34 thoughts on “Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions”

  • no no no… lost me when he went into the marilyn manson responsible for columbine bs… people generally know reality from fantasy pal. this guy has not a degree in anything…

  • I love how he keeps saying this isn't entertaining stuff…
    Sir, I assure you I am entertained.

    Some of this I knew, a lot I didn't.

  • Logikbombmusik says:

    This is probably the most important video on YouTube. Although IN CORRECTION to the statement made @ 1:13:29 the word "Ball" when used in that context DOES NOT have ANYTHING to do with Sex. It means to Flaunt material possessions, to show off earnings or be flamboyant. Thank You!

  • Arwin Hopkins says:

    He, 50 cent, wasn't talking to his girlfriend, he was speaking to people in general. In the city, everyone knows the murder rate goes up in the summer. Just fyi.

  • Fellow Citizen says:

    What's your take on Assange's arrest; the designation of Guaido as Venezuelan President; and the portrayals of Iran, Russia and China as sub-human/irrational aggressors?

  • Kernell Hunt Jr says:

    To say the segment on hip hop is a mischaracterization would be an understatement. It’s almost laughable. There is content and then there is context… content must have context and although there is some valid points in other segments on propaganda, he reduced Hip Hop and it’s effects to rudimentary caricatures of violence and misogyny which is so far from the truth. Coming from poverty and government subsidized housing projects I know the struggle first hand and I know and relate to the stories that’s told. That withstanding I also understand the poetry and how it translates. Hip Hop is deeper than that. I would encourage those to remove their biases and do some true research. Other than that, very poignant info for it’s time period

  • If people can be make quality product from cheap labour u get frustrated…. but when American and Europeans looting other countries wealth u do not ask any question …. why should the Americans be paid higher for same jobs …. nobody is fool to do so … will u buy same product at 5 times higher prices since it is American … think over it ….

  • I wish teachers would show this video to every American student entering high school. Wonderful work, Professor Kroth. Thank you.

  • Norman Stratford says:

    England tends to follow The USA and pick up most of the bad bits. TV can be showing the fantasy world especially with adverts . Permanent Red by John Berger pointed this selling technique in his book, however England is entering the new phase of Fake News or bias news. There has always been propaganda, but recently it has become difficult to find any truth due to misleading or bias viewpoints.

  • Daniel Brooks says:

    I studied propaganda 40 years ago on my own as a teenager, alot of the material I found was focused on what transpired during the world wars. This was combing through library shelves, 1970's. I connected the dots on American propaganda through out the ensuing decades, and I recognised all the techniques presented here, examples too numerious to mention, One that sticks in my mind was in 1980 when Reagan wanted to reinstate military draft registration, but used the distraction of "should women be used in combat situations?" . In this country we call it Public relations, a term invented by Fredric Bernaise, the nephew of sigmond Freud. Interesting doc on Youtube "the century of the self" gives the complete story. People can resist these forces, and one of the best ways is Hypnosis. I became a Hypnotherapist last year, and my work involves unmasking these false realities so many have fallen for, but I do not call them victims. One of the catagories that lifestyle marketing puts us into is "self-actualized" so even if you have a high level of awareness, they still have ways to persuade you. I credit my Grandfather Joeseph Brooks, 1900-1985 also a Hypnotherapist for setting an excellent example. Transpersonal awareness is key.

  • I'm glad that more people are starting to realize this, I would hope? Big Brother is around the corner and if many Americans don't wake-up quickly all this will be a reality. Keep up the good work – exposing Propaganda!

