President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

The President: So, we
had a lot of meetings yesterday on Afghanistan,
on the economy — which is doing very well. We have the strongest
economy, by far, in the world. The tariffs have cost
nothing, in my opinion, or certainly very little. We have import prices
from, and through, July — all the way through July. And they’re down 1.8
percent so that the import prices have
actually gone down. China is eating the
tariffs because of monetary manipulation. And also, they’re pouring
a lot of money into their country because they
don’t want to lose jobs. They’re losing, as you
probably know, because you reported it, but they lost
over 2 million jobs in a short period of time. And they want to make
a deal; we’ll see what happens. But they definitely
want to make a deal. I’d like to see Hong Kong
worked out in a very humanitarian fashion. I hope President
Xi can do it. He sure has the ability,
I can tell you that, from personal knowledge. He certainly has the
ability to do it if he wants to. So, I’d like to see
that worked out in a humanitarian fashion. I think it would be very
good for the trade deal that we’re talking about. And other than that, if
you have any questions? The Press: What’s
the status of your deliberations on the
Afghanistan — the troop withdrawal and
where things stand? The President: Well, we’re
looking at Afghanistan. We’re talking to
Afghanistan, both the government and also
talking to the Taliban, having very good
discussions. We’ll see what happens. We’ve really got it down
to, probably, 13,000 people. And we’ll be bringing it
down a little bit more, and then we’ll decide
whether or not we’ll be staying longer or not. We’re having very good
discussions with the Taliban. We’re having very good
discussions with the Afghan government. The Press: What’s the
argument for staying? The President: I think
just that we’ve been there
for 19 years. We’re like a police force. And that’s about
it, frankly. I think it’s very
important that we continue intelligence there, in
all cases, because it is somewhat of a nest
for hitting us. If you look at what
happened with the World Trade, it essentially
came out of Afghanistan. Most of the people, I
think, they may not have come from Afghanistan
originally, but that’s where they were taught. So there’s a big
argument to be made. And I buy that argument. You know, it’s very tough
when somebody says, “Well, this is a big
breeding ground.” And it is a
breeding ground. And we have things under
control very well with a small force. We can probably make it a
little bit smaller, and then we’ll decide. It’ll depend
on the Taliban. It’ll depend on the
Afghan government. But there is a
case to be made. And the case also is that
we’re going to be leaving very significant
intelligence behind for just the reasons I stated. The Press: Have you spoken
to President Xi, sir? The President: I can’t
comment on that. Can’t do it, Maggie. The Press: Can you comment
at all on where things stand in terms of the
China negotiations? You said there
was progress. The President: Well,
I think President Xi obviously has this in
mind because he probably would’ve acted faster. So I think he has at least
something in mind, having to do with trade, because
it’s something he could do
fairly easily. It could be,
unfortunately, very ruthless. So I do think it plays on
his mind, and I do think he — he’s thinking about
what I’ve had to say. It would have an impact on
trade; there’s no question about it. The Press: Is
there any U.S. land holding that you
would be willing to do in exchange — The President:
Little louder, Maggie. The Press: In order to
get your interest in Greenland, which has been
widely reported, is there anything — The President:
Well, Greenland, I don’t know — it got
released somehow. It’s just something
we talked about. Denmark essentially
owns it. We’re very good
allies with Denmark. We protect Denmark like we
protect large portions of the world. So the concept came up and
I said, “Certainly, I’d be. Strategically, it’s
interesting, and we’d be interested.” But we’ll talk to
them a little bit. It’s not number one on the
burner, I can tell you that. The Press: Would you ever
make an exchange with them of any kind for U.S. territories? The President: Well, a lot
of things can be done. I mean, essentially, it’s
a large real estate deal. A lot of things
can be done. It’s hurting Denmark very
badly because they’re losing almost $700 million
a year carrying it. So they carry it
at a great loss. And, strategically, for
the United States, it would be nice. And we’re a big ally of
Denmark, and we help Denmark and we protect
Denmark, and we will. In fact, I’m
supposed to stop. I’m thinking
about going there. I’m not necessarily
definitely going there, but I may be going. We’re going to Poland and
then we may be going to Denmark — not for
this reason at all. But we’re looking at it. It’s not number
one on the burner. The Press: Mr. President,
sir, back to Afghanistan. Two questions on that. First of all, have you
seen the reports about the suicide bomber
at a wedding? There were more than
60 people killed. And so, why then could you
trust the Taliban to keep Afghanistan safe from
terrorists when you have a suicide bomber killing
so many people there? The President: Well, I’m
not trusting anybody. Look, I’m not
trusting anybody. It’s a horrible situation
that’s going on in Afghanistan. It has been
for many years. Russia tried to
do something. And at the time they did
it, they were the Soviet Union, and now
they’re Russia. They spent all their
wealth on trying to do something in that land. There have been many, many
great nations in that land. It’s a difficult
territory. There are a lot of very
good people there, I will say, but they’re
also good fighters. We have it very much under
control as far as what we’re doing. But the rest is — you
know, a lot of bad things happen in Kabul. A lot of bad things are
happening in Afghanistan, and some very
positive things. But we would — look,
we’re there for one reason: We don’t want
that to be a laboratory. Okay? It can’t be a
laboratory for terror. And we’ve stopped that,
and we have a very, very
good view. I mean, some things are
going to be announced over the next couple of weeks
as to what happened, who’s been taken out. A lot of people have been
taken out that were very bad — both ISIS
and al Qaeda. The Press: And Senator
Lindsey Graham said that for you to
withdraw the U.S. troops from Afghanistan
and entrust the Taliban would be the biggest
