QAnon News: Deep State Censorship / Programming [Google]

QAnon News: Deep State Censorship / Programming [Google]

Here’s to the Army and Navy and the battles they have one has two Americas colors The colors are never run the wings of Liberty never lose a feather Hey, hey, hey, welcome to another people cleaner. I think I got a pretty good show for you today I came across some great information There’s no new queue posts But there are some very good queue related things that I’ve found and I would like to pass them off We’ll start out with Vincent Kennedy. I don’t know if you guys followed. There’s a several Vincent Kennedy So you will really want to go with the Vincent crypt 46 and It says attack the accounts all you want you cannot stop what’s coming We have it all you failed week week Stage is set by the way nice new cars Planned Parenthood Mobile’s posts, not for Patriots where we go one we go all worldwide some really interesting things this I got from HN, so then I went over and I took I was already following but He says give this Patriot a follow hand poisoned he knows his stuff I wonder what would happen if these tools were leaked. Hmm Now I’m not saying this is Q and I’m certainly not saying this is JFK. What I am saying is I followed this information and It jives with all the other things that I already know and it jives with what I’m going to pass on from Some other sources as well that’s why I said it’s a pretty important video today and I really would love for you guys to watch this and Comment and let me know if you find anything in here that you’re that you think is wrong and Before you comment if I leave a pinned comment at the top, please read that first I keep them short, but you know, I get a lot of comments on things that I’ve already put up in comment I’m like, I know you don’t need to say it a hundred times just saves us all a lot of trouble and time All right poison in fake terrorist attack at in poison deep state fund and Intel Microsoft Cisco code equal DARPA net result Equals all Intel chips have a built-in backdoor that allows complete remote access to a PC Through a second physical processor embedded within the main processor which has its own operating system Embedded on the chip so you can bet everything has this between cell phones computers Just figure everything has it Encrypted hard drive can be monitored and controlled by the processor within the processor that already has your encryption key NSA monitoring your calls emails and transmissions There is Intel inside your computer intel collects intelligence So, I mean a lot of times they just tell us straight up right? You see the commercial Intel Inside. Well, duh second physical processor on the chip provides a backdoor to control or turn off your computer at will Just like it has been demonstrated that Cisco routers have a backdoor open to the NSA DARPA ARPANET Micro processors also were military creations that were permitted permitted after DoD and CIA through in-q-tel Installed backdoors to control these powerful digital platforms most semiconductor chips are made in Singapore Taiwan China or Europe, but Intel designs and manufactures all their own chips in their own fabrication plants in America CIA’s in-q-tel funded Facebook Hiland forum DARPA and in-q-tel secret multinational high-tech think tank for inventing and controlling innovations in you tell source funding for the CIA provided without any congressional oversight Peter Thiel equal Palantir equal Facebook equal CIA so If we go back to the tech bubble and you see all of the big tech companies that came out of that tech Bubble that were that, you know stayed afloat you can go down the line and pretty much see that they were the CIA or you know Somebody who was like a Peter teal or Elon Musk or any of these insider? this was all just a game and It was played on us as usual Routers were created that could handle exchanges between systems and computers in 1998 virtually Every internet exchange went through a Cisco router 2010 a researcher at IBM publicly revealed a flaw in a cisco operating system a backdoor available to law enforcement agencies cisco built firewall backdoor developed by NSA into its routers tailored access operations Dao unit and other NSA employees intercept servers and routers Being shipped to organizations targeted for surveillance and install covert firmware onto them before they are delivered US intelligence community funded and Incubated Google as the military weapon to control information cede funded by the NSA DARPA and CIA in-q-tel and SAIC Google is one among the group of private sector startups co-opted by US intelligence to control information warfare This is really just getting into the u.s intelligence you know community but Huee, and what’s the one in? School coho in Russia. This is all one thing So all these different manufacturers, they’re all working for the same people If we optically we may say hey, we’re going after huawei in China Because it does have a you know, there’s different ways that we can attack that then we can attack our own NSA or CIA? Remember, we we took care of the NSA and CIA in America and then oh, by the way, we’re going after a while way, right which is The Communist Chinese Communist Party and then we go after the Russian intelligence right scold covo So and then the Mossad, you know This is all one connected spiderweb it. We’re just making it seem like we’re going after different Organizations, it’s all one in 1994 two PhD students at Stanford University Sergey Brin and Larry Page made their breakthrough on the first automated web crawling and page ranking application built upon the source code given to them by DARPA in-q-tel Google CIA runs Hollywood you get the Internship movie the NSA control and monitor digital information data flowing over the Internet. Google is a direct directory of people using