Protect Your Health and Wealth – Robert Kiyosaki [Rich Dad Radio Show]

This is the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad news about
money. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. Hello. Hello. Hello. It’s Robert
Kiyosaki rich dad radio show, broadcasting from beautiful Scottsdale,
old town Scottsdale, Arizona. And our program’s about the good news
and bad news about the coronavirus. And as you guys know,
unless you live on a rock, is the biggest news going around. And
so I want to find out once and for all, is this Corona virus rail or is it fake? Other question is how not to be
a victim of it if it is rail, but how not to be a victim at not just
health wise and now most people lost, not it will never happen
to me and it might not, but how it’s going to affect you wealth. So it’s about health and
wealth versus a Corona virus. And I was watching my
friend Jim Rogers, you know, he lives in Singapore and he flew in
for board meetings in New York and the boards told them, don’t come to
the meetings. He says, Hey, I, I’m not illness. No, no, no,
no. You’re from Singapore, so you can’t come in to
the meetings. And he says, so I fly out away to New York and I
can’t go into the meeting they want me to call in. That’s how bad the New
York is about this coronavirus. At the same time, I was climbing on a plane from Dallas
to Phoenix and this guy looked like an old, old biker, you know, real tough guy
and all this. And I walked in, I said, hello. I sat down the first day
he glares at me and he goes, don’t you cough on me? You’d better not
cough on me. I said, I’m not Chinese. No, it’s your cough on me. So lots of stuff having gone
on about this Corona virus, so it’s about don’t be
a victim health or well, whether it’s real or fake,
because even if it is fake, it still affects the markets
and wealth and all that. So we have to experts on this feel of
health and wealth and coronavirus and your, your health. One is dr
Chris Martenson as a friend, says 2008 in Adam Taggart are the
authors of the book crash course. It’s a very important book for
everybody to raid. You know, it’s a very important book. It’s
about what’s going on in the world. Macro economics today. And uh, and other other guests is my personal
doctor. Her name is dr Nicole Srednicki. I just call her dr Nicole as she is
a doctorally prepared a family nurse practitioner who graduated
from Georgetown university, Magnum cum lotto up there with me. Now I was at the bottom of the list and
close the top of the list. But anyway, we had a two very smart people who really
understand this thing about health and about this Corona virus. And dr Nicole’s always on a long
before this Corona virus, she says, now you be, she be sure to wipe down
your seat and your airline trays. Cause I was an airline, says
they’re the most fellow fan things. I worked on toilets and I and I reading
this article and it said the most dirty place on one of the most dirty places
in the world is on an airlines. It’s that place, the key behind the
seat when they put the magazines in, it did this test. And where
are the most germs hanging out? It’s in the magazine rack and behind
every aircraft. Those are two guest today, dr Chris Martenson, old friend
and doctor colors, red Nikki. She is a fiance of my friend, dr
Radha Gopalan, my cardiologist. So welcome to my welcome
to the rich dad radio show, dr Martinson and Dr.
Murphy. Nikki. So cool. They call. What do you want to start
with first? I mean, you’re always on me, right about wiping out my tables and
all carrying masking and all this stuff, right? Yes. Well I commend you
on, on remembering those, those important words that I tell you.
And you know, you used to roll your eyes, but I think, I think it
actually stuck with you. No, I roll my eyes. I carry, I
carry all that stuff you give me. I still don’t use it. You know what
I mean? But I remember the words, well, I am actually sitting in the Miami airport
right now getting ready to fly back to Phoenix and I am one of the few that
that is wearing a mask against the CDC recommendations. I’m just, because I think I’ve done enough research
and want to protect not only myself, but you know, I’m back in the office tomorrow with
my patients and I want to, you know, decrease their risk of
exposure to anything. Because one of the scariest things
about the virus is that before you even exhibit symptoms, you
can be contagious. Right. Okay. So dr Chris Martenson, would you
mind giving us your background as, um, you’re not a medical doctor what
kind of doctor are you, and what, what qualifies you to be one of the
leading experts in the world today via you tube on this Corona virus? Oh, well thanks for having me. It’s
good to be here with you and Nicole. My PhD is in pathology university.
So I went through, you know, the first two years with
the med students and uh, then went a different
direction and pathology labs
for a bit and did a post doc as well. And as well I went out and
then later got an India. So I translate between the science
world and the business world. And really I’m just always had a deep
fascination with science and I’ve kept abreast of it. So that’s what I’m doing out on YouTube
right now is just trying to translate very complex scientific data
for people that frankly, even the old are getting
really, really wrong. Uh, so the so called people who
should be steeped in this Robert, or are given some bad advice these days.
