President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Tsipras

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Tsipras

President Trump:
Thank you very much. I just want to make an
initial comment that the stock market just hit an
all-time record high. It broke, for the first
time ever, 23,000. So we’re very
happy about that. I hope that Greece is
going to be doing the same thing very soon. (Laughter.) I think they will. But I’m honored to
welcome Prime Minister Tsipras of Greece, and
he’s a special man who’s done a very special job. We’re grateful to the
Prime Minister and to his entire delegation
for visiting us today at the White House. Greece is a cradle of
Western civilization — so true — of democracy,
literature, philosophy, science, and
so much else. America looks on that
glorious heritage with wonder and with awe. You do indeed have a
tremendous heritage, Mr. Prime Minister. Perhaps for this reason,
America’s friendship with the Greek people
has been long and enduring. Thomas Jefferson wrote
at the dawn of the modern Greek state that
“no people sympathize more” with Greek
patriots and “none offer more sincere and ardent
prayers to heaven for their success” than
the American people. Jefferson’s words are
true to this day. Mr. Prime Minister, I’m
proud to report that this past March, we
celebrated Greek Independence Day right
here at the White House. And that was great. America and Greece draw
on this common history and heritage and on
our peoples’ abiding commitment to freedom
and sovereignty in working together on
great challenges and opportunities
now before us. There are tremendous
opportunities before us in so many different ways. The Prime Minister and
I have just concluded a very productive
discussion on the cooperation between our
two countries, including on matters of defense,
energy, commerce, and trade. I want to thank the
Prime Minister and the Greek people for serving
as gracious hosts to our U.S. naval forces
at Souda Bay. I also commend Greece
for being one of the few NATO countries currently
spending at least 2 percent of GDP
on defense. My administration has
also informed Congress of a potential sale to
Greece to upgrade its F-16 aircraft. This agreement to
strengthen the Hellenic Air Force is worth up to
$2.4 billion and would generate thousands
of American jobs. We also are making great
strides in our economic cooperation. The American people
stand with the Greek people as they recover
from the economic crisis that recently afflicted
their nation. I have encouraged the
Prime Minister in his continued implementation
of reform and reform programs, and I have
totally reaffirmed our support for a
responsible debt-relief plan. A strong and flourishing
Greece provides immense opportunity for American
trade, investment, and job creation. I thank the Prime
Minister, his predecessors, and the
Greek people for their efforts to return
stability and prosperity to Greece. On energy, we appreciate
Greek contributions to European energy security
through its support of the Trans Adriatic
Pipeline, the Greece-Bulgaria
Interconnector, and liquefied natural gas
facilities that are capable of transporting
diverse sources of energy to Europe,
including potential liquefied natural gas
exports from the United States, of which that
particular route — and business is getting
bigger and bigger and bigger, as you know. These initiatives make
both our people safer and create good jobs
for our hardworking citizens. Finally, I am also very
proud that the United States will be the
“Honored Country” at next year’s
International Fair in Greece. This historic business
and trade exhibition will showcase American
technology, enterprise, and innovation on
the world stage. We look very much
forward to sending a high-level delegation to
attend this wonderful event. Mr. Prime Minister,
thank you again for being here today and
for your partnership in addressing critical
issues facing our countries. I look forward to
having many productive discussions with you,
and to having a very close and warm
cooperation on a wide range of shared
objectives. We will build upon our
foundation of shared history and shared
values to pursue a future of security,
prosperity, and peace for both your
nation and ours. Mr. Prime Minister,
thank you very much. Prime Minister Tsipras:
(As interpreted.) I would like to warmly
thank the President of the United States for
his hospitality and for these very productive
discussions we had today. The friendship between
our two countries is very strong, and it’s
based on our common democratic principles,
on the values that we jointly share
as peoples. It is correct that the
founders of the United States were inspired by
Ancient Greece, and the Greek revolution was
inspired by the American revolution for
independence. At the same time, our
relationship is based — is also based on a very
dynamic diaspora of Greek people here in the
U.S., which offers many — has many to offer
for both countries. As we underlined
earlier, the Greek-U.S. relationships may be at
their best compared to the past since the
Second World War when our peoples worked
together and fought together
shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism. And I do believe that
there are many reasons for this. Today, our strategy is
based on mutual respect, and it is fed by the
significant support provided by the U.S. to Greece and to the
