President Trump Participates in a Press Conference

President Trump Participates in a Press Conference

The President: Well,
thank you very much. I want to begin by thanking
the Prime Minister and President of Vietnam. We’re in Hanoi.
It’s an incredible city. What’s happened
over the last 25 years has been incredible
for the people of Vietnam, the job they’ve done —
economic development. Really something special. So I want to thank
all of the people of Vietnam for having treated us
so well. We have, I think, reasonably attractive news
from Pakistan and India. They’ve been going at it, and we’ve been involved in
trying to have them stop. And we have some
reasonably decent news. I think, hopefully, that’s going
to be coming to an end. It’s been going on
for a long time — decades and decades. There’s a lot of dislike,
unfortunately. So we’ve been in the middle,
trying to help them both out and see if we can get some
organization and some peace. And I think, probably,
that’s going to be happening. We have — Venezuela,
as you know, has been very much in the news,
and we’re sending supplies. Supplies are getting through
a little bit more. It’s not easy. It’s hard to believe somebody
would say “let’s not do it.” What difference
would that make, except it’s great for its people
to let it get through. But we’re sending a lot of
supplies down to Venezuela. People are starving to death, and you would really think
that the man in charge, currently, would let those
supplies get through. We are getting them
into some of the cities and some of the areas
that need them the most. And it’s not an easy job.
It’s very difficult, actually. On North Korea,
we just left Chairman Kim. We had a really, I think,
a very productive time. We thought, and I thought,
and Secretary Pompeo felt that it wasn’t a good thing
to be signing anything. I’m going to let Mike
speak about it. But we literally just left. We spent pretty much all day
with Kim Jong Un, who is — he’s quite a guy
and quite a character. And I think our relationship
is very strong. But at this time —
we had some options, and at this time we decided
not to do any of the options. And we’ll see where that goes. But it was a very interesting
two days. And I think, actually, it was
a very productive two days. But sometimes you have to walk, and this was just
one of those times. And I’ll let Mike speak to that
for a couple of minutes, please. Secretary Pompeo: Thank you,
Mr. President. We had been working, our teams —
the team that I brought to bear, as well as the North Koreans — for weeks to try
and develop a path forward so at the summit
we could make a big step — a big step along the way
towards what the two leaders had agreed to back in Singapore,
in June of last year. We made real progress. And indeed we made
even more progress when the two leaders met
over the last 24, 36 hours. Unfortunately,
we didn’t get all the way. We didn’t get to something
that ultimately made sense for the United States
of America. I think Chairman Kim
was hopeful that we would. We asked him to do more.
He was unprepared to do that. But I’m still optimistic. I’m hopeful that the teams
will get back together in the days
and weeks ahead, and continue to work out
what’s a very complex problem. We have said,
since the beginning, that this would take time. Our teams have gotten to know
each other better. We know what the limits are. We know where some
of the challenges are. And I think as we continue
to work on this in the days and weeks ahead,
we can make progress so that we can
ultimately achieve what it is that the world wants, which is to denuclearize
North Korea, to reduce risk
for the American people and the people
all around the world. I wish we could have gotten
a little bit further, but I’m very optimistic that
the progress that we made — both in the run-up
to this summit, as well as the progress
that the two leaders made over these past two days — put us in position
to get a really good outcome. And the President and
Chairman Kim both felt good
that they had made that progress but couldn’t quite get along
the line any further to make a deal that would
have been bigger at this point. I hope we’ll do so
in the weeks ahead. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Thank you.
The Press: Mr. President — The President: All right,
Major, please. The Press: Has this process
been more difficult than you thought?
And was the North Korean demand for lifting of some sanctions
the real sticking point here — The President: Yeah. The Press: — in that you did
not want to do that and they did?
And will there be — The President: It was
about the sanctions. The Press: Will there be
a third summit, Mr. President? The President: Basically,
they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety,
and we couldn’t do that. They were willing to denuke
a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn’t give up
all of the sanctions for that. So we continue to work,
and we’ll see. But we had to walk away
from that particular suggestion. We had to walk away from that. The Press: Will
all the sanctions that are currently
in existence remain, sir? The President: They’re
in place. You know, I was watching
as a lot of you folks over the weeks have said,
“Oh, we’ve given up.” We haven’t given up anything. And frankly, I think we’ll end
up being very good friends with Chairman Kim
and with North Korea, and I think they have
tremendous potential. I’ve been telling everybody:
They have tremendous potential. Unbelievable potential.