And Nicole touched on one of those, which is they’re saying
don’t use face mask. And what they’re really trying to say
is we don’t have enough for everybody. We’d like to preserve them for
the healthcare professionals, which I agreed with. I just
wish they were about that. Oh, so I’m dr Nicole and dr Chris. Do you think the uh, coronaviruses
rail, cause most people think it’s fake. It’s, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a Bernie
Sanders attempt to get Trump elected. Yeah. Uh, no, it’s, it’s real. It’s real. And yes, I definitely agree with Presad Israel. Okay. So, uh, what warnings
I on, on, by the way, how do people access Yara YouTube
videos? What’s, what’s it under? You can either search under
Chris or key
prosperity or those will get you from the channel
and you know, they’ve gotten millions and millions
of views at this point. Cause I’m just using very plain simple
language and I’m not trying to either put out there anything that’s scary
or I’m not trying to calm people. I’m just saying this is the data that
we have and it’s hard to digest because this is a theory of pandemic
we’ve had in a hundred year. So I understand why people are
struggling with it somewhat, but a very fast moving kind trying eco
that for people as quickly as I can and as, as as, uh, I thought SARS was a pandemic
or bird flu or whatever. Yeah. I haven’t mentioned that.
The most critical part of this, there’s a lot of things that
separates us from both flu. And uh, and so was it transmitted
when it was symptomatic? So if you got it, you would have
a fever, you would be coughing. And so we’re very easy to stop that and
the bees relative to this one because you could just like you’re
doing at the airport, you could scan for people with
temperatures, with obvious symptoms, and then pull them aside, do the contact tracing to find out who
they sat near and who they talk to and isolate everybody. And so it
was bad, but it was stoppable. This one has a very long period.
We have data out of China. There’s maybe up to 27 days in the middle
cases. Asymptomatic meaning no cough, fever, but you got it and it’s infected. And so that makes it
really, really hard to stop. It means that everything
that we’re doing with that, you want to scan temperature, that
the airport is good but insufficient. So, you know, the problem I have is it’s
like the boy who cried Wolf. You know, you say, well, this is SARS, this
is bird flu, this is dog flu. Whatever you guys have out there.
But after a while, nothing happens. And so people stop paying attention.
So in your professional opinion, both Chris and dr Nicole, is this more dangerous than SARS when
bird flu or dog flu, whatever he got? Yes. Yeah. It’s more dangerous because
it’s spread so much more easily. It’s got a Berry, very high infectivity
rate. It’s called an or not. It might be between numbers
there. What do these numbers mean? Four and it just needs this. And even though cars was more
deadly on a case rate, uh, this is going to impact
way, way more people. And so we’re already seeing outbreaks, epidemics in a rant in Italy, you thought on the diamond
printer through ship in Japan, we’ve got over a hundred cases.
Germany, United States, it’s everywhere. And it’s spreading very, very quickly.
And that I mentioned before or not, it’s not just spread linearly, but Robert, you’ll get this from my work from before. It’s growing geometrically or
exponentially. That’s the issue. It’s really fast. So dr Nicole, what do you think? Is
that a more dangerous hazardous memoir? Is that just another crying Wolf? So, um, as Chris said,
by a case by case basis, um, like a virus like
SARS is more deadly. Um, but I think we’re going to see a much, many more people infected with
the Corona virus. Now. Um, China has been studying the severity
of the symptoms and out of the people infected with Cova 19, um, 80% of the infections were mild, 15% were severe, and 5% were critical. So what this means is there’s a lot of
people that are being infected and a lot of people that will
continue to be infected, but it’s not as lethal as some
of you know, SARS and MERS, which are also both part
of the Corona virus family. So once again, it’s Robert
Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show, and we have two experts on this
thing called a Corona virus. How’s going to affect our health and our
wealth? Because from what I, you know, what I hear is, you know, businesses
are shutting down and you know, Starbucks is closed all through China
and Apple shutting down and all this, that’s going to be our health also, I mean our wealth but also our health. And so that’s why we have these two
experts on the program. And the other, Chris Martenson is heavy MBA and his
book is peak Amanda’s a crash course. And it’s about how fast
the crash will hit us. And it’s always frightened me when I
read crash courses because you know, Chris uses the example of what a, a football stadium or a sports
arena with 100,000 people in it. And how in the people don’t realize what’s
happening until the last five or six seconds. And that’s the issue with
the coronavirus right now can, that’s health and wealth
and are you prepared for it? So I have a quick question for the two
of you. Who’s going to die from it? You know, if are you an old
guy who was really weak? Are you dead or could anybody die
from it? Chris, could anybody die? So, okay. Yeah. Well, yes, you know,
radically. But, um, it really, this is a very odd thing, et cetera.
