POWERFUL Ways To Break A Curse

POWERFUL Ways To Break A Curse

Hey, everyone! I’m Nicole Guillaume with Guiding Echoes and in this video I am going to share with you four different things that you can do to break a spell, so these are all going to be very simple things that you can do and out of the four methods that I’m going to show you two of them you can do completely on your own. Okay? So the first one I want to show you is actually a candle spell. And I’m calling it a “spell” because I don’t know what else to call it So what you will do, is you will take a white, yellow or black candle. And you will hold in your hands and you’re gonna look into it, you’re going to gaze into it and you’re going to imagine that you are sending the energy of the curse into the candle So what you’ll want to do is allow all of those frustrating, anxious and really negative emotions that have risen because of this curse you’re going to allow that to come to the surface alright? you’re going to allow it to rise to the top so let all of those emotions come forward don’t try to keep them in, they NEED to come forward because remember emotions are energy and what we want to do is we want to get rid of the energy of the curse right? And so curses, in addition to affecting your outer world, they also affect your inner world and that’s really the main point of a curse is to get someone so anxious and uncomfortable that they’re really quite miserable with their own lives so it’s really important that you allow all these uncomfortable feelings to come to the surface and imagine that you are placing them into the candle You may also want to recall any instances of things going wrong. So if there was a pipe that bursted in your home, if you’ve been having any issues whatever ways this curse has manifested, you want to bring that to mind and you also want to put that into the candle as well. Okay? So you can close your eyes if that’s easier for you. You can just close your eyes and imagine that you are sending all that energy into the candle or you can gaze at it directly. Either one is going to work just fine. So you want to sit with that energy for a while. As uncomfortable as it is, you want to make sure that you’re getting as much of that energy into the candle as possible. so do those for, I would say, at least five minutes? Longer if you can, but at least five. Once you’ve done that, you will want to put the candle some place safe Some place where it can burn out on its own and not be disturbed. So if you have a cauldron, or a big pot you may even want to put it in the fireplace or on the window sill, where its not going to get knocked over It needs to be someplace where it’s not going to be bothered because what you’re going to do then is light the candle and you need to make sure that it burns out on its own alright? Don’t blow it out, don’t let anyone blow it out let it burn out completely on its own so what you’re dong is you’re placing the energy of the curse into the candle, and by lighting it what you are doing is you are burning off the energy of the spell, or of the curse, faster. okay? So, once you do this you should feel the energies lighten up, you should start to feel better and see things ease up within a couple of days alright? It usually works pretty quickly Now the second method I want to tell you about is known as the freezer spell. So if anyone ever mentions the freezer spell to you this is most likely what they are talking about. Now for this one to work you HAVE to know who sent you the spell because you need to have the name of that person. So what you’re going to do, is you’re going to get a piece of paper, you’re going to write that person’s name on that piece of paper. So the person who sent you the spell If you have a picture of that person, that will work too and if you have an item that belongs to them, that will also work So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take that person’s name, or the picture or the item and you’re going to take a cup–I’m just going to take a cup that’s nearest me– you’re gonna take a cup and you’re going to put the name, picture or item into the cup Alright? After that you’re gonna fill it with water, you’re going to probably going to want to do a jar like a mason jar is actually better for this, so something with a lid is more, probably better So something with a lid So you’re gonna fill it up with water at that point you’re going to put a lit on top of it, and you’re gonna put it in the freezer right? And this is the freezer spell so what that does is it freezes the energy of the spell The other thing it does is keeps that person away from you So if there is someone in your life who has been bothering you, harassing you or just really getting under your skin, they don’t even have to have sent you a curse you can still do the freezer spell and it is known to cut people out of your life It doesn’t mean that they’re going to get harmed, there’s no negative energy associated with this, all it does is it freezes the energy so that they no longer bother or harass you It’s actually pretty cool [ba-dump-ching!]