Prince Andrew needs to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser

Prince Andrew needs to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser

I want to start by saying, it’s not
how Jeffrey died but it’s how he lived. We need to get to the bottom
of everybody who was involved with that. Starting with Ghislaine Maxwell
and going along the lines there. I was recruited at a very young age
from Mar-a-Lago and entrapped in a world that I didn’t understand
and I’ve been fighting that very world to this day. And I won’t stop fighting,
I will never be silenced until these people are brought to justice, so thank you all very much. I appreciate it. He knows what he’s done
and he can attest to that. He knows exactly what he’s done
and I hope he comes clean about it. With respect to Prince Andrew or
anyone else that has made statements, gratuitous statements. If anyone
wants to come over here and talk with us and answer real
questions that the victims have and that we have on their behalf,
we welcome that invitation. I personally extended that invitation
to Prince Andrew multiple times. Anytime we are ready and we have
a lot of questions for him. Anybody can deny things in a
printed statement but it’s a different thing to come here, answer questions under oath, subject to cross examinations. Those are the kinds of answers that
we’re eventually going to get.


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  • PA: "well sure I'll confess to sexual assault and pedophilia and destroy my own reputation because you asked so nicely"

  • They were recruited? Here I thought they were kidnapped off the streets, bound and gagged and shuttled off to Epstein's Island.

    If they're minors, then WHERE WERE THE PARENTS? Why didn't the parents file charges at the time? Didn't they notice their daughters went missing for a few days? If the parents knew, then… [insert imagination here]

    "Recruited" implies willingness on their parts.

  • He should, but he won't. Lying pedophile pouf Prince Andrew is hiding behind his evil mother's skirts, protected by all types of diplomatic immunity. The degenerate, parasitic British Monarchy should be abolished.

  • David Schlessinger says:

    If it happened to you…AND YOU KEEP QUIET….you encourage the predators to continue. No different than an 18-foot alligator that's roaming your neighborhood. YOU might survive an alligator attack…but if you purposely keep it a secret from the rest of your neighbors, you're allowing the attacks to continue.

  • Underworld operatives who work for the government or for any enterprise, stay grouped together and pertain closely within their own kind. Underworld operatives of the transnational organized criminal network, are similar to commune members. They pertain to their own sets of beliefs thus share a perception with little bearing with the outside world of the true general public. Scientology was spawned from the underworld. Famous celebrities can be underworld patterned operatives. Despite their blatant oddness, they pertain to their own doctrine as if it were the accepted norm. This creates a false sense of confidence. This also creates the conflict of manipulation that ushers you away from your constitutional rights. Report all suspicious persons to the Whistleblower's Act, FBI, Ombudsman, and the local PD. File reports with the Department of Justice. Read about the underworld through the Freedom of Information Act.

  • I truly feel bad for these woman but….
    They were not forced to have sex. It was their decision to do this. We were all young at one time and we all made wrong decisions at times. Its all part of growing up.
    These woman need to realize they made wrong choices and need move on.
    The judge might have a similar ruling on this also but only time will tell.

  • Mar a Lago….ouch! I'd make a thing over it but Trump did order Epstein banned from Mar a Lago shortly after he was informed of Epstein's activities

  • "Until her death in 1973, Post used the estate as a haven for many notable dignitaries. After her death, the estate was willed to the Federal Government for use as a diplomatic/presidential retreat. Ten years later, due to maintenance and security concerns, the government conferred title to the Post Foundation. In 1985, Donald J. Trump purchased the property from the Post Foundation and used the estate as a private residence until 1995. In April of 1995, Mar-a-Lago became established as The Mar-a-Lago Club."

  • All Democratic Pedophiles need to come clean about their CHILD PORNOGRAPHY Servers. No wonder they want Trump impeached!!

  • mr. 100 ups in 60 god says:

    They all got fat from low upbringing, ha ha, your parent's are to blame as much as epstien,
    Do you know where your daughters at,rofl, getting banged only problem is that daddy didn't pop that cherry!!!! ?????

  • Oh please. These females were acting as pimps for Epstein and now are looking for money and their 15 minutes of fame. I don't want to hear that they were "innocent children" at the time either; juveniles get tried as adults in US courts daily for doing less than the sophisticated sex trafficking these "victims" helped facilitate by their recruiting of other females for even more money to line their purses. And what kind of parents would also let their teen daughters jet set around to islands for weeks at a time with older men? Yet these parents are coming out of the woodwork now too being vocal. This is all a freaking joke.

  • Wow the Wealthy men and women throughout the centuries have always done pedophilia or worst kinks now in this century want to do something about haha just another dog and pony show. It will die and the Wealthy powerful families will keep right on slave trading children and women for sex.

  • Yeah let’s see if this white woman will all of a sudden commit suicide too? Looks like Prince who cares got some splaining to do.

