Premikudu Ft. Satyabhama || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Premikudu Ft. Satyabhama || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

We’re out of gas. He never answers if he is busy.
He’s been doing this for 30 years. Why is she calling now? Yes?
– ‘Aunt, I don’t know anyone I can share this with but you.’ Go ahead, tell me.
– ‘I’m in love with a guy. He loves me a lot too.’ ‘He doesn’t even let me lift a finger.’
– He doesn’t let you lift a finger? Find someone else then. ‘Why not? He is a very nice guy..’
– Find yourself someone like my husband. Your life will be good. He is never on time. Why are you late?
– Drive in the traffic and we’ll see if you won’t be late. I’m late only by 5 minutes and she’s making a fuss.
How impatient you girls are. Hop on. Hey, get down!
– What’s the matter? – I said get down. Not like my dad, but sit
like the way my mom would. This is how your mom would sit.
Now let’s go. Only my wife
would put her hand on my shoulder. Hey! Did the interview go well?
– Yes.. – Then why are you gloomy? But I’ve been posted to Bangalore.
– So? – Everyone is in Hyderabad including you, so why should I go out of city?
– People are literally begging for jobs. Do you know the value of opportunities? Ask the people
you find near Mythrivanam, they sure know. And don’t you want to be independent?
Will you spend your life time watching soap operas? Don’t you want a career?
Give more importance to work than to your lover. One should balance work and love.
You shouldn’t quit work to be in love. Go and get your offer letter. Shall we start?
– But where is your guy? – I’ll call him up. Yeah? – My friends are waiting, where are you?
– W-Well, Priya is in a rush. She needs me to drop her. Priya, that good friend of yours?
Maybe she is more than friend. Be with her. So, where is Chandoo?
– He won’t be coming. Hey! Here you are.
– I’ll beat you to a pulp. Why do you keep calling Priya names?
Realising we both had a plan, she sent me to you. She respects you a lot as you’re my lover,
but though she is my friend, you keep chiding her. You can be jealous if I have a girl friend
but I shouldn’t if you have guy friends? Hypocrisy! Do you got a girlfriend? – Yeah.
– Do you got friends who are girls? – Yeah, Divya. Would you let your girlfriend call Divya names?
– I won’t. – Exactly! Then why don’t you
tell Divya not to? Hello? Shall we go to a movie today?
– ‘Yeah, sure.’ Shall we go?
What’s the matter? My brother. Ever since he got married,
he stopped seeing us. My mom is hurt. Sounds tricky. Yeah, mom? Right now? Sure, I’ll come.
Yes, I’m free. Where are you going?
– I’ve to take my mom somewhere. I’ll be back in an hour. But didn’t we decide on going to a movie?
Will you break promises even after marriage? Will you break promises even after marriage?
– Yes, I will. That lady carried me in her womb for 9 months
and then took care of me for 25 years. How much ever I do for her, it won’t be enough.
You want your brother to be with your mom but you want me to be with you
and not with my mom? Hypocrisy! Be it wife, or kids or their kids,
no one can replace mother. I’ll be back in an hour. You called for me?
– I can’t do this anymore. When I call you to meet, you ask why?
If your mom and your friends are more important why did you even need me? My friend Geeta’s boyfriend
knows what Geeta needs better than her. He always stays with her and does what she says.
– So, he doesn’t give a damn about his parents? Also, why do you compare me with him?
His ideas are different and mine are different his childhood was different and mine is different,
his mindset is different and mine is different. So? Once you used to like me for what I am,
but now you don’t. So, who changed? Not me, surely. Even I can’t do it this way anymore.
So, goodbye. Though he bid me a farewell, we got married.
Even Geeta got married but to some other guy. Don’t marry a guy
who’ll stay with you no matter what you do marry a guy who keeps questioning your ideas.
Your uncle is home, I’ll call you later. We ran out of gas.
Why didn’t you pick up my calls? So, you knew? You can’t lift it. If you liked this video,
do like, share and subscribe. Subscribe to what?
– To Pakkinti Kurradu. And also to Satyabama.


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