Quit wasting time on social media – NOW!

Quit wasting time on social media – NOW!

For many people life has changed quite
drastically because of this device and not only because we can call with it in
a different way but mostly because there’s something called social media
and it has impacted many people’s lives now it’s wonderful to be able to connect
with people we like and love but sometimes social media takes over like
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest maybe you while you’ve been looking and
listening to me from time to time you’ve looked what
happens on Facebook well that’s exactly what I’m talking about We haven’t really
learned how to deal with it It’s important to remember that time
management is self-management and we need to become aware how we live that
time and what we do with that time and sometimes things we feel just happen to
us and we don’t control and social media is one of those things Now how much time
are you spending on social media? Often I hear people say you know what
Jerko, it’s all really nice those tips and tricks you are giving to have a more
balanced work-life etc. But you know I can’t go jogging half an hour
I don’t have the time or you know healthy cooking I can’t do that every
day and then I ask them well how much time do you spend on social media a day? And when they’re honest they say well Yeah I spend an hour maybe two hours a
day So can we actually really say that you can’t make time to go running for
half an hour or eat healthy while we’re losing or spending two hours in social
media? So what I’m really want wanting to give to you is be aware what you do with
your time regarding to social media and make some some guidelines for yourself.
When do you want to open it? Research shows that at least six times a day
we’re playing with those little things to check what’s happening around the
world. Now do you want to create a time slot when you are available,
you want to check social media and how much do you want to check on it and do
you allow to have it around dinner table or whatever, so you become again
the master and it’s not something that is taking over.


One thought on “Quit wasting time on social media – NOW!”

  • I tell friends to stop wasting so much damn time on Facebook. The biggest waster is reading other peoples comments. And hitting that damn emoticon and getting a notification about some effing emoticon someone gave you! And if you are an activist you really do not need to be on Facebook! You can be a successful activist without being on Facebook or even Twitter.

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