Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY


100 thoughts on “Prince Harry Arrives In Canada To Rejoin Meghan Markle And Baby Archie | TODAY”

  • these devils bloodline so called royals dont like Meghan especialy william 🐖🐷🐕🐕🐕🤮 but they will see soon 🖕🐍🐍👹👹👹☹

    the Britains like Meghan but these criminels thiefs so called royals were behind the press the World knows that. Shame on you william imbecile rasist devil we will see you to be king who can support your brother OMG william you are a wild animal 🤮🤮🐕🐕🐍🐍

  • What a dreadful thing to do to Archie, keeping him away from his cousins & family.. No, they can’t come back.. I don’t want them back.. I’m disgusted with her…& Him. Grow a pair Harry..

  • Archie… As he grows he will ask about Grand Fathers. Grand Mothers. Auntie's. Uncles. Cousins… Family. Hopefully this child will not be deprived of the right to meet and greet his bloodline whilst growing up? Family is important as we learn so much, be it good, the bad, the ugly. 🙌

  • Harry and Meghan will make it big. The tabloids will get confused very soon, may be ashamed (thats just a miracle) tabloids will dig deeper into Williams and kates life ( which we say in India "swaha").

    All blessings, courage, happiness to the three in canada. Now lets continue with our dear Brexit days. Megxit was quick to decide. Let this be a great reference for Brexit.

  • Harry do what his best for you and your wife and Child. Do not let them Chase you around like they did your mother. She did not get the chance to be herself. Love you much and wife and Archie. ❤❤❤❤

  • Meghan markle should pay back 45 million wedding bills as well she knew from the start what she is getting into she is not 15 year old young girl she is matured person shame on her

  • Where they live now they are protected by a Privacy Act. They can now pretty much successfully sue any one who takes pictures of them while they are not working. They are pretty smart and chose where they relocated to specifically after much research I’m sure.

  • I do love they can be free here on the island, no one bugging them, no creeps w telephoto lenses. We here on Vancouver Island 🇨🇦, we don’t give a . . . .

  • The shots of Meghan are staged… the reason there are pics is because is is arranging them. She wants to be chased … but in year nobody will want to chase her. She is on her was out of style.

  • Privacy, you stupid? They never had that in the UK…and whose photos are those, you notice Canadian media does not discuss those photos? Only the Uk and USA media.

  • Who cares? They are now “non-royal” royals. Soon he and Megan will both be selling SussexRoyal tea towels and T-shirts in the Yukon Territory to support themselves. Hope it was worth selling out his extended family and his charities to build his brand abroad.

  • West Coast Millennial says:

    Good thing Harry wasn’t higher in the line of succession. What a wuss. Had he been King, we all know how that would have turned out. Acts like the media is only out for him and his family. Newsflash…your nieces and nephews who are children too are experiencing the media all over them, yet uncle Harry would rather run off to another country instead of be there for them like his maternal uncle Spencer have been there for both him and William after their mother died. Oh well, whatever Meghan wants, Meghan gets. Great slogan.

  • Jesus Christ, give it a rest. Everybody has problems… and these are First World Problems. If they end up complete bums on skid row – guess what – there are already thousands of ppl on skid row in LA and nobody is giving them media coverage.

  • Typically Canadians won't make a big deal about them,like if I saw them: Heh Harry ?, what's up Meghan? Have a good one
    Chat at cha later!

  • The point of it all was to escape from the photographers, but I guess that's out! These people do not care. It's all about the money. The Evil Triad is behind this!

  • Malcolm Mulvihill says:

    darrens got something bizarre about him,,,,he looks drugged,or semi paralysed,,,,i think social services should be called in,,they are a sick trio

  • You media people need to just leave them alone. If they had privacy rules in the UK, why were they harassed and bullied as such? Or those rules applied to other royals but not to Harry and Meghan. Such BS!
    May God continue to watch over them.

  • Gwaaaaaaaan Prince Harry when you BLACK can’t go BACK Dianna would be proud of YOU your just like her ain’t standing for know RUBBISH 👑👑👑👑👑💯🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 yes ARCHIE Daddy loves ❤️❤️u

  • Which bit of we want to be left alone don't the media understand.
    He's left home like many young families do.
    She makes money, he must have money.
    JUST LEAVE THEM BE and see if they can get on with their fundamentally changed way of life.

  • They are now private citizens, playing at families like millions of other families who do it all over the world. Give them breathing space and allow them to blend in, without the cameras on them.

  • Dear Mr Markle. (Meghan's Dad) Greetings from England…. This is kind of how we feel right now.

    …….. 😄😂 Lol!

  • Ah, yes. Canada. Notoriously hard to emigrate to for Britons. Harry sets up home there in the space of a couple of days. Seems fair…

  • I am guilty of wasting my time following their news. I forgot they are couples in their late 30's who are millionaires. They can do anything with their life. In the meantime, we are still struggling to even have 1 million in the bank. Back to the my real world.