But we’re going to see. But it was about sanctions. I mean, they wanted
sanctions lifted but they weren’t willing
to do an area that we wanted. They were willing
to give us areas but not the ones we wanted. John? The Press: As we know, I mean, there’s an incredibly complex
set of issues that are at play here in terms
of lifting the sanctions and what denuclearization is. The President: Right. The Press: Did you get
any distance toward sort of what Kim’s vision
of denuclearization is? The President: Yes, we did.
We did. The Press: Because there is
a lot — a line of thinking that he wants
to keep some nukes. The President: Yeah. The Press: I mean,
would you allow him to do that? And if you can’t — The President: Well, I don’t —
John, I don’t want to comment — The Press: If you can’t get —
The President: Excuse me, I don’t want to comment
on that exactly, but he has a certain vision
and it’s not exactly our vision, but it’s a lot closer
than it was a year ago. And I think, you know,
eventually we’ll get there. But for this particular visit,
we decided that we had to walk, and we’ll see what happens.
Okay? Oh, look, we have a gentleman
nobody has ever heard of. Sean Hannity — what are you
doing here, Sean Hannity? Should we let him do a question?
I don’t know. Yeah, John, go ahead. The Press: If I could
just follow up. The President: Yeah. The Press: So if he wants
the sanctions completely off, and you want
more on denuclearization, how can you bridge
that gap between now and the next time
you might sit down with him? The President: With time. It’ll be bridged, I think,
at a certain point. But there is a gap.
We have to have sanctions. And he wants to denuke,
but he wants to just do areas that are less important
than the areas that we want. We know that —
we know the country very well, believe it or not. We know every inch
of that country. And we have to get
what we have to get, because that’s a big —
that’s a big give. Yeah, Sean. Please. The Press: I work
in radio and TV. The mic is on. Mr. President, thank you.
Mr. Secretary, good to see you. Mr. President, if you could
elaborate a little bit more. We have some history. President Reagan
walked away in Reykjavik. A lot of condemnation
at the time. And it ended up working out very well in the end
for the United States. Was this mostly your decision? Or — and what message would you
want to send Chairman Kim, as he’s listening
to this press conference, about the future
and your relationship? The President: Well, Sean, I don’t want to say
it was my decision, because what purpose is that?
I want to keep the relationship, and we will
keep the relationship. We’ll see what happens
over the next period of time. But, as you know,
we got our hostages back. There’s no more testing.
And one of the things, importantly, that Chairman Kim
promised me last night is, regardless, he’s not going to do
testing of rockets and nuclear. Not going to do testing. So, you know, I trust him,
and I take him at his word. I hope that’s true. But, in the meantime,
we’ll be talking. Mike will be speaking
with his people. He’s also developed a very good
relationship with the people — really, the people representing
North Korea. I haven’t spoken
to Prime Minister Abe yet. I haven’t spoken to President
Moon of South Korea. But we will, and we’ll tell them
it’s a process and it’s moving along. But we just felt it wasn’t
appropriate to sign an agreement today. We could have. I just felt
it wasn’t very appropriate. Yeah, Jonathan. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: Two questions,
if I may. First, did you learn anything
new about Chairman Kim, through this meeting? And secondly, of course,
while this was going on, the drama back in Washington,
your former lawyer, Michael Cohen —
who worked for you for 10 years; his office right next to yours,
right by yours at Trump Tower — he called you a liar,
a conman, a racist. What’s your response
to Michael Cohen? The President: Well,
it’s incorrect. And, you know,
it’s very interesting, because I tried to watch
as much as I could. I wasn’t able to watch too much because
I’ve been a little bit busy. But I think having
a fake hearing like that, and having it in the middle
of this very important summit is really a terrible thing. They could’ve made it
two days later or next week, and it would’ve been
even better. They would’ve had more time. But having it during this
very important summit is sort of incredible. And he lied a lot,
but it was very interesting because he didn’t lie
about one thing. He said no collusion
with the Russian hoax. And I said, “I wonder why he didn’t just lie
about that, too, like he did
about everything else?” I mean, he lied about so many
different things, and I was actually impressed
that he didn’t say, “Well, I think there was collusion
for this reason or that.” He didn’t say that.
He said, “No collusion.” And I was, you know, a little
impressed by that, frankly. Could’ve —
he could’ve gone all out. He only went about 95 percent
instead of 100 percent. But the fact is,
there is no collusion. And I call it the “witch hunt.” This should never happen
to another President. This is so bad for our country.