Apart from flu as well with flu, sometimes it’s a very old, this thing is leaving the
fairly young alone completely. There are no recorded
serious illnesses, uh, under from one eight of one and
under, and no deaths under the age of, I think it’s still all to like 15
or kids are fine, which is great. The old people, the older you are, the harder and it just gets worse and
worse once you go up those age brackets. Um, so that’s who it’s hitting
artists and there’s, you know, some data does it hit men a little harder
than women and we’re not sure about ethnicities. It’s still a lot of
ass moving data. We don’t know. But, but the rule of thumb
is the older you are, the more you want to avoid
this thing. Absolutely. Uh, because it’s got a very, very high serious complication
rate about overall 15%, maybe 20% depending where
we’re talking about. So that’s, that’s something you absolutely
can, you want to avoid, which is why we’re seeing so many
things that are discretionary, like travel occasions, cruise, all
those industries that are just like, they hit a wall. So that’s why, you know, the, the democratic party may lose
everybody cause they’re all old. Bernie Sanders is over 70, and Pete, Buddha judge dropped out so, and went
on. The only young guy dropped out. Anyway, that’s not a good, Hey Nicole,
what do you think? Why, who does it, is it age have a factor or a health or
what was, who’s, who’s more susceptible? Should I say? Sure. So, um, definitely the
elderly as Chris said. And you know, anybody that is immunocompromised
in any way or even if you know, it’s really important to remember
chronic illness. So you know, people are at higher risk if they
have diabetes, if they’re smokers, if they have respiratory
issues, you know, heart disease. So they might seemingly be,
you know, relatively healthy. But if you do have these comorbidities,
it does increase your risk. Um, you know, pregnant
women have to be, uh, very careful cause we don’t have
a lot of the data on that. Um, as well as, um, I do think, you know,
children, young children, you know, we have to be, uh, really careful. Okay. So then, uh, as far as preventative,
again, we’re focusing on health. Next section we’ll go into
wealth. But, um, dr Nicole, I mean, aren’t you a vitamin C advocate
mode? Vitamin C helped us at all. Absolutely. So I love
studying about the, you know, the latest technologies and you know, with something like this it’s like we
need to know urgently what can we do about it. And you know, when we look
at the recommendations right now, everybody is, you know,
CDC and um, you know, the health organizations
are saying, well, you know, treat it like the flu and you know, you need to let your
doctor know and you know, and isolates and hydrates. Um, because
there really are no treatments. However, um, they really, you know, in China they’ve really
been driving this hard. And, um, I was reading an article that they have
actually been testing a combination of um, HIV drugs as well as even, um, they were developing an antiviral for
Ebola. They’d been utilizing this, um, uh, as a possible cheat and
measure. And additionally they have, and this is really exciting for me because
I am such a big vitamin C advocate. Um, they’ve actually been doing some
studies in China giving mega doses of intravenous vitamin C, um, for these, uh, not only for acutely infected
patients but also as prevention. And, um, so far they’ve had
some really good outcomes so it’s still dark. So Chris
Martenson, dr Martenson as a, as a pathologist and a toxicologist.
What does vitamin C do? Um, but you know, I bought my own personal supply just in
case around the thing and I take it prophylactically as part
of my health regimen. One of the things that gets really bad
about this virus is not the virus itself killing you, but it activates your
machinery and your body, your cytokines, scorn, which is your own
body fighting the virus, but then go a little haywire
and creating a lot of damage. And the crease is part of that process. It can create a lot of folk
called free radical, um, very damaging molecules that vitamin
C helps to stop off and soak up. So I’ve been reading as well. A lot of
the antioxidants are trying those things. It’s not a brightening. The
viral would seem to be useful. There’s a strangely enough
chloroquine phosphate, which is an anti-malarial drug that
has some really good parts and results around that. But there’s hundreds of studies actually
going on right now to try and figure out what to hit this with. The
blame and see is absolutely, um, floating up there. Something I’m
beating about more and more. And um, uh, I personally utilize as part of my own
health regimen because the rest of the downside, a very, very, very safe
compound and it’s good for her. And so I feel like something that
personally I still good to media. Okay. So once that Robert Kiyosaki,
we’re talking about the Corona virus, don’t you know not to be a victim of
either health wise or wealth wise. I’m gonna come back with going
on into wealth, but now I’m, I’m inspired to go to, I’ll see doctor Nicole tomorrow and
she’ll give me vitamin C massive doses through uh, an Ivy versus
a one a day vitamin pill. So lessons almost as things you can do. So you don’t have to be a victim of this. Coronavirus health-wise even, you know, the way we’d all know it was real,
a fake, but apparently most people, many people do think it’s
real. So we come back, we’ll be talking more about what you can
do health as well as wealth wise to not be a victim of as Corona Vidas
fires. We’ll be right back. The subject is the coronavirus.
