Processing Trump’s Press Conference: The Daily Show

Processing Trump’s Press Conference: The Daily Show

You know, this has been plaguing
me for-for a day or two. I… The news cycle in America
moves so fast, all right, that oftentimes
you don’t get enough time to process everything
that’s happened, you know? It’s like an orgy. But I think, especially over
the coming years, we’re gonna have to get better
at taking a step back to fully understand
what it all means. Take yesterday, for example.
There was so much news. Trump was holding
a press conference while his nominee
for secretary of state was being questioned by Congress while the intelligence community
was trying to decide if reports on golden showers
was confirmed or notandthe brand-new
Game of Thrones
book came out. Yeah. And let’s just say
he took some inspiration from the golden shower incident.
#GoldWedding. It’s really weird.
Really, really weird book. By the way, that’s how we count
where I’m from. I don’t know if that’s, like,
a… You guys were weirded out. It’s an accent thing. Calm down. Uh, so-so tonight,
let’s do this– let’s take a step back
and try and process one of the crazy things
that happened yesterday, which was
Donald Trump’s press conference. #GoldYelling. -Mr. President-elect… -Go
ahead. She’s asking a question. -Don’t be rude. -Mr.
President-elect, can you give us -a question? You’re attacking
us. -Don’t be rude. -Can you give us a question?
-Don’t be ru… -Can you give us a question?
-No, I’m not gonna give you a… -I’m not gonna give you
a question. -Can you state -categorically…
-You are fake news. (laughter) I love that Mr. Real Tan
over here is telling people they’re fake. “CNN, you’re fake. You’re fake. “Next question goes to Bat Boy
from TheNational Enquirer.“Yeah, you’re real. “Yes, I do think Hillary adopted
an alien baby. Yeah, yeah.”
Now, we already talked about Trump’s anti-media crusade
yesterday. But yesterday’s press conference
was also a scary glimpse into the future of what
we might be able to expect from a Donald Trump presidency. And let’s start by looking
at the spectacle, right, which is all Trump wanted
us to be looking at yesterday. Right? Trump shared the stage
with what can only be described as Manila Mountain. These papers are just some
of the many documents that I’ve signed, turning over complete and total control
to my sons. -Good Lord!
-(laughter) -That’s a lot of paper!
-(laughter) -So much paper!
-(laughter) What is he doing there? Looks like a police chief showing off
a homework drug bust. -(laughter) -He’s like, “As you
can see, we found a lot of math, we found a lot of accounting.” Yeah, but jokes aside,
you have to be impressed. Look how much work
he’s been doing for America. But don’t look too close,
because if you do, you might start
to notice things. For instance, the paper inside the folders doesn’t look
like weeks of contracts. It looks brand-new. Yeah, and I know
some of you might be hating. You might be like, “Oh, Trevor, no,
you’re just hating, you know?” But you tell me.
If you had real folders of real business
you were really doing, wouldn’t you at least
have labels on them? (laughter) (applause and cheering) Come on, Donald! Like, you know what? At this point, it’s not even
about the lie, man! -It’s about the lack of respect!
-(laughter) Just take, like, two seconds
to write down a fake label! -(laughter) -Just write…
You could even be like… Just be like,
“Conflict stuff.” -We don’t care!
-(laughter) And the reason this matters is that spectacle is what
Donald Trump uses in place of actually
doing something, which is surprisingly effective. Because now there are people
all over America going, “I know he left his business
because I saw the papers. “I mean, what kind of sick
person would bring empty folders “to a press conference? -Am I right? Am I right?”
-(laughter) Here’s another thing we learned
from the press conference. And it’s not something new, by
the way, but it’s a reminder. President Trump–
he’s going to lie… a lot. What I’m going to be doing is, my two sons,
who are right here– Don and Eric– are going
to be running the company. They are going to be running it
in a very professional manner. They’re not going
to discuss it with me. They’re not going
to discuss it with you at all? -For eight years?
-(laughter) Either that’s a lie,
or Donald Trump… Actually, what if the only
reason Trump ran for president was so that he wouldn’t have to
talk to his sons for four years? -(laughter)
-Maybe that’s what he did. -(cheers and applause)
-That was the entire reason! “Sorry, Eric, can’t talk. -Conflict of interest.”
-(laughter) “But, Dad, I just wanted
to tell you I love you!” (laughter) “Bye, now. Bye! Bye! Get him out of here. Bye!” (cheers and applause) And by the way, by the way, the Office of Government Ethics
has looked through Donald Trump’s
divestment plans, and like a python
at a penis party… -(laughter)
-…they were not impressed. WOMAN:The head of the
government ethics office
called the plan
“wholly inadequate.”
Stepping back from running
his positions is meaningless from a conflicts-of-interest
perspective. The idea of limiting
direct communication about the business
is wholly inadequate. This is not a blind trust.
It’s not even close. Yes! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you, soon-to-be-unemployed
ethics man! -Thank you!
-(laughter) -Thank you!
-(applause) By the way,
I hope he ended his speech with his LinkedIn profile. Just be like, “And you can
hire me very soon! Very soon!” But he’s right. Trump saying his children running his company
is a blind trust– that’s like a veggie burger
saying, “I’m a hamburger!” Get the (bleep) out of here, you
falafel-ass piece of (bleep)! -(laughter)
-You’re not a burger! (applause and cheering) One thing that was particularly
illuminating yesterday was how little regard
Donald J. Trump seems to have
for the presidency itself. In the past,
U.S. presidents have always acknowledged themselves
as being accountable to the American people. It’s a crucial piece
of what a president should be. And accountable to all people, including the ones
who didn’t vote for them. But as Donny always warned us,
he is an outsider. Uh, well, I’m not releasing
the tax returns, ’cause, as you know,
they’re under audit. Oh, gee, I’ve never heard that.
gee, I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard that before.
You know, the only one that cares about my tax returns
are the reporters. Okay, they’re the only ones… No, I don’t think so. I-Iwon.-Do you believe that… -I
would’ve not became president. No, I don’t think
they care at all. -(audience jeering)
-Wow. How great would it be
if we could all use Donald Trump’s logic
in our daily lives? We get busted for…
on the freeway for speeding. You know, and the cop
would be there, like, “Do you know how fast
you were going?” You’d be,
“Look at all these other people. “They don’t care. They
don’t care. They don’t care. “If they cared
they wouldn’t have gotten out of the way.
They don’t care.” But you know what…
the sad truth is? In a way, Trump’s right. Because the people
who voted for him, theydon’tcare. And the people
who chose not to vote,theydon’t care. The only thing we do know
right now is Obamacare. -Obama care very much.
-(laughter) (cheering, applause) Obama care, man. And the 65 million people
who are actually the majority, -they care. But anyway…
-(laughter) I… I just hope that the press keeps caring. I’m glad
they asked that question, and I hope they keep asking it. Because without
a fully functional press, the only one who’s gonna be
blind in this whole situation