mistake since Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. The President: Well, I
guess that means Lindsey is a very tough
man, isn’t he? Huh? Okay. What else? The Press: On Huawei — is
the administration going to allow U.S. businesses to continue
selling to Huawei? Is there going to be an
extension of the license tomorrow? The President: No. That was reported. And, actually,
it’s the opposite. Huawei. Huawei is a company we may
not do business with at all. And it was sort of
reported, I think the opposite, today — I was
surprised — that we are open to doing business. We’re actually open not to
doing business with them. So I don’t know who
gave the report. Now, they have little
sections of Huawei, like furniture and other
things that we could do. But when you cut out
sections, it gets very complicated: what’s being
sold, what’s coming in. So, at this moment, it
looks much more like we’re not going to do business. I don’t want to do
business at all, because it is a national
security threat. And I really believe that
the media has covered it a little bit differently
than that. So we’re looking, really,
not to do business with Huawei. And we’re actually talking
about not doing any business, because, again,
the rest of it is not national security, but
it’s very difficult to determine what’s coming in
and what’s not coming in. It’s still Huawei. So we’ll be making a
decision over that in the not-too-distant future. But it’s a little bit the
opposite of what seemed to be reported this morning. The Press: How were your
meetings at Bedminster, sir? How was your meeting
with Tim Cook? Did you meet
with other folks? Who did you golf with? The President: I had a very good meeting with Tim Cook. I have a lot of
respect for Tim Cook. And Tim was talking
to me about tariffs. And, you know, one of the
things — and he made a good case — is that
Samsung is their number-one competitor,
and Samsung is not paying tariffs because they’re
based in South Korea. And it’s tough for Apple
to pay tariffs if they’re competing with a very
good company that’s not. I said, “How good
a competitor?” He said they are a
very good competitor. So, Samsung is not paying
tariffs because they’re based in a different
location, mostly South Korea, but they’re
based in South Korea. And I thought he made a
very compelling argument, so I’m thinking about it. The Press: And, sir,
there’s reporting on CNN that Larry Kudlow may be
leaving at some point soon. Do you have
confidence in him? The President:
Well, I hope not. I love Larry Kudlow. I think he’s done
a fantastic job. He has been going through
health problems, as you know. But I watched him this
morning; he was terrific. I think Larry is
a fantastic guy. But I haven’t
heard that at all. The Press: And are you
doing any planning, or are you going to be directing
your administration to plan for the possibility
of a recession? The President: I
don’t see a recession. I mean, the world is in
a recession right now. And — although, that’s
too big a statement. But if you look at China, China is doing very, very poorly. They’ve had — I just saw
a report — they’ve had the worst year they’ve had
in 27 years because of what I’ve done. And they want to come to
the negotiating table. You know, they’re having
companies lose — I mean, they’re leaving. The companies are leaving. And they’re laying off
millions of people because they don’t want
to pay 25 percent. And that’s why they want
to come to the table. I don’t think there’s
another reason other than President Xi, I’m sure,
likes me very much. But they’re losing
millions and millions of jobs in China. And we’re not paying for
the tariffs; China is paying for the tariffs,
for the one-hundredth time. And I understand
tariffs work very well. Other countries it may be
that if I do things with other countries. But in the case of China,
China is eating the tariffs, at least so far. The Press: But a lot of
economists say that you should be preparing for
a recession; that no President is immune from a
recession, and that it’s malpractice for the
government not to be doing something to get ready
for that scenario. The President: Yeah. Phil, honestly, I’m
prepared for everything. I don’t think we’re
having a recession. We’re doing
tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous
tax cut, and they’re loaded
up with money. They’re buying. I saw the Wal-Mart
numbers; they were through the roof, just
two days ago. That’s better
than any poll. That’s better than
any economist. And most economists
actually say, Phil, that we’re not going to
have a recession. Most of them are saying
we’re not going to have a recession. But the rest of
the world is not doing well like we’re doing. The rest of the world, if
you look at Germany, if you look at European
Union; frankly, look at the UK — I mean, look
at a lot of countries — they’re not doing well. China is doing poorly. Parts of Asia
are doing poorly. We are doing better than
any country, or even area, anywhere in the world. We’re doing great. And our consumer is
really, really strong, and it looks like they’re
going to be for a long time. Also, when you go in and
analyze the curve, the curve always means that
about two years later maybe you’ll go in. That’s a long
time — two years. But I don’t think so. Interest rates are low. I think I could be helped
out by the Fed, but the Fed doesn’t like
helping me too much. But, you know, frankly, we
have money that’s pouring into our country because
they want the security of the United States. We have billions and
billions of dollars daily that’s pouring in — we’ve
never had anything like this — because they want
to come into the United States. That’s a great thing. That means we can
loan that money out. Mortgage rates are
at an all-time low. Borrowing costs are
at an all-time low. It’s probably
a great time. I told Secretary Mnuchin
that this is a great time to refinance our bonds,
or some of our bonds. You know, it’s — I mean, the money is pouring into the U.S. like never before and like
no other country has ever experienced, including
China money. I mean, China money —
everybody — they’re all coming into the U.S. So we’ve never had
anything like it. I think our economy
is very, very good. The Press: But if it were
to slow down, could you win reelection? The President: Well,
I’d be prepared for it. We can do — sure, we
can do a lot of things. But if it slowed down, it
would be because I have to take on China and
some other countries. Look, you have other
countries that are just as bad as China, the
way they treat us. You take a look at what’s
