PRISON BREAK 2.0 | The Escapists 2 #1

PRISON BREAK 2.0 | The Escapists 2 #1

Top of the morning to laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and Welcome to Escapists 2! Its finally out! We got teased about this last year at some point, and everyone was super excited about it, but the wait was so unbearable. Man, do you remember the Escapists? I remember when I played that I was getting some videos ready for Christmas and… I just played it because some people in their comments had recommended it. And then it fuckin exploded into this huge phenomenon that rarely ever happens on the channel. And that was really cool to see and I was super happy that people got into it. And it was a really fun series to do and it has a very special place in my heart and it was a very cool time of the channel to be part of, I think I don’t think we’ll ever rekindle the magic like that like to some seaso- series to do that: like skate and happy wheels… I don’t think we ever rekindle the magic like that like to some seaso- series to do that: like skate and happy wheels… Um..There is another one is I had my head. Subnautica did that! Like very few games have that sort of like factor on the channel so the Escapists has a very special bond with me. So I’m really excited to play the sequel. Haven’t booted it up at all. I think I booted it up just to see the menu. So there’s a versus mode in it now. I’m not going to do that yet. I might play with somebody else eventually. But for now, I kinda just want to get into learn the mechanics on my own, so Play Game. Everything’s so much different. Okay um… Single Player Only Tutorial Prison! Only 5 prisoners. Okay, maybe I should do this and then move off what else we have Center Perks 2
Centre Perks 2! Centre Perks 2! Oh they made another one! Center Perks 2.0! That’s awesome! I did some of this tutorial, but it bugged out and I couldn’t finish it. So I’m just going to move on to Centre Perks. I got a feel for the controls. They’re a lot different than they used to be, so there’s going to be some slowdown… And I completely forget (Nice grammar Jack ;3) how to play the Escapists. It’s been… It’s been two years since I’ve played the other one? Wow! Okay, Centre Perks 2.0 is the first proper prison. However, the guards won’t let you have everything your own way. This is a challenging game. Follow the yellow arrow to attend Routines. Explore the prison well. Keep a lookout for any weaknesses. Find the materials you need to craft the tools for your escape. Try and keep your heat and security level low to avoid trouble from guards. The most straightforward way of escaping is breaking through the prison’s border For example you might tunnel, chip or cut away. Good luck! Oh yeah, and you got to name all the people! Okay, I’m not gonna- I’m not gonna do that because there’s just way too many, and I don’t have enough names. Let’s just keep randomizing. I think they said that I was in the game, in some way. Can I customize people? Woah! That kind of looks like me right? I Think (hahaha) so I just want to call him Jack. There will be one guy who looks like me Yeah, because the developers did say that I was in the game, but I don’t think it’s like an actual pre-made character. I think it’s just that there’s options in it to make it look like me. Which is really sweet of them and thanks to them for doing that that’s- that’s super flattering Start game! And it’s always weird when you’re in a video game. It still blows my mind. Welcome to Centre Perks 2.0. You reform start here! Role call it’s mandatory. Yeah, this is something that I kept forgetting about That you have like duties to do, and you have to go to role call. And you have to do all these different things during specific hours, and you get jobs and… Its been ages! Escape attempts will be reported to our control room. Okay, I’d- I won’t escape then. Increase your intelligence by reading our books. I’m wonder if this’ll be the same prison- There’s levels to the prison’s now as well. It’s not just all one flat base. Some of them have upstairs and downstairs. Which is really messed up. Well, not ‘messed up’, messed up for me because that’s even more confusing. There’s more to take in this time. Okay, I kind of know all this stuff. Am I sharing a cell right at the beginning? Oh! A film crew. Please don’t under- interrupt their filming. Maybe I’ll use them to help me escape. Maybe I’ll be on Netflix. Okay, oh, I’m not sharing are these… Oh, you’re the vendor. Okay, shits about to start let’s get our stuff. Oh, I’m so cute! :3 There we go, and they do like random searches and shit, I- I completely forgot about that stuff. Oh God, oh god. Fucking buttons. What am I