Pompeo: Trump admin ‘relentless’ in pursuing Ukraine objective


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  • Pallas Ferrante says:

    "The Prime Minister of London …" London has a mayor, not a Prime Minister. Geez. No wonder why Brits think Americans aren't very knowledgeable.

  • President Trump is going to NATO and the impeachment is sooo important that Crazy Nancy Pelosi went to sunny Spain for two weeks to talk about Climate change (wink wink) on our dime. She refuses to bring USMCA to vote but she can go to Spain and apparently she is a weather expert.

  • A bold decision not to send counsel to the hearings, not unlike ignoring subpoenas of filing law suits to suppress evidence. That screams of innocence, but it's odd Pompeo doesn't testify to clear things up instead of going to FOX news. He could just say this stuff under oath.

  • Obama was a horrible foreign policy president. He did nothing but make things worse for the U.S. and other countries including reducing our military down to almost nothing.

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    There is something rotten in this administration. They say the fish rots from the head down. The President is an unrepentant liar, so it makes sense everyone beneath him lies as well.

  • Without quid pro quo, there would be no foreign policy, no nato, and no negotiations with anybody else for that matter, because our charity is our leverage, it doesn't take a PHD to figure it out

  • At what point has the GOP turned into a ProRussian group? This is out of nowhere. Then they complain about how these terrorists are there to stab people? The opening of Syria to Turkey allowed thousands of these ISIS criminals to be freed. There is only more of this nonsense to come thanks to trumps pro Russian policies.

  • So why does this coward talk to Fox but runs away from his oath? Did you see the stunned look on his face when Ttump said he wants Pompeo and Mulveney to testify?
    Mike Pompeo is a coward.

  • Jerry Caires Jr says:

    Pompeo is a pig ! And he needs to face his own BS ! His just another Russian supporter like Trump ! People of this country need to wake up !

  • Compare this great Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Kerry continued to interfere in Iran, his Step Son getting involved in corruption along with the Biden’s. There’s not enough room to list the Clintons other than mention BONNIE and Clyde.

  • It wouldn't matter if he goes to London or Florida, he wasn't going to be attending the hearings anyway.

    He's innocent anyhow, right? There should be no reason for him to be distracted during his time at the NATO summit. Go forth Sir and get us that money! Money money money! Don't worry about your already useless reputation, nobody could possibly think any less of you.


  • Our President will swing by KFC in London & have a cup of tea if he wants .DT2O2O-Vote-American…blaze um up with red votes !!  Radical Islamic terrorism is what happened in London ..it's apart of a cult that should not be in this country !

  • So Trump is providing assistance to the Ukrainians to protect them from the Russians, something Obama wouldn't't do, yet congress spent 2 years trying to convince us that Trump was in Putin's pocket? And now when that didn't work they claim there was a quid quo pro with the Ukrainians, when the purpose of this aid is to protect them from Putin? How stupid are they! They are just trying to hide their own corruption from taking $$$$ from the Ukrainians under Biden and Obama – oh and check out Schiff's role in that fiasco – how many millions ended up in his pockets? or is it all hidden in Swiss banks?

  • The firing squad needs to be brought back for any terrorists caught committing crimes. Putting them in prisons for a few years where they only get trained by their fellow terrorists is foolish. The British prisons are the best trying grounds for these terrorists that exists.

  • President Trump: “The Democrats, a lot of it had to do, they say, with Ukraine. It’s very interesting. It’s very interesting. They have this server, right? From the DNC, Democratic National Committee. The FBI went in and they told them, ‘Get out of here. You’re not getting it. We’re not giving it to you.’ They gave the server to CrowdStrike or whatever it’s called, which is a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian. And I still want to see that server. You know, the FBI has never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?”
    Steve Doocy of “Fox and Friends”: “Are you sure they did that? Are you sure they gave it to Ukraine?”

    Trump: “Well, that’s what the word is.”

    — exchange on “Fox and Friends,” Nov. 22, 2019

    The president persists in pursuing a debunked conspiracy theory. Somehow, we’ve never gotten around to assigning a Pinocchio rating for this claim. Maybe that’s because there aren’t enough Pinocchios available in our system to truly do this justice.