100 thoughts on “Processing Trump’s Press Conference: The Daily Show”

  • The only good thing Trump did is to put reporters back to what they should be, and what they forgotten their job really is – reporting the facts to people, hold politicians and government accountable. Instead they were dancing as music played from their bosses for millions of money! Until press changes and starts doing its job not many things can happen to stop that crazy show with Donald Trump!

  • I fell for the GoT new book part… even tho I was confused about what happened to the actual next book; Winds of Winter.

    I can't believe i fell for that.

  • Stephen R McDonald says:

    LIAR!!! They got together and perpetrated this whole LIE!!! The son's are just as evil & wicked as him!!! Apples don't fall to far from the tree!!!

  • Lets be honest, the Dems got their ass handed to them, Hillary was flawed, and had way to much baggage. They can't get over it. And now Trump has done more in just a few days than Obama ( the worst president in history) did in eight years. Trump is doing something that all the Dems can't do. He is telling the truth, and keeping his promises. the Dems know full well that they look like a bunch of jackasses. They are losers in every respect of the word. Ignorant humor and false reporting is all they have left. While the 45th is Kicking ass and taking names. Personally I hope they continue, because the only thing that they are accomplishing is exposing themselves for the assholes they truly are.

  • joseph scarborough says:

    really haven't watched the daily show since Stewart left. Noah has brought me back, living up to the legacy in fine fashion. subscribed.

  • Even though the electoral college overpowered the people, I feel like shit for not voting. Trump is turning out to just as bad, if not worse, the friggin bush. Wtf, say what you will about obama, but things have never been in such turmoil among the american public like now in quite a while.

  • WeGain Community says:

    The thing with the veggie burger was no cool know we better be all vegan to save the earth and humanity..only veggie burge is a real burger for real men and for our future

  • Anti-Aqua makes the Roblox Oof sound in KH3 says:

    I'm an amateur meme producer, like my page on Facebook

    Also, don't forget to catch Family Feud™ Thursday 6:00PM ET on GSN!

  • I find it interesting how everyone forgot that the press are generally members of the american public so claiming or inferring that the American members of the press asking these questions are not part of the american public is either mind bogglingly stupid or mindbogglingly terrifying.

  • Trump was having financial issues and ran for president to try and promote himself. He did it as a businessman. He is a corperate owner…he is the top 1 percent…so if you think hes going to do whats best for small businesses and employees he won't. hes going to do what benefits the top guys like himself.

  • So this is where liberals go to become "educated" on politics? That explains a lot! This show and CNN are practically the same thing

  • GOD! This is the American president? He's a complete loser! A PT Barnum, IMBECILE, bigoted, halfwit! He's a used car salesman, white supremacist with access to nuclear codes!!!!!