happening with the European Union; they have barriers, they have tariffs. Take a look at other —
I’m not going to mention all the countries because
you’ll be surprised. But we’re treated very
badly — a lot of them by our allies. We’re treated very badly. When all of that
normalizes, we’ve got a rocket ship. Our country is going to
be stronger, by far, than ever before. I mean, if I wanted to
make a bad deal and settle on China, the market would
go up but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. I’m just not ready
to make a deal yet. China would like
to make a deal. I’m not ready. The Press: Do you have an
updated on the Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar
that has (inaudible)? The President: No, no
update, other than Iran would like to talk also. I have to say “also.” China wants to talk, but
Iran would like to talk. They just don’t know
quite how to get there. Look, they’re very proud
people, but their economy is crashing. It’s crashing. Inflation is
through the roof. They’re doing
really badly. They’re not selling oil. Even — I mean, we
put the sanctions on. The oil is selling much
less — I mean, much less — than we thought. It’s like a trickle. And they very much
want to make a deal. They just don’t know how
to call because they’re proud people, and
I understand that. But I have a feeling that
maybe things with Iran could work out,
and maybe not. If you notice, they
haven’t taken any of our boats. They haven’t
taken our ships. They’ve taken ships, but
they haven’t taken our ships, and they
better not. But I will say this: I
really think that Iran wants to get there. They have a
great potential. I say this about
North Korea. North Korea has
tremendous potential. Also, Iran has tremendous
potential, and we can do something very fast, but
they don’t quite know how to begin because
they’re proud people. They’re very proud people. But their country
is crashing. Their economy
is a disaster. They’ve got to do
something, so let’s see what happens. The Press: What about gun
control, Mr. President? Where does that stand? The President: So,
Congress is working on that. They have bipartisan
committees working on background checks and
various other things. And we’ll see. I don’t want people to
forget that this is a mental health problem. I don’t want them to
forget that, because it is. It’s a mental
health problem. And as I say — and I said
the other night in New Hampshire; we had an
incredible evening — I said: It’s the people
that pull the trigger. It’s not the gun that
pulls the trigger. So we have a very, very
big mental health problem, and Congress is working on
various things, and I’ll be looking at it. We’re very much involved. We’re very much involved
in looking at what they’re studying. The Press: Mr. President,
the Dayton shooter had a 100-round-capacity
magazine. Would you support banning
high-capacity magazines? The President: Well, we’re
going to look at a whole list of things, and I’ll
make a determination then. But I will say, Congress
is now, as you know, meeting in a
bipartisan way. We’ll see what happens. A lot of things are
happening on the gun level. A lot of things
are happening. But you have to remember,
also, it’s a big mental — I was talking about
mental institutions. They closed so many —
like 92 percent — of the mental institutions around
this country over the years, for
budgetary reasons. These are people that have
to be in institutions for help. I’m not talking about
as a form of a prison. I’m saying for help. And I think it’s something
we have to really look at — the whole concept for
mental institutions. I remember, growing up, we
had mental institutions. Then they were closed —
in New York, I’m talking about. They were — many
of them were closed. A lot of them were closed. And all of those people
were put out on the streets. And I said — even as a
young guy, I said, “How does that work? That’s not a good thing.” And it’s not a good thing. So I think the concept of
mental institution has to be looked at. Unrelated to that, I
believe that the concept also of voter
identification has to be looked at, because you
can’t have great security for the voter. People that vote, you
can’t have that national security unless you’re
going to have voter identification. It’s something people have
to look at very strongly. The Press: Sir, what does
that have to do with guns? The Press: Can you say who
you golfed with, sir, and who else you met
with at Bedminster? I know you did
a lot of work. The President:
Yeah, I did. We had a lot of meetings,
and the golf was the least of it. I played two days. The golf was
the least of it. I don’t care about —
look, I like golf; it’s fine. It’s so unimportant to me. Usually, I’ll play with
senators, I’ll play with people where it can help. Golf is not important from
that standpoint other than it’s a little form
of exercise, and that’s not so bad. The Press: Sir, on Taiwan,
any answer on — or response, rather, on the
sale of F-16s to Taiwan? The President: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, there is. I mean, I’ve
approved the deal. The deal is approved. Got to be approved by the
Senate, but I’ve approved the deal. It’s $8 billion. It’s a lot of money. That’s a lot of jobs. And we know they’re going to use these F-16s responsibly. But we approved the deal. A lot of money. And it’s a great aircraft. And we really believe —
or we perhaps wouldn’t have done it —
they’re going to use it very responsibly. But it’s tremendous
numbers of jobs. It’s $8 billion. The Press: And, Mr.
President, you brought up voter ID laws in the
context of the gun control debate. The President: No,
no, just — I said, “unrelated.” I wanted to bring that out
while I’m here with you. I think voter ID laws are
— if you look, voter identification. So when people show up to
vote — because, if you look, Judicial Watch
made a settlement with California, I guess, or
Los Angeles, where they found over a million names
that was very problematic — a problem. And you just take a look
at that settlement; that’s a lot of names. You had people that were
well over 100 years old that were voting, but we
know they’re not around any longer. So, you have a lot
of voter fraud. The way you stop it, the
easiest way, is voter identification. We have to go and
think about that. I hope Republicans and
Democrats can vote, sit down, and work something
out on voter ID. The Press: But your
commission on voter fraud didn’t find any
actual fraud. It disbanded. The President: Well, let
the commission — the commission was having
