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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Goes On Weekend Tweetstorm | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  • Purposefully anonymous says:

    Be afraid people!! The more unhinged he gets the more dangerous he is. Don't forget there is 50% of Americans that think his tweeted crap is the gospel truth.

  • How stupid could I have been. Our (my former) friend trump or as I think of him now….. dumpy grumpy treasonous, trumpy ( and his unbelievably wealthy chums) fighting for his life ie his money.
    ‼️It’s high time for us to see the tax returns for the entire Senate,House of Representatives as well as the President regardless of party. Straight across the board.
    No exceptions. Dems, pubs and independents.‼️

    Maybe they are afraid, cowards, fighting for their lives and lavish lifestyles which we get to subsidize.

  • I can hear the cookoo tweeting from his cookooberry tree, if he thinks that it’s a witch hunt, then I guess we must agree.??♻️???

  • Just blown: Kushner gave Saudi the green light to murder the Washington post journalist. Turkey recorded Kushner phone call and used it to pressure trump to abandon our Kurdish allies to Turkish slaughter.

  • Deplorable disgusting degenerate Donald's daily divisive demented drivel demonstrates direct dementia descent. 25th amendment is imperative before more damage and death derives due to dementia.

  • The over revered Floundering Fathers got it wrong. At the unfortunate moment the US is Constitutional Monarchy and the King is insane.

  • The military has every right to target the people who are trying to overthrow our commander. Namely the Democratic leaders

  • And that’s the president of the United States of America. How sad ? and people still support him, I wonder if they would do the same thing if Obama was an office. ?

  • Tick, tick, tick….
    Goodbye and good riddance Mr. Trump. Your folly is about to come to an end. Not too soon as far as I’m concerned.

  • Gothic Dragon Warrior Queen says:

    Donald Trump is my favorate president and we will fight in another CIVIL WAR battle againt these Trump-haters to defend him from impeachment! ???????????

  • I AM YOUR GRANDPA………………..GRANDPA KITCHEN(on Youtube)……………..passed away. He was a great soul who tirelessly cooked and fed the poor and the orphans. He is resting in the arms of God as all good souls do. RIP, GRANDPA.

  • Fernando Latorre says:

    Presidente Trump si me dieran a escoger en conocerlo o ir a la cárcel preguntese que prefiero Fernando Luis Pinto Latorre desde colombia no soy comunista no soy socialista y tampoco terrorista pero se me quitaron las ganas de ayudar a los estados unidos se me quitaron las ganas hasta de ver discursos de niño grande queriendo ser alguien que esté bien.

  • He said he would show taxes real soon too but, we've seen that never come to fruition. Such says the largest liar on the planet.

  • Schiff needs to subpoena the translator from the Helsinki meeting with Putin…let's hear what was discussed there, and why trump looked so trashed.

  • Yes I’m Blessed says:

    People ask me why I'm still amazed at the things trump and the republicans do. It's because I refuse to accept any of this as just the status quo. Each and every single thing trump does, every time the republicans back him, every single part of this historically amazing time will continue to astound me.

  • He was watching the BMF (bad mf) fight too, in MSG, Masvidal vs Diaz, violence turns him on to no end… big friends with UFC boss Dana White. If he could get away with it: he would personally execute Schiff and hundreds of other “enemies” … make no mistake about it.

  • The more press he gets for this foolishness on Twitter, the more his ego is fed. If he were ignored he would go even more insane than he already is. Please try to ignore him, so he may go over the edge.

  • Russian trolls are expected to tweet about once every 5 minutes and work 12 hour shifts. Prigozhin can hire trump to continue tweeting propaganda as usual if he flees the U.S.seeking asylum in Russia. He’ll make about $400 a month. He can build lots of towers with that cash.

  • He can tweet all day and all night but he will not hold a press conference. why? because he will be exposed! Trump has never giving details he's never talked where you knew that he knew what he was talking about about. Twitter allows him to have a one-sided conversation, putting all his talking points out in the atmosphere and his low IQ followers to drink in every word; but face reporters and thinking Americans? not going to happen!
    He deflects he cuts off the question he says things that does not answer the question posted at all he is a Carnival Barker a high-level con man who has manipulated and lied to billions of people over the last 50 years shocking how he still gets away with it. But it's because he is the Evil One. Can anyone name one kind, decent, loving, Christian thing he has done in since being president? How about an incident where he treated us as Americans and not divided us as Republican vs Democrat?

  • Trump withdraw from the Paris accord!!!! To bad FRED did not Withdraw when he was slamming the wife in 1946!!! She should have swallowed instead and we would be better off!!!!

  • trump is trapped in the white house. He's not welcome anywhere in the world without protests. Only morons at staged rallies welcome his lies, PROPAGANDA and comic relief.

  • They need to go through the white house funds to see how much money has been shifted around so it makes it's way back to Trump.
    He's a crook .
    God bless the whistle blower .
    We admire you for your bravery and loyalty to AMERICA we support you and we'll always be grateful for the honorable way you chose to come forward.

  • WTF is wrong with this name calling delinquent, does he sit up all night google searching “name calling for moron presidents .”

  • What a pathetic, immature, self-centered bunch of fear-mongering garbage in those twit-rants. Running scared, the Babyman-in-Chief reverts deeper and deeper into infantile whining and railing against his personal boogeyman, more childish and petty by the minute. How anyone can be so ignorant and shameless as to continue to support such a whimpering excuse of a man, unless they personally stand to benefit politically from his behavior, is beyond belief.