  • Wow, now i definitely know that every power hungry deuce bags around world are all the same. In Turkey we passed every single stages which you faced right now. Lie to the teeth until you get real power over media, law, congress. Lie so big, at one point your voters started to believe every thing you said. Lie so recklessly, at one point community started to divide so badly that attack each other. And at that point show your self as a victim to ensure the next election…. Sorry America… But it is your fault…And sorry America this is just a beginning…

  • The daily show = fake news! Trevor you are a comedian not a reporter. Hope all you whiny b*tches have your safe spaces ready, it's going to be a fun couple weeks with many more executive orders coming 🙂 it's amazing how much a President who actually works can get done.

  • Please, Trevor, don't say EIGHT YEARS! We are praying he doesn't get past TWO YEARS- four MAX.
    We have fingers crossed he gets impeached early next year. Not only impeached but (OH YES, PLEASE) charged with something criminal so he will never be able to hold public office EVER again.
    I long, yearn, ache, never to see or hear of again The FAKE PRESIDENT and his FAKE TAN, FAKE TEETH, FAT GUT AND FAT REAR (If he was a woman, he WOULDN'T even give him/herself a ONE) and THAT HAIR! Made to order from DRIED, SHREDDED AND PRESERVED, ORANGE PUMPKIN SKIN.
    The elaborate comb-over inspired by [But very very sadly failed, in Donald's case] the dynamic up-swept swirly coiffure that was a unique feature -carried with great dignity – by Trump's sainted mother, Mary-Anne Macleod Trump in her more mature years.

    He has absolutely NO right to pontificate ever on the appearance of any human being. Does he never look at himself in the mirror WITH HIS GLASSES ON?
    And that snorting sniffy thing he does….quick…..sick bowl, NOW!!

  • Trump is only accountable to Donald Trump. Hey, he's the President. No one cares if he's an idiot. or do they? Speak up and out if you career !!!!!!!!!

  • Why aren't all those "suppose files" on microfilm, microfiche, disc, CO'S or better yet flex drives????? File covers too clean, too neat (paper does not appear to ever been handled other then just before the press conference).

    You know what I don't get is the cowardice or stupidity of the press to call Trump out about the stupid files. The press appear to be just as gullible as "The Trumpets" who continue to praise Trump.

  • Trevor, you are being, really irresponsible, and just not funny. Donald Trump, does a ton of work, and he is doing a great job. If you only knew. I'd like to see you, try it.

  • Stefani Germanotta is saying she may have to give up her copyrights, because she can't claim to be 'Lady Gaga' when there's that level of gaga on public display.

  • Noah is a clear threat to American values. Hosts a show that cut clips take out of context and attempt to educate young Americans and use comedy as a shield to lie though his fucking teeth b/c he's the actual racist/anti-American pos. Fuck him and all of his ilk. I wish the guy would just come out of the closet about his hatred b/c it's blatantly obvious.

  • You are such a loser you and all the other talk show host for late night I ever see you on the street I'm going to slug you in the mouth you deserve more than that you need to be banned from the FCC I can't stand you your demise will get you in the end losers is what you are

  • Actually I care, and all my friends CARE … Very Much … about seeing Mr. Trump's Tax Returns. So, once again the man LIES LIES LIES.

  • Indeed, Shaub had enough of the bullshit, and jumped off this titanic, saying " …under Trump the United States government will be seen as a kleptocracy." And so far, Shaub was spot on.

  • I work as a teacher, and three students, in the same class, handed in identical essays, the only difference being the name at the top. When I confronted them, I wasn't sure to be angrier that they had cheated… or that they thought I was so stupid as not to notice you all handed in THE EXACT SAME ESSAYS.

    I feel that way about Donald Trump. I don't know if I should be angry at his incompetent shows like the files, or angry he thinks we're stupid enough not to notice.

  • Gnostic atheist says:

    If anyone from the CIA is watching this and thinking it would be morally wrong to assassinate Trump it isn't do it

  • Atum Isrophil says:

    A great country is now being ruled by a jerk, He claimed racism and people voted for him, Unaware of the fact that he is only good at that not at running a country. Sad

  • Ayan Ray Baruah says:

    A lifetime of happiness for all the comedians of the world. A freaking gold mine. From behalf of all the comedians of the world, Thank You America.

  • I like the show, but the crowd is creeping me out. They clap and woo at anything. Is it directed or spontaneous? They actually remind me of Trump's crowd, a bunch of sheep blindly cheering for a face they love…

  • I wonder if Trump is afraid that his sons will pull the same stunt he pulled on His Dad. At 1 point All of a sudden show up at his house and force him to sign over All his shit. I would Laugh my Ass off if that happened.

  • Like American please… How could you vote for this piece of shit to be your country's President??? I just can't get it man…

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams says:

    Fake news. Putin taught him those words. According to Trump, the government should run the news media. Dictator country.

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