a tremendous problem, legally, getting papers from various states like California. They were absolutely
hard-lining. They didn’t want to give
this commission — it was just a quick commission,
headed up by Vice President Pence, to
look at voter fraud. The problem the commission
had is we had to have a vast amount of lawyers,
which I didn’t want to bother with, because
California and other states were giving up no
information whatsoever. And the reason they
weren’t giving up information is because
they were guilty. They were guilty of it. And they know they’re
guilty of it. Many, many people voted
that shouldn’t have been voting. Some people
voted many times. What I’m saying is we need
voter identification. We need voter ID. The Press: I know it’s not
a top priority for you with Greenland, but when
you go to Denmark, is this something you’re going
to want to talk to them about? Maybe. I don’t think Denmark has
been absolutely set in stone yet, going there. But if I did, I’d
certainly talk about it. But not — not
top in the list. The Press: How
much is it worth? How much do you
think it’s worth? The President: We haven’t
gotten there yet. First, we have to find out
whether or not they have any interest. Look, they’re losing
almost $700 million carrying it. That’s a lot of
money for Denmark. They’re losing a
tremendous amount of money. So we’ll see what happens. The Press: And I’ve got
this — this Fox News poll the other day — I don’t
know what to make of polls at this point, but it
showed you underwater. The President: Well, Fox
has always given me — I’ll tell you, Fox is a
lot different than it used to be, I can
tell you that. Juan Williams. Then they have the
wonderful woman that gave Hillary Clinton
the questions. That was a terrible thing. And all of a sudden,
she’s working for Fox. What’s she doing
working for Fox? Fox has changed. And my worst polls have
always been from Fox. There’s something going
on at Fox, I’ll tell you right now. And I’m not happy with it. The Press: (Inaudible.)
What do you think the change is at Fox? The President: I don’t
know what’s happening with Fox, but when they have,
like, a Juan Williams, who has never said a positive
thing, and yet, when I show up at the Fox
building, he’s out there, “Oh, sir, can I have
a picture with you? Could I have a picture?” And he was 100
percent nice. I mean, you’ve never
asked me for a picture. The Press: I have not. Should the Murdochs, sir,
change the management at Fox? Or should they bring in
new — The President: No. No. They have to run it the
way they want to run it. But Fox is different. There’s no
question about it. And I think they’re making
a big mistake, because Fox was treated very badly by
the Democrats — very, very badly — having to do
with the debates and other things. And I think Fox is
making a big mistake. Because, you know, I’m the
one that calls the shots on that — on the
really big debates. I guess we’re probably
planning on three of them. The Press: You might
not debate, sir? The President: Well, I’m
very — I’m not happy with Fox. I’m certainly happy — I
think Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs, and I think
Tucker Carlson and Laura and Jesse Watters,
and Jeanine. We have a lot
of great people. Even Greg Gutfeld; he
wasn’t good to me two years ago. Now he sees all I’ve done,
and he said, “Would you rather have a great
President or a nice guy?” I don’t know, I
think I’m a nice guy. But nobody has done in two
and a half years what I’ve done. And I say that a lot. And very few people
can challenge it. The first two and a half
years, nobody has done what I’ve done in terms of
tax cuts, regulation cuts, the military, the vets,
the Choice, so many different things. Nobody has done that. Yeah. The Press: Can you clarify
what you meant when you said that you don’t want
to do business with Huawei? Are you not going to
extend this license for 90 days to temporarily allow
— The President: Well, I’m talking to my people,
but ultimately, we don’t want to do business with
Huawei for national security reasons. The Press: But not even a
temporary extension that — The President: We’ll
see what happens. I’m making a
decision tomorrow. It could be temporary —
could be — and maybe not. But we’re going to make
a decision tomorrow. The Press: So the — what
I was asking about, the Fox poll, that they had
you underwater against your main Democratic
(inaudible). The President: I
don’t believe it. The Press: Okay. The President: I
don’t believe it. Every place I go, we
have lines outside. Then we have even
phony stuff with that. You guys were in
New Hampshire. Maggie was there. You saw, that
room was packed. And they had thousand
— Maggie — there were thousands of
people outside. And then, I see some phony
website some wise guys put up. That place was packed. The Press: Where
do you see that? Where did you see that? The President: And the New
York Times actually saw that, and actually, there
was a massive flag behind — and even the seats
behind the flag where you had no view — The Press:
But there were pictures of empty seats that
were on Twitter. The President: Because
those people came down to be on the floor. The Press: Who showed
you those pictures? Where did you see those? The President: But all of
the people — any empty seat, you had the people
come down to be on the floor because they
were so far away. Plus, you had a big flag. Look, we had, I think
they said, 17,000 people outside that
couldn’t get in. The fire marshals close
it at a certain level. The arena announced — I
don’t know the people at the arena — that I broke
Elton John’s record. And then, I
have fake news. The fact is that people
tend, during a speech that I make, they love to come
down to the floor if they’re sitting
in the high areas. And they’re not allowed,
for fire reasons, to have any more people. So, that was an amazing evening, and you saw the enthusiasm. But we had a lot of people
sitting behind that massive American flag that
couldn’t see, so they moved over and they moved
down, and they came down to the floor as
the speech started. But Maggie Haberman
was very fair. And she was there and she saw the beginning of that speech. Every seat was packed. But then they
tend to come down. They do it all the time. The Press: But Mitt Romney
did his last rally there the night before the
election and it was packed. The Press: It was. The Press: He ended up
losing the election, but — so it’s — The
President: Oh, I don’t know. Phil. Phil, what can I tell you? Do I think I’m
going to win? Yes. Do I think I have more
enthusiasm now than I had before this — you know,