  • Famous last words by Trump: "We'll be releasing that REAL SOON", or "You'll see, wait and see", or "We have evidence". None of this is true of course, and none of it is ever going to materialize! Lots of talk and no action on Trump's part, just deflection at it's best!

  • william fortune says:

    His health is deteriorating fast, don’t be surprised if he gets a doctor to sign him off work so that he can try to avoid impeachment, desperate times call for desperate measures

  • william fortune says:

    Have you seen how much his campaign organisers owe to several states where he’s held his rallies? It’s millions that are outstanding!

  • If we could only get morning joe!! Everyone who tried with me this morning got CNN, which is okay but it’s not my Joe and Mika.

  • We are lucky to live in a country where we can vote out a leader whom we don't like.
    But it seems closer and closer, every time a republican is in office , that we may lose this previlidge.
    Remember Bush Junior after 9/11 ?
    We are so lucky we can still vote to remove a dictator wannabe.
    Lets keep it that way.
    I hope we can.

  • Proof enough that he is unfit for office. Still, many republicans defend this maniac. NEVER TRUMPERS? Well, I hope that there are plenty of 'em. Needs a strait-jacket.

  • Thats his tell..he is lying. When he says you we'll see it we'll soon..means it's never going to come out. He said the same thing about his taxes.

  • President tweet needs to get back to work or resign. What has he accomplished? Between golfing and tweeting and attending rallies he's done nothing but divide this nation. Remove him.

  • Cameron Kerr Bôcher says:

    Why this garbage ends up in the group with my subscriptions, I'll never know. If I desire fairy tale time, I could read fairy tales to the grandkids. They would of course be far more accurate and far less spun then the minute or 2 I was subjected to this piece before I could change it. I wished I could be surprised at the content but the 2 hosts by themselves make the piece unbelievable. I suppose things are as they should be; who else to misrepresent the total lack of integrity and honor of the deep state but by those who ascribe to their same level of moral standard.. As I hear the words they read from the teleprompter it does reaffirm to me that there is indeed the existence of evil in this world. One must feel sorry for those whose lives are so empty as to make their part in destroying this republic second nature. Sad really.

  • Donald Trump.A conspiracy of Intel and AMD.$ 60 2 cores and video.Nizhny Novgorod. 20-year-old pregnant twins killed.2010 I bought a 3 core AMD 2.9.2012.Bought Intel 2 core 2.Intel cores are more powerful .But loses to 3 cores by 10-20 %. 2 twin -2 AMD cores.Few cores in 2019.2017.2 cores are the norm.There are 20 million poor people in Russia.AMD 3000.In 9 months there will be 3 cores.Young from 19-27. 3 Cores quickly at once. Waiting 9 months is difficult.V. Putini dismissed 11 generals.General 11 AMD cores are the norm. 11 of the cores is much expensive for people.People updated the computer 3 times for 2010-2019.I upgrade my computer to 2019.3 cores and 4 gigs. I'll get 2 cores and 8 gigs .Better 3 cores and 6 gigs of memory

  • Dipankar Khanna says:

    ….he will be showing proof about Col Vindman just as he promised to show his tax returns after he got elected….. he's all wind now…pathetic loser!

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    Spreading lies to defend against accusations of his own corruption. Very typical. Slandering US Congressmen and trying to inspire acts of aggression against them is sedition. I would call that impeachable.

  • Abdullah Al Noman says:

    "No calamity occurs, except by the leave of Allah; and whosoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart. And Allah knows all things." (Al-Taghabun 64:11) ?

  • Internet Marketing Maps says:

    President Trump, has the pathetic weak-minds at MSNBC, running in circles trying to work him out when it so simple; Donald Trump was mandated by his supporters, to root out the corrupt 'all talk no actions' career politicians in Washington, rebuild the economy, and to expose the Fake News media for the Democrat propagandists they are – And he is confounding them all, leading many to believe he was sent by God to save America from the socialist far-right reprobate Democrats… God Bless President Trump, and God bless the United States of America. ?

  • Hitatchi Trucking says:

    You were particularly active. Are you concerned about something? Nervous about something? Maybe trying to distract?

  • O.M.G.!!! He is sooo delusional…I almost wanna feel sorry for him..ALMOST! It's sad to see someone so needy & desperate..he can't shut up & stop digging his own grave. EVERYBODY knows it…except him. Oh well…
    No sympathy over here..he deserves whatever he gets. Perhaps he should have stayed in NY

  • Terrorist Tweeting Queen Got some real pinnochio ? racist? ? issue and need to go to the mentally unstable in the penitentiary. Impeach this flunky kkkkkkra ? the United ? of amerikkkka politics. Keep writing books and the most important thing
    Is how $$$$$On the fake presikkkkkkkkkdent of the United ? of Amerikkkka

  • james island Joe Nathan McKelvey Jr Mckelvey says:

    You got my vote like a MRI Scan I haven't voted since 2012 Mr. Donald Trump Joe Nathan McKelvey Jr SSN 251 77 8545 DL# 100145607

  • trump just can't handle being called to stand up for HIS CRIMES,can he?
    What a spineless, whiney, lying loser he is. Shut up donny, go find a coloring book & some crayons you sniveling adderal addict. Don't forget to blow your nose, like a good boy!!?

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