. Now if you want to try the freezer spell, but you don’t know who sent you the curse there’s a way around that, too. You get a piece of paper and write an “X” on it okay? So instead of a person’s name you’re going to put an “X” on it, and an “X” also symbolizes x-ing out the energy that they’re sending to you. So what you can do is you’ll just make it your intention–you can say it out loud- “This ‘X’ represents the person who sent this spell.” “Whoever you are, you know who you are, you are no longer allowed to bother me.” “You’re no longer allowed to send me this negative energy.” And then you fold it up, put it in your cup Or in your–“fold it up and put it in your cup!” Wow! Look at that! Or mason jar, or whatever it is that you’re using, and–you know–again you just put it in there fill it up with water, put the lid on and put it in the freezer. Now the next two methods I want to share with you do require the help of other people, and you’re not going to be able to do these on your own. So the third method is reiki. And when I say “Reiki” I really mean any type of energy healing. or a cleansing/angel energy– those are all going to work just fine, too. And they can be in person or they can be distant energy healing as well okay? So the reason that you will want someone else to do this is because you are, of course, affected by the energy of a curse. Right? You’re affected by it. So if you are affected by curse energy, trying to remove the curse, you’re probably not going to get it all Because you’re affected by it. You may be blinded by it. So a third party, who is NOT affected by the curse energy, is going to have an easier time finding those blocks–you know–finding those holes in your aura, where curse energy is slipping through She’s going to have an easier time of finding all of that So the fourth method I have for you is actually prayer! Yeah! If you are struggling with a curse and you’re pretty sure that you’ve been cursed Call some of your friends over and ask them to pray for you. Ask them to put their hands on you and to PRAY FOR YOU! And this is SO very effective, because when a group of people come together to pray and they are of one mind, one spirit, one intention and everyone is very clear on what it is they want to accomplish, what this does is it builds up this big, amazing ball of energy And when you have a group of people asking the Universe for the same thing it delivers it pretty quickly. And, yes, that includes a curse removal. So invite your friends over; if you know prayer warriors, get in touch with them; And ask them to come on over and to pray over you! Ask them to pray that this curse be lifted. And one of the things that I love about hands-on prayer is that whether you are the recipient or you’re the giver of the prayer YOU CAN FEEL the energy moving through you It is really awesome. So if you are the recipient, you feel the energy coming in to you, and you’ll probably feel the curse lift up. You know? You can feel it coming up through your body, up through your head and *woosh noise* It’s gone! It’s pretty awesome. Now you may be saying, “Nicole, why can’t i just pray for that on my own?” Well, the truth is, you can. You can! But it may not work! It may not work. That’s been my experience, so whenever I have suspected that I have been cursed, or I’m going through something major in my life I have found that if I have people praying on my behalf and praying with me it helps to alleviate that energy a lot faster On my own, it just doesn’t work. Because there IS strength in numbers. And you WILL find, like I said earlier, when a group of people come together with one intention And they pray to the gods to make something happen, the gods listen and they act almost immediately when they listen to all of us one-on-one, it doesn’t always seem to work and I can’t really explain why that is because I don’t know. All I know is that from my experience and the experience of others, there is power in numbers. Okay? So there are more than just these four ways to break a curse you may even want to try invoking the name of a god or goddess that you’re familiar with Some people invoke the name of Jesus Christ, that works for them. Other people have used the name of Shiva. I know people who have called on Athena So whoever you’re closest to, whatever god or goddess resonates with you That’s who you can call out to as well. Alright? So, just be open minded on this, be careful! Know the difference between a curse, an entity or a haunting, and a rough patch in life Now I know that people are going to ask me, what should I do if there IS an entity or a haunting, in that case, you want to go to your church, or go to a church in your area, and tell them what is going on in your home. You want a pastor or a priest come in and bless your home, you want a Shaman that will come in and maybe do a ritual in your home and do some saging But bring someone into your home who knows what they are doing. Don’t try to combat it on your own, okay? Let me repeat, do not try to combat it on your own. Let the professionals do it for you I hope you have found this video helpful and that it’s given you some great ideas to get you started on how to remove that pesky curse energy, and if you’re watching this video and have successfully removed a curse using one of these methods or another one, we’d love to hear from you! We love those types of stories! Because they’re very encouraging and validating, so please leave your story in the comments section down below also if you have additional questions or comments you’d like to leave, again put them in the comments section down below. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to subscribe to this channel so you can be notified when I release new videos in the future. If you would like a one-on-one, intuitive session with me you can visit my website at GuidingEchoes.com Thanks for watching! I’ll see you next time


