Pogba Told To Shut It! Man Utd vs Leeds Preview & Transfer News

Pogba Told To Shut It! Man Utd vs Leeds Preview & Transfer News

and your latest manchester no transfer news but also also I've been waiting all day for this all day to have a drink and celebrate the fact that we've hit half a million subscribers we've got the gold bottle I'm going to open it in a moment but I am actually drawing by a big big part of the channel we are gonna be talking about to United transfer new so don't worry about that we will be doing that but I am joined by the draughty devil how are you doing pal how the devil are you I'm very good thanks I don't know whether to switch back to Canadian I think that might throw a few people like yeah don't do that let's start off with while I'm gonna pop this because this could take absolutely ages and we've got a few things to talk about tonight but let's start off with that we're going to talk about Paul Pogba let's start off with Harry Maguire then because this to me is a case of the jump I think I think I've even spoken about this I think was Duncan castles who said that or something to do with his podcast had said the Harry Maguire was going to be doing his medical in 48 hours I think he's actually playing for Leicester right now in a pre-season game so a lot of people are like oh it's not gonna happen I firmly believe it's gonna happen I just think what's happened here is what happened with Wamba soccer people have jumped the gun too soon to try and be the first person to do the story and that's my opinion I think he will come to United but I had I said myself I don't see it happening any time before Friday to be honest I think it's one but a call over again you know everyone sort of knew it was gonna happen a lot of people while there was a few people who jumped the gun saying it was already done and I think it's just a case of everyone's trying to say it's done so they can say their first because we know what I TK's are like they love it they're all for the well I got there first I broke out the story but as you said to me a couple of weeks ago with Maguire you were told from someone that basically the deals gonna be done well it should be done before the transfer window closes you'd hope so I just think you know it's not done yet he is gonna play for Leicester tonight and it and these deals do take a lot of time so I'm kind of hoping when you're saying Friday I'm thinking more Saturday Sunday potentially yeah well I think it will happen it's lovely in gold look at me rubbing my gold my gold bottle I'm used to that's not my normal hand for Ruby right this could be the end extreme because if this fizzes up everyone it's gonna go all over the laptop and all over the stuff so here we go let's see if we could do it 500,000 subscribers oh there we go no fees on it 500,000 subscribers congratulations to everybody involved and let's get a couple of glasses on the go here actually because I'm gonna get the wife have some as well I know you don't drink draughty but look it's a fantastic achievement we're going to talk about manchester night of course but it would be wrong others not to toast the fact that we've hit half a million subscribers with a gold bottle doing it the proper way and but I think Harry Maguire will be signing as well so we'll have a drink to him but draughty it's been an amazing journey it has it's I don't think when we started well I know you started before Bishop you started it but uh I don't think when we spoke four years ago we ever thought we'd get to this point I remember was it 2016 you thought about giving it up and jackin it all in and we had that very long conversation on the phone an awkward conversation for both of us and you gave it some time you changed your mind after some pestering and some more texts and some more pestering well I didn't bully you too hard although I did do the guilt trip on you so anyway I've got my champagne and I just want a toast to me I just want to say to everybody some people will be turning in for the first time go what the hell am I watching I thought the United stand was good we will be talking about United we spoke behind Maguire but Lowe's talked about but we have here half a million subscribers today this is I've waited all day view life's been a hot day I could a 4 o'clock I could have been in the garden passed out with a with a fight with a 12-pack of Colleen but I waited I've waited now to taste the first bit of alcohol on my lips to celebrate 500,000 subscribers for the united stand 500 that fantastic people 500,000 fantastic people here's to you here's to 500,000 more thank you without you it wouldn't happen so Cheers it's been amazing and honestly to all you guys who join us in the live comments to everyone who subscribed to everyone who's shared you know people who come onto the show as you said before it'd be unfair to try and name everyone because there's someone who's we left out but it really has been amazing and we cannot do any of this without you guys so thank you from me and thanks from everyone else and obviously mark you can thank everyone as well so yeah I just want to say look I wanna get into the Majesty not a transfer news because ultimately that's what this channel is all about it is all about that just gonna hand the wife the glass there give us a chink chink okay and couldn't do it without her either obviously but I can't thank anybody because I'll forget somebody and ultimately if you think oh he's not messaged me today sod off come on you know be real I'm thanking everybody because I will forget somebody and ultimately if you even if you've if you've trodden one step on this journey you've been part of the church you've been part of the journey so if I haven't message to you I haven't message to anyone to be honest I hardly so but thank you to everybody and most of all for me I said this to you today draughty it's not about personal it's about it's about the people who this is really about the viewers and I said on day one the very first show go and dig it out this is the channel for the fans and I'll still keep saying it when we've got a