doing? Yeah, yeah, highlight a desired item. I get it. I’m oh, I also don’t know how to get rid of items out of my hand so sometimes, I’m going around with like a weapon in my hand, I don’t know how to get rid of it. Okay, Jesus… There are a lot of you guys. Okay, we have a lot of vendors… You’ve all made good progress. Who’s going to get searched!? Please make one of them Jack right from the beginning. That would be awesome. Some interesting development. HELLOOOO CAMERA CREW! We beat you out of love. Polish my shoes would you? Maybe he saying ‘Polish my shoes’ (Terrible pun) Cell shakedown victims are as followed. Who? Who’s it going to be? Aww! Protanator and Febatista… Those are not names. Okay, let’s… Oh, you are selling stuff? Oh, no? I can gift you stuff. I don’t want this! Haha This guy’s name is Mimsy. People are fighting! Fighting in the streets! Wait, what’s going on? What are we on breakfast time, okay! Oh, and the people take them to hospital now. That’s cool. Oh god. This is confusing! I don’t know how to play this game anymore. Oh, I got a tray. Nice! People are gettin the shit beaten out of them. Hahaha. FUCKIN HELL! Shits gone down. FUCKEMUUUP! Get a can of soda.. Hmm. (realizes his love for Markimoo) Loot body, pick up body. Okay got it. It’s gonna take me a good few episodes to get back into this and remember what everything is like So excuse me, okay. I could buy that for $40. A file… DUCT TAPE. My mortal fucking enemy. Okay, it’s weird because the-the visuals are all completely different now as well. Hey! I can’t even like loot people anymore because they just… Take them away. Oh it’s free time. So people just hang around okay… My friend Officer Symonds’ is lacking a final necessity for their upcoming “Spa Day.” Can you make me a manicure kit? Okay. Now we have like, the crafting is in here. And you have all this stuff in your intelligence menu. This is actually laid out nicely. Because you can see what they are a bit better, except where’s the fucking manicure kit? Manicure kit! You need a file, something, and something. Okay, maybe it’s not better because I have fucking no idea what’s happening. I like the music. So while everyone’s out and about, and they’re all searching around the shit I’m going to start searching some desks. Somebody wants a cake. Locate a cake for Febatista. Seeds, tub of bleach (the usual)… a dead rat!!! *face of disgust appears on Jack’s face* Ew, did that say it was Lemmings desk? And Lemmings had a dead rat? Thats too perfect haha Uuh.. baseball. I need a tub of hand cream. Ah shit! I don’t have enough room. Tub of bleach, I’ll get rid of that. This I needed for a manicure kit. So if I can get the stuff that… wait… I put it in his desk didn’t I? Shit! What are you doing? Who are you? I know. I’ve got my eyes on ya. Mug, lump of sugar, hand fan, radio receiver might be good. Maybe I should put some stuff back into my… place. Oh! They have a little minimap now, that tells you where your cell is. This is cool! Okay, let’s hide some stuff and let’s go searchin’ again. That’s all I’m doin’ for this round. Jenkin’s desk, ey! What’s Jenkin’s holdin’ out on us? Duct Tape… Good (I guess). Bottle o’ milk, can o’ soda. Can o’ soda, I think gives me back energy when I’m trying to do shit. So that might be useful. Oh, wait! A hidden compartment. Wait, someone’s playing the harmonica. Yeah dude! So, I have a hidden compartment now. I don’t actually have to like dig a hole in my ground or anything like that. Strange. Old box…A battery could actually be very useful. But that’s the thing. I don’t know what I need now. I don’t know what I need to actually escape. I don’t know what I need to make items. Is this your desk? I’m late for a date. ‘You aren’t supposed to be in there Clive!’ I wasn’t I was doing some else with other people. Umm… Oh I need a file as well. Shit! Paul Suarez Jr.. Ah they named the character after him? That’s cool. He’s another Youtuber. That’s nice of them. He played a lot of Escapists too. Look at all these little dudes! :3 Ok so it’s Lunch Time. Uh I don’t need energy. I just need to be here. Who else wants stuff done? Oh. THAT IS ME! Because I called the character Jack! But now he’s called JackSepticEye! Cause’ I couldn’t even put in JackSepticEye as a full thing. I could only put JackSepticEy. The last E was not — YAY!! I carefully hid an energy drink at a desk for someone, intended as a gift. Ungrateful scum! Didn’t even bother taking it! Grab it for me would you? No problem Jack! Anything for you (says a fangirling Jack) OHHHH IT’S SO COOL! Okay, job time. What’s my fucking job? I don’t know what my job is! Is it just menial labor? So did my character end up as JackSepticEye because… I