the Internet users have email addresses and knows where they are physically located And what they’re searching for on the web google has a pride On every user it’s really the metadata if you put it all together on all the platforms and everything that you do Everything that you look at they know you better than you know yourself Yes, it’s scary The government can command that any company including Google to turn over that information part of the NSA’s prism program Google’s Terms of Service actually assumed control of all user information and clever slide of legal hand Uploads submit store send or receive content to or through our services You give Google and partners at worldwide license to use host store reproduce modify create derivative works communicate publish publicly perform publicly display and distribute such calm tint So if power comes back to the people then you know, and that’s why Q is mentioned 100% regulated it just has to be these are not private companies in any way NSA helps companies find weaknesses in their products. It pays the companies not to fix some of them Weaknesses give the agency an entry point for spying or attacking foreign governments that install the products in intelligence agencies militaries and critical infrastructure The origins of this strategy traced back to Bill Clinton and Highland’s forum which functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business industry finance corporate and media sectors group allowed most Powerful special interests in corporate America, probably, you know, you say like the Bilderberg Group and all these sorts of things This is just one thing Systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence the government Policies as well as public opinion in the US and around the world the results have been catastrophic mass surveillance and perception management amidst a permanent state of global war Goldman Sachs with JP Morgan is the investment firm responsible for creating the billion dollar fortunes of the tech Sensations of the 21st century from Google to Facebook is then intimately linked to the US military intelligence community Goldman Sachs equals CIA All right. Now once again we go back to the video that q keeps posting this This video we get Donald Trump elected go through that video again Now you can see how many of those things have already been accomplished. But when you get to the Hillary part you will see They put right on the screen Goldman Sachs. So I’ve been waiting for golden sacks to go down It will be something that comes up. Yeah indeed and probably pretty soon because most all of the things that The President or Q lays out in that video have been accomplished. It’s really amazing Patent theft is only the tip of the iceberg Industrial espionage is common in all industries Alphabet Google and Facebook have seemingly endless money to absorb any competition through buying them and keeping competition at abeyance Suppress technologies that threaten oil tech pharmaceuticals agriculture food energy production big corporations use governments, especially multinational organizations to do their big they’re Bidding big corporations spend huge amounts of money on lobbying governments to pay to play Now if we remember the part that I played in the bill Binney Interview where he was talking about? Monsanto was able to use this government information Because they are they were at least part of our government Now part of the german government But probably just part of one deep state Suppression and sabotage of technologies began in 20th century with when fossil fuels and petro dollar came to world economics over 5,000 new patents have been deemed secret and have been suppressed by existing patent laws There are US patent laws permitting the government to steal and suppress any new technology and imprison the inventor jared rice which threatens national security darkus Total Information Awareness concept created a veritable buffet of advanced surveillance and data mining programs Programs became NSA’s prism prism cult citizens personal data from companies like Microsoft Google and Facebook prism clandestine national security electronic surveillance program operated by the NSA which can target customers of participating corporations Outside or inside the United States? Thinthread a u.s NSA program involved in wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of resulting data never heard of that one Trailblazer project USNS a program intended to develop a capability to analyze data carried on communication networks, including cell phone networks and the internet bull run a highly classified NSA program to preserve its ability to eavesdrop on encrypted communications by influencing and weakening encryption standards by obtaining Master encryption keys and by gaining access to data before or after it’s encrypted by force of law or hacking Okay, so we really need to think about cryptocurrency probably I mean if you go back to Peter Thiel somebody who was also see you know, he’s influencing all of these things from PayPal to crypto to Major tech companies What’s the connection there? There’s obviously one Satoshi Nakamoto first 8ms sure is complete horseshit Struck’s net is the first discovered malware that spies on industrial systems, and it was used to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities It is believed to have originated from the United States under the Bush administration Carnivore a system implemented by the FBI that was designed to monitor email and electronic communications DCs net the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s point-and-click surveillance programs system that can perform instant wiretap on any Content Communications device located in the u.s fairview a mass surveillance program directed at foreign and mobile phone users IC reach Surveillance front and GUI that is