100 thoughts on “Poll: Democrats in battleground states prefer a moderate nominee”

  • Trumpy , Jim Jordan & Roy Moore walk out of a bar …
    Roy says…You guys want to go frock some little kids…
    Jordan says …sure lets do it…
    Trumpy says…Frock them out of what ?

  • CNN polls are propaganda used to suppress progressive candidates, ….Nobody wants Biden!, Warren is not ahead of Bernie!, Pete and Kamala do not belong on that list….where isTulsi? Where is YANG?

  • Funniest thing I have heard this week! Is this really CNN, or have they been bought out by the Onion?! Lol
    Its not fake news? its biased? Give me a break already and go pull someone else's leg!

  • Trump has black, Hispanic Asian and female unemployment at an all-time low. The unemployment rate now the lowest in 50 years. Average household income at an all-time high. More Americans working now than ever before. Your 401k doing great. Any of these Democrats could destroy that and your kids future within six months.

  • MEND New Zealand says:

    so if Madamoiselle Michelle enters the get TWO popular leaders in ONE! And really piss off the Moron currently "sitting bulls..t" in the WH..Wrong house..

  • They prefer candidates they know and trust. Dont let the billionaire class pulling the corporate media strings lie to you, they're protecting their own interests, not yours.

  • William Ferguson says:

    Bullshit. Strange how the media keeps pushing this narrative when it’s Bernie Sanders who gets the best numbers in these states.

  • Rodders Fiftynine says:

    When was the last time John King or CNN got it right ? "2016 ? Trojan Horse Warren was also a Republican ! AT&T-owned CNN pushing their corporate Dem choices !!

  • biden said he would beat trump in the south… lolololol sleepy joe is ready to hand over the torch at this point he just knows he cant get paid out if its warren or sanders

  • If Dems elect a do nothing Centrist this time I'm not voting ever again! Hillary 2.0! No Biden! Give me someone who is at least going to try to make changes. Biden will do nothing! What you think is safe will just piss off and frustrate progressives! Don't think I'm going to vote for someone just because they aren't Trump. It's not worth getting jury duty over. I would rather not vote!

  • Yeah Yeah CNN keep trying…. the People have spoken and we want true change! The only candidate that fits that bill and has the consistency and history of fighting for the working class of america for more than 30 years is Bernie Sanders who by the way has more individual donors than Warren, Biden, Pete, and TRUMP.
    The Media hates him, the billionaires despise him, the insurance companies fear him and we the People LOVE HIM.

  • Moderate candidates. Riiiight, like Hillary, AHAHAHA! You millionaires paid by billionaires are disgusting. If you all help the DNC steal BERNIE'S nomination AGAIN, Trump will win.

  • Where are the transgendered candidates? I want to see a guy wearing dresses get elected so I can call him Madame President! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! "Oh, Madame President…..!" "Not now, my nail polish is drying." Hahahahahaha!!!

  • That is because they have been misinformed as to what is what in politics. All they listen to is propaganda. People like drama so they oil the loudest wheel spinning. It is all noise but they will be old like me before they realize the truth. The government works in tandem with one another. They show us division to keep us divided. It is a rich person's game.

  • first Impression says:

    How can you find common ground with a party that is ok with kids in cages and with a president that commits crimes on a daily basis… ?

  • The MSM wants you to believe people want a moderate. They and the people that pay them want that. Less and less people believe the MSM’s BS every day. I can’t wait until most people stop watching these propaganda channels. Then they can be shut down and all put in jail.

  • Biden is not a moderate Democrat. He's a moderate Republican. His record is public. Anyone who wants to can see that Warren is right, he's running for the wrong party.

  • The whole world knows that trump is a thief a conman an idiot and now after his decision over the kurds a murderer and it seems that there is a doubt that he will be beaten in the next presidential election. So I think along with a lot of the world that america then deserves that totally despicable person he shouldn't even have a hope of being elected in a decent society and so since iraq vietnam south america the black torture sites the cia's filthy tricks and campaigns across the world that have along with the american military cost millions upon millions of lives since the second world war nothing has changed in your outlook. Nope it's just a rotten society that needs to crumble and hopefully trump will bring about its end. If he wins i hope he gets on to an aircraft carrier and leans on the lectern and with a big smirk on his face says MISSION ACCOMPLISHED just that like the moron bush did. China and Russia quite rightly are howling with laughter.

  • Sounds like a setup for niave people to think that it will bring peace and normalcy. It would be the same ol same ol, good ol boys ,rich folks and corporations first , presidency.

  • Once Eilzabeth wins the Dem nomination, she will shift to a more moderate discourse.
    That is the normal pattern. In a two-candidate race, each candidate will strive to be as close as possible to the middle of the political spectrum, where the polls give 50% of the voters to each. Just like Trump promised to lower medical costs, bring the troops home, and other "liberal" positions (promises that, of course, he had no intention of fulfilling). That is why most elections nowadays are decided by a few percentage points.
    The hope is that Trump will be unable to get 50% in the polls, no matter how "liberal" he makes his ostensive agenda. Hopefully those who are not-Trumpers today will not believe in his promises, and remain not-Trumpers

  • God bless Biden, but you just know Russia-Trump is going to find some skeleton (real or fake) of Biden/Jr and, well, it's all just a bit of history repeating

  • I want a moderate, but I will vote for Sanders if he is the nominee. I am in California, definitely not a battleground state. My candidate is Sherrod Brown, but he is not running. Bloomberg is a moderate, but not the moderate most moderates want. There is nothing wrong with being a billionaire, but money doesn't necessarily make you a good president, look at Trump. I don't see any grassroots support for Bloomberg. If money makes you a good president, my choice is Bill Gates.

