31 thoughts on “President Nelson Meets with New Zealand Prime Minister”

  • Robert Stewart says:

    Arden who changed her name to Adern to remove herself from association to her church at the time and has drawn herself toward the muslim faith ,her political policies are pro abortion LBGT support and is a confirmed agnostic, she is the first prim minister to walk at the head of the gay parade, she is anti trump and blamed him for the mosque manicure in Christchurch she turned verbally against her church calling it a fantasy, she assisted in taking the name of Christ out of the parliament prayer, she is an unmarried woman who dose not believe in marriage, had a child out of wedlock , she was and still is a confirmed communist supporter of socialism and was leader of the communist moment at university and she is a confirmed supporter of the Kalarghi plan an advocate for marijuana and strict gun laws and anti free speech, not the sort of person you would think President Nelson would endorse as a roll model, however he is a man of great love obviously

  • Rebecca Larson says:

    To all the negative comments out there. It doesn't matter whether the prophet knows about the personal life of the Prime Minister. What matters is that she was congenial and they were sincere. You nay sayers can proclaim all you want that the church is not true and criticize this and that about the prophet and the church but that doesn't make you right. I know the prophet receives revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ and all revelation comes from the Father. The church is true and I am not here to condemn you neither is the church, you do it yourself by condemning others. That is not what the church is about, oh ye of little faith. The church is about spreading God's love and light in a darkened world and teaching the principles of the Gospel as Jesus did. To those of you who condemn, go your way and sin no more. Live in the light of true which tells us to love all men/women and treat them with love as Jesus did. If you don't understand that, it's because you don't understand the scriptures or/and don't read them.

  • Prime Minister
    Jacinda Arden is proud of New Zealand.
    ALLAH subhan wa tala
    Love From Pakistan to All new Zealand people.

  • I read somewhere that she was once a member of the church but has resigned. I wonder if president Nelson was aware of this.

  • Y donde esta la abuelita que estava en info ala que le diron mi Libro ven sigeme lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén

  • Si pero soy honesta me gusta estar CON mis hnas y hnos pero en la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos días y lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén

  • St. Matthew 16:18 where Jesus told Peter the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church … so what all these folk are writing, in essence, is that Jesus didn't have a clue about what He was saying … AND that the gates of hell DID prevail: a rather arrogant claim, no?
    Where, really, is the evidence there ever was a Great Apostasy? The meticulously researched "The Faith of the Early Fathers" Volume I by William A. Jurgens shows there was NO apostasy … heresies, yes … apostasy no.

  • The kindness and respect that President Nelson shows everyone as he brings the goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is what changes hearts and brings others to Christ.

  • At around 0.38, you can see President Nelson struggling to retain his 'awareness':
    "Where, exactly, am I, now?"
    (No, president, you're not in Kansas, anymore!)

  • Martin England says:

    Just a shame that the Bible disagree with all this fool said. The Bible said it is a CURSE to have women and children rule over you. Yet this guy says it's a blessing for New Zealand to have her rule over them. You silly people.

  • I beg you, my fellow LDS friends, please do not be quick to write me off. I come in the name of Love, you have to wake up. Deception is Real. It’s everywhere in our world! Sadly even the name of Jesus is being used to deceive All kinds of people. You can trust Jesus as your savior. The LDS church is not true. It is leading people away with false prophets and apostles. The LDS teachings contradict the Bible on almost every single foundational teaching. Men are Saved by Grace Through faith Alone. God searchers the heart. Trust in Christ. Please read the Books of Romans, Galatians and Hebrews. Know for yourselves not by feelings of the flesh but by the power and Wisdom of God. Allow the Holy Ghost to teach you. In love in the Name of Christ , amen.

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