2 thoughts on “Prudent Media Konkani News 29 July 19”

  • Conny Rodrigues says:

    Mr CEO of goa miles, only one question i have to ask you, did you ask about the APP of goa miles to the original taxi association or you
    just brought outsider to buy taxi in goa

  • These mining dependents need a knowledgeable, confidant, charismatic leader who could connect with the people, & truthfully, point by point, with evidence explain the role of paid agent Mr.Claude Alvarez in Goas mining crisis. Even the world's most ruthless dictator fear negative public opinion as it undermines the legitimacy of their regime, laws which often results in a sudden & violent coup (regime change). Only way to fight paid agent Mr.Claude Alvarez is non-violently, publicly expose Mr.Claudes illicit foreign network & funding to produce severe, inflammatory, community sentiment against him & Goa foundation. This will put an end to his legal shenanigans & force him to drop his fake mask of environment protection & equitable despensation of natural wealth. Oppression & cruelty of bad people like Mr.Claude succeds due to silence of good people.

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