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  • Trump just has to have some time to sell these Ambassadorships to line his pockets. Sondland paid one million for this position so Trump is holding out for more. Quid pro quo??? What a putz Trump has been for his entire life. Impeach and Remove then jail for life.

  • EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 249:
    Everybody knows the NATO summit
    Everybody knows jaws dropped to the floor
    Everybody knows behind his back
    The leaders laughed at his lack of rapport
    Everybody knows he's a president unbound
    His bigliest desire is to be crowned
    During all prime time shows
    Everybody knows

    Verse 248:
    Everybody knows the GOP tactic
    Everybody knows the GOP yelling
    Everybody knows that the evidence
    Of Donnie's misconduct is overwhelming
    Everybody knows the multiple calls
    Between Rudy, Lev and Devin says it all
    Who's the dash-one numero?
    Everybody knows

    Laughed At
    Trump goes home because people were laughing at him
    Trump and Trudeau
    Tickle Me NATO
    Happy 70th, NATO
    Sounds like Trump a topic for NATO leaders' cocktail chatter
    Trudeau says jaw dropping comment was about G7 announcement

  • jerzy chroscicki says:

    "Donald Trump Wages War On America's Diplomats".
    Yeah… But let's be fair to poor Donald, and show some understanding of why he has been simply, FORCED to fight against them. We must admit, that Trump ONLY "wages war" on those diplomats who very unwisely, decided to become an obstacles on his way to his own enrichment, and those who want to fight the corruption within his Administration. He is also forced (and who wouldn't be?) to fight those who are saying, that he is not above the law and can't do, as he says, whatever he wants, and that he should respect the Constitution, instead ignoring it. And those, who are telling him, to remember, that he is still just a public servant, elected by the public – ONLY to serve the public who elected him, and not to conduct himself like a king or a dictator, using his TEMPORARY position only trying to further enrich himself and other members of his family. Fortunately for Donald, (but most unfortunately for the country), he is supported in his fight by ALL Republican Senators!!

  • Dictators don’t have Diplomats, they have henchmen. America’s standing in the world has been dismal since Shock and Awe, and only improved while Obama was the leader, in part because he was intelligent, articulate and decent. Even with a hostile Senate he managed to improve health care, the budget, which Trump inherited and has proceeded to use up flying to his golf courses, destroying trade agreements, then restarting them when it was clearly damaging, doing no real work as President, embarrassing the country and himself all over the world, lauding the likes of Putin, Kim Jong Un, his treacherous behaviour and constant self aggrandisement. Diplomats are important and it’s clear that he is ridding himself of them because the prevent his aims to use others to enrich himself at any cost.

  • Drain that swamp. They are fighting back but are digging a deeper hole.  $7.4 billion was laundered by the “family” of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych through American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments.

  • Richard Richardson says:

    The real reason is the White House gets dirt on these people and strong arms them. Like he is not above having people hurt or killed.

  • We're screwed as long as the republicans/conservatives hold onto power in any of the three branches of gov.
    "The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.
    When one party moves this far from the mainstream, it makes it nearly impossible for the political system to deal constructively with the country’s challenges."

  • How are we ever going to get this cleaned up? I hope that the Democrats are making list of candidates for foreign service employees. When we win in 2020 we need to hit the grounds running. We also need to put in some type of checks and balances so this kind of thing never happens again. Why are so many people scared of Trump? I hold all Republicans in contempt now.

  • christian janssen says:

    can anyone tell me how t. F. half of the American electorate could have possible voted for this incompetent corrupt, rambling, self obsessed, orange faced, president impersonator? … Mind you this question comes from someone whos nation voted Adolf Hitler into office at one point. But still ….really guys?? that is the guy you elected as the leader of the free world? wow. but then again: "a people has the government it deserves° (*Joseph Marie de Maistre ); not sure you did deserve this!

  • The word you are looking for is 'cowards'. Republicans are cowards who are afraid to tell the chief clown to shut up and get lost.

  • hopeful-for-our-future 2020 says:

    Trump is doing what Putin is has instructed him to do! Destabilise his country first – then the get the rest of the world!

  • Promethean Allegory says:

    You got it the other way around. “Diplomats” are supposed to act in accordance with presidential policy – the president is elected by citizens, “diplomats” are not.

    Since day one — and before — this president has been harassed and micro-critiqued by a clique of entrenched elitists who think they are in charge.

