PPP Supporters Stage Massive Protest outside GECOM’s Head Office

PPP Supporters Stage Massive Protest outside GECOM’s Head Office

People's Progressive Party people be supporters gathered outside of the Gannett Elections Commission's giacomo headquarters demanding respect from the Constitution and the Caribbean Court of Justice CCG rulings on Friday last 19th of july 2019 following GM's announcement that it will be going ahead with House Service registration the People's Progressive Party ppb general secretary Marge a deal made these comments open quote our protest action outside the head office of the Nana Elections Commission G come today was to call for compliance with the Constitution of jnana and the ruling of the ccj at new and AFC's and limit process wherever it took place was so as Rehim to disrespect our constitution the secret June 11 2013 order signed by the illegally appointed ChiCom chairman James Pattison was overtaken by the order of the CCJ on July 12 2019 and cannot be used as the basis on which house the house registration is pursued the CCJ ordered a stated that Jehan must comply with the Constitution that elections is in three months and Jacob itself had advised the court that embarking on house-to-house registration will delay elections until after December 25th 2019 further she come to lawyer this week advised mr. lowenfield against pursuing house-to-house registration pointing out that this will conflict with the CC Jay's order one then has to question his motive to act in contempt of both the CC Jay's order and against the advice of his own legal officer mr. lowenfield has not even formally informed us in the ppb about the confirmed starts of house-to-house registration tomorrow Saturday July 28 29 team despite the fact that the enumeration forms to be used in the process required the signatures of scrutineers from political parties we in the PvP are now contemplating approaching the court to prevent this activity by mr. lewin field which is in contempt of the order of the CCG and in the finds of the constitution of gana if this wasn't bad but his words is that the plan that start of the exercise is done in a manner to exclude scrutiny without notice parties were not given sufficient time to ready a list of over 2000 scrutineers to ensure that the activity is done in a manner that is above board ChiCom should immediately start preparations for updating the last valid list of electors through a period of claims and objections something that mr. lowenfield himself in February 20 19 second be done to allow any danny's who is not registered to be registered among other transactions chicom should discontinue any attempt to do house-to-house registration and pay a lump sum let's say one hundred thousand dollars to all the enumerators who have been trained for their efforts thus far chicom should recall the over 8,000 persons who were trained up for the November 2018 local government elections as well as others and start a process of training and where necessary training for general and regional elections there can be no acceptance of any action that represents blatant disregard and disrespect of our Constitution and a foot


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