Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding: The latest news about the big day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding: The latest news about the big day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only added
to the good news when they officially announced their engagement. The couple first met in
May 2016, and the royal says he immediately knew that she was “the one.”
Unbearable cuteness aside, here’s everything we know so far about the much-anticipated
wedding set for 2018. Kensington Palace confirmed the wedding date in a statement on Friday, December 15. This
means sister-in-law Kate Middleton will be hoping that her 1-month-old baby won’t start
crying in the middle of the ceremony. The pair will say their vows specifically in St George’s Chapel, which is located within
the royal residence. It’s smaller than Westminster Abbey — where Prince William and Kate Middleton
married — and St Paul’s Cathedral —where their parents wed — but prestigious enough
for a high-profile royal wedding. Case in point: Prince Edward, the younger brother
of Prince Charles, tied the knot with Sophie Rhys-Jones there in 1999.
While the spot is just right for this type of affair, the Queen did technically have
to give the couple permission to use it. Luckily, Harry’s grandmother gave it the okay. In case their absolute adorableness was in
any doubt, the couple released two official engagement portraits on December 21 to celebrate
the occasion. Fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski shot
the duo at Windsor Castle’s Frogmore House, a likely venue for the wedding reception.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were so pleased by the “warm and generous messages” they received
in response that they also released a candid pic from the shoot as well. You won’t need an invitation to watch the
two say “I do.” A spokesperson for the said that the ceremony will be broadcast to viewers
around the world. “The couple of course wants the day to be
a special, celebratory moment for their friends and family,” the unnamed rep said. “They also
want the day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations
too and are currently working through ideas for how this might be achieved.”
While it’s too early to say how and when well-wishers will tune in, there’s plenty of time to start
planning your watch party. Just like Prince William’s wedding, it’s the groom’s family that will foot the majority
of the bill. The Queen received over $108 million in income this year, so a seven-figure
budget won’t be much of a stretch. The monarch traditionally bestows new titles on royal men when they marry, and Prince Harry
is no exception. Experts strongly expect Prince Harry will become the Duke of Sussex, making
his new bride the Duchess of Sussex and Her Royal Highness. She could also go by Princess
Henry of Wales, but Markle won’t become a princess in her own right since she wasn’t
born into the royal family. While no royal wedding qualifies as “casual,” don’t expect the same grandeur as 2011. Since
Meghan Markle was previously married, the couple may have a “service of blessing” instead,
historian Hugo Vickers said. “I don’t imagine that Prince Harry will go
for a big grand wedding,” he said. “He would want to do it his own way.” Prince Harry and Barack Obama are clearly close. But while the two may enjoy a great
friendship, the royal declined to answer a question about whether the former president
would attend the wedding. “We haven’t put the invites or the guest list
together yet so who knows whether he’s going to be invited or not,” he said. “I wouldn’t
want to ruin that surprise.” According to speculation, British government
officials worry that inviting Barack and Michelle Obama could create political complications
with President Trump, especially if the current commander-in-chief doesn’t make the guest
list at all. Political pundits may just have to wait until May to see how it all shakes
out. As the future queen consort, don’t expect
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be standing at the front of the chapel on the big day.
Kate Middleton wasn’t even the matron of honor at her own sister’s wedding, and it’s safe
to say she knows Pippa a lot better than Meghan. The reason for abstaining is pretty simple:
The Duchess doesn’t want to overshadow the bride, and it goes against etiquette for someone
of her standing to “attend” to another woman, according to royals expert and author Marlene
Koenig. The good news: “It is very likely that Prince
George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge will be a page boy and a bridesmaid,” Koenig
says. Although royal weddings don’t usually include a best man, Prince William broke with protocol
when he had Prince Harry perform the duty back in 2011. But so far Prince Harry hasn’t
reciprocated. “He hasn’t asked me yet, just to clear that
up. It could be a sensitive subject,” the big brother said at a recent event. Just like
the royal protocol restricting Kate, etiquette could prevent the future king from doing the
job. However, Prince William may serve as a “supporter,” the more traditional role typically
held at these types of ceremonies. That said, it’s rumored that his younger brother
will eventually make the request: “Harry has several close guy friends, but there’s no
way he would ask anyone but William to take on the top job,” a source said. The bride may break with tradition and have Doria Ragland accompany her for the big moment.
They two share a close relationship: Meghan lived with her mother after her parents’ divorce,
and Ragland also accompanied the couple to the Invictus Games in September.
While her dad has maintained a low profile out of respect for the couple’s privacy, Tom
Markle did also confirm that he’d “love to” fulfill the traditional duty.
(Michael Middleton accompanied Kate at her wedding.) Meghan Markle is updating royal customs left
and right, and her nod to modernity might continue at the reception. Breaking with tradition,
she will reportedly make a speech “offering “affectionate” praise of her new husband,
thanks to the Queen, and a few suitable jokes. Historically only the groom, father of the
bride, and best man make speeches at British wedding receptions.
“She wants to have the chance to thank her husband and everyone who has supported them,”
a source said. “Harry thinks it’s a great idea.” Royal chefs usually whip up a booze-soaked
fruitcake for high-profile nuptials, but the Windsor Castle kitchens might be making another
special confection just for Prince Harry. The prince reportedly loves anything banana-flavored,
and Meghan Markle alluded to this when she shared a pic of cuddling bananas on her former
Instagram last year. “My personal style — wedding or not — is very pared down and relaxed,” the actress
said last year. “Classic and simple is the name of the game, perhaps with a modern twist.”
Potential designers for the much anticipated gown include Elie Saab, Erdem, Antonio Berardi,
Gile Deacon, Ralph & Russo, Emilia Wickstead, Temperley London, Jenny Packham, and Amanda
Wakeley. Markle could also turn to her friend and designer
Misha Nonoo, who may have introduced the couple in the first place. “I used to be a calligrapher for weddings
and events — that was my side job while I was auditioning,” Markle said in 2016. While
we doubt she’ll provide the penmanship for her own invitations, the royal writers are
likely feeling extra pressure this time around!