So bad. You look at this whole hoax — I call it
the Russian witch hunt. I now add the word “hoax.” It’s a very, very bad thing
for our country. But I was impressed
with the fact that he — when — you know, because the most
important question up there was the one on collusion.
And he said he saw no collusion. So we’ll see what happens. But it was pretty shameful,
I think. Yes, ma’am. Please. Please. The Press: President Trump —
The Press: President Trump — The President: How about
one of you, instead of three? The Press: Well, actually,
I do have the microphone. I guess, so — well — The President: Excuse me.
Excuse me. Person in the front.
Go ahead. The Press: Thank you,
President Trump, for — The President: No, no.
No, not you. Excuse me.
Yeah, we’ll get to you. Thank you. The Press: Thank you,
President Trump. Jane Tung (ph)
from (inaudible) Television.
What was the atmosphere like when you walked away
from the negotiation table? And — The President: I think it was
very good, very friendly. This wasn’t a walk away,
like you get up and walk out. No, this was very friendly.
We shook hands. You know, there’s a warmth
that we have, and I hope that stays.
I think it will. But we are — you know, we’re positioned
to do something very special. This has been going on
for many decades. This isn’t me. You know, this was —
this should’ve been solved during many presidential runs. And, you know,
people talked about it; they never did anything. I get a kick out of so many
people from past administrations telling me how to negotiate
when they were there, in some cases, for eight years;
they did nothing. But I think the relationship
was very warm, and when we walked away
it was a very friendly walk. Mike, you might want to speak
to that for a second. Secretary Pompeo: No, I agree. I talked with
my counterparts as well. But we hope we can do more,
but everyone is very focused on how we continue
to build on this. We are certainly closer today
than we were 36 hours ago. And we were closer then than we
were a month or two before that. So real progress was made. I think everyone had hoped
we could do it just a little bit better. But the departure
was with an agreement that we would continue
to work on what has been
an incredibly difficult problem. Both sides are resolved
to achieve it, and everyone walked away
in that spirit. The Press: And may I add:
You and Chairman Kim are from very different
political systems. You are from
different generations. And what do you find — The President: It’s a very
different system. I would say that’s true. The Press: How do you find,
you guys, in common? Because we saw the atmosphere — The President: We just
like each other. I mean, we have
a good relationship. Yeah. It’s a totally different
system, to put it mildly. But we like each other.
A good relationship. Go ahead. In the back. Go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
do you think it was premature to have held the summit when all these things
had not been tied down? I mean, in the White House
schedule last night, it said signing agreement today. And I wonder whether —
as a follow-up question, whether you could sketch out
what the next few months look like.
Thank you. The President: You always have
to be prepared to walk. I could’ve signed
an agreement today, and then you people
would’ve said, “Oh, what a terrible deal.
What a terrible thing he did.” No, you have be
prepared to walk. And, you know,
there was a potential we could’ve
signed something today. I could’ve 100 percent
signed something today. We actually had papers ready
to be signed, but it just wasn’t appropriate.
I want to do it right. I’d much rather do it right
than do it fast. Yes, please. Go ahead. Go ahead.
Go. First. Go. Yeah. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: You have
to speak up. The Press: I’m a reporter
from South Korea, and I appreciate your effort
to advance denuclearization in Korean Peninsula. And could you elaborate
on the options and the various ways that
you discussed with Chairman Kim to advance denuclearization?
Could you specify? The President: We discussed
many ways. And the denuclearization
is a very important — it’s a very important word.
Become a very well used word. And a lot of people
don’t know what it means, but to me it’s pretty obvious:
We have to get rid of the nukes. I think he’s got a chance to have one of
the most successful countries — rapidly, too — on Earth. Incredible country,
incredible location. You’re right between —
if you think of it, you have, on one side, Russia and China,
and on the other you have South Korea,
and you’re surrounded by water and among the most beautiful
shorelines in the world. There is tremendous potential
in North Korea, and I think
he’s going to lead it to a very important thing,
economically. I think it’s going to be
an absolute economic power. Yes. Go ahead. Please. Go ahead.
Yeah. The Press: Mr. President, David Sanger
from the New York Times. The President: I know, David. The Press: Six months ago,
when you spoke — or eight months ago,
in Singapore, you said, if you didn’t have something
in six months, we should come back
and ask you about it. In that time,
you have seen Chairman Kim increase the number of missiles
he’s produced and continue to produce
more nuclear material. And that’s been
a pressure point on you, because he’s showing you
the arsenals getting larger while this is going on. The President: Well,
some people, David, are saying that, and some people
are denying that. They have shots from above —
way above — and some people are saying that
and some people aren’t. But I could’ve taken
that out today, but I think you
and others would’ve said we didn’t get enough
for what we’d be giving up. So — and, you know, don’t forget, we’re partners
with a lot of countries on this, if you think about it,
with the sanctions. We have a whole big partnership
with the United Nations and many countries,
including Russia, China, and others.