million if we get a million but look we go again that's what we always do congratulation gold bought a gold bottle so happy for you marks as Erin Gillespie thanks for that I just read a few super chats out I'm enjoying a glass of wine with you in America mate cheers congratulations and half a million subscribers I hope everybody is having a little drink whether its pot water or whatever because it is a family it is a community and I know that's corny but anyone who's been here for any length of time knows that auntie panties is congratulation brother you guys were the biggest you know fan channel soon we already are really if you look at views Bland's cheers mark not even united support her but you know I had stand supporter to the death and new member welcome staff Rossi and new member got a couple of new members chase matter Hodge thank you very much lads for joining and a super chat for Matthew Macfadyen who is old school and I do thank him what an achievement best fan shine on YouTube Big Ups to absolutely everyone involved exactly right let's do a bit of transfer news because we started off on Harry McGuire the title of the show is Paul Pogba and we would look the the latest in relation to Paul Pogba is a bit of a transfer boost if you want Paul Pogba to stay because AAAS are reporting who are pretty much a mouthpiece for Real Madrid at mansion the Real Madrid a basic told Paul Pogba mean areolas to shut it shut your mouths because they feel that with Rio Logano and Papa saying he wants a new challenge it's limiting their chances of actually getting a deal done I think it's almost like they want to be respectful to Manchester United and be quiet about it in that in the belief that you're not it may then go and look for for a replacement I mean where do you stand on this draughty and everyone at home because in relation to Paul Pogba he said he wanted a new challenge and everyone was like get out of my club then we've come back to preseason and people and I we can't let him go we need him to stay for me two things haven't changed he still wants to leave and he's still very inconsistent but having said that if we do sign Maguire Bruno Fernandez and Longstaff in the next three weeks how do you sell Paul Pope and replace him in the next three weeks it's looking like he's going to stay it's an impossible situation because obviously they're saying about searchable link of it Savitch well there's not enough time to kind of get both deals done rel Madrid have spent a lot of money this summer a lot of money and Paul Pogba is gonna be the biggest of them all if he is gonna go there so unless Real Madrid are gonna stump up the cash and they're gonna have to stump up all of it not some bit deal or bit part exchange where they give us some player that we don't actually want because they're gonna want to offload you know one of their oldest agency me really a good thing you're on delay anyway for me so you just talk and I'll just get drunk that's why you're on let's let's be honest well you basically said for me to come on and you get pissed so whatever honestly its I don't think you know it can sell it now I think it's an impossible situation because if you do sell them fair enough even if you get the money who you're gonna get in because again people know we got money people know were desperate for a midfielder so everyone's just gonna boost the price up do you think do you think we have become lost in the transfer though almost like I feel I did as well it's all we can't let Papa go he's one of our better players and you know we need to build a team around him la la la but over the last three years he's been massively inconsistent and he is a player that still wants to leave do you think we're sort of we are keeping him because we are scared and and you know not even scared we are what's the word with too inept to actually act like a big club sell him for what he's worth and go and get a replacement very quickly we can't do it that quick I think it's fear it is pure fear because I think they think if we lose Pogba who have we got left we haven't even got in Bruno Fernandez yeah we don't even know if we're gonna get him now obviously cuz he was playing the other night for a sporting so wow yeah I mean you been saying that since March we'll get him we're getting Bruno Fernandez Ari McGuire delete still come in the lit still come in is even though he's official Juventus it's still happening you don't wanna know that's gonna end up on that corporate world so uh all day so you know when you wake up at 7:00 a.m. below 6:00 a.m. and you've hit half a million subscribers and you know you can't have a drink for 14 hours this has been a long stretch and now I'm like a I'm like a virgin in a pawn shop don't let me drink on the United stands this is not good anyway back to Paul Pogba so yeah Paul Pogba I don't know what you thinking about it I'm rambling but no seriously I don't know I'm I think I think everybody feels like you should stay but I think a couple of bad performances in August and September never will be going oh we should bloody go on are you alright you're repeating yourself rather a lot right now is the bubbles gone to your head I think let's read the super chair Riccardo bird algo says we've done it mark been following since 20 K Serbs with Van Halen charge what a journey and to the next milestone welcome to Jason Griffin who's the latest member the nightstand members Club and Praveen Thomas says can me no really find Edward some other club that will be the best transfer for Manchester United I want to say is well we've actually just hit 500 and 1000 subscribers so keep subscribing folks just keep going for it but how about 40 million plus Jones for and rojo for McGuire says Prince Medallia I don't think Lester a stupid congratulations to everyone involved says Paul Chadwick and congratulations been here since 40,000 only 24 K behind that channel that nobody mice yeah we don't we don't do that I'm not bothered about that because ultimately you know the one we want to go for was asked and fan TV if you want to talk about that because subscribers are actually