the 2016 election? Yes. I think we’re — I think
you people do too. And some of you
have reported it. I think there is more
enthusiasm for President Trump than there was
even for Mr. Trump. Because what I said that
I was going to do, I did. The tax cut, the
regulation cuts — the biggest in history. In two and a half years,
more than — and that’s one of the reasons our
jobs are so good, because of the regulation cuts. The Press: So, why can’t
you tell us whether you talked to President Xi? The President: I just
don’t want to comment on that. The Press: Is there a
call set up for next week? The President: Well, I can
speak to him any time. But he understands
how I feel. I just can’t comment as to
whether or not I spoke to him. But I will tell you this:
We’re having very, very substantive talks with
China, and with others, but with China. The Press: Did you watch
any of the coverage of the Hong Kong protest? Huge numbers of people. The President: I
can’t believe it. You know, I tell you, I’ve never seen 2 million people. When you talk about crowd
size, Maggie, those are serious crowds —
the Hong Kong crowds. I mean, when they said
2 million people on the streets, that really
looked like 2 million people on the streets. The Press: What changed
your mind, sir? Because the other day you
were saying that it was, sort of, China’s problem
and Hong Kong’s problem to figure this out. And why have you moved? The President: No, I think
it would be very hard to deal if they do violence. I mean, if it’s another
Tiananmen Square, it’s — I think it’s a very hard
thing to do if there’s violence. And, you know, that — I’m
President, but that’s a little beyond me because
I think there’d be — you know, I think there’d
be tremendous political sentiment not
to do something. So I hope — because I
think we’re going to end up doing a very good deal. And I think China, by the
way, needs a deal much more than we do. But I really do believe
that if this weren’t part of the deal, possibly
something would have happened already
a long time ago. The Press: Do you support
the principles of the protestors — the
pro-democracy movement? The Press: That’s —
that’s what I’m asking. The Press: Do you think
democracy matters? The President: Well,
I’ll tell you what I do support: I support liberty.
I support democracy. I understand what’s going
on very well over there. I’d love to see it worked
out in a humane fashion. And I think they have a
great chance of doing it. Look, I put out — and I
told you that I really believe — I have a
confidence in the — in the talents of
President Xi. I think if he met with the
protestors, within a very short period of time, they
would work something out that’s good for everybody. I really believe that. He’s a very talented man. I mean, aside from
everything, he’s a very talented man. He’s very smart,
very talented. And I know him well,
probably as well as anybody, And I believe if
he sat down with them — now, you know, he’s not
— that’s not his deal, sitting down with people. You know, he
doesn’t do that. But I think, maybe,
the world changes. I really believe if
President Xi sat down with representatives of the
protestors — and they do have representatives;
pretty good representatives, pretty
strong representatives. I’ve been watching
and seeing them. If he sat down, I think
he’d work something out. And I think it would
be good for everybody. But it does put pressure
on the trade deal. If they do something
negative, it puts pressure. Now, that deal I
can sign by myself. It’s structured so I don’t
have to go to Congress. But I respect Congress. I respect the
views of Congress. And I respect, most
importantly, the views of the people of our country. And I think it would be
much harder for me to sign a deal if he did something
violent in Hong Kong. The Press: But do you
support cutting $4 billion in foreign aid? The President: Are you
talking about the — The Press: Rescission. The President:
– rescission? Yeah. I support many
of those things. We’ll negotiate it out. But, you know, I’ve cut
back a lot on countries. You know, we give billions
of dollars to countries that don’t even like us. And I’ve been
cutting that a lot. We give billions and
billions of dollars to countries that don’t like
us — don’t like us even a little bit. And I’ve been
cutting that. And we just put a package
of about 4 billion additional dollars in. And, in some cases — you
know, in some cases, I could see it both ways. In some cases, these are
countries that we should not be giving to. The Press: How do you see
that cutting aid to them is helping the United
States, though? Does it make us safer? Does it make us wealthier? The President: I
don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. And if I thought it would,
I’d probably do it. But, you know, I cut back
$1.3 billion a year to Pakistan. And when I cut it back, I
have a better relationship with — as you know, the
President came in, and we have a great relationship. Prime Minister came in. We have a great
relationship with Pakistan now. He — we had a
really good meeting. So, what happened: I
cut back $1.3 billion. We have a better
relationship now. I also cut it back on the
Palestinians because they speak very badly
about our country. So I cut it back on
the Palestinians. We were paying $500
billion a year, and now we’re paying nothing. But I think we’re going
to get further because I could see opening
that up again. I think we’re going to do
much better the way I’m doing it. You know, we’re trying to
negotiate a peace deal. Everybody said that’s the deal that’s totally impossible. They talk about a deal
between the Palestinians and the Israelis as the
toughest deal you could possibly do, no matter
what deal you’re talking about. And I stopped payment on
$500 million a year, but I think they’re going
to make a deal. And I think one of the
reasons they’d want to make a deal is
because of that. Okay? The Press: Are you going
to wait until after the Israeli elections to put
out your Middle East Peace plan? The President: I probably
will wait, but we may put out pieces of it. We have some very talented
people — as you know, our great ambassador
and others. We have some very
talented people. But that’s probably the
toughest deal of all — peace between the Israelis
and the Palestinians — because they’ve been
decades of hate. And it’s tough to make a
deal when there’s that much hate. But I think I’ve helped
it very much by saying, “Look, until there’s a
deal, we’re not going to pay you anymore.” And other people should
have done that long before me. So these are things, when
