Poppy breaking character

Poppy breaking character

come on The good old “theys” How often… how often how often are you making videos Poppy Look-it Yeah, it’s a cat I like to make videos every day Not the best memory Well unless it’s a good floppy disk Yeah but— But a hard drive is permanent It’s a brick People like that lyric It’s nice Twelve! That Was a question for Poppy, Zach Sorry The answer’s twelve Dan: I feel like— It is you’re right, yeah, you’re right Dan: You know— I beat you [Laughter] They’re helping me make this album What’s your relationship with Diplo? He’s very nice to me Are you working with him on the album? He helped me make my album oh I like Dan I like Poppy Thank you Thanks, Dan What’s your full name? Poppy. Do you have a last name? Poppy Poppy Poppy? Did I just tell you what sex was for the first time? In Poppy’s existence Yes… Can you give describe… I mean—more detailed version of birds and the bees is you know… Yes. And does that make you happy? It makes me very happy So you’re happy that I listened to it and I like it I like you Dan I think we have a future I like uh, spending time with the tech It’s fun I feel like the answer to this question is gonna be no but, do you ever creep yourself out? Yes. Oh she’s totally serious Got ’em! Sometimes before i go to bed at night…


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