very very I'm talking about YouTube now which is gonna bore everybody but subscribers don't mean anything they do thank you very much for 500,000 subscribers but actually it's about how many views you get and if you look at how many views the united stan getz we get more views in a month than every other channel in relations united added up together you know gets in about two hours now maybe joking but it's not about how big it is it's what you do with it congratulations the united stand great achievements as raid cult brown and more a yeah so yeah i mean look in conclusion and the only other thing I would say about Paul Pogba draughty is the ball is in his court because if round Madrid say be quiet we're trying to negotiate with me United and you know I'd say we're not gonna go XI ating for anything less than 150 million if pop but just take just goes right I'll be quiet for a couple of weeks but if there's no movement on this I ain't staying so right now I'm gonna go I'm gonna start thinking about strike or something like that that's the concern is how desperate is Paul Pogba to go is it a new contract he once would he stay for another year or is he adamantly wanting to get out now and we don't know the answer to that at the moment I'm just going over the comment where you said it's not how big it is it's how you use it I'm just thinking hey I've heard you say that somewhere before as well especially with the bottle in your hands ah yeah I mean pocketbook could end up doing an ER so so you know throw a tantrum the danger is if we do keep him and all he tries and spearheads the team with him what happens if you know things start to go wrong after week 1 2 3 pablor throws his toys at the problem or Sonny starts doing what he was doing towards the back end of last season and then unhappy that problem yeah that's why we should not I said this and I don't know where everyone else stands and I know what you think I said I don't mind him staying for another year with the agreement that he goes next summer because it's a bit like Ronaldo that Ronaldo wanted to go the year before he did Sir Alex Ferguson sort of persuaded him to stay for one more year with wouldn't the title we nearly won the Champions League and he went if we say to pop we can you stay for another year while sort of replacement and he does it fine if we if we make him stay by signing a new contract and giving him stupid money I will just about lose my head and I mean I'll say why in a minute but what would your feelings be if we just said to Papa there's half a million pounds a week and he goes yeah I'll stay for five years I've more years having said a month ago he wants to go and his agent saying he wanted to go you're basically just signing a mercenary basically I think as the downward spiral to becoming Arsenal I can't believe they pay out they've got no money they basically put transfer fees in in Amazon vouchers but they do pay Ozel over 300 grand a week the thing is with United at the moment an Arsenal there's a lot of synergy there you know both clubs were very successful late 90s early 2000s and I know obviously you know its success run on longer than Arsenal but Arsenal became pretty much irrelevant for 10 years when they were just winning a few FA Cups under then go where they didn't win the title and the thing is we haven't won a title in six years so and we're actually performing worse than them in the league you know they were consistently third fourth maybe a second here or there but United since sir alex has gone 7th 4th 5th a second 6th I mean it's not been good for six years we've actually done worse than Arsenal over 6 years than they did in 10 now obviously we know we picked up the FA Cup League Cup and Europa but it's not being a good number of years when you consider how much money we've also spent and I know transfer fees are very inflated at the moment but if we're just gonna throw money at Paul Pogba just to try and stop whatever slide were in and he decides he doesn't want it next season it's a dangerous position to be in but but the one good thing at the moment David daheia if he is gonna sign this big contract I don't care what money he's on just give it to him he has been the rock for the last six years that the collapse needed and I know he had a bit of a wobbly patch last season but we cannot afford to lose to hair still Ryan FTW makes a good point he says how can Madrid actually do all these transfers where is the financial fair play in other news congratulations everyone hears the news five okay Rome Madrid I've spent a lot of money and I don't think they've actually sold anybody yet but I don't know I don't understand financial paper bleh Leo Falstad says hi Marc do you think we gave mater a new contract to get the head signed a new deal congratulations on five hundred and one thousand subscribers and I hope Fernandez is holding it the shirt soon positive Norwegian good yeah I agree with you on that and let you know if mattis paid to make that I estate I'm happy with that and Syd see says Real Madrid will not do a deal for pulpit till the end of August by which time our window will be closed then they will be royally screwed but no no I mean that is coming out to be fair that realm Drude are fully aware that they can't do it even though their transfer window is open till the end of August they know they won't get pabre after August the 8th because United won't be able to get a replacement so I think Madrid are fully aware that they can't do that I mean technically they could I mean that's the fear isn't it that's where you know I have got to be careful because if they get to August the 8th and pump is still there and they think yeah we're home and dry Padma stocks going on strike it doesn't matter whether he's here or not he's not playing for the club busy so I've got to be careful and people who says oh he won't go on strike a look at what Neymar's doing look at what Christian he's done don't think it's not a mod that don't think it can't happen especially with mean areolar is his agent I'll look at what's happening with Barcelona I mean they're signing