made him look like me? Cause I put the beard and the hair on him, just naturally. What am I doing job time. Sit down? You have to attend the Job Office when you don’t have a job. Speaking to the Job Office Staff will reward you with money. Apply for jobs through the Job Board instead of Job Office. Where’s the Job Board? Oh! Is this it? Ah-ha! Shoe Making, Mail Sorting, Waste Disposal, Painting… Mail Sorting! Job filled Avery. Fuck! Requirements not met. Shit! Ok! So I might be able to do Waste Disposal. So I need to get my… Intellect and my weight, there’s not much appraiser. How much I need I? Don’t even know how to check my stats What are my facts lived uh lots of button uh? Strength Thirty, Intellect Thirty Okay, so if I need money, I still need to do that I Need to get up my strength okay. Oh y’all know what time it is. It’s exercise time bitches Time to get fucking swell Am I doing it? I don’t know what this is I’m still at 30. Oh I keep it above that. Oh, okay. Got it figured it out. Oh Yeah, hey somebody else is getting hinge. I said that before To some of my friends, I think I’m getting so hence bro. They’re like the fuck is hinge They just noose wall Now h is a thing. I think it’s British though. Yeah here we go. Oh. Yeah, it is you hacky sack? How’s that Gonna make you stronger? You got to lift – lift heavy weight for my toes little stinky men. This is shower time everybody hit the showers Okay, here. We go. Oh No, that is just me because I made this character called Jack What jacksepticeye is just in the game anyway there you I’ma watch you shower a little naked jack No I actually need to shower shit cuz that gives me back. Energy doesn’t it yeah? Okay, so big Fuckin learning experience again It’s going to take me a long time to get out of this prison because I completely forget how to play this game Like I have to get used to the timing the jobs the showers getting items, I forget What items make what I forget actually how to escape I? Like to take it. It’s fun. I missed this game Is that it’s not this is jacksepticeye here other jackets fighting we can hide maho dinnertime, oh I was upstairs that time. I didn’t even realize I just went up there to the fall of the arrow Our work is never appreciated. I appreciate you you guys help me um I still have mission to do how do I check my missions a Day it’s a Spa Ok manicure kid I’m close to being able to get that so I’m gonna keep that going oh Jack that’s the guys fighting someone if I don’t condemn oh Jack I know he’s knocked fuck out What’d he you have? A bottle of aftershave, a handfan and a comb Hahahaha of course you’d have that! Hahaha, he should have a megaphone Get the file, get the tube of handcreamand get the nail polish, okay. I have these two I need to get a file though. I need to get some money. I have exactly 10 money’s Because I sat down at the job place. I need an actual job to be able to do with though Free time ok, it’s time to go work out and get buff get swoll, GET HENCHED BRO Unless somebody actually has a file. Cause that would just make my life a lot easier two thousand nine hundred seventy three thousand four hundred Six! oh Sorry, didn’t see you guys there. I was just busy getting my swoll on. You know being all cool and shit Get it up there come on boy well, we’re already going up two by two I Need to get the 60 Get enough energy to actually be able to do that though. I’m not there I think you have another hour to work out and and then Come on Come on, I’m alternating the buttons There we go, okay. That should be enough to get my job. I have another hour that I can hang out I think Job board, please don’t tell me somebody took the job… waste disposal… “You have been successful in your application and now fill the role of this job” YEEAH! MAAM! I got a real job! HEY MA! I’m not just gunna be a pathetic YouTuber anymore like you say (sad boy) Everyone’s always like “YouTuber? Get a real job, get a real job”. This is my dream! Yeah I need to find a fucking nail file. Hello, Paul Soares Ooh Also like punch the shit out of people. If I want. You know, LIKE A BOSS Hey! Bark bark, woof woof! What’s up, Jack! Haha ah that’s so bizarre. There’s just two Jacks walking around in here. You can make a whole prison of Jack’s Fucking ridiculous. They’re all just go around screaming at you all the time Nothing of use. I mean a cookie’s good. Cookie’s always good. Can I eat the cookie now? Wait there we go. I ate it, and I got some energy back Cookies are good I’ve already checked this… Ooh a file! A file! I got it. Yes Okay, put that in there nice. Okay. We’re at roll call again that means I can make this tonight Wait, you’re not going to oh Please don’t tell me you’re