Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit

Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit



100 thoughts on “Queen approves Johnson’s request to suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit”

  • I'd like to get in contact with the Prime Minister, and ask him to suspend Congress until 2029; anybody have his number?

  • This the equivalent of Trump suspending the House temporarily, it's not ideal but when politicians want to block the will of the people- it must be done!

  • Good, maybe the UK will last pass 2050. Parliament wants democratic voice to keep the UK in a non-democratic EU government on the pattern of the Soviet Politburo Supreme Soviet.

  • If the UK tries to reenter the EU Brussels will punish them for trying to leave, Brussels will NEVER give terms for a soft exit that the UK will accept. The ONLY solution is the leave asap even without a deal and try to get as good as deal as possible with the USA, there will be a recession within the UK but it will be short and nothing like the recession the EU will have when their banking systems collapse.

  • Harry Hooligan says:

    I had a feeling the Queen likes a real man. After all she likes Trump. And Boris Johnson makes the rest of the leftist girly men in Parliament look pathetic. It so refreshing to, once again, celebrate strong leadership in one of America’s greatest allies. I find it rather humorous how Johnson’s opponents are using the same accusations and name calling as Trumps opponents. Simple minded crooks think alike.

  • Yippee can't wait for the hike in fuel prices and not counting the hike in food prices and when this prick sells the NHS for an American insurance base hellhole

  • Simon, the Senior says:

    Great news! I suppose there is a slight chance that the Queen might try to take over. But, if Britain actually leaves the EU, the World would greatly benefit.

  • Boris is not elected by the British people but he has started the Battle of Brexit. Can the British People stop him and save the British democracy and the UK and win this war? I have doubts. The strong British democracy is destroyed. Ruined by a clown who was not born in Britain? Can the UK survive? I hope. But I ask myself why does the queen allow this? Is she against the British parliament, against the British people or against British democracy? A tragedy for Britain and the UK!

  • Oligarchs HaveControl says:

    Israel in the past week started bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iraq again in an attempt to justify Trump's war with Iran by promoting an aggressive response. Netan the yahu's agenda has always been to lead the US into Israel wars for its benefit. Search this video of him on u-tube explaining to us with the same Israeli intelligence agencies how Saddam Hussein had nuclear capabilities, (2002 PM Netanyahu the U.S. To attack Iraq). The same propaganda he used in his 2018 TV rant against Iran to try and get us into a war with Iran, at the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Expect Israel to drop more bombs for Trump's re-election war. Strange how you don't hear anything about this on American pro-war media left or right? For years Israel has been launching bombing incursions into Syria to expand it’s territories and insight a U.S. war with its latest enemy Iran.

  • Underworld operatives who work for the government or for any enterprise, stay grouped together and pertain closely within their own kind. Underworld operatives of the transnational organized criminal network, are similar to commune members. They pertain to their own sets of beliefs thus share a perception with little bearing with the outside world of the true general public. Scientology was spawned from the underworld. Famous celebrities can be underworld patterned operatives. Despite their blatant oddness, they pertain to their own doctrine as if it were the accepted norm. This creates a false sense of confidence. This also creates the conflict of manipulation that ushers you away from your constitutional rights. Report all suspicious persons to the Whistleblower's Act, FBI, Ombudsman, and the local PD. File reports with the Department of Justice. Read about the underworld through the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Brits, what a joke they are, eh? Well, I'm glad to see them kicked outta EU. Will be a relief not having to see their long, inbred faces at various meetings, I can tell you. Let them rot in their bleeding island with their pet sheep.

  • seeing a lot of good psosts here.. but look at the others.. all those one world government shills and socialists bemoaning their precious eu/also hating on trump. those people who have kept this going on and disobeying the will of the people need to be strung up. hopefully people will remember them later. no more free ride.

  • That's great news! Who would have said the very only person in parlament to take into account the citizens would be Boris? I just don't have clear this guys' attitude when he says "with or without a deal". Would it be a deal that would benefit us so much that they wouldn't make it, or a deal where we end up paying several millions for their benevolence? I hope it's the former because even minding what those twats have to say it's just a waste of time. But well, happy to see after all this nightmare lasting years a single one not showing up as an absolute puppet.

  • late fall chill says:

    As an American I say the United States should suspend all Diplomatic Relations with the United Kingdom to protest this suspension of Democracy in Britain. This is a totalitarian move by Boris Johnson.

  • It's so good to know that during these trying times, our friend the UK is in the capable hands of a 93 year old woman and an aging surfer bro.

  • The people of Britain have spoken… twice now! Hey citizens of Britain… those that want out of that crap are welcome to swap with the liberal socialists here in the US. It's a win win… plus this saves them from the coming purge they will subject themselves to when they rise up and demand our taxes pay for their narcissistic life choices.

  • Well…to be sure…the UK is a dictatorship ran by the royal mob family and the people of Britain are still slave property of the queens…am I the only one to see this….geeeez. you have no real chance of having a free country with the same royal mob family being able to just suspend the representation government…..good to know…GOOD TO KNOW!!!

  • The queen knows not to say no at this very sensitive time with all the allegations swirling around her son and deceased pal epstein.

  • Laurence Friedman says:

    It's so hilarious that people actually believe that the UK is a democracy and the queen just holds a ceremonial position. Why would Boris need the queen's approval for anything at all??? Answer: because it's parliament that is ceremonial and the monarchy that holds the power.

  • The Brits voted Brexit and The Americans voted trump, and so it was, globalism began to be dismantled.

    Three cheers for red white and blue – hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray!

  • The people vote to get out of the European Union and the vote dosent count this is what the Democrats want for America Failed Corrupt Leadership

  • Bradley7 Johnson says:

    Leave eu means leaving draconian laws set forth by undemocratic failed eu political body that allows mass migration to take place uk is once more sovereign without it

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    The President’s new “communications director” just said the media misinterpreted some of what Trump had to say recently. Maybe he should buy himself one of those new Japanese language translator devices, to interpret what he says into English for the rest of us…

  • Wonderful…. we are going to witness the collapse of the UK as a christmas gift…..Brexit is a failure and it will bring trump down.

  • In matters of sovereignty, Royal Prerogative allows the Queen to suspend Parliament or fire it entirely if required. On a daily basis though, she cannot overrule the workings of Parliament once she has given her consent to it.
    The UK is a constitutional monarchy, not a democracy. This means we are subjects of the Queen, not citizens.

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