Is it real or is it fake. Dot. How not to be a victim of it,
especially health wise and wealth wise. Our guests today are dr Chris
Martenson, a longtime friend. He’s the author of the book, the
crash course with his partner, Adam Taggart Chris’s in Massachusetts. Adam’s out in California and
dr Nicole SRE, Nikki, she has, she has my personal
health physician and um, she is, I don’t know if he’s
got so many credentials, man, she’s Magnum come from Georgetown. But she said the American Academy of
anti-aging and regenerative medicine, but she’s also on the board of STEM
cell stuff. Is that correct? Nicole? Yes. What so what, I love cutting edge medicine. So that’s why I go and
see you and all this. What do you do as far as the STEM cells? So STEM cells are amazing regenerative
medicine and I utilize the, um, to treat, I use them as anti-aging. I use them for people with
weakened immune systems, um, is to help regenerate joints. Um, STEM cells are basically what I
call your youth cells and they get, they go dormant, they get
dysfunctional as we age. And we have technologies and
protocols to actually basically, uh, Enlive in these cells. And that helps to keep us
young or energized and um, feeling great. And I saw people keep asking me now, cause I’ve been seeing dr Nicola for
about two years as how come you’re losing weight and why? Looking younger while it’s because of
dr Nicole as she was using the leading stuff, which I don’t know anything
about this one big problem with it. It’s expensive and it’s
not covered by insurance. So that’s another reason for you to get
richer is because you can get the latest in healthcare versus Obamacare, which
means you’re going to die anyway. So that’s dr Nicola was less
than MVR company. Dr Nicole ultra healthy human. And how do they get in contact with you? Uh, they can go to my website, which is I also have an Instagram page
and um, if you Google me, there’s some different podcasts
or they can just call the office. That, and the reason I mentioned
the thing about the, uh, the price, cause it’s not that she’s gouging people. The technology she’s using are expensive
because of the latest and the greatest as she was having, you know, more
the marketing person. I said, the problem is you have
poor people calling you up. And the tragedy is the number of
people’s increasing and they can’t afford appropriate healthcare unless Bernie
Sanders gets elected and everybody would have it for free. Anyway, that’s it. So dr Chris Martenson again give please
give us your credentials as a PhD and dah dah, dah dah. Yeah, I got my PhD in pathology
from Duke university and pathology. Chris, what does
pathology for a layman like me. Yeah, so it’s the study of diseases
and disease, cross receipt. So we all get sick and there’s
a way that that happens. And so that’s ology is looking at how
that happened and looking for clues and trying to figure out maybe how sick
somebody is or what kind of disease they have. So we’re really looking at mostly
disease types and disease progression in. So how did you swing into peak prosperity? I mean you’re now in the kind of SIM, similar venue as rich dad. We
teach together, we talk together, we share the stage together. But how did you go from pathology and
toxicology into finance or money or wealth? Well long road, but the short story is
the 2000 crap happened. I got curious. I’m a curious guy. I like a lot of data and I started
digging and I started finding things out about money and the economy works. I read this great book by Ian regretting
called feature from Jekyll Island and it totally opened up my eyes to what’s
going on in the money for some that made me even more curious. So I really started unraveling things
and finally I came up with a big story about how all of these pieces fit together
and I realized that’s what I wanted to do with my life was to educate people
about these big things so that they could take action to make
their lives happier, better, wealthier, and more resilient. Yeah, it’s a very interesting
story on the now, um, by the end of this program we’ll
have you tell the story of, of the super arena sports arena with
100,000 people and how fast change comes about. So before we go into
getting back on, you know, this thing on Corona viruses about
health and wealth. So we hear, you know, don’t wear the mask, doesn’t help yet. Dr Nicole has me carrying these hand
sanitizers and all this other goofy things and wearing mask, which I don’t wear cause I want to look
like a goof ball sitting on a plane. But dr Chris Martenson are masks worth it? [inaudible] are masks worth it? Yes they are, but they’re most worth it
if everybody’s wearing them. Because the best ocean of a mask
