PumaPay News – 60 second update

PumaPay News – 60 second update

[Music] my name is Christina get out giggle and I’m back with another payment a 60 second update innovation design and development is at the heart of the products and solutions we create here at Puma pay we announced recently our exciting q2 updates what we have achieved over the quarter as well as our future proposed developments for q3 to find out more visit the Puma P websites this week we will pay strategic alliances manager George polls that led the EEA artificial intelligence and blockchain special interest group conference call the topics discussed what AI to convert human written contracts to smart contracts and how blockchain an AI influence our economy and society George will be leading a mini-series on AI and blockchain which we coming to the pimp a blog soon also this week it was the cyprus blockchain summit at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia the events inform businesses and the latest trends and developments in blockchain experienced speakers keen investors and opinion leaders examine the opportunities and threats of this emerging technology and provided us with foresight on what to expect in the future many of the puma paid team attended the event and we’ve gained a lot from it to keep up to date with all things pin up a follow us and telegraph Facebook and Twitter


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