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  • Alice Méndez says:

    Estou a ver o casamento de Harry e Meghan em direto pela TVI. Emocionante,não consigo conter as lágrimas.Que Deus abençõe o Vosso Amor!

  • Jessie Asamoa says:

    People of little faith !.
    May, God guide, and protect you through, from everlasting to everlasting. Ameeeeeeeen!………

  • I pray that The Lord before whom they vowed will keep and preserve them and use them to reach and touch many lives. May the good Lord help them to keep their vows amen.

  • Where did Williams hair go? Royal shit. Queen gave her permission because Harry, his blank and their kids will never sit on the throne. We'll see where her loyalties lie now. Glad to see no Obama's there.

  • Мочить этих кровососов и мразь и народу будет легче жить! Живут за счет народа и еще выпендриваются вроде что-то из себя представляют! А что? – Паразиты и воры…

  • Celebrating mortals forgetting the ugly face of royalty
    Europe went east in the crusades where even after defeat they were educated and Protestants ate born there, the marrying priest the divorce of incompatibility…. Lu's the king James Bible was inspired east where crusades noted the one divine book..

    Thus the Koran preceded king James Bible
    But lessons were in vain slavery ,colonialism and racialism all followed
    Nothing to celebrate just blasphemy for lack of s better word

  • Cecilia Haram says:

    Best wishes for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.Meghan was so beautiful simple but elegant.Prince Harry is indeed very lucky w/ Meghan as his wife she is beauty and brain.Live and be happy Both of you.

  • Venkatesh babu says:

    Wedding is a ceremony where people have to look the best in age looks smell posture cleanliness behavior and so many other things and that is why people marry. Nice pictures thanks.

  • Krste The king of macedonia says:

    Fucking Royal my ass she vill be out of there that quick she won’t hang around like Diana she vill marry some Indian after this I feel sorry for this young man she is not for hem

  • Only God could arrange such a union, God's love is for the Jew and the Gentile. This wedding made me think of the story of Ruth and Naomi. Blessing to you both.

  • Janilka Tunon says:

    this wedding megan is the oppossite real if he no look the back can happen same his father. Aren't megan why no help her mom look better hair in tv . monetary money now use some from prince hope the bestu

  • I wish God will have mercy on them. With their characters and backgrounds I am skeptical about their marriage. Prince Harry was thoughtful when Michael Curry talked about love. This is the 1st vote by Harry but not the 1st one by Meghan. So what is the meaning of vote to them? God bless!

  • And the trend continues anything looks good with the color black on it are successful they take it there
    it go again taking her she's pretending to be happy she's not

  • Audrey Norton says:

    May God Continue To Bless, Keep Surround Them With Health Strength Faith Courage And Understanding. ?????????????