literally everyone at the moment Griezmann now they're going in for Neymar again you know and they're not gonna I am for less than they sold him for because obviously PSU won't gonna inflate the price again so you know Barcelona are also spending mega bucks in terms of real madrid buying prague by a new questioning whether they have the funds or not remember they only spend 80 million in three years under Zidane when they want three champions leagues in a row they sold Christiano Ronaldo at the end of that for a hundred million I can't remember what they sold last I spent last summer but they probably do have a surplus hence why they're spending big this summer so maybe they do have that last bit of money for Paul Pogba in which case if they're gonna do it towards the end of the window and we've got no one else to come in we've got a serious problem on our hands because at the moment we just don't know what's going to happen so I mean we can sit here yeah gone no I just think with with poker it's interesting cuz I saw somebody said on board as poker but if he stays he stays he goes but it is so intrinsic to our summer because if pop bird goes look Bruno Fernandez is coming to Manchester United to play with Paul Pogba they've scouted him all last year he's a high priority signing I've been saying it since March when I was told it United didn't know Pompey was going in March Bruno Fernandez was to come in and play with Papa as they're more at attacking Herrera sort of hybrid long snaps coming in to sort of replace Fellini and you keep pod but that's two midfielders come in with the midfield we've already got that was always the plan so it Pogba goes you've got to bring in another midfielder or you're gonna go into a Premier League season understaffed so if pogba goes we're gonna have to do another bring another midfielder in whether it's been inked of it savage Madison whoever you're thinking or if he stays he say so it is fundamental to our transfer window and I think so much of it rests on what Pogba wants to do because I thought he was just saying there you know Barcelona go to the toilet and they crap out undred million it's like the money that spending is ridiculous like 100 million degrees minh Neymar's going to be 200 million all right they might offer a few players but they're still gonna have to pay out another 80 million or so and that's it and let's not forget they want to delete as well which would have been another 60 million you look at what round would rid have spent you know these they certainly spend you know big clubs that are successful are suddenly spending to 250 million a summer and you know I had to like not successful we've got the money to do it but well I got a sale to buy it some it isn't it is interesting it is interesting what's gonna happen with poker I certainly think so Henry Ellis says how can I find info on the united stand meter congratulations again I think most of the tickets are gone we did put it out on a couple of shows and we didn't put it out on social media or anything like that because we only have 250 tickets and they're all free so most of them have gone however I will double check tomorrow morning and if they haven't gone I will put it out in tomorrow night's show dazu w says think United and Madrid are only teams in Europe you bring in so much money that financial footpath player doesn't really affect them I'd say the same about Barcelona as well to be honest with you I think they're very much in the same situation but we got a game against Leeds tomorrow let's just remind everybody what a game against Leeds tomorrow it's a Wednesday lunchtime so maybe you might be at work not able to watch it but we will have a watch along for you'll be live at 11 o'clock UK time with the team news and the kickoff is at midday got fancams flexes over there they um interesting game draw he actually the leads game tomorrow because if they are a big traditional rival some people might not be aware about that and they will want to win it because they might not get to play mine just unite again this season so it's a competitive preseason game probably more competitive than one with I didn't you know even though games are like it's Liverpool you know you're gonna play him in the league so it's a big big game in that sense and it's a good game for a preseason game for Manchester United wasn't the last time we played Leeds in the FA Cup when we lost even though they were in the championship yeah I think it was in the third round as well it was a complete shock result so you know there's gonna be a bit of needle there anyway I know it's only a friendly in its preseason but historically Leeds in the United do not get on so I just want to be in the game you know I want a bit of competitive edge yeah perfectly we just park the bus really don't know I think what we need to do is it's a step up from Perth Glory obviously because obviously championship teams are miles ahead of these teams sort of across the pond what mass America I mean the head of the MLS anyway but um the championship is a really really good standard a football you know and there's a lot of players there now who plied their trade in the championship and cart to the Premier League like hi Maguire Andrew Robertson of Liverpool you know there's plenty players coming through the championships so Leeds United well they were just a good team we're all rat watching the rip book all about Alex over 20 be who got promoted with Aston Villa but Leeds were in the championship as well so you know just shows you the quality of player that there is yeah so Leeds I mean they were very good last season anyway they just fell away at the last hurdle otherwise they would have been promoted as well so I think it's gonna be a good test I think the players I don't know how Ollie's gonna line up that's one thing I'm hoping he's gonna start one for soccer Daniel James I don't think you'll start Daniel James versus Leeds I think only half and half up and we'll see a team for their first half and it seems the second half against be honest with you yeah I think it's gonna be another one whose