Queen of Hearts – Alice In Wonderland – Part 6 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Queen of Hearts – Alice In Wonderland – Part 6 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

In this video, I’m going to show you how to do the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. So this next part is the Queen of Hearts. I’ve got some colours ready I’ve got red, orange, white, pink, blue and a little bit of black. So from the previous videos you will have seen that I have created this we already started the background colour for her face. We sketched out her body here to a certain extent. I’m going to start with the face, so I’m going to take
the nail off the actual board. I’m going to start by adding a little bit of shadow with a wash, I’ve just mixed that with a little bit of orange with a bit of black so it’s a warmer wash With your wash I want you to roughly mark out where your eyes are going to be where the mouth is going to be I’m going to move this hairline up so I’m going to mix the same colour She’s got a really big forehead I’m just going to let that first layer dry a little bit. I’m going to make a wash with white and about 50% water and do a bit of softening on the shading and you can start to add highlights you can start to highlight the centre of the nose and the chin. Second layer I’ll make the head a little bit larger Going to move that mouth further down slightly and do the eyebrows which are really far up the head. Just slightly shading the temple area and highlighting the cheek So I’ll put the lips in the heart for the lips Just going to create the actual lips now. Going to use a little bit of the wash so you can see her lips slightly more Using a wash to shade in the nose and then go onto the eyes then I’m going to use white to highlight the nose, forehead shading under the eyes a little bit. Going to mix blue and white to get a pale blue for her crazy eye shadow she has on We’ll do this in one coat and just work on this nose a little bit. Highlight through a little bit onto the blue just to give it
a bit of definition. Now we’re going to do the eyes just going to get some fresh white so got nice new paint So I’m going to go around the eyes with black and it’s a black wash, you don’t need just paint you can have about 60% of paint it’s that high in pigment. So the eyelashes are very false looking you don’t need to make them look realistic. They’re very harsh and false looking. I’m filling the eyes in black. Just going to do a little black inside the nostrils. I’ve just gone through the middle of her mouth adding some tiny creases to her lips and I’m going to highlight slightly with a white wash. I’ve just gone in and done the water line of the eye. If you don’t know what the water line of the eye is, it’s where you put eyeliner inside of your eye. You want a tiny bit of white just for the reflection on the eye. Just going to do a beauty spot I’m neatening up the face now use some of the
white polycolor paint and I’m going to do the collar The collar will go onto the other nail ever so slightly just like that, just going to neaten that up slightly. I’m going to layer the white now to make it a little bit stronger a little bit of shading there and going to come across and do the other side. This will come onto this nail so I’m going to hold them steady Then put this roughly where it’s going to go onto. Pick that nail up and then just neaten up the shape So go round the back of the neck use a bit of a wash to shade where it’s going to fall onto the back of the
neck with a black wash shade where the collar folds Just edged the collar ever so slightly. And with the purple and the blue mixed together, paint where the shoulders come in and go down the sides of the collar. She has a pleated velvet shirt We’re going to do a little bit of detail for that She’s wearing it with a corset Shoulder will come across onto the other nail. She has these puffy little shoulder pads and also on the other nail do the same puffy shoulder I can separate these and work on them individually now I know where I’m going. With the lilac just want to do some fine highlighting stripes of the pleats. So because we’ve got a ruffle on the sleeve, it’s puffy, just need to add a little bit of definition to that Same on both sides, both shoulders. We’re going to do the detail on the corset. We’re going to use the gold and bronze for this so first we’re going to use the white to frame the corset so we know exactly where we’re going. Use the white to go up onto the straps as well. Just neatening up the top curve of the corset. With the gold, go down the straps and onto the corset Bring the gold down the centre, going to do a couple of layers of this. With the bronze you’re going to come down the sides and blend them into each other so you get a fade. Just going to contour her waist, same the other side While that dries a minute, get your smallest brush I’m going to add some water to it and I’m going to do some tiny little dots as if they are beads on the straps Just going to put a second coat of the gold on and then some more bronze. I’m just going to put a wash at the sides to highlight the waist a little bit. So a little bit of black with a lot of water going to go straight down the middle work your way to the sides curve the line more and more as you get to the sides. So your first line down the middle will be completely straight So you’ve got your lines of the corset Now with the white we’re going to add little dots. We’re using the dotting tool starting from the middle working your way out as if they’re little beads. Then with the red we’re going to do the same, so from the middle working your way out. Then with the purple and do a little pattern as if these are jewels sewn onto the corset. While those dry a little bit I’m going to get the white
again and dot onto the red dots so we want it as if they are shining. The collar looks a bit flat here needs a little bit of shadow Also with the black wash we’re going to shade around the collar and shoulder Same on the other nails Shade around the collar and the shoulder. A little bit of shadow on the bottom of the corset. Now we’re going to do her hair which is the fun bit. So we want red and orange and we’ll need a little bit of black and white. All I’m going to do is roughly sketch the shape of the hair so the hair is like a heart shape With your brush just pull little lines as if they’re hairs coming straight out of her head This is just with the wash. There’s enough pigment
there to do this so with the red in circular movements you can start to apply the colour. Careful when you go towards the skin colour. Make sure you do circular movements so you get
these little swirls. The dark background colour is going to help you out with creating a bit of shading for you As long as you just swirl it with the tip of your brush. I need that to dry a little bit I’m just highlighting the front part of the neck and the chin Then with your orange, just want you to add random swirls which will just highlight the curls a little bit and it won’t look so flat. I’ve got white and a bit of red just to make a pink. We’re going to do the same again with some random little swirls. I just need to add her ear which we can only really see at the bottom Black wash with a bit of shading There we are, you can see the bottom of the ear and the hair is coming down over the ear. If you look at this we don’t need to do an arm, we’re
going to do a teapot here so that will be covered. The only thing we could do really is just add a little bit of purple just in case you still see a little bit of that Then on this side, there will be another character here which will cover her arm as well. So that’s another character complete. If you want to keep watching, make sure you’ve got autoplay clicked on and you can watch the next video.


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