Quinceanera Order of Events: What to expect

Quinceanera Order of Events: What to expect

today we're going to be going over what to expect the day of your quinceanera and the order of events we're just going to go over what to expect which is expect the unexpected hey guys and welcome back for those of you who are new to this channel don't forget to subscribe I'm against Medina and I pretty much just help you guys with anything you need to plan this dream quinceanera of yours before I go on with the order of events for your quinceanera one thing they do suggest is you guys write down a program of the most important events for your quinceanera just so you don't forget anything the day begins Nana you wake up and get ready whether you're going to be having a makeup artist or not just make sure to eat something because you do have to take care of yourself and having that meal and we'll give you so much energy just to get through it once you finish getting ready it's time for the ceremony the ceremony takes place obviously at a church or Bennion whichever one you're going to choose and in pretty much last for an hour where your whole Court is they're the best friends or even his closest family and then you're right after you have your photo shoot so your photo shoot takes place at any place you desire you will be going over this with your photographer way before your quinceanera so you meet up with all your family and friends there who want the photoshoot and I didn't mind like we're at lighthouse was that super nice and it was right next to the ocean so it got such a really nice feel it's kind of tiring me they because you feel so awkward then you have to send here and then stand there you're just going all around which is why I suggest you take a pair of shoes so you don't have to be in your heels the whole day after your photo shoot whether you're going to have a limousine or not you meet everybody at your venue so whereas a party is going to take place and sometimes girls have entrance and sometimes girls don't so the entrance is pretty much everybody welcoming you to your celebration you can even make this a huge thing by for Brady alike band or mariachi you can join you in let see a lot of girls do that or just be creative with that you want to make it such a big deal so after such a long day of just being up and down you are going to be hungry and you do have to eat and excited as you might be you have to eat and that's something that I struggled with myself but I had to get something in my stomach so I can jump on me and after dinner well everybody but having a toes in this speech you can do with your parent or for the denotes the reachable with you just say thanks to everybody for being there don't think about it too much just quick and easy so you guys can get the whole price in because you don't want to bore your guests by just going on and on and on you know they want a party so after that you can get it started by incorporating the traditions I usually go on so usually they go in this order so first you do your last off so somebody gives you your wind email muneca which actually have a video of I'll put it up here it's it's those creeping nikkor so you get so for those of you that don't know I'm it's like a porcelain doll that you receive this prima just singing signifies that this is your last toy or that stuff before you go into womanhood and then you have your more Nations they actually give you in jewelry sometimes to like bring a necklace when I supply by little things like that and then your dad changes your shoes so you go from wearing shoes to heels and this signifies well you've pretty much grown up and you're ready to continue on to the next step and then you guys do the father-daughter dance which is of my favorite but if you watch to my meetings in disaster you wouldn't know that I didn't have my father-daughter dance I dance mine with my oldest brother wake up with and then after that is where you do your big performance with your word of honor now before I get to that I have seen that nowadays keep singing us actually go all out with the father-daughter done and they usually make this a huge thing where they don't even have to have the surprising with the Court of Honor sometimes they just do with their dad and they make the best views ever let me tell you [Applause] it's just so funny to seeing how good like you can enjoy and have some fun with your dad now so that's always so cute if you want to you know opt out of having a quarter of Honor then just dancing with your die would be ethical and that's of the Court of Honor so after that you do your walls which usually includes like two songs that's like little sloughs and urilla dance they go itself and then after your waltz is your surprise so this is usually where doors go all out like even having five songs in there surprised ends at anything they song and the songs are totally up to you actually comment down below you want me to make a video of surprise dance if they feel like we're due for one but yes so it's your surprise dance and then you just dance your performance and after that it's party time so you can just party all night and of course there's other things they have to do like I know your guests are probably going to be hungry after a while so you cut the cake in between party time your emcee or your DJ can be announcing all these big events if necessary you can even give him the program just so he can keep in mind what time you're gonna be doing what so you cut your cake and pretty much fit it to whoever wants it take pictures with you can't of course but no no what I saw busted because you don't want to I remember one of my mom's family our family friend and Generals she like she was the one who provided me with the cake and she was the one who pretty much smudged my face and the cake and I was like no makeup but it was already to the end of the day so whatever doesn't matter who says what just don't bite into it because you don't want to ruin that makeup of yours so after you cut the cake then you can continue partying I remember I couldn't wait till I get that undescore I was like okay everybody got cake let me go so I went to the dance so I continued dancing all night and until pretty much your venue said okay it's time to go or you know you have a certain curfew that you did tell your guests to leave that's what happens the day of a quinceanera pretty much and kind of overview there's more things that can be added on but that is totally up to you and what you prefer to add two things together that's pretty much move around my things me and will sequence again in I've been apart up so that is the basic order of events so that is the order of events or your dancing it up super brief I know but we can always go into detail but any other topics that you guys choose I hope you guys enjoy this video I hope it didn't trust yourself too much it's just a quick little overview but so don't get stressed out this planet accordingly and I remember just practice makes perfect so just practice as much as possible and ensure you're talking and I would be great thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to like share and comment down below and I'll see you guys next time and then you're right after after I'm after that go out after dinner after that and then I'll stir that so after that so for that after that and then after that like