games where he's building up towards Inter Milan and obviously suppose so expect a bit of a an experimental team tomorrow shall we say there's probably gonna be a few people going oh no he's playing actually ugh again but to be honest with you at the moment I don't think it matters that much I think it's just gonna be a good test and I hope for some physicality like you say because I just think United needs to start testing their players resolve at the moment so I think it's gonna be a good game looking forward to it obviously I'll be listening to you hopefully not losing your shit so I don't get preseason games I mean I think that you've got hopefully we'll see that is tactically I like to look at I said it against the Perth Glory game you know doesn't matter what the opposition is you can get a gauge of how wall-e's implementing the team strategy now he's got a summer you know are we gonna be more intense in the press are we gonna move the ball better and I think you know I'm not expecting this to pull up trees and be brilliant tomorrow but I do want to see some progression markers shadow berg says congratulations to half a million all the best thank you very much pal and we're gonna start taking some your questions in a minute because it would be wrong of us on it for it on the channel that's all about the fans not to take some your questions and a half a million special what the three things you would change if you took over the club tomorrow also can you unblock me on Twitter at I can't do that now what I've had a glass of champagne but you're not sure why he was brought could you DM me on Twitter to unblock you and I'll do it for you Daniel Burton we'll come back to that question Dan Morris congratulations it's my birthday today I'm 20 born the same year of the beloved treble and I couldn't be happier keep up the good work thanks Dan Morris and a big happy birthday to you I hope you've had a good one and PMV Patrick's has big ups on the 500k I beside from Greenwood what use player do you think actually gets decent playing time this year so are the two good questions there then we'll start with those two the first one draughty was apart from Greenwood can you see a young player getting consistent game time for United this season enjoy comers I think he's just he's you know we need a midfielder who's gonna come in and with that extra bit of x-factor and I think angel Gomez has got that x-factor so I'm hoping this season is the season where obviously he breaks through into the first I don't think he's gonna play every game no way I think you'll probably play more in the cup games in the early rounds say the Carib are maybe a few FA Cup games Europa will be a good experience for some of the younger players so of all the players I think angels got the best chances of breaking through song I fear a little bit Fortran already I kind of feel like he's gonna need a loan move to kind of reach his potential so I don't know how you feel about that now agree I think green would definitely and the thing that impresses me is his physicality for somebody who is two years younger than Gomez and Chong and I think garner could be interesting because again he's the same age as Greenwood he's only I think he's 1718 but he looks physically ok and Cheung I agree he's gotta go he's not gonna get game time so he needs to go on loan I'm not a fan of people just being part always training with the first team what P shit like you've got to get out there and play gomez aye I don't know whether you'll get enough game time I think the Gomez when we kept matter I thought I sort of thought all is that the sort of is that a few chances gone for him so yeah Greenwood and then I think the obvious ones Jesse lingard I mean he's just brilliant it's just such a brilliant youth prospect and I think this is the year for Jesse lingard because it's only about 17 isn't he as well so yeah congratulations at half a million it's also my birthday tomorrow says 1005 that's great thank you and happy birthday for you tomorrow and the second question I was gonna ask Dorothy is if you could change three things at Manchester United well it wasn't my question it was somebody else's if you could change three things at Manchester United now what would you do to make us successful the first thing I would do obviously get rid of the Glazers I think you know anyone who's happy with the hashtag blazer movement I think that is the number one challenge you know there's a lot of people who say the glazes are good for the club but if you look at the amount of money they're actually taking out in just their interest it's pointless money it's just burning money away so glazes number one would word I would get rid of him in the capacity of making signings I think he's very very good at getting sponsorship deals but then again he's a glazier puppet he did actually help them buy the club so really can't forgive him for that he's got to go as well so that's two changes and number three I think probably I would just buy in Jaden Sancho because we need a superstar player we need a number seven you know United has always been built around a key player and in number seven whether it's George best whether it's Bryan Robson whether it's Eric Hanson or whether it's David Beckham even though Beckham wasn't the focus Cristiano Ronaldo you know United has been littered with world-class number Seven's and we have not had that since Cristiano not Ronaldo left in 2009 I think Jaden Sancho as much as it would be a risk would be a fantastic addition and I think he would probably be the player who could finally fill the void of Cristiano Ronaldo I would sell field Jones to Accrington Stanley sell Ashley Young to Accrington Stanley and put in the manga Matich on a round-the-world cruise that lasted for ten years that's what I would do I mean oh I think you're good your suggestions are good the Jade and Sancho when I agree with actually I wrote an article on that last week for the Uni bet thing and yeah I just think Jade and Sancho isn't just the right winger it's it's that star status their parent has been assigning for manchester