Psychiatrist: Trump’s Projection On Chairman Schiff Is ‘Primitive’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Psychiatrist: Trump’s Projection On Chairman Schiff Is ‘Primitive’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  • Judith Knights -Rayson says:

    Well, schiff is a nutter. And anyone who condones his wheeling and dealing and making claims he can't substantiate, is also suffering from delusions. Schiff is going to come unstuck and everyone who supports and encourages him will be left with egg on their faces. They will only have themselves to blame when schifft hits the fan, because the truth is plain to see. Trump has done many good things for America but some people are so mean-minded they'd rather go to bed with ulcers than say nice things about people.

  • You folks are freaking me out. We all know he is so corrupt that he will be allowed to win in 2020. The system has been compromised for a long time now. Just need to figure out how to boycott our Government. Any ideas?

  • The DR. is right. So what does it say about America that 35% support him. Maybe America needs to have free mental health care for Trump supporters.☺

  • Trump held these mini press conferences in the presence of foreign leaders and made them listen to Trump's rantings about domestic foes when he should have been discussing NATO. No wonder foreign leaders laugh at Trump. To my knowledge, no foreign leaders with the exception of Erdogan used the NATO meeting to rant about his dometic problems. The National Security Council provides talking points to U.S. presidents before they travel. There is no indication that Trump read or used these talking points. In this regard, Trump doesn't do even the most basic requirements of his job.

  • It's not hard to understand why the Russians helped put this man in the White House. Next to shipping a foreign dictator into the position here is the perfect candidate to split the country, and segregate it from the rest of the world. I used to think the United States had a problem with communism and dictators, yet apparently it's ok for the man leading the country to sympathise with, and consider such people with those beliefs as friends. Amazing. And genuinely stunning proof that either the nation can't be trusted to vote for an intelligent, suitable candidate for such a powerful and dangerous position or the system is so unbelievably weak that any nation willing to manipulate the choice of the US leader is welcome! Worse still I don't think the rest of the world is particularly surprised by either option, just simply shocked that it's so obvious and yet generally accepted by the population.


  • Gary Ryckewaert says:

    Hilarious. 37 psychiatrists who have never talked to Trump in a sit down clinical way are diagnosing him. Would you want to be diagnosed by people who have never even met you but have a pre disposition of hating you? I bet not. Funny enough this is on msnbc which hates Trump so much they program Trump bashing 24/7. I thought they were supposed to be a news organization. Would someone please tell them there are alot of news worthy things going on in the world other than Trump. Of course the "fix" is always in at anything nbc related.

  • The problem is that our beloved capitalism has become to favor ruthless psychopathic characteristics (over considerate, compassionate ones), so much so that it's (almost?) solely that kind of people occupying the seats in the boardrooms of the (commercial) institutions that runs it.
    If this is not fixed soon, there will literally be no environment left to destroy for, say, palm-oil profit for the already filthy rich few. (to give just one example)

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  • Allosaurus Fragilis says:

    A nasty simpleton that appeals to other nasty simpletons, envious and bitter of others . Propped up by cynical politicians, in order to keep power and enrich themselves. A disgusting cycle of self serving greed.

  • Republicans will drink more coolaid.
    Trump will not be impeached but the so-called Republican party will die.
    White supremacy dies with ethnicity shifts. The use is more brown than white.
    Just vote them out.
    Someone please get Donald a pacifier.

  • Psychiatrist usually have a problem that's why they get into this profession. He didn't get rid of his yet. Its a lost cause to end to end of life there.

  • This is sad GET TRUMP OUT Of THE WHITE HOUSE. This is disturbing VERY and his supporters are just as ignorant and sick. Jesus this is sad and scary.

  • The $18 billion released by G.Soros to profit from war, chaos and misery of people, is also evident in the indoctrinated pseudo moralistic "experts" and written comments here. "Go clean your room" Jordan Peterson in "12 rules for life." ☺

  • This Dr. Lance Dodes is trying so hard not to say the truth out of courtesy but really doctor you know he’s a ‘moron’ right?