  • If one red cent of my tax money goes to pay for security for some Royals I'm going to be livid Justin Trudeau better keep his mouth shut and not virtue signal and offer up Canadian tax dollars.
    we don't want Harry and Megan!

  • I am very very happy for both Meghan, Harry and the baby for their new adventure…It is better to live a poor man and be happy than a rich man with no happiness. Always love you both.

  • All lies being told they want money they see Michelle Obama making hundreds of millions of dollars from Netflix and other ridiculous promotions and they want to cash in.
    They wanted to cash in and stay Royals but the queen put her foot down and kick them out that's why you are saying this isn't his choice

  • I want to know why she's caring a dog. That is no baby that's a limp doll she just got a larger doll is just like when she was at the polo match look at the legs the legs are just limp a babe and you don't hold a baby like that it's too large especially when he's sleeping he's heavier that's dead weight Megan you need a stroller for that doll

  • only losers who have nothing else better to do, worry about the royal family….

    they are just people
    they are no different than you or i
    they only have status because a large enough group of dummies all think that


    I pray to God Meghan is not playing a hurting Harry. Meghan has had the bad streak to harm people. Not really a caring person all about money. Or fightng

  • Congrats on getting out of that toxic horrible family, Adulterous Camilla and Charles YUK . Andrew and Sarah Ferguson who defends him DOUBLE YUK

  • Deborah Scofield says:

    Hope they can lay low for a bit so the cameras get bored and go away. Harry needs to let the family he quit get on with their lives. Especially his heartbroken Grandmother. Meghan who?

  • Megan Markel makes me sick to my stomach. She is only a gold digger I never heard this name before she married Harry. You have people living on streets and tent cities and we have to pay for their security, give me a break.

  • Poor Meghan, poor Harry: rich, famous, connected and fussed over. They will always have state of the art residences, transportation, designer duds and bling. But: They need privacy, but ok to follow them on twitter and admire them via social media on their terms. And if one more beautiful, beloved, bejeweled, wealthy woman plays the race card. Contemplate what percentage of the world's population struggles to simply exist, including dirt POOR, uneducated, marginalized black Americans.

  • It looked so obvious she saw the photographers because she was smiling right at the camera as to say Ha Ha Ha Ha people we are happy and will rub in into the taxpayer's faces.

  • Nobodies talks about Andrew anymore…all of this circus was to distracted people from a really bad thing going on with Black Sheep Andrew

  • The Royal Family knows how to handle the British Tabloid Press or any Press in general. They glance at the headlines, respond appropriately at the behest of the Queen then they marshal on with their duties seemingly impervious to whatever else is hurled at them. They are Royalty after all and that is what is expected of them, they are the guardians and defenders of British Dignity, and they are quite capable and worthy of that task. Those who join their ranks either get in line or leave. It's not about their individuality and it isn't about being good or bad. It is about preserving tradition, protocol, and whether you have what it takes to behave and conduct yourself as a Royal, and live a life of service to The Crown.
    Meghan Markle found out she could not. Prince Harry had to choose. The Queen loves him and compromised. The Crown made provisions and adjusted it's expectations of a member of the family who have already given so much from the day he was born.
    The family's message to Meghan was clear. It is sad that could not be one of us, and while Harry may choose you over the Crown, for now, the family will always choose the Crown over you.

  • Okay great now let's use this as a way to get all the UK gingers over to Vancouver Island ASAP….we could make it a ginger prison like Australia was back in the day….👍

  • I thought Meghan was up in arms at being papped with her baby and dogs. She's smiling directly at the camera and clearly posing. This can only mean that she knew she was being papped. If that's the case, why is she suing? Oh yes, and somebody ought to teach her how to properly carry her baby. Reminds me of Amal Clooney – another luvvie celebrity who hasn't a clue how to hold or carry a baby.

  • She wants money, as her father said, she thinks they will make billions… but hey there are a lot of people who are billionaires in this world, and only one British Royal Family….

  • She's going for a walk, she looks forward and starts smiling, who does that?
    Unless, she sees the camera man and is posing, this could be set up or staged.
    It's not a natural thing to smile at nothing.
    Also, why harry taking a private jet?

  • These two… Susch TV stars!!! Lol!!! They love cameras!!!! 📸🎥
    I feel bad for him… He was practically pushed away from Royals.

  • If you want to go private don't post xmas photos ….all her fault by not showing the world thwir child right after he was born. Very sad how things turned out. Breaking up a perfect family I would have never thought. I am sure this one will divorce him and he will flip. She has nothing as destruction on her mind. Narcissistic can't be healed by meds. 😔

  • good job harry you got out of there just in time the racism is blatant isnt brexit all about racism i blame the queen is she racist too

  • Evelyn Oppenheimer says:


  • Meghan is so wrapped up in creating a stunning image of Herself, she is willing to let her baby slip out of her grasp. Are we noticing this ?!!

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