24 thoughts on “Prepping for DOOMSDAY: Separating Entertainment from Reality”

  • Mike Nahorniak says:

    Yeah, great, but not saying anything new. For decades, the teotwawki fiction has hashed all this out, as have dozens or hundreds of youtubers.
    I'm more interested in finding anybody with experience, such as maybe African nationsals or eastern European , Bosnians or any survivors of lawless or war-torn countries.
    There is a ton of original content out there, but one either needs experience or the fortitude to go find it. This just seemed lazy, like, "I'm an expert. Hire me to help you" bs

  • Adam Russell says:

    A good friend of mine, Chris. and I talked about the poo hitting the fan scenario a while back. He's convinced a 72-hour breakdown that turned into a months-on-end scencario might cause some initial need for use of force to protect life and 'resources,' but that soon after people would band together. The problem in that is the fact that trust among strangers can be difficult. I think I am a pretty strong observer of human beings and have a good bs detector and ability to judge genuine character…and I am not saying it would be impossible, but John is right about having 'experts' on your 'D-Day Crew' so to speak. I am of the opinion that the longer groups and individuals are under the pressure of a scenario and are dealing with dwindling resources that they will continue to stretch their morals. That's why it would be a great idea to have a talk with close friends and family about the poo-fan scenario and what to do in any given scenario….Who has well water? The hunter? The engineer or mechanic? The nurse? Best 'home base.' The millitary guys/gals? But I've not let myself go that far. Beyond me kinda jokingly saying, 'You're on Team Live Long and Prosper.' It's surefire crazy to think about neighborhoods, cities, or a nation going beyond the Thunderdome, but I don't think it's beyond absurd to be ready for say the electric grid going down for two months from natural or manmade EMP (which pretty much means all utilities are down)…or Lord forbid a dirty bomb…So….I am not a worrier. It doesn't keep me up at night or make me paranoid, but I can see the value in doing some planning and actual (what would we do scenario stuff) with people I know and love. That said, I hope Chris is right that 'community' will prevail over 'me, me, me.' I love that guy, and would want him on my tech crew and in the kitchen, but he's too far away to be on Team Live Long and Prosper…I think…230 miles…probably, depending on the scenario I reckon. 😉

  • Steven Terranova says:

    Do you know of any good tactical training locations or persons in the Orlando, FL or central FL area??

  • I was a military liaison for FEMA during hurricane sandy and studied AAR of Katrina. If you research how the general population reacted to these long term affects you will have a good outlook on what to expect in the initial chaos. Also the Bosnian conflict of the mid 90s will tell a great story to. There is a book out there of people interviewed about how they survived during war and break down of society.

  • I find the number of people who say they would do ANYTHING for a mouthful of food to be alarming. They are very likely to run into people who will do ANYTHING to protect the food they have worked for and saved up for their families.

  • All those people of your network have to eat too so that creates another problem. Make sure those in your network have their supplies built up also.

  • Excellent advice Sir! It would be great to get more of your thoughts and recommendations for a variety of Preparedness topics…maybe a mini series of sorts? Thank you for sharing this, I appreciate it very much. Bless you!

  • Bradley Frye says:

    Good vid Mr.Poet. I got family in Texas doing just that. They got all the ammo, guns, food supplies, first aid they need to take a small island nation, but zero combat skills. I told them it would be best just to sell all their guns an ammo and use the proceeds to buy one of those rich mans self sustained hermetically sealed bunkers. They’d last longer lolz.

  • brandon christino says:

    What should you do to prepare if you have a prescription depend loved one like for arthritis where they need pain meds and other arthritis meds?

  • Always found more of the survivalists are bunch of fatso unable to do a simple pullup.. you know if you got to pass over a fence or even run a km all equiped… they'll be the first to die !

  • The question of the small capable and long term survivable group was answered in the early sixties. It's called the "A-Team". Proper mix of skills, ability to maintain security and be a viable contibution to the local society.

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