  • So the Royal family gets an injection of low IQ genes. The Khanate of LondonStan is leading the way for Britain…down.

  • They will divorced in couple of months anyways…so y marrying drama..nd spending lots money…give to poors…

  • Audrelyn Berrick says:

    I enjoyed watching the Royal wedding on Saturday morning, it was so beautiful, the bride and the groom was so happy.

  • sherman butler says:

    Says King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba,"this thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grape"'. Yet in Africa today there remain many Queens whose breasts are like a roe of a twin tower..FOREVER

  • The royals could have fed millions of poor or used it for the charities that they both brag about. It’s millions and millions of dollars. They could forfeit a wedding this large even if the queen was involved.

  • A used (non virgin) woman Harry married. It’s not what the queen would want for her heir. She’s a divorced woman who mail her rings back to her ex. What a low life.

  • dragonflydays45 says:

    Nobody does it better Makes me feel sad for the rest Nobody does it half as good as the UK ?? Admit it! They’re the best!

  • She will be the target of every bigot, that came out of the back woods since trump became president. Good luck girl, you will need it.!!!!

  • These heartless comments are disgusting, give this couple a chance, I believe that they have the best of intentions .

  • Boomer1941 noname says:

    It's been reported that many of Harry's friends and many in the Royal Family were not invited, but Oprah and George Clooney were as Meghan made out most of the Guest List.

  • Naomi Herbert says:

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  • Martha Orellana says:


  • Anne-Marie TENDENG BASSENE says:

    Priere pour vous et votre mama Diana toute ĺ afrique est avec VOUS ??????????????? depuis dakar heureux ménage vous et votre frère. Merci

  • Nancy Gandidze says:

    Cathrine Middleton was the viewer of her wedding the Real Madrid so that very much to take the wedding reception breakfast oh Lord give us the reality reason to forgive those who abused us in our relationship and allow the our lives in life

  • Francis Mausley says:

    Beautiful! My prayers are with them. “O Thou kind Lord! Thou hast created all humanity from the same stock. Thou hast decreed that all shall belong to the same household. O Thou kind Lord! Unite all. Let the religions agree and make the nations one, so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home.” ~ Baha'i Faith

  • Ashabi Togunde says:

    I wish them the very best in life and what has happened in her life before will not occur again, well to me prince Harry is a bold man with a beautiful heart and that is love . Love that doesn't condemn……. Am rooting for you prince Harry and princess Meghan Markle

  • Ashabi Togunde says:

    I wish them the very best in life and what has happened in her life before will not occur again, well to me prince Harry is a bold man with a beautiful heart and that is love . Love that doesn't condemn……. Am rooting for you prince Harry and princess Meghan Markle

  • Jane Namutebi says:



    I have to say I was very impressed with the black pastor, nice surprise. And the black choir, was fantastic, so they are living up to what they appear to be. Hopefully these two couples will help to change the unjust, unequal world we live in.

  • Battosai Himura88 says:

    Meghan Markle is very lovely n has a Great personality.,But my All time favorite American turned Princess is the late Grace Kelly of Monaco. Its Just me.

  • I wish harry and meghan a happy married life together. To all those negative people take the speck. Out of your eye before. Taking the beam out of someone else's ?

  • What pathetic crowds stood on the sidewalk for hours to watch this show from this Feudal Kingdom, 7 years shall be an appropriate time to meet its sticky end. Too bad grand mammy will not be participating in another "accident".

  • Captain Justice says:

    Let us hail them and praise them. A bunch of murders who's fathers and mothers murdered our fathers and mothers just so they can rule over us.How fitting.

  • черномазая голивудская прошмандовка +Алень с рьіжей льісоватойголовушкой -мир вам дети

  • Lillianne Oiye says:

    People say all sorts of things about Meghan but i for one believe in destiny. She deserves to be happy just like anyone of us. If she was married to an ordinary person, would people still talk about her? Lets be happy for her and her union into the royal family.