shared with 23 government agencies including the CIA DEA DEA and FBI to search illegally collected personal records magic lantern keystroke logging software deployed by the FBI in the form of an email attachment When activated it acts as a Trojan horse and allows the FBI to decrypt user communications Main core financial database storing in of millions of US citizens threats to national security data mostly from NSA FBI CIA mainway a NSA database equals Metadata for hundreds of billions of telephone calls made through the four largest u.s. Telephone carriers So that’s a lot of information you could probably go through this and Read some of the responses here as well but if you remember, what did what did Vincent Kennedy say I wonder what would happen if these tools were leaked? Hmm something to think about and then I wanted to go over to you know People cleaner was initially a health Channel. If you go to the people cleaner comm website, you’ll see You know, I have a good many years of detoxes and Getting healthy. Yeah, I’m like, you know 50 years old and I’m extremely healthy. So a lot of what I do, absolutely works part of it is just having a great life and being happy and low stress but One thing that I did many years ago. I was actually a raw vegan believe it or not And that was a huge disaster for me You know, I’ve never met anybody that was raw vegan long long-term that did well But I’m sure there’s some of you out there. This isn’t anything about arguing what it is is about this person primal edge health is absolutely woke and I really wanted to show you kind of he was going into what Google’s doing. Just so you have a background He moved his family to South America Central America You know lives basically a you know A real basic life actually living life and it’s truly amazing If you go through the videos, especially from the beginning but here lately he’s gotten a lot more woke a lot more talking like a cue a Non-person and what he says in this particular video is very interesting But I wanted you to see this fake stakes are no sustainable are so sustainable for whom? You know, he obviously gets it right, Monsanto But this particular video is about a channel that got terminated for videos that they posted many years ago And yeah, they probably should have gotten those videos taken down. Maybe he did something wrong there, but this is talk about censorship and What we should be looking out for so I’m gonna play some of this video but I recommend that you go to primal edge health and Give his stuff a look. Give it a listen You may not agree with what he’s what he’s doing what he’s saying, but hey, he’s living his life You know, he’s not talking about it. He’s doing it and I highly appreciate that those kind of people because I’m one of them All right. Love you. All I would have never thought that over here defending Richard vegan gains Publicly here, but like I do what’s right Richard aka vegan gains YouTube channel is no more Richard Richard channel was terminated yesterday YouTube has decided that he has earned Three strikes Thus his channels out So Richard has been doing YouTube since at least I don’t at least like 2014 He’s been doing videos at least as long as I have I think I’m putting out video content that I disagree with Vehemently Right, I don’t agree with the message that Richard is promoting I believe that a vegan diet is very nutrient deficient believe that a vegan diet and caused incredible harm and damage In fact, I’ve seen many people in my own life many of my close friends and even family members Suffer from the ill consequences of a vegan diet right? I’ve seen the mental physical even moral degeneration that happens with this obsessive Ravenous vegan Ideology that many of the people that we see on YouTube today are suffering from That being said I’m not going to come come out here and go and laugh about Richards channel being removed YouTube’s Terms of Service are so shady are so Not cut and dry are so vague that It makes it almost impossible for people to actually conform to YouTube’s Community Guidelines Well YouTube is doing here is not protecting us from naughty naughty content what YouTube is doing and what YouTube has been promoting lately is the creation of a snitch Censorship society at the censor snitch society where content creators are forced To not only watch what they say lest they get removed you’re not allowed to talk about certain public events and give alternate narratives You’re not allowed to question certain things on YouTube if you use certain keywords, you will be instantly demonetised and perhaps eliminated from the YouTube creator community Well YouTube has been doing is rolling out a censorship program that gets you to censor yourself Unconsciously most of the time and Here Richard is his channel has been terminated He’s been given three strikes retro actively given strikes for a video that he was That he published a long time ago and a lot of people out there will say all cool. Man’s the free market, bro All right, like when they’re when their opposition gets taken down, it’s all it’s all the free market dude. It’s all good They’re just a private company They have the right to do that man There’s a private companies, right? well You’ve been Wired magazine one of these classic social engineering Publications have been along for around for a long time even Wired magazine openly talks about how big tech is merging with Big Brother And in fact big tech was created by Big Brother big tech is big brother There’s courts Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance You know how much money Google gets each year in government contracts Google just turned down a ten billion dollar Pentagon cloud contract So that Amazon can step up for ten billion dollars for AI and cloud contracts Going out to these big tech companies. These are not public companies. These