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  • Santresa Eskridge says:

    My mom has a curse I stayed over her house for 2 weeks and it followed me to my place now it is back and forth between my place and her place can I send it back what can I do

  • The candle and freezer work well.

    I did have an experience were I froze someone and they were so toxic they broke the freezer 😱

  • Hello: I was wondering if the candle and freezing method works the same way if you want to get rid of Toxic People or Enegery Vampires? Thank you, Sincerely Tammy.

  • This works! I did the prayers and yeah tried to combat it alone and it yeah didn't work. But the candle, and the freeze. And yeah it works immediately. The person who has been hurting me showed up not feeling well and looking at me with the strangest look. Shouldn't try to hurt people with curses or tying yourself to people for benefits and to rob them of their freedom to live! Love to all, be safe, and yeah if someone is hurting you, sitting in their homes thinking calculating negative for you- just freeze their asses, and burn them out!

  • Kimberley Milner says:

    I love the candle curse!I'm highly intuitive too.I love your angel meditations videos also,You are amazeing!!!!!!! Kimberley Dawn Milner Thank You so much!

  • Thank you so much for this very valuable video. You are pretty right about blinded by this energy. I never know that I have been cursed for a longer period of time only until I commit to find myself. And suddenly one day after more than 20 years I just like I have woke up seeing things I have never thought was there in front of me. How could I forget that I was already 41 and I still thinking that I was only 39? I have been sleeping for a long time. This something I can´t explain. I just woke up one day and said "WHAT"???? what had happened? That was the only word I heard from myself. Depression, monry problem, realtionship problem, work problem and other people always get angry at me for no reason. I wanted to cutt all of it. I will be doing all that you have said in your other video. Thank you so much. Blessings..

  • Leandra Benjamin says:

    The candle spell worked, I have never been more relaxed and willing to face life head-on, I know everything isn't as perfect as it can be, cos I'm quite aware that many people that use to be in my life has cursed me, let alone family members, so I'm gonna do it again, until I feel and really start seeing the difference physically around me. Thank you Nichole…

  • Thank you for your positive energy. The last year has been nothing but bad luck and I’m mentally and emotionally drained.

  • The mason jar in the freezer does NOT work. I tried it and i only filled it part way and left the lid off even, only to find it had shattered in the freezer overnight. DON'T USE GLASS in freezers!

  • Anthony Kinneen says:

    Thank you for the advice. I have the name in the freezer and several candles lighting. I now hear a distance singing, like a muffled party

  • Eulisa Phillips says:

    The person that put a spell on me, i know her first name only, so do i just use the first name or what, thanks…

  • It worked for like two days then stopped; HERE'S WHAT WORKED: I got a broom that has never been used, went to the entrance door of my house, and started sweeping, and spoke all the things I was getting rid of, e.g. "I sweep negativity, confusion, rejection, failure, fear, witchcraft spells, evil forces, nightmares, disaster strikes, bad relationships, Christian salvation, etc….. out of my house, out of my life, out of me". You'll feel different, people will start noticing you, and you'll get recognized, etc.

  • I did all those i dont even know how i knew i had a stroke at the same time as my world literally went from almost heaven to deep in hell in crazy ways that i never believe possible until it became the reality for me and my five children anyways its a crap of what ill remember now but i still know what ive seen this first time in five years and hours after hours tirelessly searching for any lead to what the hell is going on and finally you spoke as if u were reading the beginning of my biography seriously i cant tell u what this has done for me i was getting beaten down by all things are so good right now it really might be over and i cant enjoy it cause there was no reason for what happened no warning to massive to unbelievably insane its been still i dont want to say cause its so unbelievable and outside of the realm of possibility anyways what do i do when its to the extreme

  • Catriona Paterson says:

    Is it possible to curse yourself? if so is there a way to fix it I was once really depressed and said a lot of things about me and had a lot of negative energy towards myself.

  • Christine Elsmore says:

    When you do the freeze spell are you able to allow the ice to melt or do you need to keep it frozen for a certain amount of time x

  • Susjeannette Gonzalez says:

    I feel that I have been cursed for years. Every man that I have had a relationship walk away within weeks or months and get married to the next girl they meet. All those men come back and tell me they are not happy and don't understand why they did me wrong. I am pretty sure I am cursed. I have even told some of my relationships you're warned dating me will result you in marriage with someone else or your ex but you won't be happy. They laugh say I'm crazy and as soon as relationship ends within a week they are getting married. I want this to go away 😪. It doesn't just affect my relationships but my finances whenever I think I am doing well things go south for the worse. I'm constantly ill doctors can't find what's wrong. Is like I'm dying. I am afraid of being happy because something bad always happens. I have friends that just stop talking to me for no apparent reason. I try to figure why and can't seem to understand what is happening.

