100 thoughts on “President Trump’s full press conference”

  • CNN is irresponsible journalism. Journalism is supposed to be about seeking the truth and reporting it responsibly and fairly after checking accuracy of information and sources. CNN has FAILED. It’s political. CNN is controlled by the global elitists who tells it editors what to report, who to hire and fire, or they lose their jobs. So don’t expect the truth from CNN and the failed mainstream media like NBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times Wash Journal (and don’t even mention buzzfeed fully-baked hogwash). CNN is fake news and driven by politics of the left and the global elite’s agenda. The only way CNN can regain any credibility is to apologize to Pres. Trump (which it will never do). When Trump picked apart the press and CNN, which was a huge win for Trump. It was amazing to watch him disassemble the press. Trump’s tough approach is the only way to get the media to examine themselves for their bias and untruthfulness.

  • Can American's wake the fuck up and be American? Fucking bitching about the media, or bitching about Trump bitching about the media is NOT going to change a fucking thing. YOU are not significant, you are a SLAVE. We are significant TOGETHER. WE THE PEOPLE, not the fucking government, can make the change. This world is fucking stupid with how we all hide behind a fucking screen. Talking a whole bunch of shit, backing up your opinion with more fucking opinions. If you want to break out of this fucking matrix, I propose we fucking do it already. Lets overthrow the government, EVERY government. Lets demolish the fucking banks. Let us wake the fuck up and realize MONEY SHOULDN'T FUCKING EXIST. Its all a fucking idea. Everything you fucking hold on to and argue about was a fucking idea to ENSLAVE us all. This world does not have to be this fucking complicated, we let the 1% make it this way. We are here to create, love and die. Instead we let ourselves get controlled by a piece of fucking paper, media and fear. The only truth that matters is that we all die no matter what, why fucking waste our only life on all of this corruption, greed and chaos. My credibility is simple logic, I am no fucking politician, I have no interest in this fucking game. I am man. By overthrowing the government I don't mean fucking acting violent and causing riots.. Let us collectively use the technology we have to help our fellow man, feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the homeless. We together can replenish this dying earth and live in harmony and die.

  • You remember those memes with Obama, that the curtain behind him was a Muslim Prayer Curtain? It's the same curtain! It was actually a curtain that Jacqueline Kennedy picked to decorate the White House in 62'!

  • He hs a point. Why can't the USA just get along with Russia and China? It's almost as if we have a major ideological disagreement with them regarding an individual's rights to liberty and freedom that has caused decades of tension and suspicion that can't just be swept under the rug. Oh… we kind of do, don't we?

  • I can't believe what i'm watching. Is this actually the president of the United States?  I feel like I accidentally turned on the SNL version.I need to go watch something like the Late Show or the Daily Show that is a bit more light hearted, because this press conference really make Canada or Britain or ANYWHERE ELSE seem pretty appealing. (BTW i'm only 25min into this thing)

  • The people that gave out the information should be ashamed of themselves? They should arrested for violating the state secrets act! Does everyone get away with this now because Hillary Clinton did? How did this government get so incompetent?

  • The title doesn't even have to specify which press conference it is. It's THE Trump press conference 🙂
    At least so far. I can only imagine he will trump even this.

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  • Notice that he only has the ability to say that things are going to be fantastic very very this or very very that, never saying how he is going to make them come to fruition. You know why.. He has no idea. I could be president if all it takes is to hire people to do my job. That's not a leader. He is a lost little boy that conned, and manipulated the electoral system and now thinks he can get enough people to advise him on running the country. That's ludicrous and negligent as the most powerful man in the world. I am afraid for our country's future. If I were Putin this would be the perfect time to attack us. Think about it.

  • Holy shit my American neighbors, what did you do ? He's not so bright. What the hell are you going to do? What can you do? He doesn't make sense when he speaks. Wow. What a fucking idiot.