Greek people during the hard times of the
economic crisis, support for the exit of Greece
from the crisis. And at this point, I
would like to just focus a bit. Greece today fulfills
three basic objectives which do not only relate
to Greece, but I would say that are of special
significance at an international level. First, it’s dynamic
coming out of a crisis, noting wonderful
growth rates, and it’s beginning to attract
investments and increase its exports, as we
see as well from the Greek-U.S. balance of trade. And it’s leaving behind
not only a crisis, but it’s leaving behind the
economic model that led to the crisis. Second, Greece today is
the most significant pillar of security
cooperation in one of the most important
but, at the same time, unstable, sensitive
areas of the planet: a country with a dynamic,
multi-dimensional foreign policy; a
country which is a reliable partner and
ally of the United States, which fulfills
its NATO obligations. And it is in close
cooperation in the defense sector with
the United States. It’s a country which
maintains the dialogue with Turkey despite the
difficulties that we face and the challenges,
but knowing the very important European
course of Turkey. It’s a country,
also, that promotes cooperation with the
Middle East and the Balkans, which
contribute to the security and the
growth of the area. And third, Greece, being
already pretty strong in maritime and tourism,
is gradually becoming a significant crossroads
for transportation and energy. I would like to mention
the completion of the TAP pipeline and the
EastMed pipeline; the agreement for a floating
— for an LNG station in Alexandroupolis, which
is northeast Greece, and the prospect that
Alexandroupolis will be an area where we can
receive exports — imports from the United
States of fracking. And I would like to
mention our ports from Athens and Thessaloniki,
and the promotion of strong and fast rail
connections with the rest of the Balkans. And in this context,
it’s very clear that our strategic cooperation
with the United States is becoming more
important than ever. First of all, we look
forward — because we look forward — and this
is a significant message of my visit here and my
meeting with economic representatives —
we look forward to attracting U.S. investments and the more
substantial support of the U.S. in our effort to exit
this horrible crisis. The fact that the United
States will be the honored country in 2018
in the International Fair of Thessaloniki
will play a significant role in this effort. Second, because Greece
can develop dynamically in creating a pillar of
stability and security only if it is freed from
the fundamental national concerns in the areas of
security and defense. The United States have a
significant role to play in this matter, not only
in the diplomatic but also in the
defense sector. And we look forward, in
this context, in the fair and viable solution
in this separate issue based on the
decisions of the U.N. Security Council, a
solution for the benefit of all Cypriots without
guarantors or occupying military forces that
will give a new perspective to the area. But at the same time, we
are underlining that the dangerous intervention-type presence of Turkey in
the Aegean must end. It undermines on a daily
basis the relationship between two NATO allies
in a broader unstable and sensitive area. Greece is a country
that’s always open to dialogue, but I want to
be very clear: It will always protect
decisively its sovereignty rights
against illicit claims and disputes. And with these thoughts,
I would like to warmly thank President Trump
for his — for the wonderful discussions we
held, which I believe will give a very
substantial push to the existing dynamic
cooperation. And I believed and I
said we created a work group between the
ministers of economy, the secretaries for
the economy so we can monitor the ability
to have a substantial cooperation in
investment, in economy, and in all sectors. Thank you very
much, sir. President Trump: We’ll
take a few questions. John, go ahead, please. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Good to see you out in
the Rose Garden again. We seem to be President
Trump: Thank you. The Press: You seem to
do this on occasion. President Trump:
It’s a nice place. The Press: I have a
question for the Prime Minister in a
moment, if I could. But first, sir, you said
just a short time ago that Obamacare is
virtually dead. Your plans for
Graham-Cassidy have not been able to get off the
ground in the Senate. There is no idea whether
or not it will in early 2018. You’ve been picking
around the edges, to some degree, with the
executive orders, some of which critics say
are helping to destroy Obamacare. So I’m wondering at this
point, what is your healthcare plan, sir? President Trump: Well,
if you look at insurance companies and you take a
good, strong look at the numbers, you’ll see,
since the formation of Obamacare, they’re
up 400 percent, 450 percent, 250 percent,
300 percent. They’ve made a fortune,
the insurance companies. So when I knocked out
the hundreds of millions of dollars a month
being paid back to the insurance companies by
politicians, I must tell you, that wanted me to
continue to pay this, I said I’m not
going to do it. This is money that
goes to the insurance companies to line their
pockets, to raise up their stock prices. And they’ve had
a record run. They’ve had an