And then, of course, South Korea is very important
to this whole thing, and Japan. I don’t want to do something that is going to violate
the trust that we’ve built up. We have a very
strong partnership. The Press: So can you just
give us a little more detail? Did you get into the question of actually dismantling
the Yongbyon complex? The President: I did. Yes.
Absolutely. The Press: And does he seem
willing, ultimately — The President: Totally. The Press: — to take
all of that out? The President: Sure. Totally.
The Press: He does? He just wants
all the sanctions off first? The President: He would
do that, but he wants
the sanctions for that. And as you know,
there’s plenty left after that. And I just I felt
it wasn’t good. Mike and I spent a long time
negotiating and
talking about it to ourselves. And just — I felt that
that particular, as you know, that facility, while very big, it wasn’t enough
to do what we were doing. The Press: So he was
willing to Yongbyon, but you wanted more than that?
I assume — The President: We had to have
more than that, yeah. We had to have more than that
because there are other things that you haven’t talked about, that you haven’t written about,
that we found. And we have to have —
that was done a long time ago, but the people
didn’t know about. The Press: Including the
uranium — The President: And we brought —
yeah. The Press: Including the second
uranium enrichment plant? The President: Exactly. And we brought many,
many points up that I think they were surprised
that we knew. But we had to do more
than just the one level. Because if we did the one level,
and we gave up all of that leverage that’s been
taking a long time to build. And I want to tell you,
by the way — The Press: So he was not
willing to take out that second — The President: David, I want to
take off the sanctions so badly, because I want
that country to grow. That country has got
such potential, but they have to give up,
or we could’ve done that deal. Mike, you want to speak to that? Secretary Pompeo: Only, David,
there are also timing and sequencing issues that were associated
with that as well, which we didn’t quite get across
the finish line as well. But remember, too,
even that facility, even the Yongbyon facility
and all of its scope — which is important, for sure —
still leaves missiles, still leaves
warheads and weapons systems. So there’s a lot of
other elements that we just couldn’t get to. The Press: And the listing
of all of them. Secretary Pompeo: Yes, sir.
And a declaration. So, all of those things, we couldn’t quite
get there today. The President: That’s right.
Go ahead. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: I just wanted
to clarify, when you talk about
what you would willing to give up
all of the sanctions for, are you still thinking
that you want North Korea to give up everything to do complete,
verifiable denuclearization — The President: Well, I don’t want to say
that to you — The Press: —
before you lift sanctions? The President: Yeah. Yeah.
It’s a good question. I don’t want to say that to you because I don’t want
to put myself in that position, from the standpoint
of negotiation. But, you know, we want a lot
to be given up. And we’re giving up. And we’ll have to — you know,
we’ll be helping them along economically,
us and other — many other countries
are going to be helping. They’re going to be in there.
They’re prepared to help. I can tell you: Japan,
South Korea, I think China. So many. And speaking of China,
we’re very well on our way to doing something special,
but we’ll see. I mean,
I am always prepared to walk. I’m never afraid to walk
from a deal. And I would do that with China,
too, if it didn’t work out. The Press: Are you concerned, if you’re not able
to reach an agreement, that the testing
will start again? Or that while all of this time
is happening by — The President: Well, he said
the testing — yeah. The Press: —
they are continuing to develop their program? The President: He said
the testing will not start. He said that he’s not going
to do testing of rockets or missiles or anything having
to do with nuclear. And all I can tell you is that’s
what he said. And we’ll see. Yes, go ahead. Please.
Go ahead, please. In the back. Red. In the red. The Press: Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Yes, thank you. The Press: Jessica Stone
from CGTN. I have a question about China,
as you were talking about. You talk about China
being willing, potentially, to help economically. And the fact that
you’ve talked — or will talk to Presidents Moon
and Prime Minister Abe, how would you describe
China’s role in facilitating the engagement
that’s happened, so far, between Pyongyang
and Washington? The President: I think China
has been a big help. Bigger than most people know. On the border, as you know,
93 percent of the goods coming into North Korea
come through China. So there’s a great power there.
