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  • My talkback mic is interfering with my booth mic, meaning the booth mic only works when I flick the talkback mic switch on. I just need my booth mic to work constantly, without my talkback mic on/off switch controlling both. Any solutions?

  • lol… I record guitar cover videos, most guitars don't even extend past 200Hz on recordings and mine probably do as I don't high pass them so if anything you are in the wrong. I don't own a subwoofer, no need for one… I mix records. No studio I've ever been in has ever had a subwoofer why should i.

  • I have a new MBox mini and i can't setup
    how do you low your ( DAE Buffer) its just stop on DAE launch while its loading
    its also said not streaming
    i will be so thank you if you could give me the guide or information
    thank you

  • Seems stupid on a stereo interface , because your gonna also send that talk back mic to the control room right

  • Hi @snapascrew Thanks for the feedback. Always good to know ways we can improve our programming for you guys. Let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered.

  • @willxxxlife Not sure I have not really checked reaper out that indepth yet. Im pretty sure in reaper any track can be whatever you want it to be. So just follow the steps here but with reaper and whatever interface you are using.
    Not to much info but I hope it helped out a bit
    Talk to you soon

  • unfortunately man your pc has a separate sound card to your mbox.. you might wanna try running your mic through a line input, but im pretty sure the cable you have to run has to be balanced. , Just set your input to line and you shouldnt even have to arm the record button. If i remember one thing about the mbox's, you might have to play around with the playback knob to get it how you want it.

  • @HireAStudio This can definitely be done. You need a headphone amp. Create an Aux track send everything you want to that Aux track and make the output of that Aux track one of the 003's other outputs. Then route that corresponding output of that Aux to the headphone amp for the drummer.
    Hope that helps. Talk to you soon.

  • is it possible to do this …with my mbox 2cuz i dont have another mic input unless it goes to my pc mic ….wich i dont think will work in protools ?

  • Hello HireAStudio,
    Real Glad You got the help you needed. let Me or winksound know if you have any other questions. Hope to hear from you soon,

  • So useful. Thank you! Out of interest i have a 003 control surface how do i make multiply output mixes. Example: If i have a drummer recording all he needs is click but im in different room and want the drums to come through with less click. Is it possible.

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