incredible run, and it’s not appropriate. Obamacare is a disaster. It’s virtually dead. As far as I’m concerned,
it really is dead and I predicted that
a long time ago. It’s a concept
that doesn’t work. And we are very close. We feel we have the
votes, and as soon as we’re finished with
taxes, John — we really feel we have the votes
to get block grants into the states, where the
states can much better manage this money and
much better take care of the people, rather than
the federal government. The state block grants
— we’ll do massive block grants into the
various states so that the states can
run the program. So we feel we
have the votes. We’re going to be doing
that after the taxes. In the meantime, we’re
involved with a budget and then after the
budget — hopefully that gets approved — and
after the budget, assuming we have the
support of all the Republicans — because
we’ll have no support from the Democrats or
almost no support, because they’ve
really become just obstructionists. They have no good
policies, and frankly, they’re not good
politicians but they’re very good
obstructionists. And that’s what they
do well — obstruct. The number of nominees
that I have approved by the Democrats are about
half of what President Obama had. And when you look at
that — and you can look at judicial
appointments, look how slow that’s going. I’ll have 145
ultimately, which is a tremendous number. We’ll have 17 court of
appeals appointments. But they’re not
getting approved. They’re being
slow-walked by Schumer and the group of
Democrats that really — it’s really disgraceful. Even people that they
know they’re going to approve, they take it
right out to the end. They use every single
minute, and I think it’s a very disgraceful
situation. But Obamacare is
everything but dead. The people aren’t
going to take it. They’re not
going to take it. Alaska, they had over
200 percent increase. In Arizona, they were
116 percent — and I hear going up
even higher. And the people aren’t
going to take that any longer. So I think we’re
in great shape. I think we
have the votes. And we’ll be doing that
right after the largest tax cuts in the history
of our country are approved, hopefully
sometime in the very near future. The Press: So is
Graham-Cassidy still the plan, sir? President Trump: Yeah,
essentially that would be the plan. Yes, block grants. The Press: And, Mr.
Prime Minister, with respect to the
President, in March of 2016 you said, at the
potential for a Donald Trump presidency, “I
hope we will not face this evil.” And I’m
wondering if, after spending time with the
President, you have changed your mind or if
you’re of the same mind. President Trump: I wish
I knew that before my speech. (Laughter.) Prime Minister Tsipras: (As interpreted.) The meeting I had with the President — his
approach and the way he addresses most
publics — the U.S. is a very strong power
and their ability to intervene for good are
very, very important. I want to confirm that
the meeting that we had was very productive. Not a moment did I feel
threatened at any time. I saw that there is a
very fertile outlook here. In order to set aside
any differences that we may have to find the
common ground, the common ground which is
really important for the relationship between our
two peoples that are traditional and
historical, and for our common objectives. We need common values —
we have common values, excuse me. Don’t forget that the
value of democracy and freedom was born in
Greece, and it’s one of the basic values that
traverses the American culture and
American tradition. President today, of the
U.S., continues this tradition. And I think our
collaboration will be very substantial, and
I’m very optimistic after our meeting
that we had today. President Trump: Thank
you, Mr. Prime Minister. I might just add that a
number of countries were a little bit nervous
at the beginning. And I have very good
relationships with the leaders of virtually
every country I’ve dealt with. But the reason they were
concerned was because I will not allow our
country, the United States of America, to be
taken advantage of by so many other countries
all over the world. If you look at our trade
deficits — massive trade deficits with
virtually every country. If you look at our jobs
moving out to certain countries, and the
companies are leaving and they’re firing the
people, and the product is made elsewhere, and
then it’s sold back into the United States. I’m not going to
be allowing that. So I can understand how
certain countries and the leaders of certain
countries may feel. But we’re just not going
to allow the United States to be taken
advantage of by other countries anymore. And there’s nothing
we can do about that. Thank you. you have a question. The Press: (Inaudible)
with the Greek Public TV. Mr. Prime Minister, how
do you plan to attract long-term foreign direct
investments in Greece? And if you can
elaborate, please, on the steps that Greece
is making to tackle bureaucracy and
over-taxation in order to ensure investors
around that world the Greece is ready
for business. And, Mr. President, if
I may: Why would you encourage the U.S. companies to
invest in Greece? And how can the U.S. support the Greek
efforts to fully turn the page, attract
investments, and manage its debt? Thank you. Prime Minister Tsipras:
(As interpreted.) First of all, one thing is to
intervene legislatively to attract investment. And it’s different to