At the same time, I believe — I happen to believe that North
Korea is calling its own shots. They’re not taking orders
from anybody. He’s a very strong guy. And they’re able to do things
that are pretty amazing. But 93 percent still
come in from China. China has an influence,
and China has been a big help. And Russia has been
a big help too. As you know, there’s a pretty
small part of the border, but nevertheless significant —
about 28 miles. And things can happen there too.
And they’ve been a help. Yes, go ahead, please. The Press: Thanks, President. Jen Chen with Shenzhen Media
Group of China. In your meeting
with Chairman Kim this morning and yesterday,
did the topic of China come up? If so, what can you
share with us today? And you probably will have the
(inaudible) of Mar-a-Lago summit in March with Chinese
President Xi Jinping. What would you like accomplished
with your agenda regarding China at that time?
Thank you. The President: We did talk
about China today a lot. And he’s getting along
with China and so are we. And we are — you know, we’re —
we’re, right now, you look at what’s happened
to our country; we’ve picked up trillions and trillions of dollars
of net worth. Our stock market is almost
at its all-time high. Our economy is incredible. Our unemployment numbers
are among the best we’ve ever had in our history. Individual groups like
African American, women — you just take a look
at any group; Hispanic, you saw
that just came out — the best in history; African American,
best in history. So many different numbers
are coming out so good. So we have
the strongest economy, probably, possibly that we’ve ever had. Fiat Chrysler just announced
that they’re going to spend $4.5 billion right next to
Detroit, in Michigan. They’re building
a tremendous plant. It’s actually an expansion
of another plant. It’s going to be — it’s going to
double up their jobs, and even more than that. A lot of great things
are happening. And with China, they’re having
some difficulty, as you know. But I think that
a lot of the difficulty is because of the tariffs
that they’re having. And in addition to that, we’re putting a tremendous
amount of money; you saw trade deficits
went down last month. Everybody was trying
to find out why. Well, we’re taking
in a lot of tariff money, and it’s going right
to the bottom line and it has reduced
the trade deficits. So we’ll see what happens
with China. I think we have
a very good chance. Their numbers are down.
But I don’t want that. I want their numbers —
I want them to do great. But we’ve been losing
anywhere from $300- to $500 billion a year
with China for many, many years. And again, like other things,
many Presidents should have
done this before me, and nobody did.
So we’re doing it. Go ahead. Go ahead, please. Right here.
This gentleman. The Press: Chad O’Carroll
from NK News, (inaudible)
with North Korea News. What’s your message
for President Moon, who has effectively reached
the glass ceiling, as far inter-Korean
cooperation is concerned, due to sanctions? And what’s next for
U.S.-ROK military drills? The President: Well, I like
President Moon very much. We have a great relationship. Believe it or not,
I have a great relationship with almost every leader. A lot of people find that hard
to understand, but I do. But some take advantage
of our country like you wouldn’t believe. And when they know I know it —
which I know in every case — maybe it sort of freezes
them up a little bit. But we do; we have
a lot of good relationships. We’ll be calling
President Moon very soon, as soon as I get by the phone,
on the plane. And he’ll be one
of the first calls. I’ll be calling Prime Minister
Abe of Japan, telling him about where we are
and what we’re doing. But I’ll be making those calls. No, he’s working very hard. President Moon
is working very hard. He’d love to see a deal
and he’s been very helpful. Okay? Thank you.
Go ahead, please. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. I’m (inaudible), reporter from
Global Times China. I would like to ask you,
what are you expecting China to do in the next step
to mediate your relationship with North Korea?
Thank you. The President: To use China? The Press: Yeah, from China.
The President: Well, we do. I mean,
China has been very helpful. President Xi is a great leader. He’s a highly respected leader
all over the world and especially in Asia.
And he’s helped us — Mike, I would say
he’s helped us a lot, right? Secretary Pompeo: He has. The President: We’ve —
I actually called him just recently to say, “Hey, you know,
whatever you can do on this.” But he has been very helpful
at the border, and he’s been very, very helpful
with, I think, North Korea generally. Could he be
a little more helpful? Probably.
But he’s been excellent. Go ahead, please.
No — yeah, please. The Press: (Laughs.) (Inaudible)
next. The President: That’s okay.
You’re friends. The Press: Thanks,
Mr. President. Could you — did you commit
with Chairman Kim to a next summit
during your term? The President: No,
we haven’t — no. The Press: Okay. The President: We’ll see.