are private public partnerships between governments and corporate agents Facebook started with seed money and Peter Thiel from in-q-tel Which is an investment branch of the Central Intelligence Agency and All these big tech companies have been bolstered by billions of dollars in government subsidies Contracts and many of them were even started with government money Google’s true origin partly lies inand CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance says courts Well, what does this have to do with censoring vegan gains channel any people talking about? Well, that’s a public company and they have the right to do this What are you talking about? That was Google a private company if they’re receiving? insane amounts of money from contracts subsidies and startup cash From the military-industrial complex We need to look at what these things really are Google Facebook these are the vehicles For the global dissemination of culture and these are the vehicles through which these cultures are being Influenced driven socially engineered these are the vehicles through which people are being socially engineered YouTube vows to recommend fewer conspiracy theory videos science move comes amid continuing pressure over its role as a platform for misinformation and extremism So what is a conspiracy theory? Is it anybody who questions the mainstream narrative? Anybody who questions? the media government narrative on event his so-called conspiracy theorist and YouTube will crack down on toxic videos, but it won’t be easy So they’re gonna try to crack down on so called borderline content what does borderline content well, let’s see videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness hmm So, what does that mean? Whatever? GlaxoSmithKline a or pharmaceutical now Bayer Monsanto is any Treatment for anything or any lifestyle choice that might improve health. Is that a Miracle cures at a phony miracle cure claiming. The earth is flat. Apparently that’s not allowed either, right? I get you can’t even you can’t question if the earth is flat or not. Apparently, that’s just dangerous so dangerous and we need the silicon valley gods to tell us this and or Making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11. I Don’t know if anybody remembers 9/11 that’s when those three buildings fell down in New York when the two planes hit And then that plane hit the Pentagon But there was no video footage of it And then it was one video released years later. If one angle, you couldn’t really tell what was going on Even though the Pentagon is one of the most highly surveilled place on the planet Remember that event you’re not a lot apparently talk about these things. It’s it’s not okay social media companies have come under heavy criticism for their role in the spread of misinformation and extremism online by who Well, oh you mean by the television by the mainstream media who wants to control the narrative on everything? Okay that’s what we’re seeing here and these people Vegans and carnivore style dieters alike are cheering this on Not only cheering this on but they think it’s gonna benefit them. They think they’re not looking further Then their next paycheck from Google I don’t agree with what vegan gains puts out there in fact if I was in charge If I was in charge so that so many people are thinking these days Well, what if I thought it was me in charge when I removed? Funny hypotheticals, right? It’s whole free speech things becoming very very interesting. I’m a freedom of speech my freedom of speech Even though these are so-called Private corporations and they’re not publicly held Google and YouTube are receiving massive amounts of money from US government and from other governments and these big tech companies are Actually going beyond governments. These big tech companies are becoming a new governance system that’s autonomous from National governments This is a really interesting phenomenon now, I don’t know I hope Richard gets his channel back not because I want to see Richard get Richards content right not because I will agree with Richard not because I agree with his message But I want to see his YouTube channel reinstated Because I don’t want my channel to be removed All you feel all you dummies out there laughing about this gloating about this saying this is good Freedom of speech man. It’s a private company Not their jaw, they don’t have to give you freedom of speech What happens when your channel gets removed and you have no idea why What happens when your channel gets flagged for a video you put out years ago? And your shit gets taken down you get D person 2d platform Well, you’re out of a job if you rely if your whole life relies if your entire income relies upon View money from Google and YouTube and Amazon affiliate links Don’t work for yourself You’re an employee You’re an employee of YouTube. You’re an employee of Google. You’re an employee of Amazon So all you youtubers out there think about diversifying what you’re doing if your main income comes from YouTube views from patreon money from eBay and from Amazon affiliate links What are you gonna do if they come for you? What are you gonna do if the algorithm suddenly decides that private messages from ten years ago? And get your D platformed what are you gonna do? When the AI Big Brother behemoth comes for you It’s time to stop putting out clickbait bullshit content. It’s time to stop Just trying to make a freaking name for self and be famous just for the sake of being famous Time to look in the mirror and ask yourself what the hell am I really doing and why am I doing it? At least some people are honest They’ve just sent it for the money and I hope vegan gains gets his stuff together first time I’ve ever liked a Vegan gains video is today So if you’re not showing support for Richard Don’t be surprised if it happens to you next Buh-bye You