  • Mr T man should look at all his Twitter post , all his interviews , and campaign speech's. And look in the mirror as he calls all these people childish names. Look in the dictionary and find the definitions for narcissism., two-faced, backstabbing.

    Also he needs to read all of the bill of rights…he needs to read the entire constitution. He put his hand on the bible as he made the promise to honor and lead the DEMOCRACY. Another word he needs to learn the definition of.

  • Insight Residential Realty TV says:

    Trump continually speaks for others when talking to the press with " you know it and I know it" which translates to " i think ". He made up a story of " I asked my friend " which means " i had a conversation with myself " he describes the person as being from " NY and very successful " I said to him..bla bla bla, he asked me " reality " I said to myself " he does not see being a corrupt person as being a problem because that is who he is. That is who he has always been.

  • 80%now know MSNBC ,CNN, abc,nbc,are all bias and complicant in misinformation . Basically along the lines of what gov. Run stations like China ,N. Korea .

  • Isn’t Adam they guy who was desperate to get nude photos of Trump on that recorded prank phone call?

    Well…Schiff has bent on taking out a duly elected president. So bent that he constantly lied that he had “more than circumstantial evidence” that Trump is a secret Russian agent. He must of spent days drafting and editing his phony telephone conversation between Trump and President Z.
    Now Schiff is spying on journalists that are accurately reporting on the Ukraine mess.
    Adam is one of those insane people that should never be in power of anything.

  • The Dr. is right. most of his supporters would be a better Prez than him. that's what attracts them. exactly why Jerry Springer show was so popular. American people seem to feel better when a worse person than themselves is on display. makes them feel like their problems aren't so bad in comparison.

  • Lawrence: Thank you for helping to ensure that history remembers the names of those in high places who prop up this dangerous president. They value their own careers above the good of the country. I assume they don't think their names will be remembered 10 or 50 years down the line, while their actions risk the very future of our democracy. They put their careers before the safety of our water and air, before the dangers of climate change, and ahead of the lives of all who are endangered by 45's policies. Their names should become as synonymous with betrayal as Benedict Arnold's, who even school children know was a traitor – even if they don't know the history behind it.

  • This is NOT a primitive behavior it is an immature childish behavior displayed by a person that has never had to grow up and act like a MAN!

  • Classic infantile behavior. Some people have remarked that his eyes are always dilated even under bright camera lights; a classic sign of amphetamine abuse. Scary to think he's walking around with the nuclear codes.

  • Brian Helgerson says:

    "As long as his party props him up he will stay in office."
    Of course the GOP will "prop him up"! They're getting everything they want from this "President"! He's malleable enough to lead wherever they want him to go while remaining delusional enough to think he's still in charge and that no one is out-thinking him. "Best" Republican president EVER!

  • Cartoon Raccoon says:

    From the very beginning when he suggested people who disagree with him should be punched, it should have been obvious he was unfit. We don't need that elementary school BS in a leader.

  • I watched that interview the other night and I cheered. Truer words were never said. tRump is the poster child for the sickness of projection. Following is a partial list of words he has used to describe others: maniac, sick, traitor, liar, coward, disgrace, disgusting, corrupt, crooked, fake, dumb, stupid, dangerous, criminal, evil, unfit, unstable, unfair, ignorant, racist, bigot, godless, lazy, petty, disloyal, deranged, arrogant, mean, un-American, nutjob, wackjob, wuss, fat, ugly, pig, just to name a few.

  • Our country has become a Jerry Springer show on steriods. I am sick of all this mental illness on display everyday. The Twitter attacks. The name calling. I am a retired nurse and worked with patients wI am a grown adult. I feel like I am back in grade school. It insults my intelligence.

  • Schiff is actually one of the most normal guys I've seen in Congress. Trump is the deranged criminal — obvious to most.

  • Its obvious though that 45 is the guy who needs mental health care. But how about the rest of the GOP that have slipped into an unrecognizable lot? Are they likely to recover from the madness after Trump is out of office? You know, I'm just thinking….

