Pompeo LOSES IT On Reporter

Pompeo LOSES IT On Reporter

>>Mike Pompeo recently had a very public
meltdown, which we have some of the audio during an interview with NPR reporter, Mary
Louise Kelly. So she asked him some pretty tough questions
about Ukraine and he did not like it. So why don’t we jump to that first video,
you’ll see, get an idea of what I’m talking about. People who work for you and your department
people who have resigned from this department under your leadership saying you should stand
up, for the diplomats who work here.>>I don’t know who these unnamed sources
are you’re referring to. I can tell you this, when I talk to my->>These are not unnamed sources, this is
your senior advisor, Michael McKinley, a career foreign service officer with four decades
of experience who testified under oath. That he resigned in part due to the failure
of the State Department to offer support to foreign service employees caught up in the
impeachment inquiry on Ukraine.>>I’m not gonna comment on things that Mr.
McKinley may have said, I’ll say only this. I have defended Every State Department official,
we’ve built a great team. The team that works here is doing amazing
work around the world->>Sir, respectfully, where have you defended
Marie Yovanovitch?>>I’ve defended every single person on this
team. I’ve done what’s right for every single person
on this team.>>Can you point me to your remarks where
you have defended Marie Yovanovitch?>>I’ve said all I’m gonna say today, thank
you. Yeah the thing is, Ivanovich, obviously she
was ousted after Giuliani led partisan and Freeman in sort of scheme to get Trump to
hate her. And along the way might have been spied upon,
stalked, and there might have been a plan to potentially assassinate her. And he can’t even pretend to care about that. And so great follow up question there. He is not as smart as he thinks he is. His ability to navigate that sort of interaction,
he’s just not as quick witted, as clever as he thinks he is. And in the end, he apparently went crazy. We’re gonna have a little bit more, and I’ll
let you guys get in.>>Well, the problem is he’s used to just
saying something that’s very servicing and. Media members or anyone else just listens
to them and move on. So when they get a follow-up or there is the,
I can throw this at them. And they won’t have any answer to it. But the preparation for, okay, I need to prep
for how this person’s gonna lie because they are a well known liar. So she had information readily available for
him to say, I know who these unnamed sources are, I have a name for you. So then after that, then it’s like, well,
I’m not gonna talk about that what he may have said it continues down this line of denying
the reality of the situation. So then that’s where you’ll get to where the
anger comes from. It comes to now, how dare you hold me accountable. I’m Mike Pompeo, which by the way, the same
Mike Pompeo according to the releases from Bolton’s book. Was one of the two or three guys that was
telling Trump, hey, what are you doing with this whole Ukraine holding up of aid? He, this guy, this way? He’s one of them, he’s one of them who said,
hey, Donald, you might wanna, what are you doing? And he had to answer to it, now, he’s gotta
defend it. So, it’s even harder for someone to lie for
a guy who they were trying to stop from doing what they have to not lie about, so he’s getting
mad.>>Mike Pompeo is underrated as one of the
biggest psychopaths in the entire Trump administration. I mean, he is one of these blood and soil,
America’s involved in a holy war against the evil Muslims, he believes in an American jihad
100%. And he’s used to going on all these insane
right- wing shows all the time and that was like his favorite thing to do to go on like
Frank Gaffney show and Rush limbaugh, whatever. So like the fact that he goes on NPR and gets,
we had like credit to the NPR reporter but it’s not like it wasn’t the toughest interview
I’ve ever seen in my life.>>When he just has an absolute meltdown at
the lightest push back is, frankly you’ll have to see it.>>Yet, you’re totally right, I think that
because he stands next to Trump, we think, hh Mike Pompeo, maybe not so bad. But no, he’s really bad guy and honestly,
like, there’s different types of Republicans, obviously. But his type reminds me, like, the Rex Tillerson,
I’m just in this to make a quick buck thing, there’s worse.>>Yeah, this guy is a true believer, this
guy is a blood and soil, let’s just kill them all, I don’t care.>>Tillerson just wants the oil in the soil,
is that so much, he doesn’t want it infested with blood. Now, as a result of the sort of interactions