work on a daily basis to implement these
intentions in a stable environment. We opted to conflict
with the basic illnesses of Greek public
administration and to create a friendly
environment for foreign investment, because this
is our priority today. Investment means jobs. Jobs means less
unemployment. And it means return of
young people that have left Greece — educated
Greeks that have left Greece to go to other
countries — to come back to Greece. So what did we do? We passed a law in
parliament that provides a stable tax environment
— a fixed tax rate for 12 years for investments
of high value. We simplified the
procedures to provide licenses to investments. We introduced the
fast-track process for strategic investments. And we also made
significant changes to hit and combat
bureaucracy through digitization of
administrative procedures in public
administration. And our vision is to
have a digital public administration, but that
we really want to make it practice. I, personally, have
created a taskforce in the Prime Minister’s
office for investments so we can see whether
laws are being implemented, whether
there is effectiveness. And we are sending
out a strong signal of political will to
promote these projects. The President asked
me earlier what is happening with the
Ellinikon, with the old airport, where years
ago, he, himself as a businessman in the past
was interested in it. And he saw, himself,
the weaknesses and the illnesses of Greek
public administration. I informed him it’s
moving along, and very soon we will see this
area being formed to a very, very large real
estate project in Greece, which we’re
hoping it will be an attraction for other
investments from abroad. I’d like to also say
that Greece, for the first time, from the
last country, is the first country in
absorbing European funds investment capital from
European structural funds. So we find ourselves at
a turning point — a point where investments
can provide the ability to exit, finally,
the crisis. And the message I want
to pass on to U.S. investments is that
Greece is not just a tourist attraction, the
best maybe in the world, but it’s also an
investment attraction — and investment
destination as well. President Trump: I can
say that we have a great confidence in Greece. I think it’s a land of
tremendous potential. I know many people are
looking to invest in Greece. A lot of the problems
are behind it. They’ve had some very
good leadership. They’ve really made done
a lot of — they’ve made a lot of difficult
decisions. We are helping, as you
know, with a massive renovation of their
air force and also of airplanes, generally,
going to Greece. They’re looking at
buying additional planes from Boeing. And we are helping —
we’re very much involved with Greece and with
helping Greece get back on its feet. We have a tremendous
Greek population in this country, people whose
heritage is Greece. And we love that
country, special country, one of the most
beautiful countries in the world. So I think it’s got
great potential, and we are helping it along. Okay. Jennifer, you
want to go? The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. President Trump: Sure. The Press: I have a
question for both of you, but let me start
with you, Mr. President. Let me give you a quick
question about the Federal Reserve. Do you have any other
candidates that you’re looking at other than
Powell, Yellen, the five that have already
been named? Are you looking at
anyone besides those folks? President Trump: I would
say within those five you’ll probably
get the answer. And I’ll be making this
decision over the next fairly short
period of time. The Press: Can you say
who your favorite is at this point? President Trump:
Honestly, I like them all. The Press:
(Laughter.) Okay. President Trump: I do. I have a great respect
for all of them. But I’ll make a decision
over the next very short period of time. The Press: Can I ask
you a quick Obamacare question as well, even
though John Roberts asked as well? President Trump: Sure. The Press: Apparently,
Lamar Alexander has said he’s made a deal with
Senator Patty Murray to stabilize Obamacare. Has the White House
been involved in those negotiations? And will you
support that deal? President Trump: Yes,
we have been involved. And this is a short-term
deal because we think, ultimately, block grants
going to the states is going to be the answer. That’s a very
good solution. We think it’s going to
not only save money but give people much better
healthcare with a very, very much smaller
premium spike — and you look at what has gone on
with that — also, much lower deductibles
so they can use it. Lamar has been working
very, very hard with the Democratic — his
colleagues on the other side, and Patty Murray
is one of them, in particular. And they’re coming up
and they’re fairly close to a short-term
solution. The solution will be
for about a year or two years, and it will
get us over this intermediate hump
because we have — as you probably know, we
have — we either have the votes or we are very
close to having the votes. And we will get the
votes for having, really, the potential of
having great healthcare in our country. So they are indeed
working, but it is a short-term solution so
that we don’t have this very dangerous little
period — including dangerous periods for
insurance companies, by the way. For a period of one