no darren Gillespie says I've just seen United sunglasses sponsor I I can't see I can't see that but if we've signed it at the brand deal then exactly that's what it's all about isn't it with with United players okay took us some questions then me Chuck you can't do one but I'm just looking and I've comments as well has Lozano being compared to Napoli says Terrell a GT no high marks you have any more news I'm thinking about Bruno Fernandez says now you what we spoke about the fire at the start he has as far as I'm concerned he was part of the squad Fortin their pre-season friendly I think it was against Leyton Orient tonight I'm not on that I mean I didn't ask draughts about that to be first of all ask him I'm not concerned about Harry McGuire deal I think it's well know I did ask you I'm forgetting forgetting that we're not concerned about Harry McGuire deal we feel it's gonna happen I think it's just some some of the journalists are jumping too soon to try and be oh look at me I was right Harry McGuire is gonna sign for Manchester United I just don't think it's as imminent as some reports have said I mean somebody said he's going to have a Mehdi in the next 48 out well they said it 48 hours ago say I think McGuire will come to you nights and I just think it's I I think Friday there might be some development on that it's a good question I think his name is Sir so hip-deep Singh but do we really meet papa how can we play high intensity football with a man who walks back on the counter and I'm a really big fan of him but I don't think United is the right place for him question mark so do we really need Paul Pogba though mark do we know you know what I mean this is what I think this summer's always a funny time I almost wish that you had all the summer in the transfers and the preseason training but you never lose that feeling of losing to Cardiff and being shit against Otisfield because that's what we almost need to bottle and keep having a sip of because at that I think over the summer we've sort of forgotten and I'll pop was so important and you see all the pogba fans posting out his stats from last year which is great but I'd hello I did watch every game of you know I had last season and he played well for about a third of it and for two thirds of it he was bang a bridge so was everybody else I agree but so was Paul Pogba so I said at the end of the season I actually respect Paul Pogba for wanting to leave Manchester Knight if he does because he is or believes he's one of the best world players in the world Zidane wants him at Real Madrid why would he not want to go to around Madrid and fight for titles and win the Champions League I don't understand that because to be honest he's been at you know I had three years and were exactly where we were when he signed the project hasn't worked from both sides it's not worked so I just felt it was time to go this hasn't worked thank you very much let's not sour the relationship let's get the money you're worth and you go what appears to have happened is pogba sketched that side of the bargain and here he's like yeah I want to move on but United like no no don't leave us don't leave us and I did that sort of analogy before didn't know about the divorce where one partners like yeah I like you but we're not going to work and the other one please don't leave me and I think you're not I'd her a bit like that and I think we do need to be a bit of mature take into account the last three years look about whether this relationship actually is compatible and I don't think it is so I sort of respect pompona way because I agree with him to go it's not even about like Ronaldo was brilliant at Manchester United and we were winning Premier League titles and we were getting to Champions League finals so that was just disappointed because well he wanted to go to around Madrid because it was his boyhood club and it's like oh god why you're so good here but with pod Brits like you're not so good here it's not it's not worked I agree with you Paul it's not worked so going to round dinner I understand why you want to do that because it's not working here but you know I had like no you're not going and we're not being brave and we're scared like you say he's a bit backwards how Cristiano Ronaldo we you know he was the best player in the world at the time and we let him go I know we made him stay an extra year but Paul Pogba is not the same as Cristiano Ronaldo he hasn't had the same impact as Cristiano Ronaldo and yet the club are now begging him to stay its role reversal he wanted to go insid ring him for the captaincy as well according to Seoul Shire yeah but I think a lot of that is trying to keep his value high I think Ali's all he is you do that all the time joking but um all he knows exactly what he's doing the whole Mourinho approach last summer basically throwing air under the past moaning about everything didn't work it obviously robbed the squad up the wrong way and he got the worst out of the team all he's clearly thinking well if I go out there and start saying n-word words useless blah blah blah then when the players start saying the players are crap you know I can't work with them that's really difficult some people of viruses we're just gonna go at the same way as last season I think what all he's trying to do is just remain positive keep the fans happy keep the players motivated regardless of whatever is going on in the dressing room and I think he's doing the best job he can possibly do with the tools that he's been given by Edward will in the club so at the moment no blame can be laid at Olli to be honest with you I don't blame Punk before and to go either I just think the pair of them they probably know what each other wants they probably know whatever you know they're thinking and I think it's kind of well if I stay I'm gonna have to be a professional about it all he will obviously never throw polka under the bus which is good and pogba if he does stay he's just gonna have to pull his socks up and be as professional as he can for a year because you will 100% go next summer there is no he will be at the club