you talk about rescission — and that’s not part of
rescission, by the way — but we have a lot of things like that in the rescission. Phil? The Press: Sir, you’re
going — you’re heading back to Washington
after a week off. Do you have any thoughts
on the Cabinet? Is the Cabinet solid and
going to stay in place, or is somebody
going to change? The President: I think
we have a great Cabinet. Yeah, there will always be
people changed, because, you know, after — you’re
going to be three years now. It’s a long time. They’re under a
lot of pressure. And — but I think we
have a great Cabinet. I really do. I think our Cabinet
is terrific. Some of them will leave
for a period of time; they may come back. I mean, the relationship I
have is very good with the Cabinet and with others. But, you know, it’s almost
three years now, if you can believe it. Right? And at a certain point of
time, people do tend to leave. The Press: Are you still
considering withdrawing from NAFTA if Nancy Pelosi
doesn’t bring up the USMCA on the House floor? The President: Well, I
haven’t said whether or not I would, but I would
say NAFTA is one of the worst deals ever made
in the history of trade deals. If you look at NAFTA, and
you take a look at what it’s done to our country,
thousands of factories closed, millions of jobs. It’s been a
one-way street. And the USMCA
is a great deal. The unions love it. The farmers love it. Everybody wants it. But it’s up to
Nancy Pelosi. If she wants to put it for
a vote, she’s going to get overwhelming
bipartisan support. And I view that as
a bipartisan deal. I would imagine
she’d put it up. There’s an easy
thing to do. It will be totally
bipartisan, which is good for the Democrats
and the Republicans. And everybody wants it. I mean, the
unions like it. The unions hated NAFTA,
but they love the USMCA. The farmers, above all,
love it, especially the American farmers. Our farmers love it more
than the other two sides. They love it. So, a lot of good
things going. But we have to see; they
have to put it up for a vote. You know, it’s political
season, if you haven’t noticed. So they have to put
it up for a vote. The Press: You talked
about some people coming back into the
administration. Could Nikki Haley
come back into the administration
in any role? The President: Yeah, at
some point, maybe, if she wanted to. Yeah. The Press: Have you been
talking to her about that? The President: I
really haven’t. I’ve been talking
to a lot of people. The Press: (Inaudible)
change on the ticket, would you, Mr. President? This continues to
get asked about. The President: No, I’m
very happy with Mike Pence. The Press: You are? The President: I think
Mike Pence has been an outstanding VP. I think that he’s been
incredible in terms of the love that a lot of people
— especially if you look at the Evangelicals and so
many others, they really have a great respect
for our Vice President. And so do I. And so do, I
think, most people. No, I wouldn’t — I
wouldn’t be thinking about that. A lot of people — a lot
of people, you know, amazingly, they bring
different names up. And they brought a lot
of different names up. The Press: What
are the names? The President: And that’s
— and that’s, by the way — (laughs) — at some
point, I’ll let you know — but that’s, by
the way, standard. You know, that’s standard. Everybody thought that
President Obama was going to change Biden. They all thought that in
the, you know, second term, he was going
to change it. Everybody thought it. And he didn’t do that. But, no, I’m very
happy with Mike Pence. The Press: Thank you, sir. The President:
Thank you all. Thank you. The Press: Could just be a
little clearer on the gun — your gun position? I don’t — The
President: Which one? The Press: Your position
on background checks and guns. What would you
support exactly? The President: So, Congress is looking at it very strongly. Bipartisan. I put in certain
parameters, which you somewhat know about. I’m also very, very
concerned with the Second Amendment, more so than
most Presidents would be. People don’t realize
we have very strong background
checks right now. If you go in to buy a
gun, you have to sign up. There are a lot of
background checks that have been approved
over the years. So I’ll have to
see what it is. But Congress is meeting. Bipartisan. A lot of people want to
see something happen. But just remember this:
Big mental problem, and we do have a lot of
background checks right now. The Press: But you’re
not willing to support universal background
checks right now? The President: I’m
not saying anything. I’m saying Congress is
going to be reporting back to me with ideas. And they’ll come in from
Democrats and Republicans. And I’ll look at
it very strongly. But just remember, we
already have a lot of background checks. Okay? Thank you. The Press: Have you spoken
to Wayne LaPierre again, sir? The President: Say it? The Press: Have you spoken
to Wayne LaPierre this week at all
during your trip? The President: I have. Well, I spoke to
him a week ago. And, look, I’ve had a
great relationship with the NRA, and I will always
have a great relationship. I’ve been very
good for the NRA. If you just look — I
mean, we have now two Supreme Court justices
— great ones. And who would have thought
that was going to happen in, you know, long
prior to three years? So, we have two. And equally importantly,
we will have, within another 90 days,
179 federal judges. And I say, “Thank you very
much, President Obama.” Because he was unable
to get them filled. I don’t know what happened
to him, but he was unable. So, President Obama
did not do his job. And I inherited 138
empty positions. And, honestly, from his
standpoint, and the standpoint of where
he’s coming from, that shouldn’t have happened. And we did do
one other thing. I saw last night where
some people were talking about criminal justice reform — very liberal Democrats. I’m the one that
got it done. And I saw that,
and I said, “You know, isn’t it a shame? You do something…” — and I’ve had very
conservative people wanting it and very
liberal people wanting it. But if you take a look at
— if you take a look at that reform package,
without Donald Trump, it doesn’t happen. And you know what? I don’t need the credit. I get enough credit. But they never even
mention my name. And these were people that
were begging me to do it — calling me, begging me
like you’ve never seen. And now that criminal
justice reform is done — beautiful package,
wonderful — they don’t even mention my name. So stupid. So stupid. Thank you. Thank you.