    Trump is going to win in a landslide and everyone on the left knows it. It’s too bad they still don’t have the insight and precision of thought to realize that the Democrats’ party and their surrogates in establishment media and the mega-state have helped to reelect him.

    Hay! Hah! Hah!

  • ReflectingOne X says:

    Because if we don't have an ambassador in Uzbekistan, foreigners will invade Virginia Beach. Or maybe they're just "immigrants with guns".

  • Karsten Wehsner says:

    On a regular bases it is demanded by the opposition parties in the german government, in newspapers and from the german community to kick the US ambassador out of the country and replace him with someone more professional, but my government is too scared right now that than they would sell less cars to the US, so they keep quite. But this guy is like the elephant in the crystal shop.

  • The people who want trump president again are racist and un american why do you think the south lost . All because of they're biggot ideology. So ignorant and lost with no sense of reality . If you a trump supporter . Congratulations for this garbage.🗑️🚮…. Thank you Republicans . Take a bow .

  • Yet a lot of his supporters believed they have a "Perfect President" who makes "Perfect phone call". "The World Is Laughing At Us, they won't when I am The President"

  • Yes, we have a Problem with right Wings 14% Voters . Greetings from Germany
    most of them are east Germans after DDR now Nazi Voters wtf . West germans are
    more pro Eu ,nato and Usa like me .

  • trump is a bully and loves every minute he inflicts conflict for all to see.sadly he has no comprehension skills, the difference between a leader and a thug, is a fine line. he proves every day, he has to go, he has distorted every branch of government, it will take years to rebuild each agency until they do the job they were put in place to do. everyone but little donnie is to blame for the mess we now have in the white house and world stage,trump is a victim, in his own mind.DUMP TRUMP, AMERICA DESERVES BETTER THAN THE LIKES OF HIM AND HIS LAPDOGS.

  • Hey USA, you have a problem with tyranny. Hope you get well soon. Try and stand up for the integrity of your institutions, believe in the truth and understand that in 2019 you live in a weird US-hypercapitalism where facts don't seem to matter anymore. I live in Europe and feel the threat of your weird radical Republican party over my future.

  • Martin Phillips says:

    This president is sick applied the 25th! Republicans! He is going to be the first president to be jailed in the history of this country!

  • "We saw what happens to ambassadors who anger the President."
    Marie Yovanovitch didn't anger Trump. She was recalled preemptively because someone must have told Trump that she's tough on corruption and would never play along with his extortion of Zelensky. BTW, that shows consciousness of guilt prior to the attempted extortion. I hope they make a major point of that during the Senate trial.

  • So the option was "Do this corrupt thing we're telling you to do" or retire??? Wtf… that's terrible. It's not as if there weren't other job options in different departments. That seems like obvious black mail!! I hope the next administration does right by those people.

  • Hong Trinh Tran says:


  • Joe's pushy interrupting is so annoying. trump is a corrupt s.o.b. republicans MUST PAY for this mess. Schiff is an incredible PATRIOT.

  • Trump's father was a tyrant! "One of the things that people do when they feel ignored and abandoned in some way” is, “develop contempt for that part of themself”. They have hatred of their own weakness and then become a bully and try to make other people feel weak, calling names (like children do), or mock people to make it clear that they are the "strong" one and that they don’t have any needs. And that describes trump, who is desperate to be praised and acknowledged every day, and who is really a weak infantile, impulsive and ill-suited for office.

  • RE: trump on CIA,. NSA, or other acronyms:
    He would not understand the G in GQ , were it spelled out.

    The acronyms I mentioned consist of greater numbers of the alphabet than he's capable of comprehending together, as they are. The entire words are worlds beyond him.

  • This is like commentary from the Hunger Games. It's not even FAKE NEWS. It's just Fake. This is why Trump won. These guys aren't changing.

  • Romney, Biden & Kerry all have their children on similar/same Company boards … Burisma, Rosemount etc …. it’s getting interesting ….

  • Honestly, I think THIS is an impeachable offense. It is deliberate and conscious failure to faithfully execute the duties of his office.

    "You're Fired!"

  • Mika’s body language is telling …. Will Joe survive his 3rd marriage? Did Joe or Mika know Epstein? If so, what was that relationship? So many questions …. 2020 is shaping up to be monumental.

  • Dolores Reynolds says:

    Trump lacks the intellectual depth to understand the importance of our state department professionals. Also, Putin doesn't want him to have a strong state department. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin.

  • sitthapromwas phornsaran says:

    Trdump as POTUS is pathetic, but that America still tolerates his ignorance without doing anything is even worse.

