President Donald Trump Preps For NATO Summit In London | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  • What happen to the wall that mexico was going to pay, he is full of ?. Lock him up. He came to TX to visit Apples multimillion facility and said he had created jobs. Not true. Apples facility was created before he even considered to run for president. People wake up. How many promises hasn't he kept. Next time he grabs a female by there ?. It might be you. How conservative are you? Vote him out of office?.

  • "…bromance between Macron and Trump."
    …..What? You're a professional news agency, don't bring this Bush league material into the conversation.

  • The Syrian incursion will be discussed, will it not? The role of US in regards to NATO will be discussed. The genocide of Kurds and Russian involvement will be discussed. Elections should be the least of concerns when persons of any ethnicity is dying. Unless there is a lack of concern. There is much to be discussed. Atleast much more than name calling, have you not heard about the Kingdom of Respect, Heaven on Earth: a more peaceful and respectful planet.

    Posturing will not be looked at as a corrupt character flaw. The best interest of all people is equal opportunity to share cost and responsibility to ensure a more stable environment.

    What of the illegal property seizures of land in northern Syria? Think not that these issues are not unnoticed. The streets are watching. And the world is watching. More importantly whose eyes are watching God.

  • Frank - DJDeLa - De La O says:

    Pure hearsay and speculation, you are failing true journalism. I will never subscribe to watch bad journalism

  • Martin Czarnecki says:

    DELUSIONAL demoClowns it must be hard to live in America when you HATE all American values. So much ANGER and HATRED in your Heart's. That's a Sad life.

  • gettingitfirst4 says:

    Trump 2020. Because everyone else is a corrupt politician. We've all seen the movies where the corrupt tries to criminalize the hero.

  • Quick, Everyone! Turn off all the lights in the USA and pretend we're not here! Maybe Trump will stay in GB. Don't answer the phone either! Just let it ring.

  • Thanks to the Steele dossier another mystery is solved! The orange skin tone that Trump is infamous for can now decisively be linked to his propensity for wallowing in the urine of Russian hookers! Illegitimate president Golden Showers! Make America Gross Again.

  • Ho hum , President Trump, another Russian asset attending NATO meetings doing the will of the Russian oligarchs… can't we find somebody, ANYBODY that will finally represent the will of the American electorate? Maybe Hilldog; she + Bill are honest hardworking everyday folks.

  • Here is what will happen; nobody is paying enough, merica wants out! No change! It would be nice if you listened to the guest versus thinking of your 20 minute never ending questions….Joe!

  • You mean a series of press conferences where Trump calls for whatever Putin and Russia want, such as threatening the US pull our of NATO or no longer contribute troops or money to it.

  • Brody Rutherford says:


    Do not trust the media, they lie to protect pedophiles and their friends in power.

    Watch alternative media on the internet where the old guard doesn't have a stranglehold on the "sky is falling" panic media

  • Trump is not behind NATO, so Macron is right when he calls NATO brain-death. Turkey is very important for the NATO because of it´s strategic position. So Europe has to stay friends with Turkey otherwise the NATO does not even have strength apart from being brain-death.

  • Oh snap!! Dec 9th with Horowitz followed by wave after wave of Democrat evil
    corruption via Horowitz x2/Barr and Durham. LOL Xmas early this year.
    The Trump Train is free of charge, jump on!

  • Cold War is over. Russia has no appetite nor ability to conquer Europe. China is too far away and not interested. . So who is the potential enemy for NATO? Martian perhaps? Emmm. That’s why for Space Force. ! Eureka????? !!!!

  • You people know the history of Scarborough??? He used to go party at mira lago then trump shut him and Mika off. Now they are bitter people

  • Can’t wait to see what kind of garbage this criminal president Donald J Trump is going to bark and vomit in London. Definitely he will invite Vladimir Putin and Erdogan to join the US at the same table! Has he known that NATO was established to prevent RUSSIA from invasion of Europe?

  • Frank Winkhorst says:

    Prepper: Na-To: North-Atlantic-Treaty-Organization
    Frump: What's Atlantic?
    Prepper: That's the big ocean east of the United States.
    Frump: What's an ocean?
    Prepper: That a lot of salt water in a big hole in the earth.
    Frump: Why does it need a treaty?
    Prepper: To protect us from the Russians.
    Frump: But the Russians are out friends. Putin told me so.

  • All the Trump haters on this platform, so funny…. You Tube is a bias platform who sensors any and all Conservative views! ?youtube

  • Theres Goodbye to Johnson!!!!!!! Ha Ha The Trump Curse!!!!!!!! Labour will blow our the right wing Conservatives….JC4PM

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    President Goldfinger going to England? Great. Maybe he'll take time off for a game of golf with Michael Steele and be exposed as the golf-cheat he is.

  • Boris Johnson has asked Donnie not to say anything while the clown visits Britain…hilarious! That's like asking a 2 year old to not cry. Good luck with that.

  • Oh good God. UK, brace yourselves – the Trump circus is coming to town. Is it too late to close your borders? Quick build a wall to keep the American's out.

  • Unified NATO…? drumpf did the work asked of him very well and he likely doesn't even realize what he is doing…well, he certainly knows hotels are still possible in Moscow if the job is well done….

  • Impeach all Putin-Appointees says:

    We can expect Trump will likely throw a Tantrum with our NATO allies. A tantrum which will benefit Russia. Trump is a King alright, a Fu©️King Treasonous A-Hole!!
    Bernie 2020 USA ??

  • Bet Trump spends AT LEAST one day at Doonesbury golfing. Gotta throw those gov'y dollars at the joint before Trump burns it down for insurance money.

  • Milton - Canada says:

    Yes that is what Trump has done to the US standing in the world regarding NATO on being Brain Dead!
    Hint, hint Donald Trump!!! Just quit your job NOW like Nixon did.
    Does one think Trump will not comment on the British Election, like he was asked not to, think again. He will screw it up!

  • Trumps prep for the summit will involve ignoring good advice, rubbishing the best intelligence in the world, rehearsing Putin's talking points and eating McDonalds and drinking Diet Coke, just like everyday.

  • Hey good morning welcome back to morning Joe. We have breaking News Trump's on his way to NATO, Yes, it is true it was planned a year ago, but anything here under 12 months ago is Breaking News here on morning Joe.
    I would never lie. You can trust me… Really I said you can trust me I used to be in Congress, would I lie to you ???


    We are living in a world of Confusion and it's about time we call out these fraudulent Representatives of this country.. I've recently written this song that does just that.. please share..

  • Deborah Freedman says:

    While I think Boris Johnson is a privileged buffoon, he was correct in stating the recent London Bridge terrorist was on early release. He received a 15 year sentence for terrorism, and after two years was released without even being interviewed to see if he was reformed. That is not just "Boris Johnson is saying …". that is Boris Johnson is stating a known fact. If it were not for Corbyn's well known bigotry and support of terrorists, I'd be hoping that Labour won this time around.

  • All those deluded enough to think that Trump has any respect outside the bozos in the US should watch how the British laugh at Trump's stupidity.

  • Bonking Boris wants Old orange fat guts to shut his orange mouth or bugger the election for him. Old obese would not even know where London is

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