If it happens, it happens. I have not committed. The Press: They are,
at this point, some would say, a nuclear power. Do you accept North Korea
as a nuclear-armed state, at least for the time being? And are you thinking
about re-imposing the military exercises
with South Korea, or will you keep it
a freeze-for-freeze? The President: Well, you know,
the military exercises, I gave that up
quite a while ago because it costs us $100 million
every time we do it. We fly these massive bombers
in from Guam. And when I first started,
a certain general said, “Oh, yes, sir,
we fly them in from Guam. It’s right next door.” Well, right next door
is seven hours away. And then they come and they drop
millions of dollars of bombs, and then they go back and — But we would spend — I mean, we spent hundreds of millions
of dollars on those exercises, and I hated to see it.
I thought it was unfair. And, frankly, I was, sort of,
of the opinion that South Korea should help us with that. You know, we’re protecting
South Korea. I think they should
help us with that. So those exercises
are very expensive. And I was telling the generals —
I said: Look, you know,
exercising is fun and it’s nice and they play the war games. And I’m not saying
it’s not necessary, because at some levels it is,
but at other levels it’s not. But it’s a very,
very expensive thing. And you know, we do have
to think about that too. But when they spend
hundreds of millions of dollars on those exercises
and we don’t get reimbursed — we’re spending a tremendous
amount of money on many countries, protecting countries
that are very rich that can certainly afford
to pay us and then some. And those countries —
by the way, and those countries know
that it’s not right, but nobody has ever
asked them before. But I’ve asked them and we’re doing —
we’re gaining a lot of money. We’ve picked up over
a $100 billion just in NATO over
the last two years. A hundred billion dollars
more has come in. And we’re doing that
with a lot of countries. You’ll be seeing that a lot. Yes, sir. Please. The Press: Mr. President, sir — The President: Yeah,
one second, please. The Press: Yes, thank you,
Mr. President. You have a
personal relationship — and I believe
Vice President Pence does — with the family
of Otto Warmbier. The President: I do. The Press: I’m wondering —
you’ve talked about, this week, about Kim Jong Un
being “my friend” — you called him on Twitter. You said you have
a great relationship. Have you, in Singapore or here, confronted Kim Jong Un
about Otto Warmbier’s death — The President: I have. I have. The Press: — and asked him
to take responsibility? And what did he say to you? And why do you
call him your friend? The President: I have. And I have,
and we have talked about it. And I really don’t think
it was in his interest at all. I know the Warmbier family
very well. I think they’re
an incredible family. What happened is horrible. I really believe something
very bad happened to him, and I don’t think that the top
leadership knew about it. And when they had to send him
home — by the way, I got the prisoners back.
I got the hostages back. And Otto was
one of the hostages, but Otto came back in shape that
was not even to be talked about. I find it —
I thought it was horrible. Now, the others came back
extremely healthy. But Otto came back
in a condition that was just — just terrible. And I will —
I did speak about it, and I don’t believe that he
would’ve allowed that to happen. Just wasn’t to his advantage
to allow that to happen. Those prisons are rough.
They’re rough places. And bad things happened. But I really don’t believe
that he was — I don’t believe
he knew about it. The Press: Did he say —
did he tell you that he did not — did Kim Jong
Un tell you — The President: He felt badly
about it. I did speak to him.
He felt very badly. But he knew the case very well,
but he knew it later. And, you know,
you got a lot of people. A big country. A lot of people. And in those prisons
and those camps, you have a lot of people. And some really bad things
happened to Otto. Some really, really bad things. But he tells me — The Press: Why are you
(inaudible) — The President: He tells me
that he didn’t know about it, and I will take him at his word. Yes, ma’am. Go ahead. Please.
Please. Go ahead. In the back. The Press: Me?
The President: No, in the back. Behind you. Thank you. The Press: Mr. President, (inaudible),
Sputnik News Agency. Have you discussed the issue
of possible inspections to North Korea’s nuclear sites
during your negotiations? The President: You’re going to
have to speak a little louder. And where are you from?
Where are you from? The Press: Russia’s
Sputnik News Agency. Have you discussed the issue
of possible inspections to North Korea’s nuclear sites
during your talks with the Chairman? The President: Why don’t you
answer that, Mike? I can’t —
The Press: Inspections. The President: Good.
The Press: Inspections. Inspections of nuclear sites. The President: I was worried
about my hearing. The Press: Inspections, sir.
The President: Oh, inspections. The Press:
International inspections. Yes. The President: Oh, inspections.
