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  • im tire to see the same NBC intro everytime i click on an NBC clip.. am i the only one ?..because of that i Watch less and less of those nbc clips..

  • JOOE ! SAYS TRUMP IN THE ANTISEPSIS! OF OUR LORD CHRIST JESUS!!! SO THOSE WHO"s RELIGION IS ON OUR LORD JESUS!!! SHOULD! TAKE NOTICE!! ""TRUMP IS AN ANTITHESIS ON OUR LORD JESUS! CHRIST!!!!!"" SO WHY THOSE EVANGELICAL ARE SO WRONG???—GOP SENATORS ARE IN THE ACCORD WITH TRUMP?? NOT SENDING TO UKRAINE THOSE FUNDS THEY ALREADY APPROVE SE SEND THEM? FOR THE URGENTLY DEFENSE THEY REQUIRE FOR DEFENSE AGAINST TRUMP FRIEND! MR PUTIN'S RUSSIA!????—-Rachel Maddow reports that the Senate Intelligence Committee report debunking the Russian Ukraine/Crowdstrike story is complete and has been awaiting final DNI clearance for months. Michael Carpenter, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, shares his reaction. Aired on 12/05/19—NOT!! NOT!! NOT!!! FULLY PAID?? NOT FOLLY PAID!!!

    MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber was first to reveal a new piece of evidence in the impeachment report that shreds one of Trump’s core impeachment defenses — that military money to Ukraine was “fully paid.” In a fact check, Melber reports how "Pentagon officials confirmed" to investigators that Ukraine still has not received "$35 million in security assistance." Former Federal Prosecutor John Flannery argues Trump is “going down,” and warns “Republicans who think they can vote to save this guy in the Senate” that Trump may “do something else.” Aired on 12/6/19

  • Just take a look at local elections we here in Savannah GA had a republican mayor we just had a runoff and the democrat won with ease I believe a blue wave is coming 2020 the fact that republicans won’t even acknowledge that Trump has done anything wrong is ridiculous

  • Evan Dipasquale says:

    Its really gonna come down to who the Democrats choose as their candidate. If its somebody trump can easily profile and attack it will work in trumps favor. Warren (he'll say she's a woman just like hillary) Biden (all his conspiracy baggage) Bernie ( he's a socialist) these 3 are easy targets for trump. But maybe some Republicans will grow a spine and find some morales before we get to that point.

  • I wonder who does the polls. Where. How. Because everyone in my life has never been polled for anything. So who in the world is being asked for his approval?? Hmmmmmmmm

  • What happened to all the advice you gave Joe on your own show about these polls and "missing it" the day after the 2016 election??

  • where are the $35.2 million tax payer dollars congress allocated to Ukraine?
    why did trump lie when he said "all" the funding had been delivered to Ukraine by congress' SEPT 30 deadline?

  • We are Fighting the Good Fight
    And we haven't yet begun to fight
    Republican party but democrats are
    Fighting for Truth Justice and balance
    For our People and We Will Win 👹👹👹👹👹👹🧐🧐🧐

  • When you see someone drowning you throw them a life jacket, but when you see criminal Donnie drowning you throw him a big rock and tell him it's a floating rock. The stupid criminal won't know the difference.. glug, glug, glug..

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Look no further than the crowds that show up to his rallies. " Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies" Morgan Freeman Hope you are enjoying the lies at the very expensive of dividing this nation over NOTHING.

  • Fake news lol also I'm from New Mexico and everyone I know stands with Trump, your only putting lies out there because the demoncrates are going to cheat but we Patriots won't stand for it. There will be blood spilled with a civil war of the Evil demoncrates cheat!!!!

  • Paul Mazurkiewicz says:

    Polls are just propaganda. They pull the numbers out of the cosmos. It doesn't have to be true, you just have to repeat it enough….

  • people?
    whats wrong with you?
    everyone is lying to the pollsters
    people ENJOY lying to the pollsters
    don't you get that yet?
    jesus you're thick

  • Well all know he’s not planning on winning the popular vote even he didn’t like the electoral college but now is relying on it for a victory, if he loses he won’t leave office his base doesn’t believe in truths anymore the only believe in what trump says

  • America knows we have the wrong president the reason he won four years ago because nobody likes Hillary Clinton or a woman president so Democrats need to put a man out there to recuperate the white House this time.

  • Haha, can't wait for 2020, Need an updated how did he get elected news complilation..
    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸…..your insults cant stop it🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  • All the Democrat candidates are old and white. Democrats talk a big game on "diversity" and "inclusion," but it's all a bunch of hot air and empty political rhetoric.

  • msnbc will go down in history as the biased media empire that actively engaged and supported a coup attempt on the office of American Presidency….


  • This is why the citizens of the United States of America do not watch or believe any of the propaganda that MSNBC tells on the supposed news channel they are using like Hitler did to sell his propaganda to create the several attempts to take over the world!

  • Justino Nilo Perez says:

    Impeachment is a scam. Fake, fake news this reminds me of 2016 election Hillary is up by 20 points yea right. Trump has made more money from impeachment than all the democraps put toguether and there is a bunch.Keep on spewing lies. Trump might win CALIFORNIA they are fed UP.!!!!! TRUMP 2020 KAG.!!!!!

  • Look, I want Big D out just as much as the next reasonable person, but how much of these poll review really reflect the facts. It's reasonable to suggest with most of the polling that there is a fraction that is undecided and possibly swinging from now till polling day. The Orange Cheeto may still be able to improve his standing – even get elected by way of those who are not reflected in the poll results here. How much of these polling results should we believe from the media anyway!? They've got in wrong before.

  • Lol. We saw how pols were manipulated in 2016, and what a joke it was. Besides from what I'm reading many of these pols are purposely selecting illegals to try and convince the stupid among us he's losing ground. We have the best economy, and the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Why would you vote for the democrats, who ran up 10 trillion dollars under Obama, and accomplished absolutely nothing. Plus we had the worst race relations in US history.

  • More lies from idiots. The Trump economy is booming. Less taxes coming out of my paycheck. More jobs available. Trump is doing a great job and you liars should be suspended and your stupid bias show should be cancelled

  • There is only a problem with taking polls as we know from 2016 a lot of people that are Trump supporters are not going to tell anybody because of the backlash. And when you calling people , I hope they make sure these are actual people that vote. But Trump has a record of doing something versus Democrats have a record of doing nothing but impeachment. The odds are Trump is going to win again. We put our feelings involved in it instead of logic. The guy getting re-elected always has the advantage.

  • You don't have to worry about voting Democrat since Trump's going to lose. Hillary had it in the bag too according to them. I don't even think liberal voters believe this. We know Trumps base is going to show up. Pushup king vs. Trump in 2020 is going to be a blast. I'm waiting for Joe to have that meltdown in the debate when Trump calls him out for touching kids. LOL! It's going to be cringy!

  • the russian interference changed my vote internally at the voting machine…70k votes across 3 states is all it took. PROVE ME WRONG

  • Kickbackand Relax says:

    The reason why Donald Trump won in 2016 is due to corrupt MSM and it is the same reason, he will win again in 2020, because of corrupt MSM.

  • Funny this the same intellectuals that said he didn't have a path in 2016. I say bring it on, the look on all their faces the second time around will be just as sweet.

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