Prince Harry reveals SHOCK news about Meghan Markle’s baby bump – “heaviest Royal Baby”

Prince Harry reveals SHOCK news about Meghan Markle’s baby bump – “heaviest Royal Baby”

Prince Harry has revealed a secret about Meghan
Markle’s baby bump – signalling she could be on for a record-breaking birth. Meghan Markle, who is now around six months
pregnant, dazzled the red carpet with her husband Prince Harry at the Endeavour Fund
Awards in London’s Draper’s Hall last night. The pregnant duchess was pictured cradling
her blossoming baby bump as the couple entertained veterans and former military personnel at
the pre-awards party. The awards ceremony was set up to honour military
veterans who continue to compete despite long-standing illness or suffering accidents. During the event, Prince Harry made a startling
comment about Meghan’s baby bump. The Duke said Meghan was having a “heavy baby”,
as he spoke to guests at the event. Referring to Meghan’s bump, Harry said: “There’s
a heavy baby in here.” Meghan and Harry could set the record for
the heaviest royal baby, after Prince Louis set the record last April when he was born
weighing 8lb, 7oz. The Duchess showered her husband with praise,
and replied: “He’s going to be the best dad.” Meghan’s due date is fast approaching, and
the Duchess is now approaching her seventh month of pregnancy. The royal couple have also revealed how they
prepared for their child’s arrival by getting a pet Labrador. Host Ross Kemp said he spoke to the royals
about how he also prepared for his child’s arrival in the same manner. Describing Meghan as “stunning”, he added:
“We talked about how they’ve got a puppy and we got a puppy before we had our first boy.
It’s a preparation for nappy changing and pooping basically.” The first award of the night – the Recognising
Achievement Award – was given to former Olympic rower Sir Matthew Pinsent to Kelly Ganfield,
a visually impaired runner who has taken part in two Invictus Games. Upon receiving her award, she said: “Your
Royal Highness, you’re absolutely amazing in acknowledging many of us soldiers. “And the Duchess of Sussex— you’ve got all
this to come.” Speaking about how she was first introduced
to the royal couple, she said: “He met me in Bath for the trials with Meghan. She is
a total asset to the British public and nation. “She is going to be a mother soon and — yet
again from the trials — she saw my daughter Bethany who was two at the time. She is now
three. “Bethany gravitated to her and [Meghan] kind
of gravitated to Bethany. She has cerebral palsy. Meghan was amazing with her. And [Harry]
was beaming — but he’s always like that. She added: “His Royal Highness put my glasses
on to see what I see in day to day life and he made Meghan put the same glasses on.” The event comes days after Meghan’s friends
approached the media in a bid to shutdown swirling rumours about the Duchess. Her former co-star told People Magazine: “We
worry about what this is doing to her and the baby. It’s wrong to put anyone under
this level of emotional trauma, let alone when they’re pregnant. “We want to stand up against the global
bullying we are seeing and speak the truth about who our friend, a mother-to-be, really
is.” Meghan Markle dazzled in shirt Givenchy to
the Endeavour Fund Awards with Prince Harry. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex dazzled on
the red carpet last night as they stepped out to celebrate the achievements of wounded,
injured and sick military veterans who have taken on remarkable challenges. Harry and Meghan were at the Endeavour Fund
Awards in London’s Draper’s Hall honouring those who, despite life-changing injuries,
accidents or illnesses, have excelled in sporting and adventure pursuits. Meghan, 37, dressed her baby bump in almost
head-to-toe bespoke Givenchy, pairing a crisp white shirt with a side-split skirt and box
clutch by the designer, which she teamed with £530 Aquazzura ‘Rendez Vous’ pumps. She paired the simple, elegant look—by her
go-to brand, Givenchy, naturally—with a clutch and black pointed-toe mules with metallic
straps. Prince Harry looked sharp in a slate gray
suit with black shoes, while holding his wife’s hand on the red carpet. Just last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
attended a private event to judge the Endeavour Awards at Kensington Palace. The couple attended
this awards ceremony last year, just months ahead of their wedding. For Meghan’s debut
at the annual awards, she followed the classic black and white color scheme again with an
Alexander McQueen suit. The couple also helped present awards during
the evening. Harry also gave a speech during last year’s event. “I am fortunate enough to meet many of those
who take part in the endeavors that we support and I am continually amazed by the tenacity,
fortitude and unshakable humor displayed by the men and women who sign up to run races,
cross oceans, climb mountains or take on challenges few would even contemplate,” he said. “They simply couldn’t have achieved it without
the support of a team – whether their team mates or their family at home – it is teamwork
that has carried them through.”