is to catch virus particles. We are trying to come out on a person’s
body when they cough or something like that. And if we had a, if I could be the magic
vol and wave my wand, you would see everybody in the United
States having a mask on every time they were in public until we get
this disease under control. Um, and math does limited good to
protect you from getting it. It’s much better if somebody has a mass
on who already have it for spreading it. And that if you go to the hospital
when the first things are going to do, if you have the flu or the perfect viral
or even bacterial contingent coming, they’re going to put a mask on you and
that’s to protect everybody else from you. And so that’s the
highest and best use. We don’t have enough map
in the country right now. We outsource all of that and got caught. Flatfooted so we’re in a little bit of
a bind here until more math get made. But for now, yes, math and button particular you have
somebody in your home where you think the flu or maybe this thing called covert 19. You want to have a mask on then to
protect everybody else around them. So dr Nicole, did you order me my masks? I have one specially for you, Robert. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Um, you know
how stubborn I am and then so, and the, you have me wearing using those hand
sanitizers and I just went to see Kim’s mother who is in a hospital. They made
me wear a hazmat suit to see her mother. I mean, Holy mackerel. She’s,
she’s a 95 year old woman. I mean, I said, now you’ve going to put a hazmat suit
on and all this stuff and wipe my hands down and is that worth it or what’s
going on? Why does that hand set it? You know, it’s other guy told me
hand sanitizers don’t work anyway. So the best way to, um, you know, to clean your hands is, is definitely,
you know, using soap and water. But if you don’t have that available, you want a high alcohol based hand
sanitizer and it can definitely help, you know, prevent some of the spread.
Um, something additionally that I, they never talk about. Um, I always
tell people to get, you know, um, sanitizing wipes and
clean your phone. I mean, people are constantly touching
their phones and then eating, touching their phones
in the bathroom. I mean, I’ve walked to the airport and already
had to hand over my phone twice to get scanned and so people’s
phones are disgusting too. You need to be cleaning your phone
off. Um, but as far as, you know, I think when you go actually go into
the hospital having those additional precautions, I don’t think that’s a
bad thing because you are, you know, you’re around a lot of, um, illness. You’re around people that
are immunocompromised. And so taking every precaution
in the hospital, I think it’s, I think it’s okay to be a little bit
more overboard. But as far as you know, I don’t think you need to wear a hazmat
to come into my office or walking around in public. Well, you know, you kind of
remind me, my friend Donald Trump, because he’s a germaphobe,
like he won’t shake hands and I don’t need a KFC, but he had to, he had to learn how
to shake hands to run for president. It’s kind of funny. So let’s
go into wealth. You know, and I’m dr Chris Martenson.
One of the things you’ll read, what do you see happening? But one of the things you’re recommending
is a person should have like 30 days so that you can, you can
quarantine yourself and
survive or something like that. And that’s for the health. But also
for the wealth. What can you do? Yeah, so complex a story. So
we, you know, we’ve got lots of [email protected] you know, just telling her that because there’s
three big areas people need to looking to. One of them is around their
health and sanitation, personal protective equipment. We
are talking about that as well. They need to safeguard their wealth
in this particular environment. As a big fan of your work. And I agree that we’re in a
huge bubble and the one thing, and this Corona virus just put the
brakes on global manufacturing, almost 30% of global manufacturing in
China and it just came to a screeching halt. Huge impact for pricing. We’ve already felt some of that
with that, but people need to know. There’s also a supply shock coming for
manufactured drugs that 97% of our erotic come from China. That’s a
problem. A big chunk of our, our drugs and generics come out of India. Well they get all their precursor
chemicals from China. That’s a problem. So we have both things going on. I think that it’s gonna be
really bad for stock. Uh, you know, cause they were
pretty expensive anyway. But supply talk like this or something, you can’t think your way out of and
lower interest rates don’t help. The people need to know about all of that.