pass next summer and that's my point as well it's like if he's going in a year you may as well start the rebuild now it's just bad preparation and I think this goes back to what we said there isn't time to do the business we needed to do anyway and replace Pogba why isn't there time because we've got people in charge of transfers who are bank managers this is where a director of football should have been brought in a year ago and we would have been in a better situation but you've got bank managers doing transfer business and that's the problem Harold hosts spares fault says five hundred thousand pounds a week no no no wanted to come see a game in the end of the season round trip from Oslo air ticket cheaper than match ticket too expensive there you go and you know it's still getting packed out though and Hannibal wolf says hi mark I just want to say that you're an inspiration for not giving up and congratulating 500,000 subscribers we as a society made it thank you to everyone I couldn't put it better than that you lot made it on this auspicious occasion of hitting half a million subscribers and make sure you do subscribe if you're new bottom right hand corner fantastic community and it doesn't matter whether you've joined today or you join from the start everybody is welcome and doesn't know where you're from either we've always been adamant about that and Paul Robinson who's one of our long-term moderators says would Pogba work in the city Liverpool teams with their intense press because that's what we're trying to accomplish I think that's a very good question and Sammy says if some of the players down tools again is it Ollie's fault for trusting them and are you confident Rochefort can get as the goals this season and will cover both of those points then so first of all do I think Pablo would work in a man city or Liverpool team um what a name I don't know I think it's um go get your thoughts draw tea for me I think it's up in the air some people would say yes comfortably and some I think he probably would with better players around him with a better coach yes but I always said just on the Pogba thing for me when I think about when the pub we should leave United or not I always think what would I do if I was in a midfield as a very good player with Scott McDonald II Matich Fred and Pereira I'd probably want to move as well and yeah I probably want to move as well probably walks into the dressing room and thinks this is the shit I've gotta play with you know I've placed like adoration Griezmann in France as well you know oh no not for Griff France I mean obviously you know can't a is fantastic I love can't a he's so good he's you know he's the kind of player who just run around all day long pick up everything he just doesn't make any mistakes can't a is fantastic and I generally wish we'd got him instead of Chelsea and I think if he was playing for United pogba would probably be loved by the fans and he probably be having the time of his life at the club I think can't say would have been that important but would Pogba working another team like Man City I don't think he's got the style of football or the work rate that Guardiola would certainly want to work with and I played for the point you just raised there because I think that just gets in again I think the Matich factor is huge I think when you've got a CDM who's slow and can't pass you put can't a in that role you get a better pump but you put and Diddy in that role we get a better Pogba you put fernandinho in that role or Fubini o which Liverpool a Man City would give you you get a better poke but whether whether it's a good enough pop of a pep I don't know but you get a much better poker than you do it United yeah I think thing is if you put in pokeman Sandman city's team where do you kind of fit him in because obviously you got to Brunner anyway so if you able to say pod one de Bruyne huh that's a hell of a field it is a hell of a midfield but the way they move the ball around pogba likes to you know do the spectacular passes but then Dubrovnik kind of likes to do that as well on sometimes you can't have two of the same type of player and this thing line up because then you become quite one-dimensional so maybe Papua could replaced de Bruyne er I think I think yeah I think they are quite similar they are very attacking minded and they do like to spray it around quite a bit so do you think Liverpool about do you think Rochefort's got yeah the goals in him to be a striker oh no I just don't think we got the delivery for him I think it's the same as Lukaku if you got the delivery there you can't score the goals so I think even you know Dwight Yorke Randy Cole would struggle in this team because they just want to have the delivery so you know even Ruud van Nistelrooy very very angry when Beckham left because he said he wasn't getting the delivery from Cristiano Ronaldo so but that was a different team because we are you know Wayne Rooney playing Chavez as well so it was a completely different lineup but honestly can you see the service for Ashford being that good this season I can't see it we got no real width or any sort of attacking players who've got decent delivery I'm a bit worried about the goals up front next season I think I think that's a very good point my angle was gonna be I really like Rushford I don't know whether he's gonna be clinical enough I mean this is a guy who closes his eyes on a cross for a header and I think rash food whether it's free kicks crossing shooting heading is so many good things about his game but the thing that he's missing is clinical in the final ball whether it's a pass across a shot if he can improve that he can do it and Jorge Ramos says mark I still believe hug will sign a contract it happened with the hair when he has to leave and he's still here today FairPoint yeah Nick pieces congratulations on the channel I'm most looking forward to our new defense next season won by soccer – soccer 3 / sucker for I hate that song Nick pee I hate it it's so basic it's not Nick didn't invent it by the way Robert Bosch doc says you got to sing this mark we've got