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  • gabriella zordan says:

    Soap Opera . 7 months Pregnant in 12 cm high heels stiletto ! What a lie ! Give me a break . The show goes on . What a fake couple and what a bunch of lies .

  • Veronica Sue Starlite says:

    It's so exciting when a Royal has a new nugget. This child will be such an interesting mix up and so beautiful. A boy first and then a girl before the New Year!

  • Some of you hateful nasty comments are ridiculous ,I will be a leader and not a follower of wrong,at the end of the day she don't read this so keep being nasty to everything at least she is happy

  • Why do people think her pregnancy is a fake? I mean I understand from normal screen star to become a royal member isn't common but that's her fate. We gotta keep burning and cry behind the keyboards.

  • She’ll be back in California living with her mother with all her black clothes that are a slap to The Queen. It’s a mourning color. Baby Sussex is property of the crown. I just hope harry hasn’t given her too much of his morher’s Jewelry. She’ll clean his wallet out enough before she gets pregnant again right away before her getaway.
    She’s happy of course. I wish Harry could have waited. Sad

  • She never gave up her US citizenship and has probably gone through more of Harry’s money and the Uks money I one year that Kate inner time as Duchess
    I live near Toronto, ON. Her chef boyfriend was living with her while she met Harry. She got rid of him. She seems to do anything for the spotlight

  • It's, not real she's wearing a prosthetic baby bump. She has no weight gain anywhere, no puffiness.. Try comparing her pictures after another couple of months she will look the same. Main stream media sure does dish out what they want us to accept rather than what is real…. Who gives a hoot about what labels they are wearing. Tell us some real news

  • i wont lie i really do not like markle at all, she is an attention seeking twerp who i will never regard as a member of the royal family, she got what she wanted didn't she i agree with many others that her big act is worthy of an oscar for the first time in her life, she is milking the royals for everything spending well beyond what she should be, and as for her constantly holding her pregnancy bump she should knock it off, the vast majority of women know what it is like to be pregnant and they sure as hell dont constantly hold the bump to enable cameras to get a good shot of them, she is a sad pathetic excuse for a human who should a never married into the royals, she is as bad as that old hag camilla who ruined Dianas life carrying on an affair with charles even after he married, says alot for what gets into the royal family now doesnt it

  • I don't know why people have to keep making negative comments, she hasn't done anything to you. Why don't you just leave her alone.

  • Both duchesses are beautiful. They are accomplished well educated and very knowledgeable about the work they do for their queen and their country. Both princes are also adept at the work they do and appreciate all the help they receive from their wives. I'm sure the royal family are very proud of them. Wonderful couples.

  • Pipo will still comment shits here…so my question is..why do u waste ur money to watch if u don't like her??to all haters find something better doing to earn a living n stop being mean to ur fellow woman.she gt de same blood Colour as everyone…..Love you Meghan..May God protect u from every evil eye!!!!!!!!!

  • There has not been any talk, anywhere about her feeling the baby move! We should be able to see movement ourselves. Whats up, Meghan? Is there a baby?

  • Poor Prince Harry!
    He deserves a decent and a beutiful lady, not a trash and ugly woman from a messy family like Meghan, a lisr who carries with her a dark past for having had slept with several different men before him, He succumbed to her scheming and cunning ways to catch him.

  • She knows just how to con people doesn't she smell th coffee people, thosewho fall for her cons are just in it for what they can get out of it (devious just like her)

    What a nightmare.

  • She's gorgeous and looks to be doing really well with her pregnancy.  They are a lovely couple and a much needed addition to the royal family

  • Sooner or later she will be a mother her shape will be right back where you stew be because she love doing yoga and yoga will put her right back in shape I love it

  • I was pregnant and barely showing…but then again I am African-American athletic shape and long legs.
    My diet was water only, prenatal vitamins, walking everywhere while working and vegan foods.