And then as well on the undercurrent, if there’s only one way to really stop
something like this and that is to put people into basically in
isolation going to fall. So that’s what they did in China. They
put everybody in quarantine and said, you can’t come out of your house. Only one person can come out
every two days or every week. So we would advise the people
food on hand for at least 30 days. Um, so that if we do not only kill the
recording team, which could happen, that at least are resilient and you’re
able to weather that out better than people who have no preparation. So
we advise and you know, get some good stuff that you would normally eat
anyway. We call it a deep pantry. Don’t go out there and buy stuff
you would never eat. You know? No, you don’t go buy beans and rice, but
the things that you would normally eat, you shouldn’t have a full freezer, a
deep pantry, and just be ready for that. I think everybody’s great grandparents
would say, yeah, that’s what you, you know, we would recognize
that the prudent thing to do. So lots of steps that people can take
that they should take. But let’s be clear, we’ve never seen a shock in the financial
system and the manufacturing supply chain like we’re experiencing right now. And nobody can really predict
what’s going to happen. So that’s why a little caution, a
little prudence is warranted here. And that’s why you said
cause in another, we’re, we’re in right now in March
up to 2020 and you know, Powell, the head of the U S fed dropped
interest rates, another five basis, 500 basis points. And what
did, what did you see happen? Well, the S and T start up about 80 points in
one minute and then it lost all of that more. Um, and it’s sort
of struggling with that. So this was one of the first time we’ve
seen where the federal is are cut rates and it lasts for a couple of
minutes. And it mean that, I mean honestly is a rate
cut, but he asked me this way, kind of a sarcastic question, but if the fed cuts rates and half a percent, are you more likely to pick up the phone, grab a plane ticket and go hang out at
Disney world? I’ll probably not. Right. So there’s nothing that really bed
can do by lowering interest rates. When we only have the
easiest financial condition, cars or car loans are 0.5%
less. People are hunkered down, they’re very worried about the thing. Consumer behaviors have changed
radically in the last two weeks. And that’s something that can’t
be fixed with a, you know, slightly cheaper money. Um, so I think people just need to be ready
for that and where that might be out of bullets. Right. And what you’re
saying is that the cut rates, but it can’t get the supply chain back
and up in production and they’re lit and people being let off their jobs to stay
at home because it’s go into isolation. I mean this is a pretty systemic
collapse we’re coming into. So that’s why dr Chris Martenson is
saying, you know, I’ve got 30 day supply. Another thing Chris
recommends, which I do, which is why dr Nicole and
I have such good friends, you have to have friends that
you can trust. And I trust. I trust dr Nicole and uh,
her, her fiance, dr Radha, I have, I have cans of antibiotics
because they’ll last forever. So it’s like I have bullets and have
antibiotics and I have a pantry full of food and I have gold and silver and I
have cash outside the bank and I keep my cars topped up with gas because if this, this is a systemic problem that just, it’s more than just your
health. So dr Nicole, what are you doing to prepare for, um, possible collapse or
challenges of the system? So I have been, um, starting to collect physical
gold and silver, uh, just as, um, Oh, one of my, I something
I learned from you is that you, you call this God’s
money because you know, even with all the inflation and you
know, as our money is becoming devalued, that’s still real money. Yeah. W what, what do you mean by that?
There’s a term called counterparty risk. Chris, you want to
explain counterparty risk? Sure. If I write you a check, you’ve
got a check for me for an asset, but I’m the counter party
and the risk here is, well, maybe I wrote you a bad check. So our whole financial is shot through
with counterparties and gold is the only financial assets that I’m aware of that
doesn’t have any counterparty risks. That’s physical gold, physical goals. That’s the trick.
You have to own it yourself. It’s not somebody left holding it for you. It’s not some boat somewhere with your
name on it and it’s all of that. Right. But if you can hold goals, you actually have real in your hand and
we’ll call that many and we’ll separate that from currency. Right.
It’s just a different thing. Money is money and gold
and money for a long time. Yup. And we also have, you know, in remote places cash on hand because if
a panic hits he won’t be able to get to the banks. And that’s what happened
in Iceland and Greece and Italy. I think so now that’s why, uh,
we have the rich dad radio shows. Not not that we want
these things to happen, but the key can you be
prepared for it. So Chris, final word on this is the thing
in your book crash course, which I recommend everybody read because
that was kind of your wake up call is when the market crash and it was the um, I think I was trying to run
the Asian crisis in 96, 97 98. But you also have the story about how
fast a football or a gladiator stadium with 100,000 people, how
fast it fills up with water. Cause you cause that, that really woke me up when I read your
book crash course is your explain that. Sure, sure. So the example
here is because we’re humans, we don’t even understand the thing
called exponential growth, right? Linear stuff we understand
are usually but exponential. Here’s a thought experiment, I run in it
and it starts with a magic eyedropper. And it’s mad because the drop of water
that comes out of this dry dropper will bubble every minute. So you
put a drop in your hand, one minute you a two drops
and after another minute
you got four drops and after five minutes you can fill a symbol up.
So now I’m going to take letters listing. We’re all going down to a stadium, right? And I’ll handcuff you all for the
highest role stadium you’ve ever been at. Just think that through. And we’re going to make your watertight
in your handcuffs up there to that top row, Bleacher seats. And now I put one of these magic
drops of water down on the, in the middle of the field down there.
