14 thoughts on “Prudent Media Konkani News 24 July 19 part 1”

  • Good question by Rohan Khaunte. Govt must be VERY serious about this. Why this was never raised by old opposition ? All busy jumping around! Now that Goans are on streets ( youth like Goan revolutionaries, etc) this MLAs wake up. So good activists pls continue the good work. If we rely on this politicians, they will not hesitate to even sell us along with Goa. This us the time of test. Any leader who stands by people for people, that leader will survive the political career. Gone are the days of vote bank politics.

  • What shit CM is talking, … Rohan has asked where they will stay and why they are come … so how CM can say he asked from all companies…. how he can say all those people will work in companies.

  • luis fernandes says:

    The procession of migrants flowing into Goa are the result of Kenyan railways approved by KALAP AND CHURCHiLL. It also works handy for the shameless GOAN POLITICIANS who these inflow of immigrants into vote banks.

  • Follow the money of paid agent Mr.Claude Alvarez. How can his sons afford foreign tours without any job or business???

  • Ahmedrazak Rehman says:

    Panjim should have towers to accommodate people.take all offices pvt as well as outside capital city to avoid parking and traffic congestion

  • Ahmedrazak Rehman says:

    Mr babush to make smart city think technically promote basement parking for each commercial buildings so parking can take place inside leaving roads open.
    Make list of old buildings under government demolish and rebuild with new design with basement parking only then u can solve these problems

  • celina fernandes Gracias says:

    BJP is getting ready for the next election by bringing these biharis from Bihar inspite of knowing tht these are the people who are involved in murder rapes and robbery…My advice to all the Goans are…do not give your houses on rent to these people…Please go n check the village panchayat records according to RTI informations….strict actions should be taken on Panchayat if places are given to them…actions should be taken now …because after 6 months they will get their electrol cards…Actions should also be taken on casinos and Industrialist who have employed them…Nitesh kumar chief minster of bihar from the janata dal has send this people in goa…kick them out or face the consequences


    Initially Goans were pushed out from labour by migrants, then from other jobs and business. Now Goans r pushed out from panchayats in many villages. If no action then Goans will be pushed out from Leglastive Assembly also.

  • lauzerio rogtao says:

    This IDIOT Babu WHO give this Sport Minister post to him , he is not fit for that post , give him animal welfare

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