PRISON BREAK! | Escaping The Prison

PRISON BREAK! | Escaping The Prison

Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to “Escaping the prison” another sort of flash game That is based around the same sort of premise as “Whack your” series and people really, really enjoyed that, people wanted more of those games but were no more, I really wanted to play more because I wanted to do more myself Those were a lot of fun to record, and to play so I went off and I searched for other games and “Escaping the prison” Was one that came up, There’s a lot of them actually stealing the..something “Infiltrating the airship” there’s a load of them so, I’ll see how this one goes see if people like it, and if they like it We do more of them because it’s kind of like the “Douche bag” games as well people seem to love those too so play. Ooh (Guard ) You’re free to go. (Jack) That was easy *laughs* (Guard) Not really, *jack laughs* (Guard) Don’t get your hopes up, we’ve already checked for anything useful, have’t we Dave? (Dave) What? (Dave)*Nervously*Yeah, yeah Of course I checked it. I mean if I didn’t check I’d lose my job. I dont want to lose my job! *jack laughs* (Jack) He didn’t check it. What’s inside it? A bomb? Can i blow a hole in the wall? Heh (Henry) Hmm. (Jack) IT’S A CAKE!! Jack LOVES cake. I don’t need to escape now What are all these ? OH. Okay, I get to choose whatever comes out of it. So I can have a Rocket launcher, Cellphone, Drill, Teleporter… NRg drink, (energy drink) or a file. That’s usually what you get in a cake in prison I’m gonna go a rocket launcher because I’m Jacksepticeye loud and proud! Oh, hohoho Yeah (make sure to aim Jack) You missed…what the fuck? (I told you to aim) What!? You can actually fail this? I thought it was just the thing where you picked objects Start to finish and there was like different outcomes every time I didn’t know I could fail, it okay file Let’s file the window. It’s going to take all day. OH! ohahahaha, look before you leap, I’m bad at this, okay. Uuumm Cellphone, Drill, Tele-Teleporter! of course! This is gonna get me out instantly I’m out! Fire! oh no… Whohoat? You just can’t seem to get the hang of that thing, can you? I teleported outside and I got shot. Okay Drill! Come on! in which is the right one? I’m dead again aren’t I? Oh yes, whoa. Yeah, okay? Where going to go for? “Opacitator” I don’t know what that is. I’m gonna. Go for the crowbar good old Gordon Freeman down we go. Oh, I didn’t fail. I thought I fell down and died again. OH! GO! GO DUDE! RUN! Uh… left- I Didn’t press one. try dodging the bullets noob Thanks…game I Was going to say should i retry right from the start, to see what the other things do. I’ll retry from the start I know kind of thing. I want to see what these other things do, Cell phone Attorney? hahaha better call Saul. September 9th (Judge) Witness please continue Your testimony (Witness) Okay (Witness)I was riding alongside my partner in our van… …when suddenly, we spotted a bag on the side of the road. got out and eventually decided to throw the bag in with the others We didn’t know what it was someone hiding in there- OBJECTION! (Phoenix) So the defendant crawled into that bag in order to get into the bank is that correct? (Jack) OH! it’s Phoenix wright! Is it not obvious? (Phoenix) Is it really that obvious? I have PROOF that the defendant didn’t hide himself in that bag. (Judge) Well… What are you waiting for? present this evidence already. (Jack) what the shit. (Jack) Objection! if any of you ever played the Phoenix wright games, so good. Oh, Evidence that I was not in that bag. Floorplans… Disguising bag. I thought it said disgusting bag Doctors analysis doctors exam of the defendant done after arrest. Defendant suffered many bruises and cuts ah… Diagram of the Bank and its surroundings, the bag the defendant hid in. None of these help me The device Can i..Prese-Oh Present. This is just like Phoenix wright TAKE THAT! (Judge) What is this? (Phoenix) it’s evidence. (Judge) and how exactly does it “prove” anything? {good point} (Phoenix) well, I.. …I Was just kidding let me try- (Judge) This is no time for jokes. I see no reason to further prolong this trial. I find the defendant Henry Stickman GUILTY Guilty… Henry Stickman? okay, we go for energy drink was the last one. Yeah, okay. What’s this gonna do? OH YEAH! Let’s go. We can run everything’s