you saw, a question specifically about whether he owes an apology to Murray Ivanovitch. According to Kelly, he shouted at me for about
the same time as the nine minute interview itself had lasted this later in his room. He was not happy to have been questioned about
Ukraine. He asked, do you think Americans care about
Ukraine? He used the F word in that sentence and many
others. And then this is where it gets funny, he asked
if I could find Ukraine on a map. I said yes. He called out for his aides to bring him a
map of the world with no writing, no countries marked. I pointed to Ukraine, he put the map away,
he said, people will hear about this.>>No, they won’t from her telling the story.>>Bless the polite MPR people that they think
they are outraged by that he used the F word.>>No he didn’t use the F word, guys.>>In that sentence and others.>>One time.>>I just love the idea that he turns to his
aides, get them out.>>And the aide is just like.>>God, we can’t go one day without the map,
I’m so->>This is one of those things where you should
take some cues. So if you’re going to challenge someone and
say hey, I bet you can’t find Iraq on a map and someone goes okay, that’s when you go>>That was a little bit too confident I’m
gonna stop right here and go okay, well sure you can find it, just believe them. Cuz if you go to the step of making them prove
it, now you’re in a complete corner and you have to go, somebody’s gonna hear about this. Which by the way, I think we mentioned this
before, hey let’s go ahead and have old Donny find Ukraine on a map. Let’s see if he can pull that feat off, he’s
asking that question because the people he’s surrounded by can’t do it.>>Well, let’s see if Donald Trump can sing
the national anthem. If I had a chance to interview Trump, that’s
the first thing I would ask him.>>That’s-
>>He got you.>>That’s way too tough. He was in an interview, and he was asked they
said, you’re a big Bible guy, right? And he’s like, yes, so they were like, so
which do you like better, the old or the new? And was like, both of them.>>You can’t pick a testament?>>Yeah, just pick one, who cares?>>Honestly, American Christians would be
fine with either, really, like you are on the new, but you could do either.>>I’m sorry, last thing, John, I’m sorry,
cuz it was so funny, the way that that came off, I wish we could have seen or heard the
way the map discussion came. It’s like I’ve heard about these sorts of
people get into fights and the guy you don’t want to get in a fight with is one who’s quiet
and calm. The one who’s all up Donna’s hands ready to
push ready to fight, that guy it’s okay to fight him. The one who will raise the voice an say, he
you wanna go outside>>Yeah.>>Okay, you go.>>Yeah.>>Maybe we shouldn’t go outside.>>This is way too much of a rude team.>>Yeah, a lot of guys like, yeah, if it wasn’t
for the, I got like a shoulder injury in my basketball game last week, I will kick your
ass.>>And tell your cousin like hold me back.>>Yeah.>>Yep.>>Yeah, the guy who’s ready, quietly ready
is the one you don’t wanna mess with.>>He’s the guy that leave you like blooding
on the floor saying, people will hear of this.>>So okay, he also put out a public statement
after this and I’m not gonna read the entire thing, I’m gonna skim it. But he said, NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly
lied to me twice. First last month in setting up our interview
and then again yesterday in agreeing to have a post interview conversation off the record. She apparently did neither of those things,
we have some receipts on that as well. It is shameful that this reporter chose to
violate the basic rules of journalism and decency. And then insert a bunch of stuff attacking
the media. But the important thing is at the bottom. It is worth noting that Bangladesh is not
Ukraine. Which is sort of general factoid that you
would tweet or something. But no, there he specifically means the map
thing, she got it wrong and she pointed to Bangladesh.>>Which just in case you’re not like up on
your geography, I Google Maps’d it. They’re pretty far apart, yes some people
might still make a mistake, they’re probably not someone with a master’s degree in European
studies from Cambridge University.>>I think she probably got it.>>What a ridiculous claim to make, what a
laughable, it should be below anyone in government service particularly someone who’s working
for Donald Trump.>>I just find it hilarious also like Mike
Pompeo defending the sacred rules of journalism.>>Not the rules of journalism.>>Decency and honesty keep it real.>>Well, you said back in the day he would
always be on like journalistic enterprises like Rush Limbaugh.


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