  • GhostlyHoney Badger's R Us says:

    Please help me rid of my horrible curse! My ex husband said that God would ruin my life if I went through the divorce….I did….and ever since, my life has been full of pain and illness…..😥

  • Okay guys, I will bw honest with you all. I was a bit sceptical at first with all this black magic and spells. I thought: " Who needs that? Who can want to do harm for me?" I had no clue if I was cursed at all and I didn't believe that someone has put a spell on me. I was deppressed and jobless for more than one year and I always thought it was my own problem. I was panicking when I had almost no money left and I thought: "What if all this back luck is a curse? What if someone intentionally or unintentionally wished me bad?" I had some thoughts who this may be, but still, I didn't find any evidence so I decided to do a candle and freezing with an "X". Guys, I must tell you it really works. After 3 days I felt improvement in my health and after 5 days I got a job!
    I want to thank you personally for sharing this video, beautiful angel. Thank you or your light and teachings. Bless you and your family and everyone who is reading. I love you 🌷❤

  • for the freezer spell, what do I do with jars in my freezer? do I just leave it in there forever so the person stays away forever..

  • I have neighbors that I think cursed me, I have cervical Facet joint arthritis and it’s killing my life, these are envious, bitter, miserable people. What can I do? They are shit losers. 😩, help. Obviously I know who they are they are a scorned couple, the woman is in her late 50s and can’t have kids.

  • Oh my god, thank you so much, my cat had a curse that made me lose my erection everytime he came in the room, I always thought it was just my imagination but after watching your video and applying the tips that you gave in the video I was able to break the curse that it was casted upon him and now I am also free from the evil spirit that plagued him.

  • I just had a serious talk with my candle. I have so much anger and frustration in me because nothing turns out right in my life. I screamed at the candle. At last I found myself pushing my anger through my hands into the candle. It is burning as I am typing this…

  • I think I've been curse all my life I remember someone pop up on me one time when I was young this dude was saying some type of language I couldn't understand at the same time he was waving his arms like a wave back and forth left and right not really good at explaining things but I think if you can read this I think you can understand the fact of what the dude was doing to me some kind of ritual spell witchcraft that guy that got me really curse was with a group of athers to the point where I couldn't even understand this happened to me back when I was like at least 13 14 years old now I just don't got nothing to break it even at that time at that age I turn to Jesus but I realized that it was a mistake to do so I'm now like 24 years old and I'm just barely starting to realizing this curse _ the curse made me think thank the hole time I was doing good with my life skipping this skipping that running away from this running away from that or what ever the world offered me I now have bad dreams ever day the curse got to me I swear I think I'm done need help and now I'm dealing with the state for stupid bullshit and therapy doesn't help "I even told my mom about this curse but she just says that I'm stupid

  • A lot of people ask how long they should keep the jar in the freezer for, and the length of time depends on the situation.

    If it's for someone that you have to see, interact with or still have ties to in some way (like a family member or co worker, or someone who you have lots of mutual friends with) then my advice is NEVER remove this jar from the freezer.

    If its for an ex or someone who you haven't seen in months and you most likely won't interact with again, you can take it out and throw it away.

    For me, I prefer to keep my jars in the freezer forever, just to stay on the safe side.

  • I tried the freezer spell twice. Both times it worked. My enemies left me alone. Years later i saw them walking… While i drove pass. But til this day i am protected from my enemies

  • Loved "Go to Church!" Let the professionals handle it! ..your so Adorable! Thank you for sharing this in such a simplistic way. A lot of people make thing dramatic and complicated. Blessings

  • Paradigm Breaker says:

    I think someone placed a curse on me to not be able to lose weight. I've been trying hard for a year after a sudden rapid weight gain of 30lbs. It's so bad now to the point I need medical intervention

  • 👌👌🙏What if you know who is doing it but your not sure it there is more people doing stuff, ime from usa, Pennsylvania, i moved to the republic of Panama city Panama, and married a witch, i dident know she practiced that, so got devoriced, she tried to jail me for 8 years, kill me poison me, and at the end, hexed me curse me, but i thinking maybe my family is doing stuff to, so can i put my x name and picture in the jar and take a peace of paper and write x on it for everyone else who herting me, please reply fast its be 5 years with this problem. Nightmares, ive seen heat on the walls with no fire below spirits constantly floting bye etc.. And every time i fall asleep is when i get my feet tickle or my balls sorrey dont know how else to say it, to many more things,, 🙏

  • Thank you I feel like I've been cursed for years. I do have more than 3 signs. I may know who did it 20 yrs ago,but I'll try all 3.

  • Iññøç3ñt *Øøf* says:

    Uhhhh hi, question. I wanna try the freezer spell but I don't have a mason jar. Could I use a container with a cover? And does it have to be the freezer or the fridge part?