  • Steven Fairless says:

    Getting unglued is easy … after decades of no commercial programming I find the glued people are quite evident … information given to primordial slime prodigy by their evolutionary superiors, I'm sure, is for the common good. If your stuck in that scenario it does not matter what your personal perspective is. For instance, Jerry's belief that you seldom see Muslims depicted as victims? … why didnt he use the slaughter of Coptic communities as an example. I enjoyed the lecture on propaganda … I guess we all have some flypaper stuck to our hands now and then. Thank You Professor

  • The Cosby show… would be a good idea to cut 2 minutes out of your documentary starting at 49:26. Great documentary though that you have made, no doubt, but bill cosby is not a good example to use, im sure you will be aware of the news about him and it doesnt add to this documentary mentioning the huxtable effect. You should be able to edit your video and cut that bit out.Those 2 minutes

  • Gary Shaimas says:

    wood you think if the American people New that FORD sued the American Government Because the American an Allies Bomb two tank factory in Germany dorine the war tanks that killed American an a lot of other Individuals around the world

  • The news won’t tell the truth, that the Clinton Foundation stole from Haitians and didn’t help them at all. They gave them trailers that reeked of formaldehyde, ffs! Hillary gave her brother a job which was to steal resources from Haiti.

  • Illogical Kitty says:

    I'm a sociology and psychology student at ksu who hopes to go on to get a social ecology degree specifically. I pick apart this type of propaganda all the time and out drives the people and be crazy. It's very discouraging asking for accountability, transparency and personal responsibility from governing entities, media, institutions and persons around me and getting nothing in return but denial and anger

  • This video forgot to identify WHO owns and controls the mass-media. But then, if his video did identify WHO owns and controls the mass-media, it would have been censored by jewtube.

  • The next mass-murder jews are going to perpetrate will be the USA attacking IRAN. Ask any recent high school graduate what were we told was the reason why we invaded IRAQ? Recent high school graduates do not know that we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction. Recent high school graduates are VICTIMS of jewish liars who control our education system.

  • Israel, USA-Jews, and shabes-goy did 911! Jews control our government (see Cynthia McKinney video)! The next mass-murder jews are going to perpetrate will be the USA attacking Iran. Nothing can make a person more proud than being awarded the honor of "anti-semite" by the children-of-satan.

  • SeekTruthinLight says:

    Isn't it ironic that John MaCain had meetings with AlCada and ISIS facilitating paying and arming terrorist… yet they tried to link Saddam to AlCada. But you know there are larger geopolitical reasons they would risk lying to the American people over, even plans that would sink a Presidents chances for reelection like what they talked Trump into doing to Venezuela and the arbitrary and capricious sanctions even against Russia because of the NATO EU land grab in Ukraine. And it is grievous and even to our own detriment to speak about such shameful things that our leaders have subjected us to, even of what the Gov puts whistle blowers through for speaking up in the spirit of truth in trying to do what is right, preventing ways of Tyranny from progressively taking root, as it had in Germany prior to WW2, even because the reckoning and course correction becomes more damaging and painful the more rooted Error in the way becomes. I am talking about the ways of Error in Spirit, in those Deep in State, not being held accountable by over-site of the way of the spirit of truth. Their argument is that they need to do such sinister secretive covert operations, which are contrary to what is right, in order to hold onto a competitive and strategic advantage.. but the fact is, Error in their way brings about the very thing they argue they are trying to prevent, magnified, do to contingency plans as reactionary responses. Not all are as stupid or naive as they imagine in Error. Some are of the spirit of truth and can see the game, the cards up their sleeve, even that they always are discovered to have one subjected to delusion. And the ways of old- are no more— no more does it always work- Nations being bullied into submission because the contingency plans, manifest of error of spirit: the way of death in spirit, now include the equally rivaled power of mass destruction, where just a few is enough to get the wrecking ball swinging. The wimpy kids, once bullied on the beach, has muscled up with technology… but advisers like Bolton, and others like Pompao, are still of Pride defending the old way, of the old school, did't get the memo; that there is the better way being honorable in the spirit of truth to be honored in good faith. The kids must now share the sand box, the sand lot, and even the world Theater, now, because Error in the spirit of the way of life now, now leads to broad destruction, like never seen before. Just say'n…


    Things have only gotten SOOOOOO much worse since this video was recorded!

    But thank you for speaking truth to power! It’s needed now more than ever!

  • Nobiwan Kanobodi says:

    "Ballin" doesnt nessecarily mean sex…what he means is "showing off" means SMP, Sex, Money, &Power…so Kanye is talkin about being "better" than others, if you will

  • What about the NASA programming that people fall for in the same way. Repeat something over and over until they believe.

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