46 thoughts on “Protest in Hong Kong takes drastic turn in mob attack involving police”


  • Chinia is smiling. This is working out better then they hoped. The army will come in and they will never leave. It's going to go downhill from there.

  • If you don't liked become Chinese you should go freedom,because in China, people can't got everything want, Chinese covernment so evil, I lived in city,mountains around the city any frog can't spread that the government seted up oil companies in here,100 thousand more students protest in the street ,government let polices catch them to jail, so we don't have anything can defeat the governments,only chooice just leave this country, the country just for governments not for us

  • Wrong move. Those generation X can take a lesson with Ghadi and Martin Luther King Jr. Don't they remember Tienanmen Square June 4????

  • The police are not the enemy. The police are just doing their job to restore orders. Try living in a country with no police? Life will be dangerous and lawless

  • Local residents who organized to protect their communities are gangsters? Protesters who destroyed things and provoked locals are not? What is your integrity in journalism?

  • PianoMan 2018 says:

    Respect from America. You appreciate freedom. Here, too many people are willing to cave into socialist and communist ideals. Keep up the fight! ?

  • Hong kong economic is run by US companies 60000 of US companies are will closed down because of china us trade war , every year hong kong profit money are collet by china goverment use for other poor dictator country to dominant , hong kong people are live in small room and poorly so they prtest

  • What I was wondering is why are they fighting? They seem to be fighting each other, which I wonder how impacted are they with the mobile rating systems that are created to measure trust and trade that in some cases make a persons entire worth or value worthless in society. Trapping people in a system of credit scoring is dangerous. We must learn our lesson and give bankruptcy to outdated debts. The Caste System is illegal under the rule of the Republic. Business and student loans must be forgiven in court proceedings per the laws that were passed by a senior leadership that was not yet impacted by social-media, or uncensored data brought on by the open-minded-sciences of technological advances. Forgiving is the toughest reality. I want no war in the USA. The problems we have here in the country are because of the credit system and the illegal bankruptcy procedures that give small batches of loans to government to guarantee, but forgive or allow others to be forced to forgive. I appreciate the banks so much for helping me and abiding by law. I appreciate the loans provided, but the costs of such loans will put a hamper on human development and growth, and it won't stifle competition. It only weakens your own youth who have to manage the competition that has free loans already.

  • It's beautiful to see those American flags being carried by Chinese Hongkongers. I wish I could promise the U.S. government's support but I wouldn't count on it. Be safe while you are being most brave. Respect from America.

  • Chinese Communist Party must stay out Hong Kong. CCP has committed possible the largest number of crimes against humanity, murdered 70 million Chinese people. Continues to commit crimes against humanity.

  • When I arrived in China in 2001, things truly were wonderful for foreigners in China, and Chinese citizens generally. The economy was skyrocketing, the Chinese government promised all sorts of reforms, to civil rights, to banish corruption and abuse of powers in the legal, political, police and judicial systems, in order to get accepted into the World Trade Organisation, to open up, to be accepted by the international community, even to get the Olympics.

    But sadly, things quickly deteriorated after the 2008 Olympics. The Chinese government broke the promises they had made to the international community concerning human rights, and so on. They had become economic giants, even lending money to the US, and the population of China, especially the younger generation of males became overly nationalistic, to the point where I could not bear teaching at their universities any more. I left China in 2010.

    Millions of people in countries around the world hold Hong Kong dear to their hearts. If China turns Hong Kong into another Tiananmen Square, I don’t think the international community will ever forgive China, and quite possibly the Chinese will become a disliked race, unwelcome in Western countries, and the international community.

  • Even 3 year old kid understand people need to pay consequence after what they have done. When all this happen in Hongkong, the final hurt will always be Hongkong local people.

  • why doesnt their government step down already…They should step down to avoid bloodshed and they clearly do not represent their people.

  • I just hope you all have the courage, spirit, energy and perseverance to continue fighting for freedom. I know China will not allow you to have your freedom like we do here in the west. China will not hesitate to sacrifice the majority to deny anyone who dare fight for freedom. PLA will be moving in soon to control the protesters. By all means, China will not allow this to continue.

  • I think something must be made very clear. Hong Kong was COLONIZED by the foreign ravager, do I have to teach you all who hold a ridiculous delusion of it the definition of this English word??Read it first: colonization, colonization, colonization, COLONIZATION, COLONIZATION, COLONIZATION…..

  • Was leaving tutor class yesterday and I saw a sign saying If we burn you burn with us. From the hunger games. Every street and corner are littered with propaganda in Hong Kong.
    Oh and I think the police are public allying with the gangs now (black shirt)

  • protesters ganging up police are not violent, but citizens who protect their turf are gang members….biased much?

  • All this because of "face"? That's not very smart on China's part. Whats the endgame – PLA Troops? What are they going to do make a dramatic amphibious landing on the sands of Wan Chai reclamation land – Thousands of soldiers jump onto the waterfront like its Dunkirk and start machine gunning umbrella people? Yeah! Thats the ticket! That will show those pesky Hong Kongers that disobey emperor Xi

  • Fake news . The police is in suspicion because there is a grudge against them by the pro independence/ democratic grp in Hk since 2014.They want to revenge against the police. I personally don't believe. Btw this world is not fair! In law, if u are not deemed guilty , u are still innocent. The violet rioters beat up ppl, bullying the old, yet no western media broadcast this to the world . Very fair . I spit.

  • Somehow im feeling that because the US backed out of the inf and iran nuclear treaty that now china is also following the US and will not honor anymore the 1997 agreement for hongkong to self rule until 2047

  • that the way Chinese has been doing to their people,it is not gangster, it is the Chinese policeman dressed as gangster was beating the protesters ????

  • In a normal situation the leadership would step down, after totally failed policies. But as this leadership is CHINA CONTROLLED, they stay because they are ordered to do so.

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