  • You all make this about Trump. Why? For three years you’ve implied journalistic rationality to critiques of behaviors. Why? After a while, such enabling has become transparent. Or have you metrics gaging the intellectual capacity of your reach.

    Like aiming for a target and consistently hitting the wall. Then turning to your audience, saying “did you see that?” “Can you believe that happened again?”

  • Joe, how was a pure bred Republican like you turn into a stooge of Donald Trump? It was you and Mika that gave DJT the first extended and continuous media coverage that got some people to begin taking him seriously. You played with fire, and you helped create a monster. So before you point fingers, do some self introspection and share it with your viewers.

  • Octavian Popescu says:

    Wow! I know the difference between the CIA and the NSA… and I'm not even a diplomat or working in intelligence… Heck, I'm not even American 😂

  • victorianmelody46 says:

    I'm afraid he is going to wage war on Iran, thinking it will save him from losing the election. The man who was a draft dodger in control of our military. I'm praying for a miracle.

  • It looks like any countries Trump wants to do dirty things with, he will not send ambassador to or fire the existing ambassador . Just look the Urkraine Ambassador from US, who did not want to be part of the gang, and she was fired for no reason.

  • Why Donald Trump Loves Hitler
    AND Hitler's Propaganda minister―Joseph Goebbels.
    "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth."
    "Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are
    confident they are acting on their own free will."


    "There is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual
    “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless
    one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself
    to a few points and repeat them over and 

    "We have made the Reich by propaganda."
    "The truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
    "If we have power, we'll never give it up again unless we're
    carried out of our offices as corpses. "


    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will
    eventually come to believe it.
    The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield
    the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the
    It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its
    powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and
    thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    "Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by
    specifying the targets for hatred."
    The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed."


  • Solarfire Solarfire says:

    It appears Trump worked long and thoroughly to gather dirt on GOP members in order to be able to steer them accordingly, I can’t imagine that the entire GOP is a coherent collection of sniveling invertebrates of their own free will, that is sheer unbelievable…. Donny probably has some form of dirt on the majority of them to keep them in line.

  • Facts don’t matter under this administration! All you need is to be a cult, a racist,
    a white nationalist, a white supremacist to win the Presidency. That is the
    foundation of Trump’s journey to the White House. If Trump will not be convicted and removed, he will win again in 2020! The White cults and the nazism will dominate the political landscape.

  • I find nothing that is happening in this administration at all laughable. I personally have no desire to live under Communist Rule lead by a draft dodging traitor to this nation!

  • Who am I ? No one! says:

    Germany had Hitler. Hitler started the first Baptist Church in Germany. The people thought he was godly. They let their gaurd down. 12 million died at Hitler's hands. Trump supporters are decieved…

  • Usa embassies are there to help usa citizens whilst abroad. They are not getting the help they require. So much for America First.

  • Michael Heathman says:

    Mitt Romney is a coward and he’s also in a demonic cult called Mormonism. Ask Mitt ( that not really a name ) about his magic Mormon under wear and his belief that he will become a God as a male Mormon.

  • Back in 2008, the way I would describe the Republican Party was the way we all finally see it now. I knew this all along… Hate for minorities, Jesus worship, Gun Worship, Disdain for Science, Disdain for facts and evidence, Disdain for the Middle Class, Gullibility desease, and yearn for a White Christian Evangelical Caliphate.

  • Jeroen Geurtsen says:

    Trump probably thinks that if Putin and Erdogan can get away with it, he also should be able to create a society like that. Put his henchmen all over. Then do whatever he can to get elected, unchecked because of the majority in the senate. And after his second term try to put DJTJ in office. Or Ivanka.

  • Writewood Creations says:

    Stalinism 101. Putin is a great admirer of Stalin. He's grooming his new conquest (the USA) to accept a Stalinist regime.

  • Charles Messina says:

    The answer to the question as to why folks act this way is Money, The Love of Money. That is where their Loyalties Lay. Address that Joe the Asshat…

  • Charles Touchette says:

    Trump is the most insignificant, narcissistic, judgmental, selfish, idiotic human being on earth. Becoming the potus is the most serious accident that could happen to this world. Trump will pay for that I hope.

  • Rudy IS Trump's State Department.

    Trump only cares about relationships with Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. He only cares about those who will give him money.

  • 30 seconds of news and 45 minutes of Joe WHINING about trump.. then he gets pundits to come on and whine and make everyone miserable. This show is a waste of time unless you like listening to so much negativity.

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