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  • Emma Firsching says:

    My friend is having a Quinceanera this coming August and I’m in her court and so is my other best friend . Im going for dance lessons for it to . I’m so excited to be a part of her special day .

  • yvonne plancarte says:

    this helps so much i have to start planning for my quinceanera but the problems my dad well my parents divorced and like idk if i can handle him being there and if i do invite him who can i dance with instead?

  • ••Piña •• says:

    Okay so I need help. I live with my mother and siblings all the way across the us from where my quince is going to be, and I haven’t been to one since i was little. Also, I haven’t seen my family when I was really little, so I don’t know who to invite. Which also includes my close friends not being able to be my damas or chambelanes. It’s making me so stressed and I’m not sure what to really do.

  • 방탄소년단_김남준Namjoon_is_my_bias says:

    1) Wake up & Get ready
    2) Eat a light breakfast
    3) The ceremony
    4) Photoshoot
    5) Party
    6) Entrance Dance
    7) Eat food
    8) A toast
    9) Last Doll
    10) Coranation
    11) Dad changes your shoes
    12) Father Daughter Dance
    13) Waltz
    14) Surprise Dance
    15) Party time
    16) Cake
    17) More Party
    18) Guest leave
    I'm sorry if it wasn't very detail for it: (

  • The Male BLINK says:

    I’m a non-hispanic (I’m Asian) going to a Quinceanera as the “main chambelan” can someone please help me out?

  • Sajarah Cardenas says:

    My quince will be nexy year but till decemeder and what can we do if dont want the whole chang of shoes or the last doll?? Or if we really dont want it traditional???

  • I’m invited to a quince and I’m supposed to be on the Entourage
    What’s that supposed to mean?
    And what do I doooooooooo

  • Ghislaine Audant says:

    I am located in the island of Maui and created the most beautiful, tall and extravagant cakes for all the Quinceanera girls! at www.mauicakestore.com

  • My quince was a huge flop for me my dad did things so last second and it ruined my night tbh ,,,, I was crying in the bathroom and having my own fit bc the people were stressing me out it ruined my vision and it just didn’t feel like my day. So yeah I hope everyone’s up goes well ??

  • some advice for you guys is to plan it early. as in at least a year in advanced. i turn fourteen this year and we are already planing, my bday is in june lol. i say this because quince's get really expensive. my Grandma (spanish one) is planning it. and she spent 10k on my tia. so PLAN EARLY to cut cost and save your parents that coin.

  • Angela Bermudez says:

    I'm not having a Quinceañera but a Sweet 16. 2020 would've been the year for my quinceañera but we have issues going on. It's very hard for me to see my peers post about their quinceañera plans. I've wanted a quinceañera ever since I was 5. I'm turning in 14 this week. I wanted to be traditional but my mom said we'll go all out. I have to wait 2 years. My mom is planning my Sweet 16 already. I can't wait til April 26,2021.???

  • I like how I'm a 12 year old girl who is years away from my quinceañera and I'm already planning. Lol good luck to future me

  • Do you have to have a ceremony in order to have a quinceañera? And if you do, is it true that you have to be baptized and have had your first communion to have the ceremony?

  • Clearly Lupeee! says:

    My quince is literally in a year exactly and I’m so grateful for these videos cause I know for a fact I would be stressed out without them! ?

  • AgitatedBear 438 says:

    My quinceañera is 1 year and 8 months away but I'm already planning it ? I just wanna be prepared and know what to except u know ? Who else can relate ?

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