  • Next will be the diversion and mainstream news media abandoning coverage. They have been known to do what they are told to. 6 corporations all controlled by the wealthy elite.

  • Tatsujiro Kurogane says:

    "We need to get to the bottom of everyone involved?"

    Wasn't that the point of the parties?
    Is the states an English speaking country???????????????????????
    I bet when she was a teen she was almost pretty. I hate stupid, but I could see the Duke of York taking to it

  • He needs to come clean on this. The judge has said he will let all victims testify in his court, the doors are open with 67 already in line to mention names. You know someone is going to accuse Trump. They always do. If it happens it's because that evil bit$H HRC has paid for every word of it. Just like all the others. That's where HRC met Stormy Daniels on one of her visits to jefferys pleasure doom on st jamesb. It's my understanding they were an item for awhile.

  • It is so healing to be in this time of history in which survivors of sexual exploitation can come forward in power to denounce their abuser. When I was young it was a sentence of shame and silence. I am hoping this movement extends around the World.

  • Like what was pointed out, it is easy to deny something. Prince Andrew of course would deny he had any involvement as it would bring shame on him when it comes to light that he did. I really hope all these involved in participating in this orgy mess with young girls are brought out into view and prosecuted for their vile acts.

  • He can keep denying all day long when a photo, video, calls, emails, victims testifying and many more things exist. Andrew without a doubt touched these girls, he didn't go there for the fine wine all the time. Not to mention Epstein flagrantly had minors all around him and in the 2005 search he was in photos with naked minors in full display in his residence in FL. Andrew's denials without going under oath or explanations are as phony as anything else in this world. He's guilty beyond doubt. Saying he was blind, deaf and dumb for 2 decades is laughable. All this stuff was in plain view. Heck they called it lolita express and pedophile island openly.

  • In the UK we always thought he was gay. Maybe he was shagging Epstein to, this whole thing stinks, i smell a huge rat here. Extradite him to the USA immediately!
    He looks 100% guilty guilty guilty, evil man. And the Queeny eats babies apparently ! This is all too much !

  • What happen to these girls and Jeffrey Epstein should be their secret. They went there for fame and all they got is shame. You should have been in your parents house reading a book but instead you were trying to act grown up. The damage is already done, just shut up and say I have learnt a lesson. Don't try to turn it into a monetary fame.

  • Russell Ragland says:

    Andrew, come to NY or do a deposition and answer questions under oath. Right now I am standing with these abused girls who are now women.

  • maribel orozco says:

    jaja, yo tengo ,una foto con el Principe charles , en una inaugurasion, en mi pais de la linea aerea British Airways, , y yo tenia en esa foto 22 anos , pero parecia que tenia 12, por que yo soy baja de estatura , delgaa , y me estoy animando , para decir que estaba en algun lugar indecoroso , y que yo fui' indultada por el , por que tambien puedo cambiar la edad , con influensia y poder se puede , la cantidad de gente con identificasiones falsas y edades falsas es infinita , jajaj necesito billete , y tengo otras con Daniel Craig , tengo un monton, donde , el tuvo la gentileza y me complasio' tomarme unas fotos en diferentes premier y presentasiones en NY , y me abrazo, y parezco que estoy en una fiesta con el , y tambien estoy joven de 23 anos pero e veo como de 14, Daniel Craig debe estar temblando y el Principe jajajajaja , ''se puede , se puede destruir facilito con una foto , que facil conseguir real jajaja sin hacer nada

  • Where are the voices of the so-called Prince Charles and Prince William, if the old queen are too freakin crazy to open her own mouth in public about this disgrace?

  • The Red Knight says:

    Lol i didnt understand haaa you understand money rite? Lots of money? Cloths cars boats planes islands, you understand right? Will get to the bottom of this??

  • It is not just the British family, it is world leaders, key players like Clinton an other presidents, it is rampant in the Vatican and among other Royal families and banker families. It is much bigger as it seems at moment.

  • Barbara Augustin says:

    Never be silenced until these people are brought to justice! Randy Andy knows exactly what he's done.
    Anybody can deny but it's a different thing when you come to court asked question and crossed examined.

  • Oh let me think ?? doesnt Andrew being a royal have plain clothes POLICE protection mmm what did they see ?what where they doing at the time ???

  • Prince Andy thrown under the bus… Well, well.. To deflect, no doubt, from the dozens of other high-profilers, who are hoping this will then all be forgotten… Ha! No chance!

  • Apart from the titles bestowed upon him by the Queen, he has also earned the titles ‘Air miles Andy’ and now ‘Paedophile Andy’ by himself.

  • Read the Royal perversions
    The fact they talk different.
    Think others are lesser.

    Its an evil thing .
    Prince Andrew in other centuries could deny it and chop off her head.
    Not now.

    He is facing pictures and evidence.
    I fear this womans life

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