  • i'll bet 50 million that the next move Meghan will attempt is divorce , the she reaches her dreams…. good luck to the royal family

  • Hisham Abouelfadl says:

    From Egypt I say Congratulations on Their marriage. Queen Elizabeth II The queen of Britain. Her majesty is the granddaughter of the German Gotha family. Also one of her roots is same ethnic as mine. She has Spanish roots. One of her ancestors was a Spanish Muslim, Who was left Spain to England when It got hard for Spanish Muslims to live as muslims in Spain. later his grandsons and granddaughters converted to Christianity, So I consider her majesty is a relative of mine. And her majesty is a relative of every Spanish blooded person. Note The British Royal family name was changed from Gotha to Windsor in the World War One.
    Reina Isabel II La reina de Gran Bretaña. Su majestad es la nieta de la familia alemana de Gotha. También una de sus raíces es la misma étnica que la mía. Ella tiene raíces españolas. Uno de sus antepasados era un musulmán español, que se fue de España a Inglaterra cuando se hizo difícil para los musulmanes españoles vivir como musulmanes en España. más tarde, sus nietos y nietas se convirtieron al cristianismo, así que considero que su majestad es pariente mío. Y su majestad es pariente de toda persona de sangre española. Nota El nombre de la familia real británica se cambió de Gotha a Windsor en la Primera Guerra Mundial.
    الملكه اليزابيث ملكه بريطانيا العظمى هى حفيده عائله جوته الالمانيه. و ظلت العائله المالكه البريطانيه تحمل لقب جوته حتى الحرب العالميه الأولى عندما أضطرتها ظروف الحرب إلى تغيير لقب العائله من جوته إلى وندسور. الملكه اليزابيث الثانيه أعلنت منذ فتره أن أحد جذورها تعود إلى اسبانيا إلى مسلمين اسبانيا إلى العباد الذين كانوا يحكمون الاندلس فى يوم من الأيام و أنهم لجأو إلى الملك الاسبانى المسيحى الفونسو الحكيم و هاجر بعد ذلك أجدادها إلى جنوب انجلترا لذا هى تحمل دماء اسبانيه و بالتالى توجد قرابه معى و مع كل من يحمل جذور و دماء اسبانيه. قامت دولة بني عباد في إشبيلية على يد القاضي أبي القاسم محمد بن إسماعيل بن عباد، خلال القرن الخامس الهجري (الحادي عشر الميلادي).
    ألفونسو العاشر (بالإسبانية: Alfonso X de Castilla y León) أشتهر بلقب الحكيم (بالإسبانية: el Sabio) (طليطلة, 23 نوفمبر 1221 — إشبيلية 4 أبريل 1284 ) ملك قشتالة وليون (1252-1284)، كان أجدادى مولدن الاندلس (أهل اسبانيا و البرتغال الأصلين الذين دخلوا فى الإسلام فى العهد الاندلسى) هم الأغلبيه فى اسبانيا كان تعدادهم وصل إلى حوالى خمسه ملايين قرب نهايه القرن الخامس عشر الميلادى.

  • Jael Raphael says:

    England, like the rest of the world, is going to face economic downturn in the coming years. But these people are behaving like the world is a big bed of roses! The royals don't have good track records on marriages, what so great about this marriage! ? Simply waste of tax payers hard earned money.

  • gabriella zordan says:

    This is a love marriage , not an arranged marriage and I congratulate both the bride and the groom showing the World that Love is more powerful than anything else in the World. We all know that LOVE IS GOD ! I think this is their message to the World. Love and Peace not War and hate. All I can say is that Meagan deserves the best , she is showing us that she cannot settle for the less in her life and that she can fly high she can touch the sky . She is very ambition and very demanding and it is nothing wrong with that. We are living in a very materialistic Western society with no human feeing and no human values anymore. She is genuine and beautiful with a great charisma and personality , she got lot of style. I think that she made it to the top due to her strong faith in herself and in God and because she knows how hard it is to grow up in a broken family with an absent father and she had to do anything to help her poor mother . I got all my admiration for her and I wish her the Best in life since she deserves the best . God rewarded her for her struggling , fighting for black women position in the Western racist society where she herself had to put up with a lot of racism , and for being a sweet and intelligent woman , God blessed her . She did the right thing with the help of our Almighty God . Amen. Best wishes to the newlyweds and May Continue to Bless them for doing the right thing. They are both fit for each other . We all wish them a long life full of love and happiness crowns by many children. Amen

  • 0123456789abc decghijklmn says:

    The duke and duches of ORAL SEX!!! In Finnish Sussex sounds exactly like "suuseksi"..which means ORAL SEX!!! Nice:D

  • Bianca Pinheiro Toivola says:

    I will praise you Lord,you have saved me from my enemies,you refuse to let then triump ovet me .Rescue me Venäjät you are the God WHO Allways does what is right.

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