    Sorry I had so many questions. My ex friend cursed me so that I could pass 6th grade. Please help me

  • I know I’m cursed I feel it and I know just who did it too. My brother. I’ve had the worst run of bad luck, felt lethargic and lost my job. All this is key for a curse and it’s just getting worse. Money issues is a big part right now.

  • I am so happy to have found your videos. You have cleared up most of my fears about a psychic/medium and the law laid down in the bible. I turned them away for the mere reason of the bible. Each one has asked for me to send them my agreement to them to help me. Very hesitant thinking I am signing over my soul to them. Am I wrong in thinking this way instead looking at them supporting and wanting to assist me? Thank you.

  • I'm curious to know if we can curse ourselves? Could we be attracting the worst outcome by thinking constantly about them instead of the best outcome.

  • What if we do not know name of person who sent curse or spell? Also what is way to remove evil eye and remove black magic? Can women do healing or cleansing etc during periods also?

  • Hey Nichole how's it going? This made me think of how people can affect you in a way that feels/seems like you're cursed simply by having strong negative feelings about you. When someone dislikes you for whatever reason, and they actually unknowingly put their energy into it, a SHIT TON of negativity can hit you just like you're cursed. This is one reason its so important that we know how too protect ourselves spiritually.

  • Lol a powerful church guy prayed and touched my sholder once but another power church Dad wanted to join so they prayed for me. I wonder whats it about.

  • What if it’s 2 people you want out of your life for the freezer spell do I put their names on the same paper? Same jar? Or separate jars?

  • Rayan Dizdarević says:

    What are you supposed to do afterwards with the things used in these practices, the cup/mason jar or the candle? Do you need to keep them there infinitely, just ''let them stay there''? Is it is safe to throw them away afterwards?

  • I’ve read that if you are cursed you should avoid reiki… ? Because of the energy’s being able to access you … ? Which is true?

  • I saw your video. I gave it a listen and I really thought you were talking to me. I am tired and have been with this for a long time. Once I was on top of my world and now I can’t get out from under myself. Thank you for helping me take a step toward fixing whatever is happening. I don’t know exactly what to do now.

  • Watching dis video in 2019, October 7 at 1pm. As it near to done. A young lady came up to me and ask me if I can support breast cancer wish I did, when gave her d money for a sticker, she gave a sticker with the word HOPE on it to me. I was like wow

  • Eileen Maynard says:

    How about visualizing the curse as a leaf being blown into the wind and disintegrating also what is the procedure I read it a long time ago to create a shield that deflects any evil back to the sender

  • I would like to know if writing a negative person’s name on a piece of paper and burning it will help remove that person from my life? I have strong feelings that person have sent curses my way, which as put my life at a “dead end” everything I have try fails once she comes to know about it. Reason for that is she is my father’s partner. I don’t have any contact with her but I’ve moved back home everything started failing in my life.

    I like the freeze spell but I don’t her name in my freezer forever. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Would appreciate any advice.

  • Well I went to see a card reader and was told I was cursed. It was a curse on the family and I also have it. I believe my son is also cursed. My mom, myself and my son are all the first born children. I have had such a horrible life and need change. I am now 52 only now found out I am cursed. So I am trying the freezer thing tonight. Date is October 20 2019 at 12:00 am. I truly hope this works

  • I was left in a terrible state, but I grieved and after many prayers, crying for guidance, a light came on . It was like nothing I have ever felt before, I had so much love in my heart,( I am sure my daughter who passed was helping me) I kept learning ways to lift my vibration & I always woke up filled with gratitude, Life was amazing. A friend that I've known for 40yrs told me She used to be so jealous of me, and she popped in 2 weeks ago now & I was telling her how amazing my life was (even tho I still have a lot of debt from my deceased hubby) but I knew just to go with the flow & everything would turn out ok. But watching this video I realised why I have hit rock bottom again, I feel so strongly that this friend doesn't want me to become the person she used to be jealous of, so maybe without her knowing what she is doing maybe she is cursing me? Because within a few days I noticed I started getting really depressed again. I am going to try to break this curse. Thank you so much

  • i would have to agree with the reiki statement, im at level 2 and nothing i have done has been able to shift or move the negative energy , how much do you charge for a reiki healing ?

  • All I gotta say is holy shit!! As I was focusing my intention I saw sparks in the candle and even saw smoke before I lit it. I hope that mean its working!!!

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