  • Good lord, Bloomberg couldn't even run NYC properly. We all see what happens when you put a rich, unqualified boob in the White House. No more. Never again. If the Dems want to lose for sure, pick Bloomberg.

  • I live in a swing state. Nobody wants a moderate. CNN keeps trying to force establishment candidates down our throat. BERNIE 2020!

  • Oh the white nationalist would shit themselves if Michelle became POTUS!!! I’d pay just to see their white tears and fears gone out of control! 😂😂😂😂

  • I'm a Democrat who feels that Sanders winning would be a disaster. However Sanders is firmly in third and will hopefully drop out after Super Tuesday.

    I will no more vote For Bloomberg than I will for Trump.

  • They establishment are really panicking about Trump, they wants to drag Mitchell Obama into they race . Hahahahahaha president Trump will demolished Mitchell Obama in the debate and that's they facts.

  • GoldBeard The Thirteenth says:

    The problem with winning the Democratic primary right now is that it translates into a loss of the presidency. California and other states need to make concessions on issues in order to win the key states. Popularity doesn't win elections and the ideologies that win in California will disengage those in Wisconsin and other key states to either not vote (Half a vote to He who will not be named), a third party russian backed candidate (half a vote to He who will not be named), or vote for He who will not be named in protest. The party needs to focus on it. Individual's lives are at stake. We have a cruel and vile president and it is written all over Lindsey Graham's eyes. He knows it and he is completely powerless in doing so.

  • I love it when CNN tries to convince people, they shouldn’t vote for the person they want to vote for. Get the fuck outta here with this Hillary talk…seriously.

  • Same song different dance. Presidential candidates always try to out left or out right their rivals before the primaries, then when the presidential election comes, everyone tries to strike a more moderate tone. #YangGang2020

  • 911 Never Forget says:

    Is this the same asshole with the maps in 2016?
    Enough said.
    Btw. Biden’s energy?
    Where did it go?

  • Jakob Peter Raahauge says:

    The Democrats have to start talking about foreign policy and US geopolitical impact.
    🇺🇲 Go USA! Go global! 😃
    (the rest of the world misses U!) 😔

  • NOT! SAME "Moderate MINDWASH" BS that LOST DEMS the 2016 Race. GET A SPINE! STAND! FIGHT! TAKE BACK DEMOCRACY from 40 years of Corporate Welfare "Democrats" and signed Koch Bros. Contract Ayn Rand ReThuglicans!

  • There is no way the country wants a Democrat to run our country. They will destroy our country. What is progressive about giving our tax paying dollars to the United Nations, to destroy the world, like they were doing. Who wants someone who pushes abortion up until the 9 month of pregnancy. Who wants our medical system destroyed with Medicare for All, and have no other choices, where whoever is in, gets to dictate what we can and cannot have with the protocols they will put into place. All there will be is more death. We already have a shortage of medical personnel in our country, and most people do not realize that, unless you or a loved one has ended up in the hospital. Democrats want to take away the rights of the parents, to decide what is best for children. Their entire "progressive" agenda is to destroy our country, bring people into our country that cannot assimilate, and want to change our country to where they have come from. I never want to see another Democrat in office. Obama bombed 7 countries in 8 years. He doubled our national debt of all other presidents put together, and most of the money went overseas. I want a President that will look out for the people of this country, and not try to the United Nations President, or who is ruled by the United Nations.

  • Why do your election laws allow people to spend money for years while leaving room for someone to just join the race middle of the distance? Because he has money?

  • I would like to see a debate between Billionaire candidates and Trump. Trump is so focused on lying about how rich he is, I think either Steyer or Bloomberg would keep him unbalanced when he starts bragging about his "brilliant financial successes" … NOT…because either billionaire could shut him down because unlike Trump, these two apparently created their own wealth vs. Trump starting with Daddy's money which he lost. I don't feel any of our existing Democrat candidates can rattle Trump or even beat him. I hope I'm wrong, truly, because I want Trump out of our lives sooner than later. I am definitely an "undecided, but DEMOCRAT" voter and will vote for whomever wins the primary and confronts Trump.

  • I see a lot of passionate people calling BS on desire for a moderate. I have a sinking feeling most of them are not from swing states. This is exactly how Trump blindsided all of us in 2016. Don't ignore the existence of the moderates in the swing states. They will absolutely lean Trump if you lean too progressive.

  • Younger first time voters and independents are already leaning Trump. Democrats sure killed their chances at winning with free shit for everyone except real Americans.

  • A moderate is the only way to beat Trump. Dems, Progressives, your pie in the sky solutions are too expensive and will get great resistance in an election campaign. Warren/Sanders is too reminiscent of Michael Dukakis, and we all know what happened in 1988.

  • The left and the right, the trolls and bots, theyre all hating on this video . it's the most unifiying I've seen in awhile.

  • Who gives a shit, what they want have wanted has not been working. Get the best candidate in or America can just continue to decline into complete trash.

  • Keep trying CNN, your moderates have not been working for us. When you poll moderates they are going to indicate a preference for moderates, don't try to pass that off as news.

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