actually going to search my my shit this one’s me felix. It kind of looks like a batista Please on please don’t come after me. I’m a good loyal decent little bouncing baby boy, please Nero unprotonated, haha, Brenda cleary all Bob yelling at me my cell is fucking miles away Are you making me walk further than everybody else? Did you not fucking like me? I need this and I need age What are the other hand cream? Get the top of hand cream. I have to top a hand cream Where are you crossing this off? Or left foot grapple Deliver the manicure kit to officer Simon’s or simmons. What fucking did it? Okay, Tara, not sleepy ah it shows me where the officer is as well That’s pretty neat So it actually shows me where my my stop is you go and I will gift you They just do it. Oh, I did it naturally nice Collie oh right got myself some money. I think 35 I’m rich I’m loaded I can buy all the things um Okay, who are you going to search? There’s a lot of Cell mates in this level though so I think There’s a lot of them because that makes it easier because then you don’t get checked as often because there’s too many of them to pick from Jenkins and avery Okay, cool. So what’s my next plan of attack then what do I what do I do? No
and it shows me where I can go to do them like an actual quest markers that I’m going to Search around all day for it Okay, what do you need? We’re just going to accept things and do them See what happens? Cool coming up in the world, so anything I can buy You’re taking the shit out of each other all right? Um no, I can’t afford anything and even if I could I don’t know what to do free time, right? It’s time to start doing some errands. We do I get a cake for Jack. I love that Jack wants a cake I know, it’s an energy drink. Oh Somebody else wanted the cake there mind. Huh one of the things is in here Except the guys desk no way Except the guys desk education hahahaha. Oh, it’s good There’s a chipset. This isn’t my desk I Mean I thought those my desk okay? I can actually bring for Brevity’s sake and bring back the cake. Oh, yes Hey, buddy Yeah, what did I get ten coins nice? I’m Hitting an energy drink sheet a combed after that day that was somewhere else as well Peter got a virus in the road would you kind of track has done some fresh instruments? We can tune up locate door double bass If you have a fucking double bass in your desk What why? It’s a fucking weird Okay, everyone has to come over here for lunch anyway, so I get them then They all don’t mind me just holding onto a double bass. You know in case I need to practice my tunes my diddy Okay, it’s one of you there. We go. I Did it right God I can’t remember anything fucking buttons? 70 coins nice Okay, what can we craft a? Makeshift ladder, I need to bring up my intellect as well. I need like Chippers there. We go lightweight, Pickaxe This doesn’t have you I need I need a stick some duct tape and a pickaxe Play with Pig I go weapon component tool What’s the first item needed in it? I need to make a flimsy Pickaxe I Need to get a crowbar a handle and some duct tape Okay, I have duct tape so crowbar and a handle somebody had those actually somebody was selling them So let me fucking search then Okay, we’re gonna do my job What was my job again waste disposal that was it? How do we do my job I? Need my mask and gloves okay, take the face mask and rubber gloves from the container Collect waste bags in the waste container placed on the corresponding incinerator, okay, ah This is it okay Okay, Kerry, just ism. Which one does this Kuwait Green I? Think that the uh yeah, okay, green blue. Oh, this isn’t so bad This is easy Easy peasy suck mine Ep. I Just got another one immediately nice filling up that job quota bro Look at me. Go you’ve never seen a man make rubbish disappear this quick Boom job done now I can fucking leave no, I want to get rid of these ah Okay, nice now. I want that, but this are you doing oh? This is this menu is super fucking confusing Sorry Hey fucking weird Sorry, I’m just going to check your desk Sorry, honey, Jarvan. I’ve got a job hurt What’s next free time exercising already? Shit, oh when you hear that music. You know shits going down in Exercise, huh see, I’m just walking around with a fucking screwdriver in my hand Hey, I’m getting I’m in Fuckin swole again Watch me do I’m going to need to be strong. I need some big strong healthy Bone. I Need a punch people in the face and really mess her shit off like when I punch them I want to make sure that they stay down Instead of getting back up and shipping me in my shank everybody selling anything good handle crowbar crowbar duct tape. That’s what I need Handle crowbar drop take handle crowbar duct tape they ring