year, two years, we will have a very
good solution. But we’re going to
have a great solution, ultimately, for
healthcare. And they are working
together and I know very much what they’re doing. The Press: Mr. Prime
Minister, on Turkey, do you still regard
Turkey as a democracy? And should Turkey remain
a member of NATO? Prime Minister Tsipras:
(As interpreted.) I have to say that despite
our concerns regarding Turkey, despite the
concerns that are also based on the daily
Turkish intervention in the region, nevertheless
we continue to support the Turkish course
towards Europe. We respect it as a
regional power and we believe that it must
stay oriented toward the European perspective,
oriented to its collaboration with
the West, and stably oriented towards NATO. We do believe that the
European outlook — perspective of Turkey
can also be a lever of pressure so that we
can have those reforms towards the
democratization of the domestics
of the country. So my answer to your
question is relatively easy. Yes, we do believe that
Turkey must remain within NATO and its
European course. But on the other side,
we have to ensure — and we must make it clear to
this ally of ours and to its government that the
road to Europe, and this day and the
collaboration with the West, carries with it
certain conditions and certain
responsibilities. One of the most
necessary conditions is to respect international
law, to collaborate, and not promote tension with
allied countries such as Greece. This is our
basic direction. And I do believe — I
had the opportunity to go in detail on this
matter with President Trump to explain the
need for the fulfillment of these conditions so
that there are clear messages. Also, toward the
Turkish administration. The Press: Mr. Prime
Minister, how do you, as Greeks, like to hear
about the — strategic importance of Greece
and the region? What is your government
planning to do to enhance this role for
the benefit of the bilateral relationship? And for specifically in
Souda Bay, are there any plans you have for it? Mr. President, you
praised Greece’s role in NATO with the
contribution and in Souda Bay amid the
volatile region of the Eastern Mediterranean. What do you see as the
potential of Greece being as a pillar of
stability in the region? And what would the U.S. like to see happening
in order for Greece to achieve its potential? Thank you. President Trump: Well,
I’d just start by saying that I think it has a
great role in stability in the area. We have a feeling that
it will get stronger and stronger. Very stable people. It’s got the potential
to be — once it gets over this tremendous
financial hurdle that it’s in the process of
working out, we think that there will be great
stability in Greece, and militarily and in every
way we look at it as very important, and very
important to the United States. We have great confidence
in Greece as a nation. We have great confidence
in what they’re doing relative to their
military, because I know they have plans to do
some terrific things. And we know they will be
an ally for many, many years to come. You know, they’ve always
been a very reliable ally, and we’ve always
been very reliable to them. So we look forward to
that for many years. We’re going to be
friends for many, many years, and stability
is very important. And we look upon that,
with respect to Greece, as being a key. Thank you. Prime Minister Tsipras:
(As interpreted.) As regards the initiatives
that we’re going to be taking, but also
regarding the initiatives that we have
taken to broaden the strategic role of Greece
as a reliable partner, both in the EU and NATO,
I’d like to say that from the first moment
we took over the administration, we moved
— we proceeded to a new dogma through the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but as a basic
aim to enhance the role of Greece as a country
that is a pillar of security and stability
in a very sensitive and unstable area — region. We enhanced our
collaboration with two significant partners in
the area — Egypt and Israel, and Greece
Cyprus with Israel and Greece Cyprus with
Egypt, and with other countries in the area
such as Jordan, Lebanon. Our goal is that,
through these multilateral
collaborations, to ensure the
collaboration, stability, peace, and
joint development, joint growth in this area. Of course, Greece for a
number of years has been playing, as underlined
earlier — it plays the role of a reliable ally
of the U.S., but it also has a unique
different feature. Greece may be talking
with the Arab world, with other countries
in the East. So it’s not just
a NATO member. It’s a useful ally for
the United States of America. Now, as regards Crete
and Souda Bay, we all know it is of special
strategic importance, and we evaluated it —
jointly evaluated it, and I think that we’re
doing good work there. And it can, and it
must, be upgraded and enhanced. President Trump: Well, I
want to thank everybody. And the Prime Minister
came out here and he said, this is
so beautiful. I said, this is
the Rose Garden. And I think even the
media likes the Rose Garden. (Laughter.) That’s hard
to believe, but even the media likes it. Mr. Prime Minister,
it’s been a great honor having you, and we look
forward to many, many years of friendship,
working together. And keep up
the good work. Thank you very much. Prime Minister Tsipras:
Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)