  • Artificia Nocturnum says:


  • It's amazing how this president involves so many people. Great involvement! Just count the comments here!
    And great divine. To me Donald Trump is a divine being. Just notice how things become true while he speaks. Great Divinity. Acknowledge!

  • picturearchitect says:

    Clown News Network. Leaks are real – story is fake CNN says.
    So If Wikileaks are real than why CNN didn't report about corruption in a Democratic Party ???
    You are clowns and people know it, your high views comes from people watching what you don't report about, not what you report on. It's a barbie doll opinion talk show. Fake News

  • You big dummy . Go back to the 7th grade… For starters, I was quoting what you said. See the quotation marks? I wasn't asking a question. Next, the many question marks were to indicate the perplexity that I felt by the unabashed irony of you correcting someone else's grammar with horrible spelling and grammar. Moron! An Oxymoron actually. l (Never mind. I'm almost certain you didn't catch that.) Just FYI. You do know we can see when you have edited your comment, right? You corrected You with YOUR. There! I showed you where your mistake was. NOW! Let me ask you, who wrote your response to my comment, a 6 year old? You should go back and edit that too. #free English lesson

    This is what you wrote Quest 4 Truth and I quote:
    "I will take it that you response is directed toward me, since you forgot to address it to someone specifically. You didn't put the needed question mark after the word "English", and them put three after the word "Huh", when it only needed one. Now show me where I made a mistake."

  • I don't think he should have ran for president.  If he can't take the hatred he won't last long before he really loses it.  Obama took crap for eight years and was totally presidential…Bush 2 took a lot of jokes about him and criticism.  But this guy can't take it….just fucking ignore it you baffoon.

  • Nice. I am so sick of the media and it's drama and negativity. It is really sickening. I mean, sickening..Like the old saying goes "Say something nice, or don't say it at all"

  • "Only in Amerikka…" can an unstable person such as trump be elected. He is rude, classless, unknowledgable, and just full of shyte.

  • Timothy Jason Antony says:

    A real brain sick PIG..unprofessional scum..he must have been motivated by those other stupid scum president and prime minister in the world..cheat n for self benefits gain using tax payers money..

  • "So here's the story folk's number one… No matter what you do… I win
    – Donald Trump

    “If you win, you need not have to explain”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    " Number two…I know your not smart enough to see the truth"

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    "I know what's good and bad, Quiet Quiet quiet!!! I'm not talking to you sit down!"

    All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    "Lugenpresse! (Lying press!)"
    -Adolf Hitler

    "The press is the enemy"
    -Richard M. Nixon

    "The Extremely Dishonest Press"
    -Donald Trump

  • The Prodigal Champ Most Shadow Banned On Youtube says:

    Well sure as hell that hypocritical Bullsh!t Artist Don Lemon will have a problem with it! Between him and Rachael Maddcow it gives a lifetime of Internet memes and material for exposing Fake News.

  • I swear, the alt right will see a CNN recording of Trump unedited and call it "fake news" just because it's CNN. Because things are making him look bad. The idiot actually thinks that he's supposed to be thrown questions that make him look good. The job of the press isn't to make the president look good.

  • Exposing Reptilians says:

    Donald Trump is a reptilian alien. All US presidents are reptilians disguise. Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Barack Obama etc. all work along with the media to divide people and cause conflict. It's all intentionally orchestrated. They want to have people fighting each other so the reptilian overlords can rule over humans without them being aware of it. They always pander to people to get their support – for example Trump claims to love christians or Hillary claims to love women and black people – but really it's all a lie. People are getting fooled by these psychopaths.

  • QuarktaschemitSenf says:


    Scientific Lesson about U R A N I U M.

    I really think that inklusion is the way to go. Retarded people should have the same chances as everyone. But i don't know if it is a good idea that mentally retarded people rule countries with nuclear weapons

  • Why do people act like we don't know how to work with Russia? We have been working with them in space and on scientific research for decades. We send US astronauts to the ISS via the Russian shuttle program, ever since NASA's ended in 2011. When we make it to Mars, chances are a portion of that team will be Russian.