a handle crowbar duct tape. Oh, I didn’t meet you and Flurry Wait, what the fuck I can’t I just I don’t want your shower I just want to talk to you to be able to do my thing Let me keep the fucking soda in my hand then the heck. I’m not trying to get into your shit I’m just trying to talk to you to buy stuff What’s dinner time? Kind of annoying that dinner time is right after a shower time because dinner time is – well I guess that gets everybody into one area, but it’s also to like Heal you and give you energy back and shit. I don’t need that What are you selling? Yes? Fuck okay cool bar yet what oh I don’t have enough room okay? Uh Give you a call Now bye What’s this I had enough for both or I had enough for one of each actually I have 55 coins left Okay, God I keeps getting the buttons actually get out of shit We agree if I could sell stuff to people and get money that way Yes, I should do people’s missions. Free time. Okay. Let’s get some more missions off people. No, not you Except I don’t know what any of these are I’m just going to accept them so I have them Get bottle of milk from a desk, okay So they’d hope we actually just have a bunch of mission so they can plow through and do really well I saw actually I bought in the milk down here pretty rancid by now Why are they all out here? What is that shit? Okay, the conductor Locate makeshift double Bass for chip Okay, I have to get another double bass somebody else does has a double bass lying around Didn’t I get you guys a double bass already? I know actually don’t have enough room for anything shit Need to go hide some stuff. I’m gonna hide the stuff that I really need what are you doing in my cubby? hi, I Don’t even need this baton. Yeah, but could you not alright put stuff in here I? Don’t know how this works alright button to hide oh, oh Alrighty then are you guys back in and I’ll take the soldiers Got you. Hey. There’s a dog on the map. Okay locate makeshift double bass. I’m running out of time here folks I Could run a little bit faster. That would be primo And then I need to go buy more shit, okay. They’re gonna see me in here. No. They’re not they’re learning there comes our stomach Make shift over base. Okay. You don’t have anything else got it nailing. It killing it crushing it Boom I’m still have 80 okay. You small bit more. I need 10 more The Mimzy selling that okay got it We really harry’s if you could eject up tight eyelet. Oh poor jack poor me Okay, I need to get a bunch of items then right? Just fill up on shit, and then go stuff it all down a toilet I don’t go back to you then to finish this There we go. I did it. Oh For ha ha ha 95 ok time to find Minzy minzy Where are you buddy the Batista Jenkins? avery Minzy Okay, he’s all the way up the top go go go. I’m running out of time actually have another hour Qi yeah Minzy Minzy Minzy Minzy Minzy Minzy Minzy I Got the fucking crap. He’s not the dealer anymore But Mimzy you had the guide fuck I Think somehow get a handle again somewhere. I need fucking swat dude damn okay? Who’s around Molo and avery okay norma selling one That sucks the longer this goes on the more items, I accrue and then the more I have to pay per click okay then the more risk I haves are actually getting caught and Stealing all myself well that unless they don’t actually find the stuff in the hidden compartments Seems a little old p because before you either had to hide it in a hole in the ground or the fuck is this Contraband pouch If the hydrogen a hole in the ground or hided in your veins or something like that are hided in your toilet so against now you have four slats in your table and three in your Toilet so I can actually hide seven things deliver a paper clip to Mimzy the weight oh no, Bronk I mean Z How is that? This is Mimsy right Minzy come here Ich Liebe kunst Today today give him the thing Know what actually tells you how long you have to get back to your cell now as well. Ah that’s nice What the doing that for all their things tell me how long I had to get back I didn’t see who was doing the searches oh Oh a-One two three four five six five six slots here That means I technically have a total of nine slots damn Okay, oh wait the red ones are contraband, right? Yeah, they’re all contraband Screwdriver and the Timber got it items such as tools the weapons can be crafted in whatever Wait, I’ll just go back into my thing. Oh, I could only flush them. Okay. I have enough intellect time to make some shit Who made a shovel now? I’m going to go back down to my desk and make my Pickaxe I don’t know which ones to Do where like I don’t know how I actually get out of this place. I? Need to get out near the main wall, and I don’t know how I do that