21 thoughts on “Portable Streaming Media Server (For Emergencies)”

  • I like this. I want to do this for a small portable device that has all my movies that will fit in my pocket. 2tb? is that possible might be a little fat but that's okay

  • Timothy Core says:

    @tinkernut your written instructions and your video instructions are not the same. I tried to follow the written instructions and when I got to the end I ran "sudo systemctl start hostapd" and I got an error saying : "Failed to start hostapd.service: Unit hostapd.service is masked."

    I ran "systemctl unmask hostapd.service" and that then let me start the hostapd. Then rebooted. Cannot see the ssid I set up.

    EDIT:: After a lot of searching I found that you have to set up hostapd to start up automatically on boot by entering:

    $ sudo update-rc.d hostapd enable
    into the terminal.

  • SammytimGaming says:

    please reply"can you make a mini computer like the mac mini but (braspberry pi P.C mini) and or can you make a prototype computer if you did link me the video

  • code1 gaming says:

    Just get a tp link portable router costs less than the pi and insert a USB and then connect to it and baam 😂

  • Heyitsliam100 says:

    Went through all of the steps but still not able to see my RPi3B+ on my other devices. Possible suggestions?

  • nothing nathing says:

    Why not use thumb sticks with otg cable nice project but I don't see t
    It's value. If I'm not correct pls tell me the antvantages. Just like all the projects and not gatefull just curious about if it's benefiting or just something cool to have.

  • Could potentially find a USB LTE modem (if those exist) and find a way to give legitmate internet acess to the devices connected. UK mobile networks such as EE have dedicated devices for this such as the EE osprey. Would probably also use a more standardised user freindly media server such as Plex since non tech savvy people (such as family members) would probably be connected in a circumstance where youd be using this

  • You can use youtube-dl and an Android app, so that you can add an option called "Download on Pi" in the YouTube share sheet.

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