    Note to the president: When even one of your strongest TV allies expresses skepticism about a claim, it’s probably time to drop it.

  • The Facts
    Trump made these comments the day after Fiona Hill, his former top Russia adviser, told Congress that any notion that Ukraine intervened in the 2016 election was a hoax hatched by Russia to deflect from its well-documented efforts to interfere in the vote.

    “Some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did,” Hill said. “This is a fictional narrative that is being perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.”

    Trump’s GOP allies on the committee reacted with some outrage at her comments, insisting that they did not deny Russian involvement. Yet just hours later, Trump once again insisted the real culprit was Ukraine.

    Let’s deconstruct Trump’s remarks:

  • “They [Ukraine] have this server, right? From the DNC, Democratic National Committee.”
    The server is not in Ukraine; it’s in Washington, displayed at the DNC’s offices beside a filing cabinet the Watergate burglars pried open in 1972. (Here’s a photo of the server and the filing cabinet that ran on the front page of the New York Times in 2016.)

    Trump first publicly raised this strange theory shortly after he became president, in an April 2017 interview with the Associated Press. He brought it up again in his July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s apparently nonplussed president, Volodymyr Zelensky: “The server, they say Ukraine has it,” Trump told Zelensky.

    Thomas P. Bossert, who served as Trump’s first homeland security adviser, said Sept. 29 that the president has been repeatedly told by White House aides that the story has been “completely debunked."

    “The DNC server and that conspiracy theory has got to go,” Bossert said on ABC News’s “This Week.” “If he continues to focus on that white whale, it’s going to bring him down.”

    But Trump keeps pursuing the white whale.

  • Keep Iran and mullahs accountable for what they have done to our young people , they have killed over 400 , arrested over 10,000 , injured over 4,000 .They ask for money in order to give out their bodies to the family … We have our own ISIS .

  • The FBI went in and they told them, ‘Get out of here. You’re not getting it. We’re not giving it to you.’ ”
    Trump has been obsessed with the idea that the FBI never took physical possession of the servers at the DNC that were hacked. (Our database of Trump’s false and misleading claims shows that he has brought this up more than 20 times.)

    But the FBI felt it was not necessary to enter the DNC’s premises and take custody of the affected servers, as agents were able to obtain complete copies of forensic images made by CrowdStrike, which first identified that the DNC had been hacked by Russian operatives. Then-FBI Director James B. Comey testified that his staff told him that this arrangement was an “appropriate substitute.”

    In any case, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation confirmed CrowdStrike’s findings and even indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers in 2018 over their alleged role in the breach.

  • “They gave the server to CrowdStrike or whatever it’s called, which is a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian.”
    CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch is a cyber and national security expert who was born in Russia and now is a U.S. citizen; he is not Ukrainian.

    “You know, the FBI has never gotten that server. That’s a big part of this whole thing. Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company?”

    Nope. CrowdStrike is a California company, founded in 2011 in Sunnyvale. It trades on Nasdaq under the ticket symbol CRWD. In fact, it went public about a month before Trump’s call with Zelensky, earning headlines for popping as much as 97 percent in its first day of trading.

    The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

  • The Pinocchio Test
    In the space of 10 sentences, Trump told four whoppers. Ukraine does not have the server, the FBI did not need physical possession to investigate, CrowdStrike was not founded by a Ukrainian, and it is not a Ukrainian company. It is dismaying that despite all of the evidence assembled by his top aides, Trump keeps repeating debunked theories and inaccurate claims that he first raised more than two years ago.

    There are some days when we wish we were not limited to just Four Pinocchios. We were tempted to display 16 Pinnochios, four for each false statement. But this claim will certainly end up on our list of the Biggest Pinocchios of 2019.

    Four Pinocchios

  • What does it mean the Iranian leadership has failed the people ??? Didnt give what the people wanted ? What is this bulshit
    Meddling by the US in the middle east will not stop
    That's what it means

  • Steelwheel Scoops says:

    Why didn't Pompeo go to NATO (unimportant meeting) instead of Trump cutting and running away like a scared little child??

