22 thoughts on “POP CULTURE: What's wrong with the media”

  • Chirag Singadiya says:

    please launch a hindi (indian language) channel i want my parents to watch each and every video of this channel. i know you'd say that even i can explain these things to my parents, but you may know it better that people with less developed mentality often trusts words from media more than from people from there own family. please do something 🙏

  • thank you thank you thank you ! for informing us, for being an awesome and informative channel. keep up the good work!

  • BTS are celebrities that are making positive world change through their #EndViolence and #LoveYourself messages.

  • Aaron says look into the Koi pond and see a reflection of you, ladies drop bi taking a break during Pride for the thinkers can go into the closet and embrace self hate, rage, and fear For it is a struggle …

  • Dark of the knight says:

    Pop culture is affecting my life and i want to say fuck pop culture unless you're promoting good values rather than making people become dumber each day!

  • If Not Now When says:

    Are you a sheep or a lemming? You buy it, they sell it. They shovel it, you eat it. Twitter is not a news outlet by the way…neither is FB or Yahoo. They are money makers and you all contribute. Fox, CNN, and the others who have large red "BREAKING NEWS ALERT" banners on their screen 24 hours a day renders them meaningless. Please don't be the sucker born every minute.

  • And the snoberry behind ridiculing the public for being scared!! "their stupid ignorance allows the newspapers too control their minds, by keeping them scared" of say Islamist terror etc"!! but my problem is see how terrified the BBC became of right wing populism?? see all the ominous music and shaddowy mis- en -scene, bits on Wilders, Le Pen and co, complete with bourgeoise commentators, terrified of the rise of Nazism in our midst?? in essence you have to be scared, but you have to be scared of bullshit at the expense of reality!!

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