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  • hopefully soon you can hold a meeting with the american people about why the military is being used to spray chemicals all over our land #iron99

  • Pekka Heikkinen says:

    "Donald J Trump, the greatest jobs President in US history!' – I WOULD SAY, THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER, IN ANY COUNTRY !!!





  • Tsipras works for SOROS. This Greek leader is selling his country to SOROS. Open Border Socialists. This Greek PM is antifa in business suits.

  • when is the insane drug epidemic and this poison drug gas epidemic pushed by liberal mobacratic deep state, going to be addressed? when will the drug gas stop? what kind of people gas there own people with poison drug that maim and hurt people? its disgusting. why does greece need more fighter jets who the hell do we have to fight why dont we stop funding terrorism? lets start with stopping drugging the people? how is maiming and hurting people with extremely toxic drugs ever going to be okay? why is it okay to police peoples thoughts? can anyone say 1984?

  • Greek taking so much help from China…now China is asking him to pay back…..he is asking U.S to help. Hahaha…shame on you Mister Greek Prime minister… I right ?

  • Peace be unto you

    My heart is inditing a good matter
    I speak of the things
    which I have made touching the king
    my tongue is the pen of a ready writer

    Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever
    the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him,
    to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass
    and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John

    Who bare record of the word of God,
    and of the testimony of Jesus Christ,
    and of all things that he saw

    Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy,
    and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand

    John to the seven churches which are in Asia
    Grace be unto you, and peace,
    from him which is, and which was, and which is to come
    and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne

    And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness,
    and the first begotten of the dead,
    and the prince of the kings of the earth
    Unto him that loved us,

    and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

    And hath made us kings and priests
    unto God and his Father
    to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever

    Behold, he cometh with clouds
    and every eye shall see him,
    and they also which pierced him
    and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him
    Even so, Amen

    I am Alpha and Omega,
    the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord,
    which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty

    I John, who also am your brother,
    and companion in tribulation,
    and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ,
    was in the isle that is called Patmos,
    for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day,
    and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

    Saying, I am Alpha and Omega,
    the first and the last and,
    What thou seest, write in a book,
    and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia
    unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos,
    and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea

    Behold, I come quickly
    blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book

    I Jesus
    have sent mine angel to testify unto you
    these things in the churches
    I am the root and the offspring of David,
    and the bright and morning star

    And the Spirit and the bride say, Come
    And let him that heareth say, Come
    And let him that is athirst come
    And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely

    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Donald John Trump, God bless you
    My beloved Ελλάδα my lovely Uncle Προκόπιος Παυλόπουλος, God bless you
    My beloved Ελλάδα my lovely Brother Αλέξης Τσίπρας, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Lady Melania Trump, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Michael Richard Pence, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Rex Wayne Tillerson, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Steven Terner Mnuchin, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Wilbur Louis Ross Jr., God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle Barack Hussein Obama, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Uncle John, God bless you
    My beloved America The Great and Beautiful my lovely Sister Jennifer, God bless you

    God bless America The Great
    Ο Θεός ευλογεί την Ελλάδα
    אלוהים יברך את ישראל אהובתו
    a sweet and good year with love hugs and kiss yuli':):)


    fuck tsiparas… puppett shit stain… look up brother nathaneal… seek the truth trump is part of it too..wake up..

  • I will not allow our country the United States of America to be taken advantage of. It does not get any better than that.

  • looks like Greece will get a new PM next week or so; and why nobody was brave enough to address the same question (at 15:55) to chancellor of Germany, PM of Britain, president of Ukraine and so on?

  • Great Job by the Fox News guy exposing this commie scumbag who turns Greece into Pakistan as we speak. The irony when he calls Trump evil when he willingly destroys the biggest History in europe

  • C 7 P O R T F O L I O says:

    Trump has said, "Make America GREAT, Again!" He is doing it, while helping to heal the World. ❤️ Trump! I'm so proud to say that U.S. President Trump IS MY U.S. PRESIDENT!

  • Stop calling us's bad it's not a good word..the right way it's Hellas (Ελλάς), which means the Earth of light..So do a research please..we are Hellenes not Greeks.

  • Fall of Constantinople says:

    If the estimates are true U.S investments in Greece would benefit both a lot. It is estimated that there is 600 billion worth of natural gas and oil in the Aegean Sea alone. In the Ionian there is an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil (keep in mind these are estimates so don't yell at me if this turns out to not be true).

  • Prince hectoroftroy says:

    Trump = MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN….. Tsipras = MAKE Greece smaller again….from their fruits you will recognize them

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