  • Every woman carries different, its preposterous to think otherwise, no woman can judge another woman's pregnancy based on her own.

  • Nose in the air Elephant says:

    She, Megan, is going to make Harry's life hell! She is a narcissist and only cares about herself! William tried talking him out of marrying her!

  • joycelet groves says:

    The beauty of motherhood & father to be is a touch of pure grace & love perfection from above…'' Looks good on Meghan & P. Harry…wear it well.

  • It's. Very creepy. To tell your husband. You are pregnant and not being pregnant reminds me of a lifetime movie ' bitch Actress watch what you eat around her she is capable of doing anything this woman is scary!

  • "I scrolled down & it's mostly her : shit lies about her pregnancy/ I feel like. We are back discussing that Michelle Obama thing"* if she's not pregnant how does. She hide her menstrual cycles from Harry? .every normal husband knows if his wife is. Having her period


  • What an outfit!!!! Looks like one of Harrys old shirts! Really- for that money she could have done better. Naming all the designers isnt helping the outfit look any beter on her. O what a disaster! Poor thing!

  • Its no surprise that Megan has no swelling, or bloating, she was skinny before she was pregnant, its understandable, different woman, different symptoms in motherhood, I'm just happy for them, its amazing, they are still standing strong even after hearing hateful things.

  • How can she spend so much money and still look a mess? White shirt sleeves rolled up and wrong size skirt? She looks a mess

  • Just my opinion says:

    Oh how she flutters those eye lashes. Every time she meets someone. flutter, flutter!!! How does getting a labrador puppy, help you to prepare for a new baby!!! That is a new one on me!!! Isn't a new baby enough to be going on with? But I forgot, they will have a butler for the dog.. Silly me… I sure hope when it poops, they scoop!

  • People do you realize that you're negative comments effect you? Meghan doesn't know you or listen to you. The only person being negatively effected will be you. Find something good to say or don't say anything at all – you're deep inner-self will actually be happier.r

  • Not a lover of royalty but cyber bullying to anyone great or small when they can’t fight back is awful and cowedly..picking up on every pathetic thing even pic of her ankles not being swollen then she lucky not all women have every ittypicky things.
    All her private mail shown to public by that awful father as a woman to another woman you go it gal you fresh air into come into family of racist twerps
    Harry love or hate him did go into forces on front line great respect to everyone who done that and he done so much for disable soldiers more respect for that.
    I truly hope they don’t read garbage on you tube

  • The amazing mileywest says:

    I'm not surprised that some of you chocolate covered pieces of racist shit would say such ignorant things grow up

  • PaigeAnn Forrest says:

    That black skirt and top are so tacky. She still thinks she is Hollywood and Ke3ping Up With the Kardashians! Skin tight. Awful.

  • @andela and all,
    I just found out that this is her third marriage. The first, to an attorney, surname Guiliano, was annulled. So, the Catholics don’t count that one.
    So, this is really her. 3rd marriage and 3 abortions later, she has her genes in the British Royal family. Makes Comilla look like a giggly virgin

  • Shirley Melton says:


  • Heavy baby…the heaviest royal baby??? 7 .4 pounds??? Below average birth weight in the UK. They should have just stopped with getting a puppy.

  • American Citizen101 says:

    Everyone knows that they so called gave birth to a boy doll!! And the queen is wanting them to live in the Palace!! After they spent 3 million dollars, that the tax payers paid for!! She makes the Royals look like a big joke they r!! I'm starting to think the anti Christ being born soon, or already here!! MM never carried the baby, they had a surrogate!! The reason they cant let anyone see the real baby, cause the baby's eyes r pure black!! So they r walking around with this dumb fake baby!! They will be the protectors of this baby!! But, I would have knew he would have turned out so bad, when I really loved the way he smiled, and goofed off with all the children, now that is gone!! God, watch over all of us!!

  • If true she's carrying a baby ,remember she's mixed race and they do carry big babies . But then again who cares , we don't even know if there's a first …

  • Does she think that long black skirt and that awful white shirt looks nice together??? It's looks awful. She wants to be stylish….well…..that's not stylish in my opinion.

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