100 thoughts on “President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure”


    "The Crown prosecutor of Russia met with his father Aras [a Moscow-based developer who tried to partner with Trump in a hotel project] this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary [Clinton] and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.

    This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr Trump – helped along by Aras and Emin.

    What do you think is the best way to handle this information and would you be able to speak to Emin about it directly?

    Just a quote from an email to Don Jr. that he sent to all of the Trump campaign leadership, then set up a meeting including Jared, Manafort, and Don Jr.

  • David Erlbacher says:

    Kick some ass mry President, everyday he makes Obama look like a piss ant, Obama is a babbling idiot compared to President Trump

  • Bmchaney Bmchaney says:

    Last Honest Liberals LOVE their peace President. Would their even exist detention centers if the Alt-Left didn't insist on keeping children with selfish parents on this side? Nah, not all not all but MOST parents who brought their kids here illegally. Great post.

  • You can tell he loves his job and knows how to do it.
    I live in Chicago area and seen his Trump tower up close. It's the most beautiful skyscraper in the city. Again this guy is on a different level, theres no comparison between him and any of his opponents in the upcoming election. Hes a billionaire and spreads his wealth to thousands of people of all color everyday.
    Hes abrasive, but you have to be to get things done.

  • Every mass shooter was on SSRI medications!! Why don't you look into that President Trump, and leave our God given 2nd amendment alone! Shall not be infringed!

  • — hillaryclintonjailpig tweets to President Trump: "The debunked study you’re referring to was based on 21 undecided voters. For context that’s about half the number of people associated with your campaign who have been indicted."

    Ref: "Wow, Report Just Out! Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was even bigger than thought! Judicial Watch"

    — After she tweets about Hong Kong's new found (hint: American) democracy w/o her antifapigs: "What democracy and peaceful protest look like: 1.7 million people marching yesterday in Hong Kong's Victoria Park."

    — After tweeting of course, about billweinsteinpodestapig's bday, the Russia collusions, women's socialistpig despair/ "strength", immigrant votes and (pig)leaders according to her.

  • Fuck apple! If they want loyalty from the U.S. government, let them earn it by being an employer of American factory workers!

  • The evil CCP plunged Hong Kong and suppressed Hong Kong people in an attempt to invade the US territory of the South China Sea and Taiwan. It was an evil war of aggression. The CCP’s evil devil ambition wanted to steal US territory.

  • "New FBI/DOJ docs detail Clinton agent Nellie Ohr's laundering of Russia smears of President Trump — coup "files" exposed!

    Judicial Watch investigates #Epstein Death

    Court win for election integrity — in Maryland."

    To launder:
    — conceal the origins of (money obtained illegally) by transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

    — alter (information) to make it appear more acceptable.

    "we began to notice attempts to launder the data retrospectively"

  • Midnight Runner 68 says:

    This is a " Get off welfare and Get to work " President .this is why Democrats hate him ..Democrats are lazy by birth

  • The Bavarian illuminati says:

    Greetings all,

    If you wish for a world led by science, critical thinking, knowledge, global ecology, peace, equity, unity, instead of oppressive religions please subscribe to us.

    Since 1776 we aim to rid the world of the evil that is religion, to put an end to wars, lies, oppression, suppression of science/knowledge/ speech & expression, murder, torture, child rape, dillusion, greed, theft, hate & fear, then please subscribe & spread the message for a peacefull world without religious dogma.

  • Dear President Trump, Mental Illness is NOT a synonym for Terrorism, Crime, or Lawlessness. Please deal with Mental Illness separately from Gun Issues. Blanket Background Checks PRESUME that law-abiding citizens are mentally ill ……UNLESS they can PROVE their SANITY. Remember Congressman Ratcliffe's explanation of EXONERATION. Please encourage American citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

  • Hung Tran Xuan says:

    🇻🇳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇫🇷🇩🇪🇦🇺🇯🇵🇷🇺Vietnam strongly recommended the United Nations, International Law, the United States and the Allies to expose China to aggressively and seriously violate Vietnam's Exclusive Economic Zone and States located near the South China Sea. Strongly condemn and prevent Chinese bullying and bullying in the South China Sea. Protect the rigor of International Law.🇷🇺🇯🇵🇦🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸

  • Germany and Japan are war criminals of World War II. Germany recognized war crimes, educated children about war crimes, apologized and rewarded victims and victims.

    Japan does not teach children the history of war crimes, and the prime minister visits war criminals' graves every year.

    Japan's poor history has always been a pirate or aggression.

    Now Japan is poor again and tries to break into Korea again.

    The United States currently sells huge war weapons to Japan.

    Do you not see Japanese crying to kill Koreans?

    The current US president is demanding a huge maintenance fee for US troops in South Korea.

    The United States wants to take away money without helping Korea.

    The United States does not warn Japan when Japan prepares for war.

    The United States does not warn when Japan visits the war criminal's grave without repentance.

    Japan yells to kill Koreans, but the US doesn't warn.

    Does America want World War III to happen again?

    Do you not see Japanese crying to kill Koreans?

    Do you see Japan preparing for war?

  • Google was on CNN saying they have something new coming for the 2020 election and the guy said. .they are only going to give it to CNN. .google needs reeled in TRUMP 2020. .Democrats are poverty pimps

  • President Trump is living in a fantasy world because president Xi from China told his people during a party congress that he thinks that democracy is a disease and that democracy needs to be wiped out. It's completely absurd to think that president Xi is going to change the China policy.

  • ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! says:

    comments disabled on the mike pence space force video. i thought the white house was all about free speech?

  • Trump is an insecure lunatic who tweets like a 7 year old.
    His followers and worshipers are a herd of gullible, mentally underdeveloped sheep.