garbage at the wheel how good does it feel we've got Sophie ransom flex and draw tees great effects yeah I ain't singing it and so but thanks for thanks for the adventure of the lyrics I'm not a drum but Raschi isn't destroy curses torella and Rosharon is a wing he's a winger oh I think he actually is a striker who Marino messed up to be honest but yeah actually played a lot of the youth level sometimes it attacking midfield so you know just behind the main striker so he is actually more effective in his hold up play sometimes green woods better than rash but anyway Green was a better player because Ashford brush let's not forget wrap nobody was tipping Rushford to come through not even the top Reds in watch every youth game would sipping Rushford he he was a an absolute golden nugget you know I mean what's his name van how was playing Wilkie you know I was literally the last in the packet any-any played him and it worked and now you know rapid become this player Greenwood seventeen is everybody thinks he's amazing that's the difference between roschmann and Greenwood is that nobody was predicting Rushford so with Greenwood you've got somebody who's actually been a you know stunning player in the youth so it's very exciting to see what what Greenwood could do and if Greenwood goes along the next two years the trajectory that many predicts he will surpass Rochefort very quickly well the thing is there's the very very is ten was word it's not a great comparison to make but you remember when Messi was seventeen there was all this talk of Barcelona having this amazing young talent called Leonel messy when Rooney was 18 at Euro 2004 and I think it was when did Rooney score against France I think and onry said what a player and basically they said are Leonel Messi laughter so to say about this the 17 year old wonder kid from Argentina playing for Barcelona and there's a lot of hype around Greenwood as well and you'll notice that some of the really really big players when they're really young 1718 have a lot of hype around them Greenwoods got that hype at the moment a bit in the same way as Chelsea fans hype up Callum Hudson a toy who's proven to be a very competent player as well so I think Greenwood his trajectory is higher than Rochefort's if we're talking on that level he has been stunning at the youth levels he's been absolutely fantastic it's just whether he can be like a Wayne Rooney or Messi or whatever where he does it at a young level or he's a bit more like Harry Caine in terms of enough to go out on loan plies trades in the lower leagues and then come through 2021 and then start doing it straight away so I think this season's gonna be exciting to see which way green woods gonna go definitely and FIFA foot jumps us for a recap we spoke a little bit about transfers and I just drank champagne because it's half a million subscribers but look we could talk all night I'm not going to because I've got to be somewhere for nine o'clock and it's not the violent but look thanks everybody for watching please do smash a like on the video make sure you subscribe if new bottom right hand corner and thanks for popping ondraw see I promised a few people I was going to go into the older Canadian so I'm gonna sign up in Canadian because there's a bit more fun for me I know you're probably cringing right now I can't see you but uh no it's uh it's been brilliant the last couple of years it's I think today is taken both of us by surprise especially when we set each other this morning it's five hundred thousand so I think we just need to go again don't we you know we don't stop and we can't go okay five hundred thousand is amazing but let's make it better for you lot and make the whole experience better and let's get more people involved in the future because you know you know it is a global fanbase and everyone needs our opinions so uh thank you it's be honest with you I found the show really weird tonight because it's not the normal pace it's not the normal focus I mean we've talked about stuff but it's been very much a bit of a a third gear show instead of the normal fifth or six so look I don't do and Rory knows this as well and he's the same I don't really do congratulations and stuff so I've tried to make it more about what you love contributed which is absolutely the right thing to do and everybody you know I don't care whether you've watched ten minutes or you've watched every single show since the start or whether you were on as a guest once or whatever everybody is part of this journey and that's what I wanted to say about today and I'm very humbled and I'm very proud of what we as a collective have achieved I don't do personal gratification I'm not bothered about that so and that's what today has been all about but as draughty says we go again and what better way to go again than tomorrow morning transfer dailies back at 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. we're live with the news and we're watching the match of a game of football which is the club that we love and that's what it's all about so we go again tomorrow thanks everybody smash alike subscribe if you are new get involved join the community call ins on a Monday Night Live every eight at eight o'clock every night fancams after every game were out every game flexes in Australia we'll be in bloody farmer's fields in Baku or wherever else next season in the Europa League because that is what we do and because it is your channel and that's what it's all about so thanks everybody and thanks to draw at you for coming on tonight thanks Ron I can see a few people cringing in the comments saying uh I'm from Canada no I'm not from Canada so yeah thanks for having me on you know it's it's been fun bit weird but uh we knew it was gonna be weird thanks everyone I'll see you tomorrow back to business 7:00 a.m. transfer daily and obviously the watch along tomorrow for the Leeds game very much looking forward to it make sure you join us for that and of course if we sign somebody tonight we will go live but I can guarantee we won't see you later


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