MEDIA gave Playboy mansion mr Hefner a TV series’s of him pimping woman and dressing them like bunnies, what was he??? I smell “ white privilege” opportunist and people being paid to lie.

  • InspireNaturally says:

    # SOME IDIOTS ?.. No one should get away with sexually abusing minors or adults but if they knew about him all these years why wait until now to say something. If most parents were paid off as well why come forth now. He's been sexually expressing himself for years & everyone knew that. Don't play victims now! Looking stupid & he was never hiding it. He spoke his truth through his music or were y'all to hungry to ?? hear.❗❓ I'll wait.

  • She is lying can't you see right through her she needs the money and it's a blissett I I'm so sick of these black women showing up and trying to show out on their behavior these ladies mail are liars in the money just like myself I might as well get a talk show in state I met him he abuse me I'm in love with him and a cetera you idiots believe anything I'm sick of this ship it get a better talk show thanks love you RK

  • Christopher Mattera says:

    I see alot of people saying these girls are lying but he is broke and owes 160,000 in back child support and his houses were foreclosed on . So there is no money for them to gain in lying on him like there was in the case of Bill Cosby who is worth millions of dollars. I'm lost on it being lies. If he was a good man he would have been supporting his babies very 1st over everything else in the world but as we can all see he was not . So maybe there is some people who lie about things on people but these people have nothing to gain from a broke man who owes tons of money . His babies will get their money very 1st. like they should have already. Im really thrown back by his lack of responsibility in taking care if his own children.

  • He picked very plain girls…they were so happy they were willing to do whatever…actually it’s sad on both sides…but they didn’t have to do it!! Ijs

  • I remember being 15 and 16. Unless you are intellectually challenged there is NO WAY all this stuff continuously happened against their will. These girls should be just as responsible for any wrong doing as he. I hope he beats the case again and maybe young girls and parents will open their eyes. I'm sorry but as a parent if I knew my kid was being held captive and the location of it, they would of had me and the police knocking on the door. I do not believe for any moment these those girls were held against their own will.

  • Then why don't these artists also give their money back that they made off of R Kelly. Give him his money back if you are so against him if he's such a pedophile if he's such a demon give him his money back!

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