And it starts to double every minute. And the question is how long does
it have to stay from your handcuffs? And I don’t care how big your stadium
is, the answers 50 minutes, zero, you only have 15 minutes to escape. And the troubling part in the story is
that it was still 97% empty at 45 minutes in this story, right? For 45 minutes. How much is happening with
a little water down there? Five more minutes and it’s completely
full and that exponential or geometric progression and this virus
is growing exponentially. We want cases, there’s like one
case, there’s two, then there’s four, then there’s eight and on and on and
on. And you know it’s like case, case, case, boom. We saw that in all the countries that
have been hitting so far and I think that’s coming to the United
States at this point. So that’s why when I talked to dr
Nicole is health and those wealth. So the reason I have antibiotics and I
see dr Nicole on a regular basis for my vitamin C drips and other vitamin drips
and things like that and my little pills. And the reason I’m losing weight
is I’m not focusing on my weight. I’m focusing on my health, which
is different than losing weight. And she’s using the latest and greatest
and STEM cells and all those other latest and greatest medical
breakthroughs, which costs money. But the other part of
it and saying to her, is that when you want gold or
silver, I want to be available. Right Nicole? Yes. So what happens when the
panic hits with Dato? Exactly what dr Chris Martin said,
a saying in the last five minutes, people will wake up and then all the
gold and silver and cash will freeze up. Does that make sense to you? Yes. So is that why you’re preparing
now versus five minutes from now? [inaudible] so what do you, what are you doing? Aye. Aye. And to parallel this with
the Corona virus. Um, you know what I tell people, you know, you might end up catching
the Corona virus, but do you want to be part of that
statistic that I mentioned earlier? Do you want to be part of the, the 80% of mild cases or do you want
to be part of the 15% of severe cases? So we need to be proactive and do
things now. And by this I mean, you know, boosting your immune
system. So if you do get this, you can fight it off. Yeah. Well and that’s what
dr errata Gopalan, uh, Nicole’s fiance, my personal doctor
says to me, he says, exercise, get your vitamins, stay healthy.
Cause that’s the best defense. Right? That’s right. So good. So I want to thank you guys.
Thank you dr Chris Martenson again, his book is called crash
course. Please get it. His company is called peak
prosperity and dr Nicole, I’d be seeing you in a few
days for my vitamin trip. Yes, thank you. All right, well thank you. Thanks guys. Great. Really great
program, very informative. So once again, thank you all for listening.
We’ll be right back. And the F, the final recap on the coronavirus and
how it’s going to affect your health and your wealth. I’ll be right back. Welcome
back. Welcome back. Robert Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad news about the
Corona virus and we’d not want you to be a victim of it. We’ve got some straight
facts on it and it’s from credible people, not me because I know nothing
about disease and all this. Uh, one was dr Chris Martenson again, his PhD in fire path
pathology and toxicology, but he also, after he lost
everything around the 2000 crash, you realize how much he had
been lied to about finances. So he got his MBA and then he wrote with
Adam Taggart his partner and Adam lives in California and Chris lives in
Massachusetts and they wrote the book, the call the crash course and they founded
a company called peak prosperity and were like peas in a pot, rich dad and peak prosperity where
we all were saying the same things. We had different, slightly
different measures, um, messages. But they’re very, very similar.
And others, dr Nicole Srednicki, she is my personal physician or a fiance
doctor ever Radha Gopalan and watch off after my health. And that’s one of the things that Adam
Taggart and Chris Martenson talk about is he’d better have your team next to you.
And then next week we got to having, my part of my team is Kenny McElroy, Rollo BN and possibly a Tom Wheelwright. Talk about how you protect yourself
financially right now because I don’t know if you know how serious it, even
if it’s not the Corona virus, the world economy is hanging by a thread
right now and I meet so many people whose their heads are so
far up there. You know what? They don’t even know what’s going on. And so that’s why with the rich dad
radio show on peak prosperity and so on. Thank dr Nicole. You know, for sharing what they share with me
on a constant basis. And again, the, you know, don’t text her at ultra healthy human if
you don’t have money and you don’t have insurance because her work
is extremely expensive, simply because the raw materials
are expensive and she’s on the, you know, Merican cademy of STEM cells and American
cademy of anti-aging and all this. When people swipe money
doesn’t make any difference. It’s only your health
idiots. You know what I mean? That’s the purpose of
this rich dad show. Emma. Thank dr Chris Martenson
and Nicole Srednicki. And while tossa to my boss in this room. Oh, what did you pick
up today, dr Sara? Well, first my father would be very proud if
dr were in front of my name that just didn’t work out the way he’d hoped.
Um, so the key to this show, right? Protect yourself. I think, I mean,
now that, and I think with anything, whether it was SARS or whatever, you have to take care of yourself because
money doesn’t matter if you’re dead. Uh, so the key is, and we’ll see, even
worse, money matters if you’re sick, right? You can’t afford to be sick.