  • The only time that you are upheld fiercely when wrong is when Someone needs your protection, assistance, or something that you have provided. These Administrations are the most embarrassing, immature, never grew up People in the World. They are such liars. Everyday we hear another lie that we back up and the menaces just get to state to People more lies without any backup. It is past annoying to have to deal with illiterates. If this President, Military, or DOJ allows Anyone to go up to Anyone that I know after they are aware of what these liars do. If these Administrations do not prevent the contact knowing these menaces HISTORY. They should impeach the President today. Remove all of those thugs from the Country with help from another Country. America claims that they help People. Its obvious who needs the help. The majority are feeble, insane, and do NOT make any sense. The National Safety of this Country has been jeopardized for decades. No One is regulated or sent to prison for going around People who need to be incarcerated. They keep talking about People's past history when their history is now in question of being prosecuted. The past is not prosecuting evidence. Right now is for statues that stated the cases were proven without any doubt. No doubt means the other habitual liars NEVER had a defense that made any sense. Arrests these losers and stop justifying their ignorance.

  • Thanks for articulating, in measured words, what most of us have known for a long time. I saw through Trump's BS decades ago. Sad times for the USA.

  • Stop blaming Donald Trump and the republicans. This is deeper. It’s the voters. It’s the American people. We’ve been dumbed down by poor secondary education, college students mired in debt, easily available prescription opioids, and legalized marijuana. Salaries that don’t keep up with inflation, and substandard healthcare. To sick, drug addicted, broke Americans Donald trump was the only answer. And he or someone worse will be the answer again unless America addresses its rotting core.

  • Dr. Dodes is right. Trump is projecting: and his supporters are sick too. So, don't waste time trying to convince them of the truth. It's a total waste of time.

  • Donald: who going to pay for the wall? The crowd, duh, Mexico? Donald: no, no, no dummies, It's the Native Americans this time. And why not? It is their country. We are just the inhabitants, but this time it is for real. A member of the crowd: Yeah, and so was Custard's last stand!

  • MSNBC is a propaganda outlet. It is the rare show on American television that actually informs the public with impartiality. O'Donnell preaches to the true believers. You don't need reality, just believe. Sort of like religion.

  • The DUMB STATE GOP did not take psychology 101, so they are unaware of projection in a context not related to photography.

  • JoAnna S. Diamonds and Pearls says:

    I’m not a psychiatrist but I’ve always known he was a psychopath!!! His social behavior spells it out loud and clear!!!!

  • I didn't even see this until now. 12/5 When I heard trump talk about Adam Schiff, I thought the exact thing that trump is projecting. Pretty scary that his supporters don't see it

  • Russell Berwick says:

    When Trump said, what he said he wouldn't say, which is that he kind of wishes China would wait untill after the election, it hurts me to think that he thinks he's fooling China with his b.s. Like when he comes out screaming that he doesn't want anything, no quid pro quo. He really thinks we're as stuipid as he is.

  • The post modernist rule of law has nothing to do with the law. It is a system of authoritarian institutional corruption. They must push the post modernist figure head of psychiatry into the political empowering position. They are in fact the main weapon employed in this post modernist class war upon democracy. They must as such, make the trains run on time, before being ceremoniously dragged by an angry mob through the streets like Mussolini . I can see it in the eye's of their control freakish life's passion the fear of their only possible destination. This passion is on the impulse level overriding all system of logic. Psychiatry is in self destruct mode and lemming like heading for the cliff of social downfall.

  • Understanding the fear that is this, post modernist, control freakish, class wars inevitable destination. The corruption of the American institutions by hateful shrink control freaks. There is nowhere for these control freaks to go other than Mussolini dragging through the street. The mask of this post modernist class war profession is cracking. Political opinion psychiatry is the straw that broke the postmodernist fascist back. I see it in your eyes you ineffectual and hateful little wimp. The end is near fear yes it is a beautiful sight to behold.

  • Jeffrey Photonboy says:

    Trump said:
    "I may wait until after the election to do the China deal…"
    OH? WHY? If it was such a great deal it would help you win. That means you KNOW you've got nothing to justify what you put all the farmers and others through. And WHY WAIT if it's hurting people know? If you have the OPTION of waiting then it means you COULD make a deal now but just won't?

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