So come into my office my cell. I mean not my office. It could be my office You don’t know Get this There we go was that working Weird okay, and I find a fifty intellect that can actually make them stronger Actually, I actually have the things to do that stick and a piece of thing I think ever a piece of sheet metal and another piece of duct tape I can make my shovel stronger as well Who is Gonna be good way? Can they just read books here? I could have just been reading box right next to make fucking cell God damn it man Okay, don’t dick me over. Just get me to fifty just stay there it easy Hahahaha, I had to tempt fate midnight. Whoopsie. Come on. Come back It was really hard. I’m tapping I’m tippi tapping superfast When you’re in the zone, it’s actually easier to keep it in it You don’t have to press as many things then when it’s going down. It’s actually super Easy, it’s Okay, let’s do this so eight and you go back to my dua. I don’t actually do this Bow I give me the shovel and the stick and I should be able to make I Need a sheet of Metal I Don’t have a sheet of metal. I had one and then I dropped it on the ground by accident and lost it Well shit. It’s dinner time oh, no. Oh Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit Fuck, I thought it was just on oh Okay, if I just stay hidden and good, I thought it was free time. God dumb Okay, I like this mini-map up here now though now I can actually see where the cops are Need a sheet of metal fuck oh Security level increased because I missed dinner. Oh because I didn’t show my face at all Gotcha right, I should not have the shovel in my hand Because if I get caught with this then that’s the thing I lose You get caught with like a screwdriver or something in my hand Put that back in there got that sheet of metal, bro Didn’t have to buy it just found it in a random cells don’t come in here. Youfox shovel it stick. Oh No, it’s just not even its stick. It’s just the the duct tape I’d having trouble figure out. What fucking buttons I need to price for half of this shit. Sorry you keep clicking into things and out of things and Now all my contraband can hide in there Nice, okay. Well. I’m gonna leave this episode of the escapers to hear good strong start for it. I feel I’m gonna pause it actually so I’m not wasting time good strong start for that. I feel thought that was good. I like that We got in we got to learn some of the new mechanics We’ve got to get our way around the the actual prison I got to get some of the items And I actually two items that will help me a lot to escape So a shovel a strong shovel and a strong pickaxe I should be able to go through the wall, and then dig my way out I don’t know where I’m doing that yet, but I figured out as I go along I really like some of the changes. They’ve made some people don’t like the new visual sense of the game. I personally love it I think it looks great. I think it’s a nice step up from the original without losing any of the They kind of charm to it I know, it’s not a simplistic pixel graphics as it used to be but whatever man It’s a nice step up for them if they kept it the same then it would have felt too familiar I really liked the upgrades to the domitian system, and the mini-map and all that kind of stuff So now it makes it so much easier that when you get a mission. You know exactly where to go There’s not this because There was a charm in not knowing where to go And you have to find your way around the prison and work things out for yourself But when you’ve got like three prisons in it that’s so fucking tedious to have to do that now. It actually feels like You know what to do. You know where you’re going you have you have an idea? it’s still hard to escape, but at least getting the items to escape and getting the money to do so it’s not as Balls-To-the-Wall Complicated as it you to be like it. Just takes a lot of time to do it now well I guess that’s kind of the way this game has always been but really like it very nice upgrade and again There is a multiplayer aspect of the game as well. It said there was a versus. I don’t know if there’s a co-op Escape together and kind of think that would be really cool I do want to try that maybe for the next prison I get Robin in or somebody to help I don’t know how many people are the support so who knows but for now thank you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch the like button in the face LIKE A BOSS And high fives all around! *quapsh* *quapsh* But thank you guys and i will see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO Oh, I got a little burpee bar in my neck as I was doing de little outro there, huh?


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