  • North of the Rio Grande says:

    It's so good to hear Pompeo speak the truth about the people of Iran. Nobody wants war except for crooked politicians who have investments in war and oil.

  • Why are republicans bragging about Trump just doing his job? What is the big deal. He is doing what he was hired to do, nothing more. What is more important is why he broke and continues to break the law. That is the talking point. Not Trump just doing his job. Republicans are pretty desperate if this is the best defense they can muster.

  • They guy on the right always looks SMUG, Above everyone else. I can't decide whether he is a DEM or REPUB. Perhaps he is a DEM.


  • Fox and Friends are obviously part of the deepstate. They constantly ask the same stupid questions and completely miss the point on almost everything. They sound like the Dems who want to keep perpetrating this hoax by constantly bringing it up without acknowledging actual facts. It was great when Mark Levin told them off on the show. They're morons.

  • Trump, William Barr, Mitch McConnell, the Justice Department (Under William Barr), the Whitehouse and the whole GOP are ALL RUSSIAN ASSETS!……., Furthermore; these Russian Assets are conspiring with Russia to (ONCE AGAIN) try and steal the Elections and the US Presidency in 2020 as they did in 2016…….. AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AND AMERICAN PEOPLE……..BEWARE!!!

  • @1.30 Mr Trump needs a new lawyer. Why would Nadler, who wants Mr Trump to testify, purposely ask him to appear at a time he knew he couldn't make it? Put another way, why doesn't he send Pence? He's cancelled his own arrangements at the last minute before.
    @2.40 Mr Zelenski's said that HE (Not WE) didn't talk from the position of QPQ. The next sentences spoke volumes in diplomatic terms.

  • Arrest this guy for failing to respect a subpoena. He has lied in public about being complicit with removing Yovanovitch.

  • Coups in Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Libya, wars in 7 countries..Sanctions and embargos…Geesh quit terrozing innocent people..America STOP fighting for these war mongrel, oil tygoons and their banksters. Make America GOOD again. Bernie 2020.

  • Why would an American leader encourage another leader of another country to investigate a fellow American? I’m a neutral person and This sounds like treason to me.

  • Ray Christensen says:

    Iran knows how to enrich uranium and reprocess plutonium but they're clueless when it comes to bandages (and toilet paper). Nothing but liars, frauds and cowards. Make Iran a parking lot. Too many of my brothers and sisters have died in that sand, enough already. SEMPER FI

  • "Ukraine objective" = forcing Ukraine to make up lies about Biden in exchange for Congressionally-approved funds. Anyone else really excited to see Pompeo's smug perma-smirk in a mugshot?

  • The C.I.A director speaking to his agents its actually pretty hilarious
    I dont know if brain is spreading propaganda or is a complete idiot when it comes to iran I think the ladder
    How did the American people let the war profiteers become in charge of the department of defense? Oh wait I forgot it was called the department of war but they changed it when they figured out most sane people dont want war but are ok with "defense"..

  • Information Smuggler says:

    why wont fox say mccian..ghrman..biden &these fake whistleblowers oversaw &created NABU CONVICTED of USA election MEDDLING 2FRAME trump in Ukraine court….

  • Over the last decade, world politics have come to be dominated by so-called ‘strongmen’ leaders. That young voters even in the most established democracies of the world are losing faith in the democratic process is a troubling idea. Increasingly, these same voters yearn for leaders who can govern with a strong mandate to ‘fix’ the broken state of politics in their country. This new wave of populism driven by voter fear, anger and frustration is increasingly manifesting itself in the political rhetoric of leaders of many democracies. United States elected the businessman Donald Trump as its 46th President, a man described by the media as someone who resembles a dictator in his governing style. Trump came to power on the back of his pre-election promise to take a tough stance against immigration and international trade and his penchant for pursuing an isolationist foreign policy. Trump’s authoritarian tendencies stem from his lack of respect for the institutions of democracy and a free press. Several democratic leaders, whether it is Shinzo Abe of Japan or Narendra Modi of India, are accused of being authoritarian leaders with a penchant for centralizing power and ruling with an iron fist. Are these democratically elected strongmen leaders cut from the same cloth as those like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin who are products of systemic dictatorships?

