Press: Meet the characters – BBC

Press: Meet the characters – BBC

It’s about two papers: The Herald and The
Post. It’s about the journalists that work within
those two newspapers and how they tackle stories. They’re completely different people, but at
the same time they’re cut from the same cloth. They’re two true journalists I think. Our purpose here is a quite clear one: to
entertain. To what extent are they willing to put their
job on the line? One mistake like that can sink a story. Not to mention get me fired. It’s about these industries as a whole, but
it’s also very focussed on the individual personal stories of the characters in those
two different offices. Holly is the deputy news editor at The Herald. You see how her job has impacted her personal
life and the huge amount of sacrifices that she’s made. This isn’t bad. I’m glad you approve. That’s not what I said. George Emerson, he owns The Post. He’s wry, he’s humours, but don’t mess with
him. You don’t need to tell me how to sell papers. Duncan Allen, he’s the editor of The Post. We meet him at the beginning of this at a
mid-life crisis. I think that he’s probably become de-sensitised
by what he does. He’s become sort of numb. Amina, who’s the editor of The Herald. She’s in her mid 40’s, recently divorced. I’m going on a date. She’s passionate about good journalism and
she’s very proud of the organisation that she heads up. Everything ok at home? Peter is a married man with some children. Suzie’s cooking her special risotto. What’s so special about it? It’s a special sort of mushroom. Wow. He’s a deputy editor of The Herald. He’s very obsessed with truth. How did you interview them? With a translator. You get to see the professional impact on
the personal lives. You know you would’ve run this. A year ago, I think you were braver. James is- he works for The Herald. Have you read my piece? Ah, I did. Yeah. Come in, let’s talk. He’s always off, out hunting for corruption
and it’s dramatic , it’s funny. Where’s your car? I don’t have a car. Then why are we meeting in a car park? This is a sad polar bear. There’s a growing movement to release it. See, that is gold. Raz is the news editor. He’s very confident, potentially egotistical. You could even say cocky. You’re in his chair mate. Ed Washburn, he’s a rookie journalist. Mr. Kingsley? I’m from The Post. It’s about him finding his moral compass really. Yeah, get their response. Sorry, is that our job? Peter said you were pushy too when you were
my age. When I was your age! I mean-
at this point in your career. Leona is very intelligent, kind of whip smart,
young woman. I want to be a credit to the entire organisation,
like you were. You really are blowing smoke up my arse. She’s a hilarious character, she’s so much
fun to play. Are you the organ grinder or the monkey? I’m the monkey. There’s rivalry and there’s gossip and there’s
backstabbing. I own them. There’s a little bit of celebrity, there’s
a little bit of politics. It’s time for statutory regulation. It’s an industry where it requires you to
be straight talking and cold. Did you make her say those things, fabricate
anything? No. Then it’s truthful, it’s in the public interest. Genuinely, I think audiences just haven’t
seen this before. They haven’t seen this world put on television. Well done. The world of news is changing and I think
that will be fascinating to an audience.


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