Powerful Women of Television | Interview | TimesTalks

Powerful Women of Television | Interview | TimesTalks

mmm on as a whole range really interesting
shows for women on television why are there movies with these kinda
roles there’s all the set in TV is there’s freedom there there’s there’s
freedom and the the the rules don’t apply as much like
that you know what happens on on Netflix’s like there’s am there are there aren’t barriers to telling the
story creator weeds the way is it partially
because the investment is not quite as great in a TV series that you can try whereas
movies there’s just so many costs involved in terms of
distribution they’re more willing I think oftentimes for studios to make
bigger pictures bigger explosions bigger action movies
that’s what you’re seeing right now because that’s what they’re willing to
invest in because they want their money to come back and they want to come back
bigger and so what does that require that requires lots hoster on a lot of guns a lot of an initial why
does it why don’t you as soon I mean that’s Muhammad well then you’ll
see in the movies that are with women you know that are wonderful
people wanna yeah but there’s no what time pay her distribute them
anymore in film there’s there’s a certain formula where they patterned after the last big
success so they there there’s a kind ever I’m if it if
you build something on the same pattern it will work in the same way now that are doesn’t always happen but if you
look at you know the golden age of Hollywood female driven films were the ones that
brought in the money and there’s no there’s no logic that says that if they
made really strong female driven films filled with interesting thing of
characters not just one female character which seems to be there’s only one good
female role in many big movies where there’s 5 really
great male roles on I don’t think there’s any real logic
to the idea that we couldn’t be bankable it’s just that right now
that’s the trend them mmm


5 thoughts on “Powerful Women of Television | Interview | TimesTalks”

  • Viviane Barreto says:

    I think this conversation would be more effective if, instead of interviewing the artists, Times interviewed decision-makers.

  • These ladies come close, but they don't seem to get the point.  The reason cable is so good right now is the absence of capitalism.  They have subscribers instead of sponsors, so they can try new and different things, and they can have relatively few viewers and still call themselves a success.  A show that's a "hit" on Showtime is seen by a number of people that would have gotten it canceled after a week on network TV in the 70s or 80s.  Movies have to appeal to the lowest common denominator — and increasingly that means a foreign market.  The American movie studios are making films, not for Americans, but for the Russians and the Chinese, because that's where the growth markets are.

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