  • The White House [or pres.Trump] likes to be the victim, he is not responsible and not accountable for anything at all. It is never his fault or flaw; but all the others ….
    The proces, tremendour unfair, all the way through; oh, oh how unfair!

    And he himself [Mr. president] is of course perfect, ultimate stabil, a solid 10.

  • in europe we have a bunch sloppy politicians who think this extremist islamists love us. THEY ARE TRAITORS TO THEIR COUNTRYS

  • From the White House released transcript of the call between Trump and Zelenskyy. Trump said "I would like you to do us a favor though". Since this phone call was an official Administration act, it fits within the definition of Presidential Duties defined by Article II of the Constitution. The word "you" refers to Volodymyr Zelensky. President of the Ukraine. When he says "us", as the President of the United States, he is actually saying the people of the United States, in other words, you and me. In this phone call is, therefore an "official act" of the President of the United States. This is not a personal phone call.

    In the same paragraph of the transcript, Trump says "they say CrowdStrike.. I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it." Why is Trump talking about CrowdStrike? I'd suggest you Google CrowdStrike to learn the truth about this issue. Trump is trying to get Zelenskyy to help him counter the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and Mueller Report conclusions that Russia hacked the DNC server to help Trump win the 2016 election.

    Later in the transcript, Trump says "A lot of people are talking about that, the way they shut your
    very good prosecutor down and you had some very bad people involved. The prosecutor Trump is talking about is not a "very good prosecutor" but Viktor Shokin, the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor who was fired by the Ukranian Parliament. Trump brings this prosecutor as a segway to his comment about Vice President Joe Biden. Trump brings up VP Biden saying: "that Biden stopped the prosecution, that Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, if you could look into that". This is where Trump, the President of the United States, in an official act on behalf of the United States, asked President Zelenskyy for "information" about VP Biden. Vice President Bidens role in inducing the Ukrainian government to "fire" the corrupt prosecutor Viktor Shokin is well know and documented. Again, you can easily get that information but you need to forget the right-wing / Fox News conspiracy theories long enough to learn the truth.

    For me, I don't need any evidence of a "quid pro quo" in Trumps phone call. I don't need documentation on the withholding of military aid to the Ukraine. I don't need to understand the corruption in the Trump administration on this matter, or whether Trump "obstructed" justice in blocking White House personnel from testifying.

    The Framers of the Constitution were very clear in their writings about Abuse of Power. Asking the leader of a foreign country, while conducting official Government Business, for information for personal political gain rather than further American interests is certainly within the definition of Abuse of Power, as illuminated by the Framers. Read the Federalist Papers.

    I believe that Trump will rightly be Impeached by the House of Representatives. The fact that Trump refers to this call as "perfect", is further evidence that he can't even recognize his own moral, ethical lapses.

  • Crimea and Donblast (east of Ukraine) are RUSSIAN and have always been ! Ethnically, linguistically and by blood and natural sympathy they are RUSSIAN, not Ukrainian. The USA and NATO must stay OUT of this situation. These territories only became part of Ukraine about 1960 by dictate of Krushchev, who was a Ukrainian.

  • We're behind you, Mr President. Let those buffoons do their buffoon thing. The lesson is lost on no one with functioning brain cells.

  • You make nato ally Turkey fighting against US-troops in Northern Syria; what a great descision it was; the sudden pull back of US-troops without any kind of a plan how to fulfill in the given short period of time.

  • The President does not by any means has to attend this Wednesday House Judiciary.
    Talk about stone-walling to the max. Even the marines are not going to save Donald's sinking ship!

  • Nato is that important for pres.Trump, that he is bullying and naming one after another the nato allies. Pres.Trump is more flattering about rulers like Kim Yong-un and Putin, than about France [Mr.Macron] from Germany [Ms.Merkel]
    Example "he wrote me a loveletter, he (or we?) fell in love"

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