  • Seamus Breathnach says:

    Donald Caligula Trump has sworn to uphold the American Constitution… I can't understand why the American Press do not hawk his sorry carcase before a Supreme Court Judge to inject his behaviour and remind him of his Constitutional Duties let alone his attempt to breach it as he pleases!

  • so if hes saying thats classified information hes actually saying the problem is it been out for the media to know for the public to know, then hes upholding that his Administration keep such information is suddenly OKAY, 4 WEEKS AND THIS IS HIS MENTALITY, think now about the extent of this.

  • He may be a little dim but it doesn't seem to hold him back as far as getting what the public wants. Remember we live in a democracy people, if more people want the the guy who didn't construct a scandal that took lives, then that's the end of it. He'll probably deliver, and go on for 8 years, can you imagine? Lol btw Obama broke a record for deporting ILLEGAL immigrants, Obama isn't racist.


  • son Donald, you could say son to someone older than you if you would like to give him an advice. so I would be your father rather boy.

  • Seminole Nation says:

    FOR ALL THE MORONS WHO CAN ONLY SAY why is he still talking about the election. That was his first ever in his life election. It was the biggest in history and everyone said he couldn't do it. These other politicians been in 28 elections. For gods sake, it's a huge accomplishment and these people still so badly want Hillary. He is proud of winning and it just happened 120 days ago, I would be too. So would you.

  • He doesn't look like a US President and he doesn't sound like a US President. He looks and sounds like a cheap, dime-store hood. In that overcoat, he looks more like a mobster headed to a Teamster meeting than a politician. It's all been fun – and what have you – but it really is time for this guy to fuck off.

  • The tremendous coup attempt by Clinton-Obama's cliche and the leftist mob is astonishing. Crack them down without mercy

  • Thomas Norton says:

    I've worked all my life this man doesn't even need moisturizer for his hands he's such a wimp you can't speak for me and I don't accept your presidency

  • Thomas Norton says:

    It sounds weird when he says labor because he doesn't even know the meaning of the word he wouldn't know what labor was if it's shit in his lap

  • Thomas Norton says:

    You know what really sucks is a real American like John McCain has to suffer through brain cancer and this asshole continues on with nothing

  • Thomas Norton says:

    I hope nobody forgets what he said about John McCain he wants a hero that's never been captured will John McCain let people pass by on the go home

  • Thomas Norton says:

    When he was prisoner of war he could have came home but he let other guys go ahead of him that's a man a real tough man God bless you my friend

  • Thomas Norton says:

    I am so afraid of what's going to happen to me and my granddaughter and my family as soon as this guy gets out stood voted out or impeached I don't care the sooner the better

  • GREAT PRESIDENT!!!  He's totally right about the press.  I'm not thinking they'll change – probably just be defeated.  I'm sure we can't comprehend the mess Obama created but we can see some of it – and we see the people who supported him not interested in making the country great that's for sure!

  • more of trump vs media please. politics has never been more entertaining. he put a couple of reporters in their places. at the end of the day this guy knows who hes dealing with and he is the president. media just cannot let go of russian collusion and its entertaining to see how trump has caught leakers by using the press like wsj, nyt and wapo.

  • Lmao biggest lie of this press conference is I’ve been trying to unify the country for a very long long time! 🤣 choked me up with that one Donny loser

  • President trump, I love you nohomo. Please put me in command of space fleet, I'll drive a UFO straight up rocketmans ass for you. Thank you. I graduated high school. I am indoctrinated. I am obviously more than qualified.

  • Dan Ferguson says:

    Just because you suck dick, does not give you any power over me. Homos are a big reason for the loss of America. Not because you are gay, but you expect the world to be gay. 90% of us are not homosexuals. Do whatever you want IDK. The moment you foment action against straight people, I will mess you up.

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