in slow motion just run really quickly. Go! Hmm Holy shit What kinda energy drink is that? That’s not energy drink. That’s cocaine Oh, it’s somebody’s birthday Give me that chicken. That’s not chicken. That’s like a bagel or something it looked like chicken with your mustache Did I escape? Oh it’s going to wear off and I’m going to fall asleep aren’t I? uh oh, heart attack heheha NRg. Side effects include nausea, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and possibilities of stroke and/or a heart attack hmm. Well, that’s good to know. Okay, drill. I want to see what the opacitator does because I want to show you guys everything as well I want to know what these ooh, this is funny. I like this These are really old school games as well. I wonder when this was made What do you do? Opacinator. I can’t read…you’ll walk through Walls Gadget gabe Just move the blue slider to the right and you’ll become as opaque (that means see-through for all you uneducated folks) {he’s making fun of you guys} as you want I didn’t get time to read it Okay Because you’re opaque means that you can’t be seen not that you could fall through stuff. Okay? I thought through the earth uh Crowbar okay. Now we’ve gotta dodge bullets this time Fall crash bang. Hey dudes. How’s it going? Nice beard bro. We’re gonna dodge left Yeah Now what? What do I do? Ah! I clicked! It’s always a good idea to watch where you’re going especially if you’re running away from the cops. I clicked the fucking thing! Come on Okay, dodge left Then go forward we’re going to dodge right out the window jump out the window. That’s what we’re gonna do. Get ready for it Go! That’s not a window. That was awesome. Oh I’m nervous Get ready. For what?! I’m not ready for anything Getting ready for something that you don’t know what’s coming is not being able to get ready. Oh! Fuck it You can’t do that You can’t tell someone Get ready if they know what don’t know what they’re supposed to be getting ready for. The idea of getting ready is supposed You’re supposed to have precognition, abut what’s going on, okay? Have to do all this again let’s dodge right? Oh. Ow. Broke my jaw. Don’t worry, I heard prison dentists are great Okay, we’ll dodge left and then dodge left again back up here. Just to see what happens. I want to see all outcomes Even though this takes forever It’s good music brawl reference What happened? I don’t know what that was about! Okay, we’ll do it properly this time. And I’m going to be ready to click next time. Wait ’til you guys see. C’mon cops, you can’t catch me At least the music is badass *jack sounds* Matrix. I don’t know why he doesn’t just turn around and shoot him anyway I’m ready. Get ready to draw. I’m ready to click I’m gonna fail this so bad again aren’t I? Get ready. Get ready. Click! Did it! Oh yeah! Neo up in this How did I do that? I don’t have a gun? You’re gonna have to do something else. I don’t want to fail again At the end of it all you just walk out of prison. That’s how you finish this game? Oh! Okay Try for a different ending. How many endings are there? I can’t get another ending! Because all the other ones just fail instantly Okay, no screw that. That’s the end of our – Wait. Let’s just try the teleporter again. Maybe it’ll teleport me somewhere good this time No fire Still the same place still still teleported me to the same place, okay? Well I’m gonna leave this video here then because I finished the game. I walked out of prison. You don’t even have to escape You just show the cops how badass you are And you walk out and everyone’s just like hey he almost killed us all let’s just let him go But anyway that was fun. For as simple as these little games are they are really really fun I enjoy playing the shit out of them So let me know if you guys want to see more if you like this even there is infiltrating the airship There’s stealing the diamond. I’m assuming there’s others as well, and I like these games. I like the douchebag games I like to whack your ex games whack your computer all those ones those were a lot of fun so anyway Thank you guys so much watching this video If you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and high fives all round. Whapsh whapsh Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes. IN THE NEXT VIDEO *Outro music* Oh good stretch. Needed that


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