Inspections on North Korea? Oh, we’d be able — yeah. The Press: Yeah. Inspections
to the nuclear sites. The President: We’d be able
to do that very easily. We have that set up, so we would
be able to do that very easily. The inspections on North Korea
will take place and we’ll — if we do something with them — we have a schedule
set up that is very good. We know things that, as David
was asking about certain places and certain sites — there are sites
that people don’t know about that we know about.
We would be able to do inspections, we think,
very, very successfully. Yes, ma’am. Please. Please.
Yes, go ahead. Please. Yes. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. The President: A lot of people
here, by the way. A big group of people. The Press: Yes.
The President: Go ahead. The Press: Kann News Israel,
Mr. President. The President: Good. Good. The Press: Following this
engagement with North Korea, you are trying to bring peace
to the Middle East. The President: Right. The Press: The peace plan
is about to be introduced
in the near future. And as you have mentioned before
— The President: Well, we hope.
We hope. We’re working hard on the peace
plan and we hope it will be (inaudible). The Press: I believe you do.
But as you mentioned before, it will require Israel to make
compromises to the Palestinians. As far as you know, is Prime
Minister Netanyahu willing to make
these compromises which are very much needed? And a second question: Mr.
Netanyahu is about to indicted today
with corruption allegations. Do you wish to tell him
something on this occasion? The President: Well,
I just think he’s been a great prime minister. And I don’t know
about his difficulty, but you’re telling me something that, you know, the people
have been hearing about. But I don’t know about that. I can say this: that he’s done
a great job as prime minister. He’s tough, he’s smart, he’s
strong. He is very defensive. His military
has been built up a lot. They buy a lot of equipment
from the United States and they pay for it.
Of course, we give them tremendous,
as you know, subsidy, also. Four billion dollars
is a lot each year. But they are —
they’ve been very good. They’ve been incredible,
actually, in many ways. But there is a chance for peace
between Israel and the Palestinians. And, you know,
it’s interesting — all of my life, I’ve heard that the toughest
of all deals — when they talk
about tough deals; we all like deals — but the toughest of all deals
would be peace between Israel and Palestinians. They say it’s like
the impossible deal. I’d love to be able
to produce it. We’ll see what happens. You know, we were paying
the Palestinians a lot of money. And I ended that
about two years ago because they weren’t saying
the right things. And I said,
why would we pay somebody that’s not saying
nice things about us, and not really wanting
to go to the peace table? And they’ve been much better.
And we’ll see what happens. The Press: But has
Mr. Netanyahu made concessions? The President: But I think
we really — I think we have, actually,
a good shot at peace between Israel
and the Palestinians. The Press: Has Netanyahu
made concessions? The President: Yeah, go ahead.
Please. Sir. The Press: Mr. President,
I’m from China. My question is: Do you still believe
it is possible that the North Korea
and U.S. relation could be like the U.S. and the
Vietnam relation in the future? The President: You
have to go again. The Press: Do you believe —
do you still believe that is it is possible that the relation between U.S.
and North Korea, in the future, could be like the relation
between U.S. and Vietnam? The President: Yeah.
I think we’re going have — yeah. I mean, we have very,
very good relations. And, by the way, speaking of —
you mentioned Japan — we have a lot of good things
happening Japan. We have trade talks started. For years,
Japan has been sending millions and millions of cars in,
and as you know, it’s not been a very fair
situation for the United States. We’re starting trade
talks with Japan. They actually started about
three months ago, and I think we’ll have a very
good deal for the United States. But that’s been
a very unfair situation. Prime Minister Abe understands
that, and that’s fine. Yes, sir. Please. Back there. The Press: Thank you,
Mr. President. I’m (inaudible)
with Shanghai Media Group. Do you think the next meeting
could be soon, or might take some time? The President: Well,
I can’t tell you. I mean, it might be soon.
It might not be for a long time. I can’t tell you.
I would hope it would be soon. But it may not be
for a long time. I could’ve done —
I could’ve done a deal today, but it would’ve been a deal that
wouldn’t have been a deal that — it would’ve been something that I wouldn’t have
been happy about, Mike would not
have been happy about. We had some pretty big options. But we just felt
it wasn’t appropriate, and
we really want to do it right. Yes, in the back. In the back.
Yes, ma’am. Please. The Press: Debi Edward,
ITV News. At which point did it
become clear to you that you wouldn’t be getting
a deal here in Hanoi? The language from yourself
and Kim Jong Un was very positive last night
and even this morning. And therefore,
was it a mistake to come here? The President: No, I think
the language was good all throughout. The language has been good
even now. But, you know,
I don’t go by language, because we had probably
the toughest language in the history of diplomacy
— if you call it diplomacy — at the beginning, and yet,
we became very friendly. I don’t believe there was any
tougher language ever than that. But, again, this was something that should’ve been handled
by other Presidents long before me
and long before they had the kind
of power that they have. But it wasn’t.