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    I liked the guy talking in the white shirt! Very informative! Very True! Time to get serious and fight back! Wwgowga
    They are few we are many! Time to get out get noisy, get loud,
    There is no freedom without the freedom to say no! NO More!
    God Bless Patriots One and All! It's us against them who will lose!
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  • "Even though these are so-called private corporations and they are not publicly held, Google and YT are receiving massive amounts of money from the US government and from other governments and these big tech companies are actually going beyond governments in a new governance system that is autonomous from national governments"…..isnt all government money ultimately sourced off the backs of the people?, the blood ,sweat and tears of past, present and future taxpayers?…these big tech giants have become a law unto themselves and need decapitating


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    You guys need a new flag. The one you have was created by the East India Company and represents the annihilation of the globe through commerce. Once you liberate yourselves make a new one. Research east India Company flags. Pirates

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    Google has a digital model of you for all sorts of creepy shit. Look into Baylor Universities CLARION LABS public panic simulations and predictive algos

  • Becky Allen-Aubertin says:

    FBI was all freaked out recently because SOME DRUGS penetrate firewalls..YUP…kinda puts an interesting spin on the drug war doesnt it..the drugs most popular today are extreme combat drugs…derp!

  • respect for the guy in the video at the end. he doesn't agree with the content of the banned user but he respects his right to say what he feels is true.

  • Elon musk has been criticised by the establishment more then trump… the oil companies tried to destroy his electric cars, nasa tried to destroy his spacex. Elon musk is an outsider. Cant assume someone is deep state unless u know their history. Jeff bezos even attacks him. He is trying to outpace and eliminate elon musk. If you assume people are insiders because theyre wealthy, then your enforcing the left's argument. Do more research….


  • Shenandoah Highlands says:

    I would NEVER have guessed you were 50! Kudos! And thank you so much for the shout out to Primal Edge Health. Some of us just cannot do vegan, but have tried, ending in a very negative self destruct mode. Whether this is due to a heavy pathogenic load from histories of serious infections, or unknown "interference" may never be known. I find myself struggling with constant guilt for eating animals, although chosen from the healthiest Amish local farms, choosing the most humanely raised. I now, finally, feel stronger and more balanced than anytime in my life since the age of 11, when I contracted a life threatening MRSA infection in the operating room. I really appreciate hearing this point of view.

  • Well. Google may be tracking what runs on our devices, BUT! that does not mean the user (you and me, sitting at the computer or smart phone) are agreeing, supporting, much less promoting . . . what is running across the screen. We may not even be actually viewing what is on the screen, or listening to every minute. I'd be more concerned about Alexa program.

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    Vincent if you ever read this comment … at least make a wonderful happier Valentines Day , the feb 11 th was a true Promise Day .= a blockbuster sweet times to all..
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  • Thank you so much for researching and reading all this! My eyes have been opened, both spiritually and news worthy (?). Plus your voice is relaxing. 😊Do you have a link or date for that video with Trump holding the child?

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    RESIST leftist agenda
    Don't ever trust the government period

  • Am far from a tech head or i.t analyst but can work out, that google is owned by same 1 company and although sounds&looks complicated every single top company owns the smaller ones, all of them, & vica verca, buy or download a google app, your contracted, bugged, surveyed, for life, or your i.t life, try going down your own road youll soon find the toll roads, huge companies owned by the same (c) LLc, lmt, ccl, all jargon which is in your device and looks like a different language, absolutely nothing free or left as is, didn't take them long to tie this up,

  • Internet came from the Government – only logical that there would be all these back doors when there is no oversight or rules to be followed by our government. BUT, like anything man can make, another will work just as hard to find a way to use it for their own purpose – good or bad… Thank God for Trump, White Hats, and ANONS. #WWG!WGAWORLDWIDE

  • I followed @VincentCrypt46. His avi is JFK Jr. … age progression or real? Vincent (Fusca) / (John) Kennedy. Could the "46" refer to 46th President? Expand your thinking … πŸ€”

  • Being mainly a surveillance tool, why should they care about content? I've had 2 strikes on my unpopular, low-key channel which i never promoted.// #1 I had permission from the creator of the audio , , later they removed the strike. .//#2 I recorded a 7 yr old little girl, who I was babysitting after school. She was miming a song that she chose as it played in the background. .. It wasn't public, but a private playlist with videos of my grandaughter & her friends. I didn't know they removed it until I was gonna replace the audio with something else and it was deleted. I thought that was petty.

  • All I heard,is big talk.Put monies where your mouth is..Qaron and Red Pill.How much, Can We The People stand.Bust them all ready.If not Release the un-redacted Documents all of them,We need the Truth spelled out. Biondo v. Navy cover-up " Secret Files/Dossiers to harm us. now Trump.

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