Right. That’s a good point. That’s, that’s horrifying. So I think the
key to this is protect yourself. Um, wash your hands, you know, wipe down
your surfaces. If you’re out in public, like Nicole had suggested for you on
the airplane, um, where are your mask? I think there’s a little bit of debate
still on whether we should be wearing those or not, but, but do what you
can to protect yourself. No, no. Um, and then ultimately with the, what
we’re seeing in the markets happening, going up and down every single day, we just hit all time highs last week or
on Monday and then all time low. Right? So, um, it’s going up and down. So I
think the key is protect your health and, and you’ve got to protect your wealth.
Correct. And so you think about this, you know, I mean, if it’s true,
but my friend Jim Rogers, you know, wrote the book investment
bikers, one of my heroes, smartest guys I know when the stock
market was down and he was buying gold. So that’s why I was kind of quizzing and
dr Nicole because I’m encouraging her to get out of saving money and
buying golden silver, God’s money. She says, well, it wasn’t
time. I said, yeah, but the thing is this is the
point. It wasn’t really low. Yeah. And so when the smartest
guys I know like Jim Rogers, I’m buying gold right now cause it’s
low. And what people do is they wait. I think that’s the problem. I think that way because they think of
it as like the stock market in the sense, Oh I’m waiting for the big crash and
that’s not going to happen with Gold’s never know. That’s the problem.
Well and like you always say, gold is a hedge against,
you know, rash. Right? So, um, I think everybody should, and like we’ve talked about another
like millennial money episode, Silver’s the cheapest asset
you can buy right now. Why wouldn’t you be stockpiling as
much as you could in my opinion? Right? And when you look at some other
reports, I see the, and this is a jump, Jim rail, all of my
friends say the same thing. We’ve got so much fake money sitting
out there or they’re print living $4 trillion and stuff like this. And the amount of available all than
silver keeps going down as a keep going down because people like myself and
records and Jim Rogers were hoarding it. Yeah. There’s no different than me stockpiling
antibiotics and bullets and guns and toilet paper at food. You know. I mean I was at Costco yesterday and it
was like wa like we’re running out of water tomorrow at case people had cases
upon cases in their carts and there’s a severe panic happening right now. Yeah. But I think that you just have to do
the best you can do and take care of yourself before it happens. Do you
remember, have you probably too young, but there was a thing called Y two
K. Oh yeah, I turned 20 that year. Cause of you old enough. But you know,
you know, you know Sarah knows me. I’m, I’m computer illiterate and so I
didn’t know what this white you take. And I had no idea what their taco
wise, Y twoK , but since I didn’t know, I just went down to Costco. I bought it, I rented a Costco most storage
lockers and I loaded it full of food. I just bought all this food, Canon goes water and all this stuff and
I just stuffed it in this storage locker cost me 30 bucks. Plus the
food was about 1000 bucks. And the moment Y two K passed, I simply took all of that food down to
the food bank and got a tax deduction for it, but I was ready for it. Right. And I think that’s kinda the message here
is because it’s like gold and silver, you know, I’ve been saying to Nicole, the moment people catch on that
they have to have, it does not, that’s not available. Yup. And the same as 12th paper
or masks not available. Yeah. And you know, Chris
Martenson mentioned in the show, there’s not enough masks in
the U S um, for everybody. And then I was listening to another, um, show just yesterday morning and they were
saying the problem with masks and most people aren’t even
educated, how to use them, which you would think is simple to put on, but there are dirty then on the outside.
So you have to get rid of them often. You can’t rewear them, you know, you don’t want to be touching your face
because that’s what’s like toilet paper and, but people don’t think about,
they’ll just keep re wearing. It’s all they are is
touching their, you know, whatever dirty was on the outside
is now touching your face. And I thought this is what Chris says, a surgeon General’s his
mess don’t protect you. And what he knows is that there’s not
enough for the health practitioners. So that’s why he’s telling the
public not to get it right. And I don’t know if that’s true or not,
but it sounds possible. It’s possible. So I remember the reason I asked Chris
to tell the story about that steady. I mean that’s, I’ll say
it takes 15 minutes. You don’t even see the
water until 45 minutes. And then that’s finished and that,
and that’s why he’s, you know, he’s, he’s the math genius and this
whole thing, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the thing with the Corona virus. Don’t be a victim health our wealth.
So thank you Sarah. Thank you. And thank you all for listening
to the rich dad radio show, the tech again to dr Chris Martenson
and dr Nicole shred. Nikki.


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