It should’ve been done by many — I’m not just blaming
the Obama administration, which, by the way,
it did nothing. Nothing. Did absolutely on North Korea.
It allowed things that happened, and to happen,
that were very inappropriate. But I’m not blaming
the Obama administration. I’m blaming
many administrations. Something should’ve happened. But I don’t think the rhetoric
has been bad at all. Initially, it was horrible,
but now it’s been very good. All right, one more.
How about you? Go ahead. Please.
Please. Go ahead. The Press: (Inaudible)
from South Korea, (inaudible)
South Korean media outlet here. I’d like to ask you:
You said that we do not particularly know
when there will be — North Korean leader will
be willing to come to the table and take the actions
that’s been required. If that’s the case, would the U.S. be willing
to strengthen the sanctions and perhaps put the pressure
on North Korea to move forward? The President: I don’t want
to comment on that. I can just tell you this: that we have
very strong sanctions. I don’t want to talk about
increasing sanctions. They’re strong. They have a lot of great people
in North Korea that have to live also.
And that’s important to me. And I would say this: My whole
attitude changed a lot because I got to know, as you know,
Chairman Kim very well. And they have a point
of view also. So I don’t really want to talk
about that. I just think that, hopefully,
for the sake of South Korea, for the sake of Japan, and frankly,
for the sake of China — I was talking to President Xi, who really is a man that gets
the respect of a lot of people — I say, “You can’t love
having a nuclear state right next to China.” And he doesn’t.
He really doesn’t. I will tell you, he would like
to see that problem solved, too. So that’s it. Well, ladies and gentleman,
I’m about to get on a plane and fly back to a wonderful
place called Washington, D.C. So, thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you, fellas.
Thank you very much.


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    Put Sanctions on Kim's Regime Until It Fell Ultimately!
    This Communist Regime must be put to an end!

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  • chang charles says:


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  • Thank you, President Trump for trying to make the world safer, why the Demonrats are working hard to make America less safe.


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    The Trump Cult has infected the GOP like a terminal cancer.

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    It is clear, he has no idea what nuclear weapon really is, no idea about these negotiations, solutions, strategies. He is an empty PR on twitter, PR on his rallies, where he throws empty slogans&gibberish, plus he insults people, that is all. Real activities are carried out by people from the government, who are not great at all, but they know enough to protect this country from falling. They tell him what to say, what to do, give him papers to sign, and that's it. Trump is only the seller of the brand, as he always was, only now this 'brand' is the office of President of the U.S. and he is doing incredible damage to the image of the highest office and the whole country. Whoever still deludes himself that he does anything himself / understands anything, and still supports this clown without any sense of morality, is a moron himself. I am a conservative, but I left the GOP when this utter idiot was elected our presidential candidate. GOP & Trump's base can live in denial as much as they want, but it will end tragically for the country and for the Republican Party in the long run.

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    Hi Trump, would it be to much to ask to avoid cutting off the questions, let them finish their questions before you respond, eh?


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    Kim Jong -un factories of death killed a American citizen and Trumps says: "I don't believe he knew about it," Trump said of Kim.

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    Ass kissing Kim. Ass kissing Mohammed bin Salman. Ass kissing Putin. F Trump he's a GOD DAMN TRAITOR.

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    The President brings to bear a lifetime of skill in these matters and I have every confidence in his capacity to forge a successful agreement with North Korea. He certainly has the temperament, the vision and the patience to see this through.

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    bankers on Wall Street became unwilling to lend him money due to what they termed ‘the Donald risk.’” He needed money, and turned to two sources: Deutsche Bank (Now being investigated for laundering Russian mafia money) and the Bayrock Group.

    The Bayrock Group was founded by Tevfik Arif a Soviet born businessman. Tevrik Arif hired Felix Sater (a convicted felon who was born in Russia and is a known Russian mafia member) as his managing director, and in 2003, Sater introduced the firm to Trump. Felix Sater is the son of Mikhail Sheferovsky, a longtime underboss within the Mogilevich mafia of Russia. Semion Mogilevich is known as the 'Boss of Bosses' among the Russian mafia. He is also a close friend of Vladimir Putin.
    A case could be made that the Russian intelligence agencies with the help of the Russian mafia have attempted a soft coup against the USA.

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