  • listen to what he's saying at the 35 minute mark about obama not doing his job to fill the judge seats that mitch refused to fill. sheesh. this is blatant dishonesty. he specifically thanked mitch for this before. he's recasting congress not doing it's job as obama not doing his job. lol at all of you who are okay with or actually fooled by this.

  • Can you address our debt problem in your second term? Congress will not address this issue timely. Please put us back on a path to be in the black. We understand it'll be a bumpy road. Thank you Sir.

  • Shannon Rivers says:

    I love my president Donald Trump, and family. Thank you for all you do.♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸


    (Where (in the hell) is she wrong in that statement??) Must be a dam clintondeathrow article.


  • Always upon departure…should just have a pitch and putt golf course installed on the white house lawn…save some taxpayer money. At least the chopper isn't running in in the background today.

  • — "Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’"

    — "Epstein Victim Says He Forced Her to Marry Female Recruiter"

    — "New lawsuits detail how Jeffrey Epstein allegedly lured victims"

    — "Ghislaine Maxwell taught Jeffrey Epstein victim ‘proper way’ to perform oral sex: suit"

    — "Epstein death shifts focus to British alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell" (why is it that cbs is just about the only one using the word "alleged")

    — "Epstein accuser sues alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell

    "One of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims has filed a civil lawsuit that targets not only the multimillionaire's estate, but also his alleged co-conspirators, including British socialite and Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. The suit also accuses three other females, referred to as the recruiter, the secretary, and the maid. None of the women have been charged, and Maxwell vehemently denies the allegations. Mola Lenghi reports."
    — "Tech CEO denies that Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, is hiding out at his house

    — "Years after serving jail time, Jeffrey Epstein found a way to meet with Microsoft’s Bill Gates to discuss philanthropy"

    — "Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s whereabouts deepens as Jeffrey Epstein accusers eye his alleged madam

    — "CEO Scott Borgerson denies he’s dating Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell"

    These two articles below are more like "Waldo they know! And they're looking for you":

    — "Ghislaine Maxwell: The missing woman who may hold the key to resolving Epstein's crimes

    Epstein's longtime associate's whereabouts remain a mystery – but there is no doubt that her legal challenges are mounting"

    — "Where Is Epstein’s ‘Lady of the House’? Ghislaine Maxwell Mystery Deepens"

  • More govclintonpig fraud "work", and not mentioning connecticutpennsylvanianewyorketc:

    — "Mueller ties on display at jury selection for Greg Craig trial

    — "‘Excess’ pension payments grow then phase out"- 8 Jan 2018

    "Some L.A. pensions are so huge they exceed IRS limits, costing taxpayers millions extra
    "- 16 Dec 2018

    "More than 1,000 public pensions in California are so big they exceed IRS limits
    "- 6 Aug 2019

    "More fallout from nepotism report: California state worker receives $250,000 from lawsuit"- 13 Aug 2019

  • The president is right about Fox, especially hiring buffoons like Juan Williams. He isn't a jounalist. He isn't even a commentator. He is hired by Fox as an "antagonist" to oppose the existing views and create the facade of "fair and balanced" reporting. When you toss every logic and reason out of the window to simply antagonize, you are an antagonist. True news agency don't need "balanced reporting". They just need truthful reporting.

  • jermain amburayan says:

    Only this man can solve the Afghanistan crisis. Bring our boys and girls home. the USA is not the keeper for Afghanistan indefinitely. Let them be independant and deal with the Talibans themselves

  • Rosemarie Vennie says:

    Godspeed be with you President Donald Trump you with the strong arm of a solvent being is doing it with the thoughts and prayers of the American people continue in your endeavors to do the great things that you are doing and Godspeed be with you. However though you've got so much on your plate but you listen to everything and see everything the eyes of the temple of God that you are I live 2 hours from Native Americans the crows I think that we must help this nation of people to because their daughters have disappeared off of their land as well thank you and may the hand of God be with all of humanity and for now our president of the United States of America President Donald J Trump 20/20 I still stand with the greatest president of my time. What's love my opinion to Humanity

  • This posting is dated 22/08/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy) at 1235 Hours Singapore Standard Time (SST)


    The invasion deadline has been set for 8th September 2019 at 2300 Hours SST. I want all of you to be keeping abreast with developments within the Malay region and Singapore. I really don’t want any fuck-ups for this.

    In the meantime, y’all be on standby to trash either the Malaysian Ringgit or the Indonesian Rupiah or both just in case something really shit is started by either one of them.

    In addition, I hope the U.S. military has prepared all their ‘OPTIONS’ should any contingency occur within this "region of interest" from now till the 8th of September.

    That’s all for now.

    Thank You.



  • 19:48 There is something going on at Fox. I see it mostly in what is allowed and not allowed to be said in the comment section and the fact that fewer and fewer articles even allow comments. I try to point this out to people in the comment section but I usually get dogpiled by people saying I must just be a left wing lib trying to bash Fox ( I am a hard core conservative who has supported Fox since the mid90s) or they say 'but at least you can comment, CNN doesn't even allow comments'. Well, CNN is not the yardstick by which I measure free speech. Something rotten in Denmark at Fox…oh, see what I did there?

  • Awentus Zioniusa says:


  • Shredding Gnarly Harley says:

    The white House- Not sure if you're already doing this…. but you need to upload everthing trump says publicly, within the hour he said it…. The algorithms working against trump are ridiculous…. I go to google and type in "Trump takes questions from reporters" and the first link is from 2018…. It's a fucking joke. Everything he says needs to be uploaded to this channel.

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